My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 20

By the way, Yeshan Hayato left with a wry smile after I turned on Diogenes Mode. I think it can be proved from the side that the legends of Diogenes and Alexander at that time were based on the fact that Yeshan did not give up. The people at last had to give up in this state.


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Chapter 2: It seems that Kitahara Haruki is always busy

If there are names in the titles of two consecutive chapters of a novel, and neither of these names are the names of the protagonist, then we can make the following two conjectures. First, the author is indistinguishable from the order of priority. ; Or, the author decides to let the protagonist's name appear at the end of the novel to play the role of the finale.

If I were to write an autobiographical novel, then I would definitely rule out the former possibility. Socrates said that he is wise because he knows he is ignorant, and I also know that I am ignorant, so I am definitely not. Funny, so the conclusion is that my name, Yuihama Kazuya, will debut at the end.

As always, Senior Ye Shan left with a disappointed expression, although I think he should have adapted to this state to a certain extent.As far as I am concerned, I think I can finally study the guitar seriously. Of course, I also think that my learning progress is too slow. Although this seems to be a compromise, it may be possible to change to another instrument. It will be better.

Originally, as a newcomer, I didn’t know whether my guitar learning speed was fast or slow. What I can’t remember is that I have a comparison and reference person who just started learning guitar just like me when he just started school. Now I am playing awkwardly, but at least I won’t hurt my fingers as soon as I get started.

Oh, that guy is called Kitahara Haruhiro. He is obviously a third-grade student and he has to come to the light music club to join in the fun. Although he seems to be familiar with Minister Iizuka, it is possible that the Minister cannot recruit someone to pull him to make up the count. Sex, but I always think that he came to learn guitar seems to have another purpose, the most likely is to want to pick up girls.Because, I always see him busy everywhere, I really don't think he is a person who spends a lot of time learning guitar in such a critical third grade of high school just to respond to the call of his friends.

Yes, Kitahara Haruki is very busy. I have seen this from the first time I joined the ministry.

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I still remember what I looked like when I joined the ministry. Before I knocked on the door of the music room, I heard Minister Takeya Iizuka's wailing: "Ahhhhh, Haruhi, why are you saying this? Why do you want to In my last year, the year I am going to show off at the Academy Festival, recruiting new recruits is so ineffective!" From my contacts with him after entering the Ministry, Iizuka likes howling very much and is very dependent on the outside world. The appearance of Senior Beiyuan, and Senior Beiyuan did not disappoint his hopes, helping him solve problems everywhere.

Therefore, Senior Kitahara replied: "Okay, okay, the previous young music club did not achieve much, and there was nothing to advertise during the promotion, so this situation is understandable now! Besides, if you just want to learn If there is a live at the garden festival, I think our existing second- and third-grade people are enough. The key is to find a good singer."

"This is actually not a big problem. The second grader Yanagihara has already agreed to me. It is said that she is suffocating this year to defeat Ogizou Yukina, the flower of the mountain, so she really can't ask for this opportunity to increase her popularity. That's right!" Although I didn't see Director Iizuka's expression at the time, I think his triumphant look at that time would definitely look a little awkward.

However, to be honest, when I first heard this sentence, I felt more speechless.Although I don’t know who Tomo Yanagihara is, I do know the other person they mentioned. I mentioned the three seniors of Takehaka I knew before entering school, and Ogizo Yukina was one of them. .Thinking about it now, if I invite Senior Ogizo, I don’t know why. I always feel that she will agree to my invitation. Well, all in all, because Senior Ogizo has always been such a gentle and tolerant person, for anyone She will complete the invitation from the heart, at least I think so.Before getting to know her, I never knew anyone would put other people's ideas before their own interests, but after getting to know her, I knew that there really were such saint-like figures in this world.When I get along with her, I always feel that I can confide everything to her. Of course, I swear that this kind of admiration for Ogiso-senpai is definitely not because one of my stupid sisters often needs it. I took care of her in turn, which resulted in my lack of attention from my sister.

After Director Iizuka issued this declaration, the reaction of his members was quite similar to mine. Although it was not because they knew Ogiso-senpai, what they said reflected their not so optimistic attitude.

"Yagihara arbitrarily treats Ogi as a competitor like this. Is this really good? Obviously there is another object she cannot surpass in the second grade!

"It's true, if that person is going to compete with Ogiso, Miss Chief Takeshi is really not necessarily!"

"Are you talking about the one from Class J?"

The above is from some other light music club members who did not know the name at that time, but still do not know the name. Don't complain about my blindness, I just don't pay attention to those who are not worthy of attention.

