My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 26

"Eh, I didn't fool you?"

"But with the expression you just said, plus what you said, everyone will think you want to help me?"

"Is that so? But I didn't think so. Does my sister think that I am not in the category of'everyone'?"

"Oh, ignore you, you bad guy!" Finally, with my persistent efforts, Yui shook her head and left angrily, "Don't think I can only rely on you to solve the problem, so am I There are friends."

"Sa, then I'll wait and see." I admit that my current state of mind is indeed a bit wrong, but Yui sister is very cute when she is angry, besides, she still has to invite me to help in the end, because if it is her usual relationship If the group of girls learn about this news, they will definitely be blown up. If my sister is not a complete fool, she will come back to me.

However, she shouldn't be that kind of complete fool, right?Listening to the distant sister's "Wow", it seemed that it was making the chocolate problem again, and I suddenly became a little worried.


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Chapter 9: Xuena under Xuexia is awake at all times

Yui Hama did not ask Yuihama Kazuo for help, Yuihama Yui did not ask Yuihama Kazuo for help, Yuihama Yui did not ask Yuihama Kazuo for help too, because it is very important, I have to say three times!

All in all, my sister who never let me "disappointed" let me down this time. She didn't come to me for help. Now, obviously as long as you say "Xiaohe, help me with maths!", "Xiaohe, teach me the skills to deal with sports tests!", "Xiaohe, teach me how to get along with my classmates!"-uh, the last one doesn't count-all in all, as long as you stay with me a little bit like before I will help you with a embarrassing smirk in front of me. Even if I am not good at making chocolate or something, I will help. Why did you suddenly become tough this time?So what's the point of the way I specifically invite Ogiso-senpai?

"Hey, Kazun, what are you thinking? I just spared time to teach you how to make chocolate? How can I be so inattentive? I still applied for the right to use the family life classroom!" Senior Ogizo Wearing an apron with hands on hips, the pot and spoon in my hand gently tilted my head, and said with some dissatisfaction, I must sigh with emotion, although from the appearance of the apron, my sister and Ogiso-senpai feel the same. Professional, but why can the actual performance of the two differ so much?

"It’s just very upset. I used to learn chocolate from my predecessors to help my stupid sister, but for three days in a row, she would rather be fooling around in the kitchen than asking for help. According to her reading list, what she is doing now has even been upgraded to cookies. Is she crazy?” Yes, the sister has worked very hard in the past three days, although her efforts are definitely not looking for others. People help, but carefully read books related to cooking, and even emails to friends are not so frequent. When I look at my mobile phone, I also search for chocolate chip cookies on the Internet.

However, her efforts did not seem to change much of the things she made. Although in terms of taste, I can smell some chocolate instead of unknown substances, but I have to take it out and give it away. There is no hope in a short time.

"Actually, it doesn't matter! Your sister now decides to accomplish something by herself. This is also a good thing. It's not right to always rely on you. Besides, when you help her, according to your logic, isn't it just'using your talents'? Why don't you care about this at this time?"

"Ahem, this, that, in terms of family, we have to change the applicable logic, and I am now helping her with things that I am not good at, then it is not a use of talents." In fact, Senior Ogizo is really a very smart Although she often doesn’t make too many comments when listening to my immature thinking, but like now, if she sees these logical problems, it will often make me embarrassed.

"Okay, okay, we'll take care of the family's problems. But you are really hard. In order to help your sister, you have to practice this kind of bad thing. If Xiaohong is like you, it will be fine!" Replied to me with a smile, moderate tolerance and the attitude of not being able to find the bottom line on some issues are also the advantages of the predecessors-yes, I don’t know the bottom line on necessary issues. I personally think this is a woman. One of the most precious qualities of Yukino, and the arrogant Yukino Yukino has no such qualities at all. Her logic to correct everything is an important prerequisite for getting to the bottom.

As for why Yukoshita Yukino is mentioned, it is because I spent the three days of club activities in the classroom of her Ministry of Service. I don’t know if someone will use force when necessary. Given by the teacher of age.

Hiratsuka-sensei was holding his fist in one hand and holding my arm in the other. He said to me: "Now, Yuihama, I said hello to your director Iizuka. He said you are still In the beginner stage of guitar, you can’t play with the band members, so if you are authorized to go to other places to practice alone, you can go to the classroom of the ministry to practice."

Please, teacher, what should I do if I don’t know how to do it? Would it be possible for me to go through most of the school building with my guitar on my back to find the seniors of the Light Music Club? Am I funny?

I also expressed my disagreement at the time, although my words were a little softened.

However, there was a strange light in Hiratsuka’s eyes, with a hint of conspiracy, and said to me: "You can ask your minister, that genius, there is nothing you can't do!"

It took me a long time to realize that "the minister" refers to Yukino Yukoshita, the Yukoshita Yukino who defeated me at the time with her sharp offense. If she is good at guitar in the event of excellent grades, look. I have to admit that this kind of genius exists.

