My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 22

"Sorry, Hiratsuka-sensei, it seems that you made a mistake. I have already joined the Light Music Club. After I have not submitted an application for withdrawal to the President Iizuka and got his approval and confirmed by the school, I should not be able to join now. Other clubs." But there is a key question that can’t be mistaken. Although I admit that my first impression of the girl in front of me is very good, I will not leave the light music club of my own choice until then, unless I have a meal. Director Tsuka kicked me out, but Director Iizuka is a good senior, he will not do such cruel things.

"Ah, ah, sorry, I thought you were the same as Higiya," Hiratsuka-sensei gave a soft "Oh" and patted his head, but then laughed and said like a okay person. "It doesn't matter, I am the teacher in charge of the club. I allow you to join two clubs at the same time, so that's okay?"

Please Hiratsuka-sensei, although I had a good attitude towards you before, I hate this state of making decisions for others without authorization. If you are not a teacher, I will definitely turn around and leave, so I still have to tactfully Reject you: "Sorry, Hiratsuka-teacher, I don't think this is something you can decide. You said when you discussed with me before, you can't force me to leave the light music club and join other clubs. If you join other clubs It is bound to distract my energy in the light music club--"

"It's okay, Yubihama, can you work harder if you can! It's not a big deal to add another club. Besides, this club shouldn't be so busy. Now, can you say it? Yukinoshita?" was interrupted, and was distracted I interrupted for no reason. I suddenly hated the identity of a student because the teacher always has a subordinate relationship with the student. If this relationship is used well, the teacher can have a good control over the student. Teacher Zhongjing is undoubtedly a master who knows this well.But wait, Xuexia?

The surname of Yukoshita is not a common surname, and the girl in front of me is obviously not an ordinary person. Then, the identity of this person is ready to be revealed: Yukoshita Yukino, once a light music club boy gossiping The goddess level figure in the center.By the way, after meeting the real person, I seem to understand a little bit why my stupid sister admires her so much. The self-confidence in her is indeed easy to attract people like my sister who cares about other people's opinions.

"Since the teacher said it, I don't have any opinion." I noticed that Xuexia's eyes narrowed, and then looked at me for the first time. "But can this new member explain what he just said? What about? After all, even if it is me, it is very difficult to correct the problems of two people at the same time. If the anti-social tendency of this new member and classmate can be lighter, my workload will be lighter."

"Eh, did I say anything before? I should have been silent forever!"

"Well, the new member over there with dyed red hair and a bad face, can you explain--"

"I'm not a bad person, please don't associate me with bad people just because I have red hair, so you say that a woman like an animal is really—"

"Well, I'm sorry, the one over there is dyed red hair, looks like a bad but is not a bad new member, can you explain--"

"Please, is there any difference between your two sentences—"

"Can you explain,'This man is a madman, a madman who doesn't want to command other people all the time!' What does this sentence mean?"

Ah, in the end, let her finish her words first. So, did I say what was in my mind at the time? What a mistake.So, do you want to explain?Would you like to tell her step by step the analysis of her sentence that I said before I met her?Probably it will be considered abnormal, no, it must be considered abnormal, but there is no way, that is because my current thinking circuit will habitually analyze the logic of everyone, and my brain will turn too fast That's it.

"Well, first of all," I decided to avoid letting others think that I was a pervert, because the girl in front of me seemed to be able to define people very fast, "Student Xuexia, you are a beautiful girl—"

"If you feel jealous just because you think I'm cute, I don't think it is necessary at all, because people who are not at the same level will not appreciate the qualitative difference, and that will only increase your annoyance." Xue Xia interrupted me again, why does she like to interrupt people so much?

"Well, let me tell you why you are a lunatic. First of all, judging from your constant self-affirmation, you are either an extremely confident person or an extremely inferior person. From the perspective of your capital, you should be an extremely confident person. Secondly, from your continuous interruption of my words, you are a person who likes to interfere and reform others. Extreme confidence means I can’t recognize myself and like to interfere with other people, which means I can’t see the collective. This kind of person who can neither see himself nor the collective and wants to change the world with his own self-righteousness is not a lunatic, and what is it?" Ah, although it is a bit embarrassing to say these things to a beautiful girl like Yukoshita, someone like this kind of arrogant person must suppress her prestige or something.But I think my crit is still very powerful. Looking at the shocked look on Xuexia's face, I suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment.

"That's it!" I turned around, guessing that such a haughty young lady as Xuexia Xuena had never heard such a harsh remark in her life, and she would definitely not detain members of my problem department. So I naturally chose to retreat. However, the voice of Xuexia made me stunned.

"Wait a minute." When I turned my head, what I saw was Yukino under Yukino. What looked at me was not shock, but a look of interest. Suddenly, there was a bitter cold, Yukino under Yukino closed her hands. Bunkomoto stood up and looked at me from a distance, "Yuhihama-san, is that the name? Do you think I will not fight after you challenge me like this?"

what happened?This person is so strange, shouldn't she be mad by me?What's the matter with her arrogant and somewhat excited expression, oh, sorry, the excited expression is my brain supplement, but her attitude certainly does not meet my normal expectations.

