My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 21

"Okay, I will try my best to answer." Although I still want to say bluntly that before interrogating me, teacher, you should tell me your name. But looking at the paper fan in her hand, I still chose an indirect He said inquisitively, "Ping, Ping, Ping..."

"Teacher Hiratsuka!" Teacher Hiratsuka grinded his teeth hard and replied.

"Okay, Hiratsuka-sensei!"

"Well, then, I just asked, why did you fail in the science scores in this test? If I read it right, your science scores in middle school should be the first in the school, right? And your score , 59 points, it is easy to make people suspect that you made this grade deliberately, right?" Mr. Hiratsuka waved the test paper in his hand very vigorously, and the cigarette butt in his mouth trembling, said vaguely. , This look reminds me of a certain Englishman who loved to give a speech during World War II.

"Well, I got 59 points on the test deliberately." I happily gave Hiratsuka-sensei an answer, because I don't think it is better to find a hypocritical excuse for myself when this teacher has already reached a conclusion. It makes no sense to hold on for a few minutes.

"Uh, deliberately," Hiratsuka-sensei was visibly stunned, and then she took the half crooked cigarette butt from her mouth and asked some seriousness, "Well, can you explain the reason?"

So, is it the third person?I almost doubt if this group of people have arranged an appointment to find my fault. Although I don’t mind letting more people know my values, I’m tired of repeating it three times in just a few minutes. After all, I There is no missionary spirit of self-sacrifice and self-dedication.I suddenly understood what Hiratsuka teacher in the second grade who should have nothing to do with me came to me to do what he was going to do. It is estimated that which nerve burst out. I want to be a good teacher and correct the so-called problem students. !But sorry, I don't think I am a problem student.

"Nothing, I just don't think I deserve to get a better score." I gave Hiratsuka-sensei a vague answer. If she can understand, then it is best. If she can't understand, well, she really can't understand. , Because I have seen her turning the fan in her hand, and asked in a gentle tone: "It's not worth it, what does this mean?"

But this time I chose to be silent. When necessary, I can succumb to power because of my own needs. However, I can’t succumb to it unprincipled at any time. There are some things that are difficult for such a passionate teacher to understand. , Then I will not comment on this.

But the paper fan in Hiratsuka-sensei's hand did not smash down at me, which surprised me a bit, but what she said immediately afterwards made me feel that today's torture is a bit endless.

"Well, regardless of your inexplicable secondary illness, when it comes to the critical college entrance exam, you will know what choice you should make."

"Sorry, not using my talents is the goal of my high school debut, this will not change even for college entrance exams..."

"It doesn't matter if your inexplicable secondary 2 is sick! You will eventually understand what is good for you," Mr. Hiratsuka severely interrupted me, repeated it again, and then continued, "The next question may be The school pays more attention to it for the time being. Why did you join the light music club instead of joining the football club? As a former member of the national junior team, your ability is second to none in Zong Wu Gao? It is said that the core of the football club, Ye Shan, has convinced other members , Giving you the core position, this kind of treatment is also extremely rare in the history of the Zongwu High Sports Association! This is enough to reflect the importance they attach to you?"

"So now the high school education in your country has risen to the level of interfering with the students' freedom to choose clubs? It's really gratifying!" To be honest, I have heard more than one teacher tell me this, the football club The instructor once came to me personally, and my head teacher also hinted to me many times. Although I understand their expectations for a former U17 national team core, they should also know why I did not choose those football strong schools , And I chose Zong Wu Gao, I am definitely not here to create a dark horse myth.

"Indeed, as a teacher, you should not interfere with students' freedom to choose clubs." Mr. Hiratsuka rarely agreed with what I said. I couldn't help being flattered, but it was obvious that she adopted a kind of first suppression and then promotion. "However, your qualifications are too good. Neither the football department nor the school are willing to give up! After all, after you are sure to come to Sosho Wugao, the football department has done a good job with you. The core prepares for a big game! All the preparations are arranged with you as the core. What do you ask them to do now? We still hope you can consider the mood of the football team members."

"I understand their feelings." Now that it's all about it, and even though you have deducted a hundred points, you are still a beautiful teacher. I have always been more tolerant of beautiful women, so I also Make a little concession, "That's it. I can take the time to participate in the usual training of the football club. I can play training games with them, but I never play games with them. Is this okay?"

"Hey hey hey, you kid, I've also read a lot of sports comics. Doesn't it make sense for them to let you join if you don't participate in the competition?" Well, although I think this is a compromise, it seems to be the opposite. When it came to a negative effect, looking at Hiratsuka-sensei who was finally excited, I suddenly felt that the current situation is still more interesting. That's it. You are already a passionate teacher. Then you put the passion on the head. , I want to show the side that I want to educate, the previous kind of deliberate restraint

The look is really boring.

"I have seen a lot of high school students who like to put on airs depending on their various talents, don't be too arrogant! I can tell you, I can teach you a lesson for such a person," Mr. Hiratsuka rubbed his fists and said to me fiercely, "From the very beginning, you have used your abilities to challenge various rules implicitly. This society will not let you challenge these rules. Even if you are a genius, you still need to make good use of your talents in the collective, otherwise your arrogant attitude will only make your talents obliterate!"

"Is it talent and ability again?" For some reason, I didn't worry too much about Hiratsuka-sensei's threat of force. I just sighed helplessly and didn't want to continue.Yes, it’s a good thing to have abilities in a certain area. I used to think so. It’s also very important to use my abilities to solve problems and play its role. I used to think so. of.However, as the teacher said, this society is not for you to challenge the rules, nor is it for you to use your abilities to rely on your talents. It is precisely because you don't want to rely on your talents or challenge the rules, I don't want to use your talents!