By the way, I also know the second-year J class person they mentioned: Yukoshita Yukino, I know this person purely because my sister often expresses her respect for her high mountain in front of me. Love, isn't it just a beautiful girl?I look at beautiful girls every day, okay? It’s easy for you to do this. Just bring a mirror and look at yourself every day, isn’t it enough?Although this approach may seem very narcissistic, old sister, this beautiful girl should only meet a few times occasionally. Is it really good to express this kind of relationship without knowing her very well?Although it is said that she has excellent grades, she is better than my sister, who doesn't know how to get into Zong Wu Gao.So how did my sister get admitted to Zong Wu Gao, the science should rely on the tutoring I gave her, and the assault recitation in the liberal arts may have a certain effect.By the way, I will definitely go to the liberal arts in the future, because I have talents in science, and since my debut in high school, I will not use them.

Back to the topic, the issues discussed between men are nothing more than beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, so the Minister Iizuka at the time naturally followed this topic: "Hello, I know what you want to say. Who is this? Is that the second-year J class super genius and beautiful girl Yukoshita Yukina? But she is obviously not the kind of person who will participate in the contest for Miss Zou Wu Gao, and naturally she will not look at us like light music likes. Now, you must know that that person is an absolute iceberg beauty who is unmoved by our Chunxi-kun's repeated encouragement! So Yanagihara-student should be the most reliable choice I can find!"

From these words, for the first time, I felt the slightly busy character of Kitahara Haruki-senior.From entering the department to now, after my long-term observation, I’m sure that Kitahara Haruhi did not work in any department of the student union, and he was not even the monitor in his class, but he ran around to help solve this problem. One thing and that thing, in short, is an almighty little superman. Of course, other people are also willing to let him help. He also expressed all kinds of expressions to go through fire and water, and he would not hesitate, so it is thankless to take over this kind of thanklessness. It is reasonable to persuade all kinds of beautiful girls from academy to participate in the selection of girls from the academy.However, Senior Xuexia actually chose to refuse in the face of Senior Beiyuan’s brainwashing Dafa. This also had to make me feel good about the senior who had never been in contact. This kind of person has his own persistence and his own. In principle, at least the level evaluation in my mind should reach the level of Hashan Hayato.

Generally speaking, when everyone is arguing and doesn't seem to know what they are going to do, the protagonist will generally appear. Although I am not the protagonist, I played at that time.The most polite way of knocking on the door and asking for entry is adopted when going out, rather than breaking in like some protagonists who are wearing X like wind.Of course, what he said was quite satisfactory: "Hello, senior, is this a light music club?"

I still can't forget the tearful expression of Director Iizuka at that time, probably because I was the first first-year member of his ambitious light music club.

With a trembling tone, Iizuka-senpai asked expectantly: "Yes, so may I ask, do you want to join the department?"

"Yes, senior, I hope to join the light music club, but I don't have any foundation before, so I don't know if I need to enter the test or not to join here?"

When Mr. Iizuka saw me, he was like a hunting dog that saw a prey. He jumped over with a form, and he was about to pounce on me. Of course, if he can predict my current performance, I guess. It wouldn't be so excited, but at least at the time, his greedy eyes hinted this: "Come on, Xiao Xianrou, no problem! You can join as long as you want."

Therefore, I, Yubihama Kazuya, in Group F for one year, became the fifth important person to save the club when the light music club was extremely short of people-of course this was a joke, and the facts later proved that I was just An insignificant member of this society.

The memories are over.

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I don’t think even the protagonist template can bring me progress on the guitar, so I have to consider changing to another instrument, such as the saxophone. Although giving up the guitar seems to mean a failure, sometimes we have to advance instead of retreat. .

At this time, the busy senior Haruhiro Kitahara appeared in front of me again. Obviously, he was called by Minister Iizuka, who was shocked by me just now, to negotiate with me.

"Yuhihama, are you more willing to learn what you are not good at?"


"But, I feel that if you have the ability, you need to really maximize it. Only those who work hard for themselves and others can truly get that kind of spiritual satisfaction, right?" Beiyuan Chunxi said to me sincerely.

Kitahara-senpai is a person who likes to preach, but to be honest, many times, I don’t understand what the purpose of his preaching desire is. Is it to gain the recognition of others by accepting his preaching, or to I am not very clear about his self-satisfaction.However, there is one thing I understand. I don’t like people like him. If Ye Shan Hayato uses his own leadership skills like the sun to let others spontaneously stand behind him and accept his guidance, Kitahara senior This kind of endless preaching is a high-pressure way to force others to be forced to accept the guidance of a so-called correct proposition. In contrast, Kitahara-senpai’s behavior is even worse, because the light of Hashan Hayato is often unintentional. The help from Haruhiro Kitahara was sent out in the middle, but he deliberately instilled.

Therefore, I don’t have the patience to explain my theory to Kitahara Senpai again, because he has his own set of behavioral logic, our logic does not match, and the two of us, it seems that we are not people who can understand each other. .

So, I responded coldly to Kitahara Senpai: "If the senior came to me to tell me the same thing as Senior Ye Shan, I don’t think I have much to say. Even Senior Ye Shan himself gave up temporarily. I don’t I think Senior has any position to help him convince me."

