My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 23

"Is there a sign hanging in front of the classroom, Ministry of Service." Biqigu glanced at me with a slanted eye, and said muffledly.

"I can understand these words for the time being, but I still don't understand what the Ministry of Service means, and I always feel very ashamed." I have a feeling that during the conversation between me and Yukoshita , Biqigu has also been conducting character analysis and judgment on me, which makes me feel a bit creepy. After all, I hate the feeling that others will draw conclusions to me and I can’t draw conclusions to others. Yes, I compare Qigu. He didn't know anything except his unpleasant eyes and possibly an accidental logical person, and he didn't know how many times he had analyzed me through my dialogue.

"Well, that, the Ministry of Service, is a society that provides assistance to people in need," Biqigu's voice gradually became quieter. Although I am not good at laughing, I don't want to eat you, you. Why do you speak like this?Could this guy not be good at socializing with strangers?But I feel that the purpose of this club is also quite arrogant. Is it really that of Yukino's club?

"Oh, this is over there, Xuexia said to me." Biqigu quickly added a sentence, and then turned his head.

So I turned around and stopped talking.A club may need an active character, but that person is definitely not me. According to the usual setting, Biqigu, a role that seems to occupy a very important role, will become my friend-like character, but Biqigu is certain Not interested in taking on this role.

So the conclusion is that this club is very depressive.

But after five minutes, I continued to read quietly under the snow. After Biqigu continued to play with his mobile phone, there was nothing to do. I couldn't help but talk to Biqigu. I swear, although this time I didn’t prepare for it. The war was lost, but next time I encounter this situation, I must bring my phone.

"Student Biqigu, can you ask about your full name?"

"Hachiman, Higiya Hachiman." Higiya shrank back, buried his head, and replied uncomfortably, is it really because I was too close to him?Suddenly, I missed Senior Kitahara a bit. If he were here, I would definitely lend a helping hand to classmate Biqigu: Do you have any troubles, classmate Biqigu?Do you have anything to worry about?I'm not saying that Senior Kitahara is a psychologist, but he should pay attention to Biqigu, with a 90% chance, and the remaining 10% is probably because Biqigu is not a cute girl.

"En, classmate Biqigu," I tried my best to squeeze a smile. Although Biqigu didn't say a few words to me, he could tell that he wanted to help me when I was confronted with Xuexia, so even though he was A person who is afraid of life, I should still be friendly to him, "Can I ask when the activities of this club will end? Because I don't know what I can do."

"Oh, you just have to talk to Yukoshita and you can leave." Biqigu's words were short and concise.

Then I don’t know what to say, should I apply to Xuexia if I can leave?

"That, Minister, can I apply to leave first?"

Wait a minute, what's going on, Minister?Society?Application?When did I default to being a member of this society?When, who approved and who hinted?

However, before I can clarify these questions, Xuexia’s answer has come: “Yes, remember to bring the application for admission when you come tomorrow. Although the review by the Ministry of Service is not very strict, it is symbolic. The program is still needed."

"I understand!" From beginning to end, during the dialogue with Yukino Yukoshita, I did not have the initiative to speak. This made me very depressed, even when I left, why I didn't think about it. I agreed, I should just walk away without caring!

But the fact is that after being knocked out by Xuexia, my condition has been very abnormal. I lost this game today. I will make adjustments tomorrow. I can't care about the gains and losses of this city and a pool!

So, I left from the place that was a little strange, but it gave me a lot of frustration. Of course, before leaving, I paid special attention to Hachigaya Hachiman and emphasized again that this is not because I am gay, but because, I'm always curious about what kind of evaluation that guy gave me—don’t doubt, he will definitely give me an evaluation.

However, I only saw that when I was leaving, Higiya Hachiman's eyes stared at me for a while, which made me a little hairy and didn't say anything.

Damn, this guy, both in terms of his external image and his attitude towards others, is so rotten!


Although the title is written about the big teacher, but basically I am writing about the second lady. Who calls the big teacher not a cute girl? The above are all verbal, the key is that the big teacher is not the kind of person who likes to talk too much. Well, at the beginning, I talked a lot with the teacher, mixed up with friends, and understood the protagonist of the teacher, it was really hard to understand.

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Chapter 6: I don’t know why, Yi Huei Yu always likes Ji

Chapter 6: I don’t know why, Yi Hueiyu always likes to twitter

I finally left the club that people didn’t know how to deal with. Suddenly, I felt like there was nowhere to go. If I go back to the light music club now, I always feel a little guilty for the impolite slaps of the predecessor Kitahara. Home is a good choice, but I really don’t want to go out to work after I go home.Although I can go find my idiot sister, but considering that she may be having a good time with her group of best friends now, my younger brother like a bad boy doesn't need to see her-Yukino Yukino, I apologize to all the red-haired boys, what is wrong with our natural growth? Your words made me suddenly feel that I am bad!

