My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 27

"Because of the people who tried to embarrass Xuexia, they were all killed by her!" Biqigu opened the pair of rotten fisheyes and made an exaggerated gesture of wiping his neck. It's like threatening me.

Yukino, is it so scary?

"Arah, classmate Biqigu, have you started to seduce the new recruits and stand on the united front with you so early? Is it the consciousness of the weak? Knowing that I can't beat me with one person's power, so I finally want to win over others Human? But I can understand it for the time being—"

"Hmph, are you really wrong? To seduce new members into the same battle line as me? Don't be kidding, my philosophy is long live alone! Besides, the game against you was just between the two of us. It’s not fun with other people, but I still want that bet!"

"Are you man still thinking about those disgusting things? It really is a maggot, no, even maggots have value in this society, and you may not even have the value of being trampled to death. Oh!"

"I don't approve of your evaluation--"

"But I don't think maggots are qualified to refute me, but I agree that in a society like you, scum elements can unite with a self-righteous bad boy. This is also a kind of tolerance of the strong!"

I don’t know why, Yukino Yukoshita quarreled with Higiya Hachiman. Of course, the quarrel is not a problem. The problem is that I don’t understand what they are arguing about. Of course, it’s fine if I don’t understand it, but Yukino Yukino seems to have made me somehow. Joined the battle group, which is unbearable for me.

"Minister, I remember I reminded you that when you look at our red-haired man with a biased look, your behavior is not correct!"

"Sorry, the red-haired guy who looks like bad is actually not bad Yubihama Kazuya."

"Please, is there any difference between these two sentences-eh, wait for this conversation to look familiar."

"Three people, please! Excuse me!" Some brutal breaking-in sounds interrupted our quarrel, but to a certain extent I am very fortunate that Shizuka Hiratsuka has appeared, because I am very worried about Yukoshita Yukino and Biqi. What extent will Tani Hachiman's subsequent quarrel reach?

"Teacher, please knock on the door if I said!"

"Ah, sorry, Yukoshita," Hiratsuka-sensei lifted me up as soon as I entered the door, leaving me no room for resistance. "But today I came to find the kid, Yuihama, There is something wrong with your application for admission. Come to my office to correct it."

"You use this semi-compulsive method to get my teacher who entered the department to grasp the details on the application for admission!"

"Ah, details determine success or failure!" Hiratsuka's hand grasping my arm suddenly increased his strength. Damn it, although I might not be weaker than her if this guy and I competed one-on-one. Her ability to seize opportunities and preemptive strikes is too strong. I was caught suddenly from a while ago and I was completely unable to exert myself, and finally fell into this tragic realm, and Hiratsuka was just like a okay person. He waved his hand towards Xuexia: "Now, Xuexia, I will deal with this kid first, and you continue."

"No, it's not necessary anymore." Yukoshita glanced proudly at Bigiya Hachiman, and then sat down quietly.

And Higiya Hachiman also retracted the whole person to the chair he was sitting on at the beginning, looking like a hedgehog preparing to launch a second attack.

This is also a person with a strong sense of self-this is my evaluation of Hachigaya Hachimanshita in my short second contact.

----------------------------split line--------------------

"Well, what do you think of the two people in that classroom?" Hiratsuka quietly chewed on the cigarette butts, and said to me. Of course, the place where he spoke was not the second-grade teacher's office, but various magical plots in the legend. The place-the roof of the school. It is said that the roof of the school is locked. This seems to be true. Of course, Shizuka does not have the key to the roof. She just kicked the roof door in the most violent way and let me I have to evaluate whether I can fight her if I count the combat power of my legs.However, those two people mean Xuexia and Biqigu?

"Ask me what I do with those two people? Two people who were ordered by the teacher to correct my "awkward" character, although it seems to me that both of them have problems."

"Ha, Yubihama, don't be so hostile to your teacher! It's no good for you to offend me, but if you make me happy, you can avoid many troublesome things in school!" Hiratsuka Jing's hand hit my shoulder hard, making me a little bit painful, but from her tone of voice, she seemed to be in a good mood, and she gave me some carrots, otherwise she would be sure of her previous attitude towards me A big stick came down and stunned me.

However, this carrot looks really tempting!Regardless of whether the Yeshan Hayabusa will initiate an act of persuasion against me again, I am still facing a huge crisis. My provocation against the predecessors of Kitahara seems to have aroused the dissatisfaction of some seniors in the light music club. Today, as a “low-advanced student”, I “applied” for special treatment for not being active in the club. Although Minister Iizuka has not had much opinion on me, there is no doubt that I will probably get be isolated.Although I think a large part of the reason for this situation is Shizuka Hiratsuka, but if she can help me solve this situation, I would be very happy.I have the grand goal of making my debut in high school, and I have my own principles, but this does not mean that I am a foolish fool.and so--

"Let's talk about it! But I will refuse if it involves talent."