"Sorry, I don't have to argue with a lunatic like you, I'm going to quit!"

"Indeed, if the two of us are strangers, I don't find it interesting to argue with you, but," Yukoshita raised his head high and smiled like a cruel winner, said, "You are my ministry. It’s one of the tasks entrusted by Mr. Hiratsuka. Therefore, it is necessary for me to correct your false thoughts to some extent!"

"I said, I don't want to join the department!" I don't know how many times I said this sentence, and I also understand that when I said this, the ending was already doomed.

"Teacher Hiratsuka, I promised Yuihama-san to join the club." Yukino's reply was not directed at me, but at Shizuka Hiratsuka who had been watching our conversation coldly before.

"Okay, I'll take care of you after that." Hiratsuka-sensei dropped these words and left contentedly.Hey, I said why your teacher always plays cards according to common sense, throwing me in such a place and then leaving, and we have agreed not to force me to think?You fool me!

But that's how Hiratsuka Shizuku left, too fast for me to react.

So, facing another person who seemed to be able to decide whether or not I should stay here, I said, "Now, Yuukishita, don’t let me join your club because of impulse. You don’t want to. A guy like me is disgusting in your club all day long, right? I can understand the occasional little sensibility of girls, so don't be willful anymore and let me go, okay?"

I admit that my childlike tone is to anger Yukino. If she is a normal and arrogant girl, she will definitely kick me out at this time, and then I will be with her again. No intersection.And I can use this conversation as a conversational resource to communicate with my old sister and tell her what the real face of the girl she admired is.

However, Xuexiaxue is not a normal arrogant girl, so she did not react as I expected. She just continued to coldly say to me in that clear spring tone: "Sit down, your kind Bad performance is enough, anyway, you are welcome to join the ministry."

However, I think I can work harder, but before I can speak, the next sentence of Xuexia held back what I said: "No matter how you say this to me, it is useless. Oh, because my goal is to correct your personality. Of course, by the way, correct your cognitive bias against me."

Hey, did I expose any character to you? Could it be that Xuexia, like me, also secretly commented on my character during the dialogue with me, this girl is unexpectedly terrifying indeed!

"I don't think you need to struggle anymore. The end of being watched by this woman is destined to fight her to the end!" At this time, a lifeless voice came from nowhere.

I turned around and found the sound of the guy in a dark corner. Of course, when I saw him, I didn’t feel any need to be sorry for not finding him, because compared to snow. Xia Xuena, this dead fish eye is indeed an existence that people want to deliberately ignore.


The second lady first appeared on the stage, and by the way the great teacher was introduced.And when someone in the group reminded me that the brown hair of Danzi was dyed, what happened to the hair of Danzi’s mother who appeared in the animation? Okay, in short, it’s the natural birth of the Yubihama family in this book. Red hair (tea hair? It feels almost) is the mysterious change of the world line.By the way, the book friend group continues the book friend group of the previous book, and the newcomers in the group answer the questions with the names of the two books.


Chapter 5: In general, Higiya Hachiman is rotten

I have always been uninterested in the vast majority of people in this world, so this kind of guy with rotten eyes and extremely weak presence has always been ignored by me. Simply put, I can see a human silhouette here. Something but don't recognize his face, of course I am definitely not making excuses for my face blindness.

But since he spoke to me, I think I am obligated to reply to him: "Excuse me, this classmate, do you mean you have to fight her to the end?"

"I don't think it is a wise act to fight with that woman. It should be said. Of course, I am definitely not fighting because this woman is terrible, but she—"

"Student Biqigu, although you are all the same low-level people, you should keep listening when I am talking to another person instead of arbitrarily inserting." Alahahah, the poor student Biqigu, second Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Yukino under Xuexia. It still felt pitiful.

However, student Biqigu, what's wrong with you, student Biqigu, why are you obediently silent?Resistance, struggle, your dignity as a man, then I remembered that he seemed to have just said “fighting with Xuexiaxue is not a wise performance”, what he said to himself It's really implemented to the extreme!

"En, then Yubihama-student, let's continue." Yukoshita looked at Biqigu with satisfaction, and he could see that Biqigu had been here for a while, and at least in terms of results, whether it was used or not. This kind of language violence, Xuexiaxue Nai suppressed Biqigu, Biqigu, and a guy who didn't tell me my name, why you guys are used to not introducing names before talking to others!

"Before the conversation continues, I think I need to know your names, duels, etc. The first step must be to report your names!"

"Ah, I thought you already knew my name? I think I still have a certain degree of popularity. It's really a misstep, Yuihama-san, of course it seems that you didn't tell me your name." Yukino showed a very surprised expression. It was a really surprised expression. It seemed that she had never expected that others would not know her, so where did this woman's confidence come from!

