My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 24

But isn't this a good thing?Contact with girls on an equal footing, especially with a very dangerous girl like Yi Hueiyu, is just a talent that I am not good at, so I can improve myself!From this perspective, I should still be grateful to Yi Huei Yu.

However, even if a color feather has such an important role, I can no longer take care of it now, because the training match that the Hayan Hayato participated in on the field has ended, and it will be really dangerous when he finds out that I am.

"Isshiki, sorry, I have to leave beforehand." Although I haven't trained for a long time, I am confident of my explosiveness, so I have to run away at the fastest speed, and I must not let Senior Ye Shan find me.

"Hey, but Kazuya, you should like football? Don't worry about playing too badly. Senior Ye Shan is a very good person—"

"Okay, okay, let's discuss your question later, that's it, see you tomorrow—"

However, this kind of thing usually doesn’t go so smoothly. At this time, I don’t know which guy with no eyesight shoots a football straight at me. I guess it’s a member of the Isshiki Guard watching me talking to Isshiki a little uncomfortable. , Don’t you think about it if I dodge you, the ball will hit Isshiki directly?

Under normal circumstances, I should stop the ball at the very moment of a stunned expression, and stage a heroic save of the beauty. But in fact, the ball was shot too badly, floating and slow. I could easily stop it with my heels in a juggling posture, and then knocked in front of Isshiki behind me.

Then I ran away, did not stand up in an elegant posture to pretend to be forced, did not scold the kicker, and did not accept their non-stop apologies. Of course, I didn’t care about paying attention to what a color feather would look like. , Because I feel that Ye Shan’s gaze seems to have slowly turned to my side. It is estimated that based on his character, he will definitely take care of the young first-year manager of Isshiki, and then the two will be in this kind of interaction. There is a spark of love in the middle-okay, I can't make up for it later, in any case, go first.

But in the process of running, I always feel that there is a piercing gaze on the back of my head that has been staring at me. It shouldn’t be the same. I just stopped a ball just now. I didn’t even shoot for safety, so I should There is no problem, so Isshiki wouldn't pay much attention to this, right?It should, probably, maybe—no?


In this article, the only non-young female protagonist who is temporarily scheduled to appear first, I think in view of Isshiki's special status, should I add some drama to her? You need to know what "I" in the article thinks of her It's still relatively high!In addition, there are probably two chapters about the introduction of such characters. You can guess which two people they are.


Chapter 7: Occasionally, Yukiso Kokiso can be very naughty

Talking to Yi Huishiyu is not without gain, at least I managed to get through this boring time before working. I understand why girls talk about the sky so quickly, because most of the time It's all spent in meaningless nonsense, just like the conversation between me and Isshiki just now, I have no idea what we said.

So in terms of the quality of the dialogue, it should be the highest quality of the dialogue between me and Senior Ye Shan. The two people exchanged views on the same issue without any superfluous elements, even if it was with Xue Xue in the classroom of the Ministry of Service. Xia Yukino's dialogue did not reach this point, because Yukia is a girl, and she said too many nonsense that the subject has nothing to do with the purpose of hitting me.

So I can finally go to work on time.In fact, when there are club activities, I don’t think there is plenty of time left for part-time work after club activities, especially when I have to prepare enough time to learn the content of liberal arts that I am not good at.Although students are not as hard-working as office workers, in all senses, students are also a very tiring profession, especially when you have some pursuit of your profession.

Of course, those who don’t have a clear understanding of their own career, and those who don’t know it, don’t necessarily think that student life is very hard. Well, I admit that I’m complaining about my stupid sister. In that state, how can I go to school in the future? I guess it is just to find a job, find someone to marry and become a full-time housewife, oh no!How can Yuihama Yui be a housewife? You have to know that her cooking skills are infinitely negative. If someone who gets E all the year in the housekeeping class becomes a housewife, it will definitely be a disaster, so sister, you still stay at home. Don’t marry, your brother, I will take on the responsibility of providing you with a living security, well, just like I’m working and making money now.

When I was asked to work in karaoke at the beginning, I refused. Of course, I also wanted to find a job such as a convenience store clerk or a waiter in a family restaurant, like other normal people, especially this kind of part-time job. Will meet other people who work, and you can meet cute younger or senior girls—— Zhujun, please don’t show such a surprised expression. I have never denied my yearning for youth love, okay, just My requirements are relatively high. I don't expect my partner to recognize the evil of talent, but she should at least have a clear grasp of herself and a cautious attitude towards talent.