"Although I don't understand your thoughts very well, with your personality, it would be very uncomfortable to look at Xuexia and Biqigu?"

It’s not just unpleasant, it’s just going crazy, let’s not talk about Higiya Hachiman, Xuexiaxue is the kind of arrogant who relies on her own talent and righteously instructs others to live for 17 years and has not suffered setbacks. The guy is so annoying.More importantly, I know exactly where her problem lies, but I have always been overwhelmed by her. This feeling of crushing purely dependent on ability is almost the same as when I was playing when I was clearly in tactics, cooperation or preparation. Being higher than the opponent, but finally being defeated by the opponent relying on his personal ability, is as distressed.

"I also think you will definitely look at Yukoshita very upset. After all, she is such a good person, and she is good who never makes mistakes at any time."

"What? It makes me feel jealous of her when you say this, not at all. I should say that I am waiting for her to be absolutely correct to lead her into the last abyss!"

Uh, I feel like I'm jealous of the snow when I say this. It's really unpleasant!Think of that girl.

"But it is because she is too good to live very tired! I feel that the world is not gentle and not correct, so I want to change things like that, I wonder if you realize it?"

"If everyone can control their own talents and exercise rationality and introspection, the world will not be so gentle. Of course, it does not matter whether it is correct or not. The so-called correctness itself is a false proposition, right. People need to decide the standard of judgment. If someone like Xuexia is both the setter and the achiever of the standard, wouldn't it be too ridiculous?"

Of course, regardless of what the current world is like, I don’t think Yukino under Xuexia is very tired. On the contrary, whether it is when Biqigu is stimulated by a poisonous tongue, he still looks at me with that omnipotent God-like expression. At that time, I felt that she enjoyed this way of influencing others.

"So you don't give a clear standard for your judgment of the world? You really are a cunning child!"

"I am humble and introspective. Besides, don't look at me with the eyes of an elder who sees everything through."

"Okay, what do you think of the other person? Biqigu?" Hiratsuka casually pinched out a cigarette in his mouth on the railing of the roof, and then lit it. Another cigarette is like a symbol when one topic ends and then another topic is opened.However, teacher, although you have zero points, but I have to continue to deduct points for you, pinching out cigarette butts on the railing, this is really uncivilized, right? Where do you think you are from pretending to be? Uncle Melancholy?Except for talking rudely, you have nothing to do with the uncle. No, maybe you have age?

However, I can’t make too many comments on the person Higiya Hachiman. He doesn’t speak much, so I don’t know what kind of person he is, but as I said before, this person has a strong self. Consciousness, although it is not the consciousness of His Majesty the King surrounded by many people like the Hashan-style, nor will it be the kind of guy who is "good teacher" to everyone like Haruki Kitahara, but this person's trust in "self" is really letting people. It feels a bit scary.From the limited contact with him, he is indeed a guy who is very good at observing. Of course, good at observing people does not necessarily mean that he can see through the essence of people, but he will definitely be closer than those who only look at appearances. There is no doubt about the truth of a person.

"Really? It seems that you don't know Higiya very well?" Hiratsuka watched me without saying too much, and said to himself, "I thought you two could still talk together— —"

"I don't think I can talk to the person who has the aura of'Reject me, ignore me' all over the body who doesn't talk much."

"That’s not what I meant. I think you two are actually a bit similar in some respects! But what you said is correct. I overlooked that Biqigu is not the kind of person who is good at talking to others, and of course you are the same. But you don’t seem to be bad at talking to others, but you are trying to restrain yourself from doing those things, right?” Hiratsuka glanced at me, wow, her eyes were really sharp, but she couldn’t tell. Wrong, of course it is the second half. I am indeed restraining my communication with others, because I have only one way to communicate with others, just keep people obedient to my leadership, whether it is unconsciously exposed or consciously carried out. Yes, really, how do you feel like talking about the combination of Yeshan and Kitahara?This is not something worthy of praise!

"Now, Yubihama, you don't want to stay in the ministry, do you?" Hiratsuka asked suddenly.

"Now that I have entered the department, the sole purpose of your teacher, you said these words to stimulate me, right? What use is it when I say that I don't want to?"

"Of course it's useful, because you only have to promise me one condition and I can get you out of the ministry."