But asking Xuexia Xueno for advice. Doesn't that mean I lost?I can imagine Yukoshita's scornful look: "Oh? So bad red hair still wants to learn the guitar? Do you want to seduce which girl with a musical instrument?"-Please, I didn't want to do this, think It was Kitahara-senpai who did this--probably!

But I finally got rid of my delusion and went to the classroom of the Ministry of Service with my guitar on my back. This approach attracted the crowd of students in the school. You can imagine this scene: in the corridor after school In the middle, the evening sun shot in obliquely, a boy with special red hair, carrying a guitar box, walking through the crowd, this boy has a trace of stagnation that does not seem to be at his age, which makes people feel He may burst out at any time.Is the image of a wild and unruly young musician rushing toward you?

Well, the facts may not be as handsome as I wrote, but I think if it is not because I am wearing a general school uniform, the image of a music department pretending to be a boy cannot escape.

So I entered the classroom of the Ministry of Service in the inhumane crowd. It was so inhumane that I would not even have the opportunity to return to the music room of the Light Music Club next time with a guitar on my back. I don’t know if Hiratsuka has estimated it. At this point, if she estimates this, then she is definitely a boss-level figure in terms of IQ.

When entering the classroom, Yukino Yukoshita simply glanced at me, and then continued to plunge into her library. Of course, it was similar to what Keiya Hachiman did, except that he might have been watching me longer.

The classroom is deadly quiet. The classroom of the Ministry of Service is originally in the corner of the teaching building. The noise outside is hard to affect. It is like another world. Even though there are three people in the classroom, it makes people The uncomfortable and exceptionally silent environment made my feelings more obvious.

Both Yukino Yukino and Hachitani Hachiman seemed to be completely immersed in their own world, with no meaning of dialogue at all, which made the person who intervened in me even more embarrassed.I am not a person who likes to talk, but compared to the awkwardness of the light music club in this classroom, I feel that I must say something.

"Um, I brought the guitar, Hiratsuka-sensei said I can practice here."

Xuexia Xuena didn't look up at me, did he treat me as air?This is not right. Yesterday, I was vows to kill me. Do you think this opponent is not challenging?Higiya Hachiman was the same as at the beginning, quickly raised his head and glanced at me, then lowered his head again.

The classroom fell into that dreary state again. What I said just now was like a piece of sand in the middle of the lake. There was no ripples at all. The attitude of the two people made me feel like I hadn't said anything.

It takes courage to break this silent atmosphere. I suddenly thought of my stupid sister. If it were her, she would naturally say a lot of unnutritious things, and then break the silence. If it was her, she would definitely be able to do it. At this point, for some reason, I firmly believe in this fact.However, I am not Yuihama Yui, and Yuihama Kazui does not have the fearless attitude of Yuihama Yui, so even though I work hard, I can't eliminate the silence with that seemingly meaningless saliva. The atmosphere, the performance of the two people in front of me not taking me seriously also made me feel a little frustrated.

However, I decided to try again. This is the first time I have encountered this situation. This kind of situation that I am not good at handling makes me think I might be able to use it to do something. It’s not the same if you’re talking about it, then, it’s not the same as a straightforward dialogue with a certain name: "Minister, my guitar level is not very good, so I may disturb you, is it okay?"

Unsurprisingly, Xuexiaxue is a person who responds to such clear questions, a person who tries to influence the world and transform others, how could he not respond positively to other people's questions to her In Yukino’s creed, there will be no roundabout way of retreating. Because of the passion for self-confidence to the extreme, she will face anyone’s problems cleanly. Give the answer.

"No problem, Yubihama, you will not affect me at all. As for the other side, you can ask him yourself."

Before I turned my head to the side of Biqigu Hachiman, he slowly raised his head, opened the dead fish eyes, and uttered a little hoarsely: "Yes."

It’s just like cherishing words like gold. If you want to choose the person who is the most difficult to talk to in this classroom, I don’t think it is the proud Yukino Yukino, but this person who doesn’t know what he’s thinking all day. He seems to have a kind The ability to end all topics also makes it impossible for me to analyze his behavior patterns. Of course, this kind of man who doesn't know what he is thinking can often see many issues more thoroughly. I think so.

"This," so I turned my gaze back to Minister. Although Minister is very arrogant, she is easier to understand. At least the side she showed is more convenient for me to deal with." Minister, according to Mr. Hiratsuka, you guitar Playing well?"

"Yes!" Xuexia replied cleanly, without any extra words.Traditionally, this time should be humility, the usual answer should be some self-humility, such as-"It's just a few years of learning, and the playing is very average", "Not bad, but just playing It’s just playing, it’s not professional after all.” Although everyone would not take these words seriously, it has already formed a customary convention in the communication process. However, in the eyes of Xuexia Xueno, these conventions seem to be absent. She He looked at me so confidently and answered me simply: "Yes."