Uh, the topic is far apart. In short, in all aspects, a karaoke job is not a good job. In terms of salary, it is not different from other jobs; in terms of partners, the reception desk of karaoke is generally only One or two people, the other person besides me is a middle-aged Obasan old employee, who can’t compare with other peers who may meet at work; from the perspective of the guests, karaoke jobs are often needed It is really uncomfortable to receive those guys who yell and sing high. In the end, the distance from home is too far. If you don’t catch the tram for various reasons, it’s just a taxi home. Fei will be able to wipe out my efforts for a month. Fortunately, I haven't encountered such a thing yet.

But there is no way. I found this part-time job during the spring break before high school. Various convenience stores and family restaurants rejected me because I was not a formal high school student. I have already shown the admission notice of Zong Wu Gao. What is there to worry about, so I can only fall into this seemingly eclectic karaoke.

But both aspects of things will be transformed. If it weren't for working in karaoke by accident, I wouldn't know Senior Ogiso!Ogiso-senpai who is so gentle and good at listening to me.

Well, let me say something with a high degree of shame. Every time I get tired of this somewhat boring place, the appearance of Senior Ogizo will make me immediately full of fighting spirit and hope for this part-time job.

"Ah, Kazuya, do you work here again today?" Then, as if responding to my call, Ogiso-senpai appeared with her pleasantly surprised and gentle voice, although her dress was still normal at school. She looked a little different when she pulled her hair into a bun and stuffed it into her hat, and then put on a pair of rustic flat glasses. This is also her usual disguise when she comes to karaoke. Of course, she will change after entering the box. The original Ogiso Yukina.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, wait a minute, Ogizo-san, is it still a private room like before? You can come for two hours first? Ah, ah, okay?" I stammered, ah ah ah Ahhhhh!What a shame, why are you so ashamed, Yubihama Kazuya, why do you always be like this in front of Ogiso-senpai?How come you always look like that younger brother needs to take care of, show how you talked and laughed when facing Hayato Hayama, Senior Kitahara, and Yukino Yukoshita.

But my self-blame is of no use. I still made this embarrassing look in front of Ogiso-senpai. Although for her, my thoughts and my secrets are basically impossible to hide, she is the only one of me. People who know my dark history completely and understand all my concepts.However, even so, I don't want me to be a brother-like character who needs to talk to her in front of her!

However, Ogiso-senpai just looked at me with a smile, and didn't care about my rushing hands and feet. Instead, he leaned on the cashier somewhat casually, chatting to me like: "Don't be so nervous? I'm not in a hurry. Speaking of Harmony, how did you practice guitar in light music club?"

"Ah this," I showed an awkward expression, "Not very good. I still don't seem to have the talent to learn guitar. I have been wondering why in those places where I have no talent, my performance is worse than normal? "Really, I always don't care about this kind of thing, but only in front of Ogiso-senpai, I don't want to be so incompetent!

"This is also inevitable! After all, your ability in a talented place is so powerful that everyone can envy you? So of course God has to give you a balance!" While receiving the key to the room I gave her, Ogiso Senior joked to me, "By the way, you don't have to come and help me debug the equipment. You open the same room for me every time. I know the steps with my eyes closed!"

"But, this won't work, this is my necessary job, otherwise it will make customers unsatisfied--"

"If you really want me to be satisfied, please ask your aunt for a half-hour leave and sing a few songs with me? I will save "white-album" specially!" Ogizo Senpaily shook the key in her hand, waved her hand, and jumped towards the inside of the karaoke. Obviously, she was in a good mood today.

"Sing?" Looking at Senior Ogiso, who was slowly disappearing, I was a little bit dumbfounded. "Senior, you know that I am an absolute music idiot. Singing in front of you is definitely a trick!"

-----------------------------split line-------------------

The day I first met Ogiso-senpai was the second day I was working in karaoke. At that time, she was completely different from the relaxed state when she met me now. She was a little wary of me. He looked at me curiously: "Well, are there such young students working in karaoke now? You seem to be just a middle school student, right?"

"I'm not a junior high school student! I will enter Zou Wu Gao in one month!" At that time, I was very dissatisfied because other working locations were unwilling to accept my part-time job, so I thought I was a junior high school. The birth is very sensitive, so he retorted it unceremoniously.Now think about it, if it wasn't for Ogiso-senpai's gentle character, I guess I would be dismissed because of contradicting customers the next day of working!

Of course, Ogiso-senpai seemed very surprised when he heard this, but at the same time he was relieved: "Eh? Are you also a student of Sou Wu Gao? You mean to be mine soon. School brother?"

"Uh, are you also a student of Sou Wu Gao? However, is the habit of high school students now to sing karaoke alone?"

"It's not!" Senior Ogizeng looked at me with enthusiasm, and said, "This has nothing to do with the habits of high school students. This is just a personal hobby. Please don't interfere with the private affairs of the seniors! Especially For those who have not yet enrolled in school, you may need me to take care of you in the future!"

"Okay, well, then I will take care of my senior sister in the future. What room do you want?"