"What's wrong? Is there any problem?"

I opened my mouth and still didn’t want to answer. The previous silence was deliberate, but now this time, I don’t know how to answer. I can’t blame the incompetent, because they haven’t taken on that. The consequences of ability, so they do not know the danger of ability.From this perspective, whether it is Hayama-senpai, Kitahara-senpai, or the current Hiratsuka-sensei, their persuasion to me is reasonable from their point of view, but I cannot use my logic. They refuted it.

"Forget it, I also roughly expected this result." I don't know what impression Hiratsuka-sensei was given by my sudden heavy appearance, but in fact, it seems that her attitude towards me has improved a bit. .

"Well, since the teacher also understands my attitude, then I will leave first." Nodding, I suddenly got tired of the endless questioning from different people.

"Hey, stop! I haven't said that you can go yet!" But the moment I turned around, Hiratsuka-sensei spit out the cigarette holder heavily from his mouth, and then reached out and grabbed my collar. Hey, teacher, your brute force is really terrible. Once again, I am sure that you are not a gangster lady who wants to experience life as a teacher, or is the criminal police officer looking for a new job to challenge herself after retiring?

"So, Hiratsuka-sensei, is there anything else?" I tried my best to make a smile.

"Don’t pretend to be polite, boy, why didn’t you see you like this when you were confronting me just now? Come with me. There are really a lot of problematic children recently. You don’t need me to fight each other for a while. So many brain cells died."

"I must make it clear that I am not a problem child—"

"You don't like to use your talents?"

"Is it basic politeness to listen to someone finish talking first?"

"After listening to you, will you have to use your talents when helping others?"

"This is the scoring situation, but why should I help other people? To help other people is to interfere with other people. This is also the problem—"

"Come with me obediently. Don't talk so much nonsense!"

Well, I still closed my mouth. All in all, at least Hiratsuka-sensei did not try to impose a point on me like Kitahara-senpai did. Judging from the fact that she has been with me for so long, I feel that this teacher is not bad.

"Teacher, can you ask your full name?"

"What's wrong, is it a glorious thing to call a woman's full name?"

"Nothing, just want to ask."

"It's okay, don't talk so much nonsense."


"Shizuka Hiratsuka!"


"Huh what? Think about what's wrong with your values!"

Well, I really don’t know what went wrong with my values, but at least I know that Shizuka should be a good teacher anyway.


Suddenly I feel that Xinkeng Book Review is much more lively here than Laokeng. Is it really the Xinkeng effect?In addition, I’m going out on the weekend, so I may not have time to update it. It’s not the meaning of ethics, but a large part of the reason is because I am not fast. The dialogue and worldview conflicts here are all considered, so it takes 4 hours to write. Chapter One, everyone forgive me.


Chapter 4: It seems that Xuexiaxue is very determined

I don't know where Hiratsuka-teacher will take me, but I think I will be fully prepared wherever I go.If she takes me to the make-up exam classroom, then I will give a perfect score of sixty points to avoid provoking the teacher’s authority. If she takes me to the principal’s office, then I will never mind making a standard kneeling request The principal's forgiveness in exchange for the opportunity to continue my studies in this school.You know, there are many ways to solve problems, as long as you are willing to give up some principles.

However, Mr. Hiratsuka did not take me to any place I expected. Instead, he took me to the door of a featureless classroom and said to himself: "Two days in a row. Is it too much for two people to squeeze here?"

Here, where is this, please state your object clearly, otherwise it is easy to be misunderstood, such as thinking that my mentality is abnormal and then squeezing me to the terrible counselor all day to ask such "You have Is there something to worry about?", "Don't be afraid, you have a long way to go, so tell me your troubles?" Such things, then I will definitely go crazy.

Then the teacher opened the door and walked in.

"Sorry, can I ask you again, Hiratsuka-sensei, please knock before entering the door!" Before I followed the teacher in, I heard a cold voice first.

Haughty, inviolable, and extremely confident, this is her character that can be judged from her tone of voice.And from her words, I can get more information:

The word "re" clearly reflects dissatisfaction with Hiratsuka-sensei, but this person has controlled his emotions very well and did not expose this attitude.However, this imperative way of speaking also reflects her absolute desire for control and mastery. This is a person who does not allow herself to make mistakes and will not obey and adapt to reality. However, she can realize the complexity of reality. Will also make some appropriate reactions, so I am not an extreme ego person.

The conclusion is that this man is a madman, a madman who does not want to command other people all the time!

What’s more frightening is that this person is still a girl. Although I don’t discriminate against women, I must state one thing. In terms of the ability that I emphasized before, it’s easy to make people confused about themselves. Women who are more emotional are more likely to commit this. This kind of mistake, so the same personality, women are more harmful than men.

But relatively, such girls are definitely a minority, so I am very curious about what kind of person this girl is.

The classroom seems to have not been used for a while. Most of the classroom is occupied by upside-down tables and chairs, while in the other half of the space, several tables are lined up in a row, scribbled.Near the bedside at the far end of the classroom, a ray of sunlight came in and sprinkled on the girl's hair.It is a very beautiful long hair, which looks a little shining in the setting sun. If this girl hadn't taken care of it with care, then others would only be envious of her natural beauty, because her features are also impeccable. Picky, although frowning a bit, with the text library in her hand, the image of a literary girl is ready to emerge.

So, I spent so many words to describe her, just to emphasize that this is a beautiful girl. I said that my attitude has always been good for beautiful girls, so I think I should temporarily take back what I had done to her. This kind of bad evaluation.

"Xuexia, I brought a new member here, here, this guy, he wants to join the department." I found that I almost forgot Mr. Hiratsuka aside. Poor teacher, as expected, his presence in front of younger girls Will it drop extremely?