My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 25

I like this kind of senior, no matter when, is such a gentle, considers for others senior Ogiso.

However, watching Ogiso-senpai, who exudes another charm while singing, would also think that this person, when singing alone, will he have a little regret?

I think it will, otherwise she would not always ask me to sing with her.


Ahem, from the number of words in this chapter, we can see that the author is full of love for Xuecai. After all, he is the author's "sister".Here are a few more words. As a snow vegetable party, what I like most is the appearance of snow vegetable in high school. It’s not that I don’t like the later snow vegetables, but the understanding at the beginning with a little naughty feeling is really true. It's very good. Although the prickly pear in CC and CODA that Chung keeps hurting, it is too heavy. Therefore, in this article, he must not let Chung hurt prickly pear.

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Chapter 8: Actually, Yuihama Yui is really rash

When reading novels, I actually hate the introduction of characters, because if the plot of this introduction character is well integrated with the main plot, it is good, but if it has nothing to do with the main plot, the author will fall Enter the next ride.It can be seen that the author’s creative level must be inferior, because even if the reader is blind, the main character of each chapter can be seen from the title of each chapter, even if one character does not appear in two consecutively. The title of the chapter is also good, so that you can avoid some doubts.

Of course, I think this approach is a bit sorry for Mr. Iizuka who has said a few lines and didn’t get the chance to show his face on the title, so let’s carry it through to the end-I have been able to complain about myself for so long. It's terrible.

If someone with a heart makes a timeline for the plot so far, you will find that the time has only moved forward since Ye Shan Hayato appeared in the first music classroom of the Light Music Club at 4 pm, and now my part-time job ends at 9 pm. Five hours-and three of them are part-time jobs.Therefore, if this is a 30,000-character short story, it can basically be understood as the daily routine of a new male high school student after class. Yes, it fits the post-class practice of a male high school student. , Club activities, go shopping, and then work.

Therefore, I decided to draw a perfect end to this period of daily life: that is going home-as if going home is a very glorious and commendable great thing.

And the first thing after returning home made me a little crazy. My sister, my cooking skill is F-, and Yuihama Yui, who has a dark cooking level of SSS level, wrapped up her apron. When she saw me with a dull face, she happily waved the spatula in her hand and said to me: "Welcome back, Xiaohe!"

What welcome back!Yuihama-kun, are you thinking about smoking again?Although I know that you are an idiot, and I still need me to help you with exams or something, but at least you are not an idiot in some basic common sense in life, right?At least you should understand that if it is your cooking, the whole family will be life-threatening, right?

So I shouted hoarsely: "Mom, come and stop my sister, she is going to kill!"

"Really, Xiaohe, you just came back and said bad things about me. Why did I offend you again?" My sister's eyes were narrowed, she looked very sad, please, don't be sad, quickly put down the spatula in your hand , I have seen a very strange black powder on the spatula. What is that? Now, it’s said that when the Chinese invented gunpowder, it was the result of the so-called blind blending of alchemists. I can’t guarantee that My sister’s cooking level will never repeat the same mistakes, so now I can only count on my mother’s rescue.

However, my mother didn't seem to realize the seriousness of the problem at the critical moment, and just replied somewhat casually: "Eh, what did Yui do? No problem, even if she did something terrific Matter, Kazuki, can't you help take care of her?"

How can you be so relieved of me?Am I the youngest of you?Please don't say that "you do business, I can rest assured", please?Do you mother and daughter never have a sense of crisis?Ah, so women are really annoying. Talented people will be as arrogant and arrogant as Yukino Yukino, and then stupid people will be completely unaware of the seriousness of the matter. There is no way. After experiencing the cure of Ogiso-senpai, I felt that this kind of thing should be the price I should pay. So, looking at my sister who was still holding the spatula, I looked at my sister step by step. She walked over: "Now, sister, Yui sister, calm down and don't move."

"Hey, what are you talking about? Don't move, is there something on my body? Is it a bug, no, it's disgusting!" But what I said seemed to have a counterproductive effect. I moved with excitement, lifted the apron and put it down again, with his left hand searching up and down his whole body, in a panic, as if he really thought there was a bug on him.