"Conditions?" Everyone knows that this condition is a trap that Shizuka Hiratsuka gave me, but the things in this trap are really fascinating. I can't help but want to jump inside. I don't want to or In the same room as Keiya Hachiman, although these two people have higher IQs than almost everyone in the light music club, the club I want to join is only the kind of club that allows me to exercise my weak abilities. It's not this kind of obscure dialogue society with high intelligence.Therefore, I can only accept it. Of course, there is a proposition here that even if the condition of Shizuka Hiratsuka is very difficult, then even if the completion of the worst result fails, it will just continue to stay in the Ministry of Service, and those who do not accept this condition The result is the same, so this promise does not actually have any risk, but it may bring me considerable returns, so my answer can only be:

"no problem!"

Although I still believe that Hiratsuka-sensei will be prepared for what I do not accept, but from her expression, my acceptance is still in her grasp, yes, it is in her calculations, but Even if I fall into this trap, who can say that I cannot achieve a satisfactory ending?

"Then Yubihama, my condition is to let you change the unpleasant personalities of Yukoshita Yukino and Higiya Hachiman!"


Today’s update, after thinking about it, although there are some spoilers, let’s explain Dongma’s appearance. After all, other important characters in the two works have appeared.Dongma is expected to be in the summer vacation on the timeline of the article, and it is expected to be the official appearance of the third volume. After all, considering the character and work and rest habits of the protagonist and Dongma, it is really unlikely that the two will have an intersection under normal circumstances. Of course, It is not ruled out that there are other contrasting descriptions before.


Chapter 11: Probably, everyone in Yubihama's family ordered cooking skills

Chapter 11: Probably, everyone in Yubihama's family ordered negative cooking skills

In fact, before Shizuka Hiratsuka said this, I could roughly guess what she gave me. If it were not for this purpose, she had spent so much time discussing Yukino and Higiya with me before. The meaning of Hachiman is gone.Moreover, I can even guess, no, no need to guess, just look at the declaration that Xuexia had wanted to correct me when she first met me, and she had more or less expressed it with those two people. To help correct my thoughts, of course, it is not necessary to deliberately point out that it is me. The object of this “help” can be a general reference. However, although I don’t understand what kind of character Hikitani Hachiman is, it is Yukino Yukino’s own. To correct the character of the world, this kind of hint is enough to treat me as her "help" or "reform" object.

"I don’t have any requirements as to what they will become. In other words, you can transmit your own ideas to them until they become someone who satisfies you. This kind of condition is very free. Oh!"

But on the other hand, there is no clear goal to turn them into, which means that the final decision whether or not they are satisfied is entirely with me, which is greatly influenced by my subjective judgment.In other words, they also have the opportunity to change me. If I accept their values, they will naturally become people who are satisfied with me who inherited their values.However, this is because I was changed by them, not because I let them change. Although the ending is the same from my judgment point of view, the actual result is quite different!In other words, this is actually not a struggle to determine whether I can stay in the Ministry of Service. The outcome of leaving the Ministry of Service is doomed, because whether it is Xuexia or Biqigu, they are people with extremely strong self-consciousness. This is the opposite of my skeptical thinking about my own talents. Therefore, this struggle is ultimately a struggle between me and their values ​​who can win. In the end, as long as one party can convince the other party, and either party The other party must also be persuaded and reformed, then this condition can naturally be achieved.

Therefore, meeting the conditions is an inevitable result, only time. If this condition is to be accepted, then the so-called risk-free condition before me becomes a joke. I must take the risk, and this risk, It is the collapse of the worldview system I am now adhering to.

But what does it matter?I admit that Yukoshita's ability is very strong, and he is the most talented person I have seen so far. I also admit that Yukigu is very sharp. Although I don't know, he may be more difficult to handle than Yukoshita Yukino, but , None of them have really encountered a situation like mine, and have not encountered a real failure after implementing their worldviews.Under their absolute self-affirmation, failure is not tolerated. In the following days, they can choose to avoid or accept the task, but as long as they accept the task, as long as they cannot succeed in accordance with their approach, Then their set of ideas will collapse, but my view of denying talents is different. My philosophy is based on failure, so no matter how many times, I can afford it.

So no matter how many times I fail, the ultimate winner is me. So, what is the problem with accepting this condition?Although it seems that its purpose does deviate from my original goal.

"I accept this condition!" I can see the contented smile on Hiratsuka's face, and I can also know her true inner thoughts. She doesn't think that the philosophy of any one of us is Correct, so I want us to achieve a kind of neutralization through disputes.However, Hiratsuka-sensei, don’t think that my joining is just to make this three-person chaos situation more chaotic, so as to achieve the goal of changing the three people’s personalities through troubled waters. You must know that everything is based on failure. Me, but there is no room to retreat!Unless, I fundamentally deny my thinking, but Xuexia and Biqigu, can they really do this?

"Then Yubihama, our conditions are fulfilled!"