"Really, then I will take care of your performance as a senior sister. I want a single room and sing for four hours. You must know that I only sing for two hours!"

"Actually, it seems that you sing for ten hours has no effect on my performance. My job is an hourly pay system, which is not related to performance!"

"Well, it's true, why do you love so much, so, what's your name?"

"Yuhihama Kazuya, Ogiso-Yukina-senpai? We met for the first time, please take care of me in the future!"

"Yuhihama, doesn't it feel like a common surname?"

"The same goes for Ogiso-senpai!"

At this time, I suddenly discovered that although I didn't say a few words to her, my feeling of dissatisfaction and tension quickly disappeared.In fact, in the process of gradually interacting with Ogizo-senpai, I discovered that Ogizo Yukina has a special ability. People around her, if they can talk to her well, can be in the process of talking with her because of her. The easy-going and lively character slowly calmed down.However, many people think she is not real because of her beautiful appearance, and have reservations in the process of interacting with her, and she herself seems to be in the process of getting along with other people because of some bad memories in the past. Zhong appeared cautious, which made her unable to be understood by her classmates, so she was half forced to be given the title of "Flower of Gaoling" by Zou Wu Gao.

Therefore, I think I’m very lucky. I met Ogiso-senpai before entering Soutake High School. I don’t have the inherent impression of Ogiso-senpai that other people had after entering the school. Ogizo-senpai did not feel like he did to others at school. I have reservations about me, so I can see the real side of Ogiso-senpai that hasn't been shown in front of others, and Ogiso-senpai is willing to listen to my somewhat immature thoughts.

This is the first time I met Ogizo-sen. Then, just like the logic developed by any normal story, we gradually became good friends. Ogizo-senpai continued to come to my part-time job to sing karaoke and continue to give me "performance "Special care", and I continue to tease Ogiso-senpai as an "outdated woman who likes the old-fashioned late Showa stuff." There is no way. Who makes senior's favorite "white-album" a late Showa song? ——Of course, after being introduced to this song by seniors, I actually like "white-album", but I want to have a little sense of superiority in front of Ogizo-senpai. After all, she seems to know everything. It’s really shameful!

---------------------------split line---------------------

"Yuhihama, there seems to be something wrong with the equipment of the guest in room 21. Go and take a look?" Obasan's voice reached my ears. Wait a minute, room 21, isn't that Ogiso-senpai's box?Really, I clearly said that I should help her debug the equipment first, but the problem happened again. Should I solve it by myself in the end?

However, when I walked into Box 21 and looked at Ogiso-senpai who was singing happily, I knew I should have been tricked by her.

"Now, Heya, I thought for a while, you guy, definitely wouldn't take the initiative to ask auntie to come over to sing with me, so I thought about this idea of ​​helping me fix the equipment and tricked you into it. Come over and sing! "white-album", a song that old women in the Showa period likes, you should go and become an old man in the Showa period right away!" Ogiso-senpai put down the microphone and jumped in front of me with excitement .

"That, senior! I'm at work now!" Although I understand that Senior Ogizo would be so unscrupulous after getting acquainted with friends, I didn't expect that she, who has always been so mature, would do such things. , Senior, you are destroying your image!

"Your job is to receive customers and satisfy them. Now, singing with me now is a kind of service attitude that makes me satisfied. If you don't accept it, I will complain to you! I am an old customer here, except you I am familiar with other staff members too!"

"Okay!" I reluctantly picked up the microphone and looked at the energetic and naughty senior Ogiso, remembering her unreserved understanding and acceptance when I confided to her. , Remembering the cautious and reserved image of Senior Ogizo in school, suddenly felt that she had to make her happier, so he took a serious breath and opened his mouth.

Then the microphone screamed: "Beep--"

"Hey, Kazuya, although I knew you were bad at singing before, I rarely see someone who can directly make the microphone make such a harsh sound before singing!" Senior Ogizo looked surprised. He gave me a funny expression afterwards.

"No, no road race!"

"Oh, oh, it's too late for you to debug, so let's forget about this song, let me teach you the senior sister!" Senior Ogizo took the microphone back from my hand, and looked like he was right to give up "white-album" It's a pity.

Well, did you sing by yourself in the end?To be honest, I had expected this ending before. After all, Ogizeng Yukina is an out-and-out Maiba who can't stop singing!

However, I still have to admit that Senior Ogizo’s singing skills are still quite good, at least better than the occasional light music enthusiasts who will show up a few sides to show their sense of existence and superiority. According to the rumors, Tomo Yanagihara wants to compete with seniors. Much better.

More importantly, Ogizeng-senpai did not want to interfere with other people because of her talent in singing. She realized that her love for singing might have a bad influence on others, so she just sang silently by herself.