"Well, well, I do know you, besides, my name is Yubihama—"

"You don’t need to tell me your name, Yuhihama-kun, as you said just now, if it’s a formal duel, you need to report each other’s names, but if it’s my unilateral education to you, you only need to know me unilaterally. The name of your life mentor is just fine—"

"Yuhihama Kazuya!" I don’t think Yukoshita can always dominate the right to speak. You must know that the most important thing in the debate between people with different worldviews is the logical debate. If you are substituted into the other’s logic, then You definitely can't beat him. The Hazan Hayato was defeated by me in this way, so when Yukino Yukino wanted to use the same method to defeat me, I would not easily fall into her trap.

So, facing Xuexia Xueno’s somewhat surprised gaze, I said heavily, “Student Xuexia, I still tell you, don’t be too confident in yourself. You may be a talented person, but you have talent. It is for yourself, you are not qualified to force others to do what you think is right, understand?"

Suddenly I remembered a little bit of Kitahara Haruki, who was just hanging aside by me. I suddenly felt that Yukino Yukino and Kitahara Haruki had some similarities. To other people, both of them seemed to be infallible. People, so both people want to instruct other people what to do.Of course, the difference is that Kitahara-senpai prefers to run around and actively seek out other people, while Yukino Yukoshita, judging from the situation between me and the Higiya, seems to be given by Mr. Hiratsuka to correct others in this classroom. The task of cognition, although the former behavior of proactively causing trouble is even more annoying, but the two people’s very clear desire to use their own logic to guide others really makes me very unhappy!

"Why not?" However, Yukoshita gave me a very natural answer to my question, "I have been the cutest and most outstanding since I was a child. Of course, I have never made any mistakes when dealing with things. Mistakes, whether it is my own business or someone else’s business, I can give the most perfect solution. So, since I am such a talented person, why can't I tell the society what the right direction is?"

"Well, this guy is actually so powerful—"

"However, it is understandable for Yuihama-student that you have such thoughts. After all, you are not a talented person like me. You must have made mistakes, which eventually led to your own failure and the collapse of the group, so you have this There is no problem with one idea. Of course, as long as you listen to my opinion, your worries can be avoided." Yukino Yukino continued to speak softly in a gentle tone, the feeling is like a missionary The feeling that the scholar is spreading the gospel of God makes people want to surrender to her, Lord, forgive your children who keep making mistakes!

This is really terrible!I couldn’t help shivering. Although I always wanted to get rid of the influence of Yukino under Yukino, I was still influenced by her. Indeed, for someone who made mistakes before, I would look forward to it from the subconscious. There is a perfect person who can't make mistakes to give me guidance, and this person must be a top talent in all aspects.In a sense, the appearance of Yukino under Yukino met my expectations.

But this is not the case!If it is this kind of logic, then I am caught in the trap of Yukino under Xuexia, that is Yukino's logic.My logic is that talent is a sin. Therefore, even if a person like Xuexia Xueno is a genius in every sense, she is ultimately not the so-called omnipotent God, so she is no exception. What can ultimately lead to is still evil.

So, I raised my head and looked at Yukino, who was preaching to me with a holy expression, and said: "Sorry, I don't think you can do this. The result of your pursuit is only a short-term result. It's just glory and ultimate destruction. You may be a bit smarter than me, but if you want to change the world or something, that's the logic of a lunatic!"

"Well, as expected, Yuihama-san is not that easy to persuade." However, Yukino Yukino knew that I would eventually have this reaction. He did not show any expression of surprise, but just The soft expression quickly turned into the frosty face before, and he sat down quietly and reopened the library book in his hand, "However, since you have become my member, there is no problem. As long as you watch me solve the problem, then you will understand that there will eventually be people in this world who can tell others the right way!"

Yukino Yukino didn't speak anymore, and seemed to treat me like an air club member. Suddenly, I felt that I was punched hard. For the first time since entering high school, I felt this frustration, this frustration. , From Xuenai under Xuexia.Although I did not surrender to Yukino's logic, I was easily confused by her words. However, when I got rid of her logic system triumphantly, she told me that my The reaction was exactly as she expected.So, there are still some characters in this high school, Yukoshita Yukino, I accepted your secret challenge like this!

Ah, what the hell is this boring comic-style development of mine, it feels like a junior high school student, did I not get rid of the second phase?Impossible, absolutely impossible!I didn’t use the term Secondary 2 in junior high school, and now I’m making my debut in high school, and it’s impossible to have it!

However, I became more interested in the guy in the corner who listened to Yukoshita Yukino's words obediently. Even though that guy looked cowardly, under Yukoshita’s warning, I accepted it without any resistance. The do not speak clause.But judging from the few words he said before, he is not the kind of person who is completely led by the nose by Xuexia. Maybe, this dead fish-eyed guy, there is something unexpected in his mind!

Being stared at by me, Blind Fisheye turned his head a little awkwardly, why, will I die if I watch it?Don't worry, I'm not gay, my hair is red, not golden!

So, looking at Xuexia, it seemed that he had completely entered the literary girl mode and ignored me. I slowly approached the boy over there: "Hey, this, classmate Biqigu, can you tell me what this department does? ?"