"Yes, yes, it's the bug, sister, don't move it. If you move it, the bug may fall into your clothes. At that time, I can't help catch it out." But this is also considered to be the case. A good opportunity for me, sorry, sister, if you want to blame, I can only blame you for being too stupid. Of course, I also think that being stupid is not a bad thing in all senses.

"Ah, okay," the idiot sister quickly stopped moving. She raised her hands up, as if she had been given a hold method, and as if she was about to surrender to me, staring at me blankly with a little bit of crying. The voice tremblingly said, "Xiaohe, hurry up, what kind of bug is it? I'm scared!"

"Well, soon, it will be over soon." I walked to my sister's side attentively, carefully stretched out my hand, and then, under my sister's almost collapsed eyes.

One grabbed the spatula in her hand.

Smell it first, ah, the smell is very strange, but at least it is not the smell of gunpowder, gratifying, so as long as you don't eat, at least my home is saved.Ah, Yubihama Kazuya, who actually completed such an important rescue mission at such a critical moment, today's Yubihama's family is another peaceful day!

"Now, that, Xiaohe, bugs, have the bugs been driven away?" At this time, the sister with her eyes closed shuddered.

"Well, I'm driven away. By the way, I think it's inconvenient to hold the spatula in your hand, so I took you off the spatula by the way." I think it's better not to tell my sister the truth, ah, sister, I sincerely wish you can continue to be so carefree and happy in the days to come.

"That's it, thank you Xiaohe," my sister opened her eyes happily. "Thank you for helping me take the spatula, eh, take the spatula?"

My sister showed a puzzled expression, and then slowly grew her mouth, her eyes suddenly filled with tears, the ball on her head trembled, and then she shouted at me: "What do you think of Xiaohe? Go there? Is it so dangerous for me to cook?"

Ahhhhh, sister, when did you become so smart.But at this time, shouldn't all the normal natural idiot girls respond by cursing "You fool," and then turning around and running away crying?What do you mean by looking at me with tears in your eyes?Do you expect me to love you?

Impossible, absolutely impossible, you have to know how many times I have tried poisoning your cooking

——Well, don't look at me like this. I'm very innocent. You said I'm innocent. Are you not your sister? You are not required to be as gentle and considerate as Ogizo-senpai, at least to be like a sister.

——Well, sister, I lost.

Under my immense self-resentment, I still gave up, trembling with both hands to make a standard way of offering treasures, and handed me the spatula that I had tried so hard to deceive just now. 'S sister: "Now, Yui sister, shall we discuss something?"

"You don't need to be so nervous, right?"

"That is, no matter what you eat, can you call the emergency number of the hospital before I eat?"

"I said that the cooking I cook is not that dangerous!"

"I think your denial is totally unconvincing based on my experience of eating many times!"

"Don't worry, I won't give it to you. This chocolate is for someone to give away, huh!"

"Ah, oh, it's really gratifying, then you can give it away, sincerely congratulate the person you are going to give the chocolate good luck—" But wait, wait, "give it away", "chocolate", "give away" , "Made yourself", the combination of these words is a bit weird. The chocolates you make for gifts may make people want to be crooked, no, it will definitely make people want to be crooked, even if mine This stupid sister lacks IQ any more, and she, who is extremely high in EQ, will definitely not be wrong about the meaning contained in it, so,

"Sister." I looked up solemnly.

"Huh? Xiaohe, don't look at me like this, I'm very nervous!"

"I don't think you are suitable for marrying. Don't worry. I will take care of you for the rest of my life. Even if I get married in the future, if my future wife is unwilling to take care of you, then I will not marry for life. So you still give up using you. The chocolate to poison that person’s thoughts! Now, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have to work so hard, your brother, I’m always on your side!"

"So what are you talking about!"

-----------------------------split line-------------------

"What? Just because the man who saved Sabre wanted to make chocolate, I remember you went to his house to thank you?" I suddenly felt a little bit weak when I understood the whole story. I remember that I said, my good. My sister’s IQ will be crushed by me, but I’m out of reach in terms of EQ. However, high EQ also has its disadvantages. It’s easy to think more. For example, now, "But you didn’t see him the last time you went to his house. Well, he didn't respond back later. My understanding is that he didn't regard saving Sabre as the same thing. That is to say, you feel very sorry for him!"