"No, I don't want to convince you, Yubihama-student, I just think it seems more appropriate for you to think about the problem from a different angle." Kitahara-senpai seems to be quite adequate for this cold response to him. In response to the experience, I also appeared to be very patient. This made me think that he must have been in a long relationship with a cold girl. However, I don’t like other people’s preaching to me. I don’t want to tell other people. What should be done, but I don’t think other people can tell me what should be done.

"Sorry, I don't think I can take this perspective from the seniors, and it seems to be causing trouble to the seniors today." Therefore, my choice is to retreat first, although my state does not seem to be in line with the etiquette of the juniors to the seniors. But since someone just happened to give me a full opportunity to get rid of my current depressive state, I am also happy to use it, "Today a second-grade teacher asked me to go for an interview. Can I go ahead?"

"Uh, but Yubihama, you also know that judging from your practice in the last month, you don't seem to be that good at playing guitar, so..."

"Director Iizuka," I interrupted Kitahara Senpai's preaching somewhat loudly, "Can I apply to leave first?"

"Uh, uh, this Chunxi, let's talk about it next time!" Taking a look at me, Iizuka also showed a helpless look, walked over and patted Senior Kitahara on the shoulder, and said.

"Okay." Putting away the guitar, I quickly left the first music room in the slightly disappointed look of Kitahara Haruki.When I left, he seemed to have found a new space where he could play a role. He walked over to the arguing members in the music room. Therefore, Haruki Kitahara always seemed so motivated.


Xinkeng has been audited for nearly a day, and it is really cannibalizing, so I quickly passed a chapter to suppress the shock.


Chapter 3: Actually, Shizuka Hiratsuka is a good teacher

I was standing in the second-grade office, looking at the eyes of the teachers around me uncomfortably.To be honest, it’s not that I have never been to the teacher’s office. In the previous test, when I deliberately failed the science test, I was invited to the office by my science teacher, but the first grade office and the second grade The atmosphere of the grade office is completely different.

Of course, I think that the abnormal phenomenon of my first-grade student in the second-grade teacher’s office is not the main reason why other teachers’ eyes are focused on me. The bigger reason may be that the teacher in front of me, obviously no matter from From any point of view, she is a great beauty, but her style is completely indifferent to the elegant temperament of a beauty.

Hold a cigarette and deduct ten points. Although some people think women who smoke are attractive, I don’t think so; if you buckle your legs and deduct ten points, in this society even men who fold their legs will be pointed out, let alone women. Staring fiercely made my scalp numb, and another 20 minutes was deducted. Although women can have a lot of understanding when staring at other people, it is also a kind of cuteness in many cases, but this terrible female teacher's eyes bring me What comes is only the hurt in the soul, not the comfort in the soul.In the end, I will deduct 60 points for this method of smacking the cigarette holder and some rough talk. If the previous questions are all used to it, this kind of deliberately made it does not conform to the appearance of a lady, teacher, you deliberately Are you ruining your image?

Faced with such a female teacher whose behavior makes people feel a little sorry, I have reason to believe that the students who can be caught by her are definitely not simple things.

"One year F group, is it the same with Yubihama? By the way, if you don't think it works, you don't need to answer. My student, Yui Hama of the second year F group, what is the relationship with you?" The female teacher said, hello Speaking of teachers, although it’s okay to call me by my first name at first, you can introduce yourself. I only remember your last name, Ping, Ping, Pinggu or Pingxiang, I don’t even know, okay?

"Before answering your question, I must point out..."

"How can there be so much nonsense! Answer my question quickly!" The female teacher slammed a stack of test papers without knowing who it was into a paper fan, and said loudly, which really shocked me. , Sister, are you sure you are not from a criminal police background, why do you treat me like interrogating a prisoner?Is this a disarm before the interrogation of the students?I have to complain to PTA!

But I didn’t dare to do this after all. Although I value freedom, rights, and so on, I was still a high school student before that. I am not the kind of great philosopher who doesn’t eat fireworks. I still I need to stay in this school well and try my best to stay in a way that conforms to my principles, so I can only choose a temporary compromise, but don't expect me to have too much respect for this teacher.

So, looking at the teacher who seemed to be my stupid sister's head teacher, I looked up and replied, "Yes, Yuihama Yui is my sister."

"This pair of siblings, okay, it's normal to have completely different personalities." Come on, idiot teacher, although you think you said lightly, but I heard everything, okay, I am also very surprised why I and I My sister will be two completely different types of people, or that my mother who is also a little natural is very abnormal when she gave birth to me, so I seriously asked if there were any trash cans outside the house. In case I am an abandoned baby, but as I grow up, this red hair that looks exactly like my sister makes me feel at ease. The determinants of personality are very complicated, but hair, which is obviously genetic, can't lie.

"Now, Yubihama, I now have some materials from your middle school period on hand, so I also understand some of your basic information. There is no need to make some unnecessary arguments in front of me!"