So, I walked aimlessly in the school, and then, somewhat amused, I felt that I came to this place that would definitely come-the school playground.

If you want to ask me whether I like football, my answer must be yes. I may not know whether I like my other talents or not, but I know I definitely like football, but it is precisely because I like it. More effort has been devoted to football, and this is also the source of the final disaster.

Like but not talent is a kind of luck, can bring people the most happiness, dislike but have talent is also a kind of luck, at least you give up it is not a pity, the most terrible thing is like but talent, because like, So if you want to engage in it, because of your talent, it will eventually be destroyed. If you don't produce sin, you must give up what you love. The so-called saints are just like this.

However, I’m still a high school student anyway, I’m still a high school student whose puberty hasn’t passed yet, so it’s okay to indulge myself a little bit. In other words, I’m just going to see them playing football. Wouldn't you become an ascetic if you were too harsh?This is not good.

So, I hid in the shade of the trees behind the stadium, watching the members of the football club training on the stadium.

Of course, among all the people, I only know Yeshan Hayato. Of course, looking at the people on the field, I think it's almost enough to only know him.

It’s not to say that Yassan Hayato must be the best player among the members of the football club—of course he must be one of the best—it’s just that the players on the field spontaneously formed around him. For a whole set of cores, Ye Shan signaled to press on, his teammates would press forward, Ye Shan signaled to slow down the rhythm, and his teammates would keep falling around him.

This is a natural leadership aura. I think that even if I join them, it will not change in a short time. To a certain extent, I defined it as "Yesan Hayato’s football "Department", very appropriate, because, compared to the team where Yeshan is, although the other team has some particularly good players, but they can't twist the team into a rope, so they are in a situation of fighting separately.

"Yeah! Heya? Why are you here?" Suddenly, a sweet voice reached my ears, which made me startled. Of course, I will be able to understand the source of this voice. Who's up.

Yihueiyu, a character whose popularity value is max in the class, is especially popular among boys and girls, which is especially rare.According to my analysis, I think that Xuexiaxue is a kind of cold goddess, and it is often a topical figure among boys, but it is always seen by girls in various senses. My sister is somewhat natural. A girl who has a place in a group, but will never be the focus of the crowd. Senior Ogizo, a beautiful and considerate person like her, it is difficult for boys or girls to feel bad for her, but this will Let others think that she is a bit unreal, so she has no special close people. From this point of view, Yi Hueiyu is a pinnacle of existence among girls-girls think she is close, boys think she is easy-going-although I She tends to achieve this effect deliberately.

I don’t think that such a slightly pretentious girl is hypocritical to many people. On the contrary, I admire this type of girl who knows exactly what they want, and then use their own advantages to obtain it. —Of course, there is the use of talents in this process, but this use is cautious and purposeful, rather than the result of so-called arrogance. This is at least better than using people who don’t know their own abilities. Much more. After all, the prerequisite for discussing the relationship between the masses and talents is that they do not know the evil of talents, so a cautious person is always better than an imprudent person.

Therefore, if I were to judge Yi Hue Yu from a more objective perspective, I would think she is a good girl, but, in many cases, I have to be very subjective, because I don’t know when I started. The classmates who work at the same table have become particularly interested in me, and the number of times they talk to me is also increasing.

If I were the kind of normal adolescent boy controlled by male hormones, I would definitely think Isshiki was interesting to me, and then confessed to her, and finally exchanged a "Sorry, although I think you are a good person, but that is Impossible because I already have someone I like" ending.

But there’s no way. Isshiki’s approach is very misleading. I don’t think I’m very familiar with her, but she just calls me by my first name, except for my sister and Ogiso-senpai, No one in this school directly calls me by name. In a strict sense, my idiot sister also didn't call me by name.

"Hey, Kazuya, I'm calling you! You have to know that being in a daze in front of a girl is a very ungentleman behavior!" Isshiki waved his hand before my eyes, and then turned around me. Circle, staring somewhat angrily, said to me.

Please, classmate Isshiki, can you treat me like the air? I just want to quietly watch other people play here for a while. Your swagger will let others see it, and then it will arouse the unrealistic hope of Yeshan Hayato!

"Kazuya-kun, Yu-bi-hama-he-ya-kun!" Isshiki was still jumping up and down in front of me, showing his presence vigorously, just jump, your breasts can only be regarded as normal size It's impossible to form a milk shake, but you are blocking my view of the ball here!