To explain the Sabre incident a little bit, it was roughly that one day before the beginning of school, my sister took my dog-Sabre accidentally let go while walking around the corner, and then Sabre did not disappoint everyone and jumped in front of a luxury car. , And at this moment, a passerby jumped out at the very moment of the battle and rescued Sabre. On the contrary, he was hit by a car. Although he was not life-threatening, he seemed to have been lying in the hospital for a month.From this perspective, it is reasonable for my sister to feel guilty for him. In fact, I am very grateful to him. I like Sabre very much, although I prefer cats to dogs.

"But I saw him. In our class, he was sitting alone in the seat, very poor." To be honest, I still admire the way my sister considers others, and I do I want to think about others, but I always can’t do this. Sometimes, I feel that it’s the privilege of the older sisters and others. I don’t have talents, so I’m more careful and pay more attention to people’s true feelings. It's your own or someone else's.

"I feel that being alone is more likely because this person is withdrawn." Although this evaluation of the man who rescued Sabre is indeed a bit unsound, but from my analysis, this is the most reasonable analysis. .Even if it’s been absent for a month, if it is a person like Hueiyu, it can quickly make the group dyed with her own color. Of course, if it is a relatively ordinary person, it can slowly find some new partners. , Slowly integrate into the collective.

"But I still don't worry? That small business—"

"Wait a minute, small business, what small business?" No, this name is not normal, it is too abnormal, sister, you haven't talked to that guy, if you just saved Sabre, there is no need to use this name Right.

"Small enterprises are small enterprises!" My sister still doesn't seem to understand what I mean.Okay, of course, I admit that I am a bit too sensitive, because it is normal for my sister to use a more intimate name for other people.But, my stupid sister, although I know that you have a good relationship with many people, but you are too familiar with yourself. Your behavior will make people worry about whether you will be cheated by bad guys. , The stranger called "Small Enterprise", sorry, although you saved Sabre, you should be attributed to the "bad guy" column first. As long as I understand your situation, I will put you in the black Don’t worry about those deleted from the list.

"Don't talk about it, but the chocolate made by yourself is still very difficult!" My sister looked at the thing she had turned into chocolate in a dilemma.Although I just took a look at the weird objects she made, I think it’s very difficult to make chocolates like this. The normal so-called handmade chocolate is to melt the bought chocolate and remodel it. It's just getting up, so to some extent, Yui sister who can make the original taste of chocolate disappear completely is also a talent!For her, making chocolate is no longer the “difficult” category, but the “dangerous” category!

However, I am powerless. Although my sister is very anxious in these areas, it does not mean that I have to be good at all the things she is not good at. Naturally, I am also very bad at cooking, although I am confident that I should not be good at it. The taste of chocolate is lost.

"Hey, Xiaohe, it's better to say thank you to the small business in person. The last time I went to his house and didn't see him may have a great influence on him. If he thinks I didn't apologize to him, he will definitely It feels hurt that he has paid so much and has not paid off. He does not know me until now. At least I could be his friend."

"Now, sister, I'll just ask, what do you think of that guy right now, do you feel guilty to him, or do you want to help him and become his friend? If you just apologize, I advise You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Everyone has their own way of life. Don’t interfere. But if you really want to care about that person—"Although I said so, I have already got an answer in my mind. , Yuihama Yui, although she is very stupid, although she always messes things up, but when getting along with someone, she always sincerely wants to give, wants to work hard, if this one is gentle, This consideration of other people, she is not Yuihama Yui.

"What are you talking about, Xiaohe, of course, I really want to know him and care about him! Because I feel like a small enterprise, I still want to talk to us!" Sister Yui waved her arms excitedly. I demonstrated her firm determination.

"Then that is the case—"

"Since this is the case?"

"Then go on, your brother, I will cheer for you behind you!" I looked at my sister with a smile, enjoying her anger when she seemed to have hope for me and then hope was shattered.

"Xiaohe, you fooled me again!"