"What's the matter?" Maybe I was too surprised by Xuexia's simple answer, so I haven't spoken for a long time, so Xuexia took the initiative to speak for the first time after I entered the classroom, "I remember I told you yesterday Yes, I am very talented. Although I have only read some books about guitar playing in my spare time, I think I should be good at guitar playing."

"Well, all in all, if you play the guitar well, Mister, it means I can ask you when I play in the department?" I found that I was shocked by the confidence of Yuukishita again. , The arrogant tone that I wanted to express has also become this somewhat compromised tone. Indeed, although I have been called a "genius" since I was young, when I really met Xuexia Xueno this When I was a genius in an absolute sense, I discovered how cheap my title is. This lack of confidence in temperament is the reason why I have been dominated by Yukino Yukoshita since I joined the department, right?

The infallible Yukino Yukino, the Yukino Yukino who tries to change the world, once you have been substituted into her thinking path by such a person, it will be very difficult to get rid of it. Fortunately, I can realize this, too. I can barely continue dealing with her.

"So, Yubihama-student, in what capacity did you make this request to me?" Although I think I made this request a bit casual, Yukinoshita seemed to be interested in my request.

"Huh? What status?"

"Yes, now in what capacity are you making this request to me, can I consider what capacity to respond to your request."

"But does my request have anything to do with my identity?"

"Of course, if you make this request to my minister as a member of the Ministry of Service, I don't think I have to accept it, because the purpose of the Ministry of Service is not to let people learn how to play the guitar. If you are someone I know If you make this request to me, I think your request is a little bit abrupt. We don’t seem to be familiar enough to let me help you. Of course, if you make a request to me as the Minister of Service in your personal capacity. , Then I will accept this kind of commission, because from the perspective of the Minister of Service, it is my duty as a talented person to help you solve these troublesome things. So, do you understand?"

For the time being, I understand Xuexia’s logic. In many people’s eyes, people’s social identities and personal relationships overlap, so we can ask others for the benefits of their social identities in our own name. A simple example, suppose that Xuexia and I are both partners at work and friends, so I can naturally borrow a book from Xuexia in my own name that I got for work reasons. This is in most cases. People seem to have no problem.But when we think according to Xuexia’s logic, we will find that this book was actually not obtained because of Xuexia’s personal behavior, but a subsidiary product of her social identity, and I and Xuexia The relationship is also a personal relationship, so from the perspective of personal relationship, I am not qualified to ask her to give me this book. Of course, I can borrow this book if I need it for work and from the perspective of work partnership.Although I can get the book in terms of the result, from the identity, I got the book through a method of obscuring social identity and personal relationship, and I got the book by clarifying my identity. .

Going back to my request to Xuexia, these words of her actually have no meaning to the outcome of the matter, because as long as I want her help, I only need to accept her "delegator of the Ministry of Service". Identity is fine, and this identity does not make any sense to me who does not take this seriously.But for Xuexia, this is a process of clarifying the problem. Only when the problem is clarified can she solve the problems one by one and transform them one by one according to her own logic.

Therefore, in all senses, Yukino under Yukino is a girl with a clear mind that makes people feel terrible.


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Chapter 10: It seems that everything is in the hands of Hiratsuka

In the end, I didn't compromise with Xuexia. Of course, the reason was because I didn't want to become a client of the Ministry of Service in such a silly way.Yes, judging from the news that I have inquired about from various aspects, at least so far, the Ministry of Service has not received an application for entrustment. Of course, I think this matter is also quite normal and unattractive in such remote corners. In my classroom, plus the two seemingly unharmonious people in the classroom-one is a queen-like figure with a cold and arrogant atmosphere all over his body, and the other is an anti-social preparation who seems to completely oppose himself and his surroundings With military-style characters, coupled with the current bad new members, I think this is more like a problem children's concentration camp. Of course, no one else would imagine that the goal of this club would be so noble.

Yuukishita just blinked after I refused, then showed a playful smile, then sat down and reopened the library book in his hand.The expression of her mastery of me makes me really uncomfortable, so I think I might need to ask another character in the club who is like a ghost member-Hikigaya Hachiman for advice Yukino's method, I always feel that Biqigu knows how to deal with the snow.

"You should avoid her a little bit." Before I could decide how to ask, Biqigu's somewhat gloomy tone came over. In this way, Biqigu seemed to like to speak when I was not prepared. This is the case this time, and it was the same when I first met him.

"I mean, it's better to avoid her before you are not sure enough to kill her!" Seeing that I didn't respond, Biqigu added another sentence, but I still couldn't understand what he wanted to express. Of course, literally speaking, I can understand that Biqigu told me not to conflict with Xuexia, but I always feel that he wants to express some other meanings.