So I compromised: "Please, Isshiki, don't be too ostentatious in front of me, I don't want to be seen by others."

"Finally take care of me, and your reflex arc is too long?" Sorry if I can, I still don't want to care about you. Girls like you are generally annoying, and I'm not good at dealing with you like this. Girls.

"Well, if you don't block my view of the ball, it's fine."

"Watching football?" Isshiki's interest visibly increased. "Are you watching football? Are you watching Ye Shan-sen's football club? Ye Shan-senpai plays very well? Are you interested in joining the football club? Do you want me to help you go? Tell them about it? No problem. I’m the manager of the football department. Although it’s not good to recommend someone without authorization, it’s very simple if you just want to join them. There are seniors and professionals in the football department who specialize in training novices. Although you can’t play the official game immediately. But since you’re in the first grade, my manager can take care of you for at least two years, so you don’t have to worry about not having a chance to play."

A line like a cannon came out of Yi Huyu Yu's mouth, you are very troublesome, you are really troublesome, you are really really troublesome, because it is very important, I have to say it three times!Do you know how annoying it is for a girl to twitter by your side?Especially when you have to listen to a girl's twitter at home, and then you have to listen to another girl's twitter at school.In all fairness, Yi Hue Yu is still a very cute girl in appearance, especially since she pays attention to the cultivation of her external image and temperament, but it is very ruinous to talk too much. I remember you being with other boys The main thing in front of me is to act like a baby and be cute, why is it not like this in front of me?Be the same as the outside, bastard!

Of course, I think Isshiki's attitude towards me is largely due to myself. If it weren't for the carelessness of the previous stage test, her attitude towards me would basically be a normal tablemate attitude.However, she saw the draft paper when I was doing the science test paper that day. The draft paper filled with correct answers formed a sharp contrast with the 59-point test paper.

From then on, she looked at me curiously from time to time, and then casually inserted a question in the process of casually chatting with me, such as "Kazuya, why did you deliberately fail the exam?" , Another example is "Heya, you are actually good at science, right?".A normal person knows what she meant by saying these words. Of course, if I can, I would like to explain my behavioral logic with her, but I think that with a colorful feather, it seems that more thoughts will be spent on using it. Other people's brains can't understand my logic, so I always fool around this kind of question vaguely.As for why you don’t refuse directly, you must know that this kind of girl’s specialty is that she can talk to you as if there is nothing wrong even after you clearly refuse to answer her questions!

Therefore, it is necessary for I to interrupt Isse while leading the topic to that aspect: "I'm sorry, I don't want to join the football club."

"Huh? Really Cannian!" His eyes widened exaggeratedly, and he let out a startled cry. The tail of this voice was very long, so crisp and trembling, it would make people feel distressed, I really like— —No, I am not a voice control!This situation has to be stopped. More seriously, it seems that as the manager of the football team, her long stay here has attracted the attention of several substitute players. Girls like Yi Hueiyu are like this in the football team. There will never be a shortage of fans where there is a strong secretion of male hormones.

"Now, Isshiki, if you want to talk to me, just find a corner where no one is there." I sighed helplessly, and pointed to a blind spot in the training ground, feeling that Yeshan and their training game would be playing soon. When it's over, it would be bad if he found out that it caused unnecessary misunderstandings.

"Yuhihama-student," Isshiki's face suddenly became serious. Before I could react, what did she suddenly call my last name instead of calling my name as before, her tongue twister. I have already jumped out, "Although I am really interested in you, but you are wrong to think that I am interesting to you because of this. I just treat you as a normal classmate, so I am very sorry!"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I'm a smart person for the time being. Although I am a little awkward to others, I am still a smart person, but why do I suddenly not understand Isshiki's words?

"Hey, didn't you specifically drag me to the corner where no one was talking to confess to me?" I should have a confused expression, but Yi Huyu's expression seemed to be even more confused. You guy, there hasn't been much since entering school. This kind of illusion occurs only when boys confess?

"Please, obviously you want to talk to me, okay? I just don't think this place is suitable for talking, it's more eye-catching and I want to change to another place!"

"Eh, that's it!" Yishi once again revealed her iconic trembling ending. Is this guy's cute character already deep in his bones?If it weren't for her to be so chatty that I hate me, I think I still have a certain chance of being captured by her disguise in this way of speaking. Is it because I am too young?In elementary school and middle school stage, I was a leader in the group, so although I met a lot of girls, I often talked in a kind of attitude of the monitor to classmates or leaders to individuals, which led me to have equal dialogue with women of the same age. The experience comes entirely from my sister, and in many cases, my sister seems a bit too natural, which leads to my lack of sufficient experience in contact with girls, and I am not good at communicating equally with girls of the same age.