My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 28

"No problem, as long as you don't, as you did when you pulled me into the ministry, you have promised me not to interfere with my will, but you make a decision without authorization, and make this kind of performance of breaking the contract in a certain sense."

"It won't be anymore this time. After all, you and I are in a one-on-one confrontation this time, kid!"

"What's the use of just using my strength to fight, instead of saying such passionate words from the teacher who is confronting me?"

"Yubihama, although you are very proud of yourself now, I still have to educate you. Sometimes, in front of the teacher, don't be so inferior and inferior!" Hiratsuka quietly took the cigarette butt out of his mouth and slammed it heavily. To me, it’s so awkward, this kind of thing hits people again, it feels like the little girl is angry and throws a handkerchief out when embroidering, it is not lethal-no, wait, why this thing suddenly turned into a spatula? ——There is something more wrong. I remember that Shizuka Hiratsuka was not so angry at the time, but just left like an adult who "I don't care about you", so what is going on now?

So the previous two chapters are all memories kill——

"——Yuhihama Kazuya, come out of your fantasy!" The sound of Senior Ogiso’s spatula slamming on my head awakened me from memories. Well, it turns out that this appeared in the comics. Will the lens of this exist in reality?Of course, I admit that my current behavior is very problematic. I went to God twice in just 20 minutes. I'm really sorry for the senior Ogiso who specially asked me to make chocolate chip cookies in a part-time job.

"Heya, if you really want to help your sister seriously, then you can listen carefully. Now it’s a critical step. Don’t use the things I made to recharge at that time. Of course, if your purpose is Just let me make a chocolate chip cookie for you and show it off to your sister, hum! Do you understand?" If you let the other people in the school see the Kaolin Hana Kogizou Yukina in the school’s present With this expression, they would surely be so surprised that even their chins fell off. After all, in front of everyone, Ogiso-senpai looked very gentle and approachable, but he maintained a somewhat awe-inspiring posture. The casual attitude should only be revealed in front of her family and me. This makes me a little proud. At the same time, I am also grateful that I was "forced" to choose that karaoke job without enrolling. Otherwise, even if I have met Ogiso-senpai, and she in front of me should be the same as in front of others!

"You--by--hama--and--also! You're really going to die! Ignore the reminders of the predecessors over and over again, do you think that I am not angry, so I am bullied? This is a big mistake. Oh!" Of course, I have already seen the ending of the third time wandering. Well, there is no way. After all, sometimes this kind of novel protagonist's treatment is still very enjoyable for me, only the learning that I know The other side of the garden idol.

However, for such a gentle Senior Ogizo, I would not have any thoughts, nor would I have any thoughts, because knowing the other side of the seniors and wanting to take this one step closer is the most shameless act.

"In fact, making chocolate chip cookies is a very simple thing, at least much simpler than normal cooking and other things. Now you can search for related practices on the Internet. I think I will give you a demonstration. It’s just to familiarize you with the process, and it’s not a big problem without my help. But you said that your sister failed after trying for so long, and I was surprised!"

"There is no doubt that Yuihama Yui is so bad at cooking, or that she is bad at any place where she needs to use a little brain--"

"Heya, don't always accuse your sister with an old-fashioned look. I have told you about this many times, right?"

"The way you educate me is like a 10-year-old Obasan. I've said this to seniors many times, right?"

"There's no way, who told you to look so mature in front of others, but in fact you are just an extremely naive child? Your mother and sister were eaten to death by your appearance. I can only rely on me to educate you like an Obasan! The key is that you have discovered my secrets. If you quit now, you will have so many handles in your hands. Thinking about it now is really a mistake. At that time, I shouldn’t have teased you just because you were about to enroll in school. I really feel my own feelings about this situation now!"

"But even if seniors don’t tease me, I will know that seniors and I are in the same school. After all, Ogizo Yukina’s name is not so well-known, so seniors always go to karaoke alone. It must be in front of me. Can't help it! Also, I don't like a senior like Obasan who always takes care of me!"

"Hi, classmate Yubihama Kazuya, then this Obasan won't teach you how to make chocolate chip cookies, you can go for it yourself--"

"Senior, please accept my apology!"

Although Ogiso-senpai was joking with me, her chocolate chip cookie making speed is not slow at all. She beats the butter at the speed of flowing water, then adds sugar and salt, adds eggs, and mixes them evenly. , Then add the flour, stir and stir until uniform, and press the flour into a dough.Then add the chopped chocolate to the dough, and mix well again.These movements are very smooth, there is no trace of muddy water, and in each step of the process, she did not forget to explain to me the effect of this step, if you do not enter a higher school, I think you can stay in school to become a family course. The instructor is here, at least if I take your class, I will definitely try my best to listen carefully!You will graduate next year. I'm still in the second grade.

"In fact, the preparation steps are that simple! The next thing you need to do is to take out a ball of flour, knead it into a ball and press it into a shape you are satisfied with. But our current problem is that we can only press it without a mold. It’s in a pie shape, but it won’t affect the specific taste.” Ogizo-senpai casually put the dipped chocolate chips into his mouth and eat it. This action really made my heart beat faster, and the girls who really know how to cook are like this. Isn't it beautiful? This kind of casual action would be so charming.

"Kazuya, you were too much in a daze today!" I had to be so dazed and let me eat a light spatula from Ogiso-senpai. I think Hiratsuka should study hard in this regard. Although all these seemingly violent behaviors, her violent behaviors are really powerful. Ogiso-senpai’s reminder is only to stop. For male high school students, which method is more acceptable to people Obviously, do you understand Huairou's practice and rebellious psychology?

"Sa, you can try the rest of the process of forming a ball by yourself! Of course, if you want to give a heart-shaped cookie or something to your favorite girl, you need to buy a set of molds!" Senior Ogizo picked it up A ball of flour mixed with chocolate, kneaded it into a uniform ball, her hands are really very flexible, by comparison, my hands are much awkward.

Although I can barely knead the dough into a ball shape, the ball looks awkward, or it has a corner protruding from a certain place, or it is a round ball shape into an ellipsoid shape, although it does not seem to be the final flattening. It affects the outlook, but compared to the quick and good practice of Ogiso-senpai, I really feel a little frustrated.

"Just the last step can't be done!" Senior Ogizou looked at some weird-shaped noodles in front of me with a little surprised, and said, "Thinking of what you said, your sister doesn't seem to be so good at cooking. Looks like, I began to wonder if the skill of weak cooking attributes is the inherent tradition of your Yubihama family!"

"Kouhu, although my mother is also a little natural, her cooking skills are not bad!"

"Really? Then I think your sister is not good at this aspect, maybe it is because you have infected it!"

Hello, senior, are you smiling? You must be smiling?What's the matter with your feeling of holding back your smile? What's the matter with your two eyebrows that are bent like that? And, are you not willing to talk? You are worried that you will laugh when you talk. Come out!

But I think my level of making chocolate chip cookies is relatively poor. I think a very important reason is that I don’t have the talent in this area. I also said before that if there is no related talent, my learning ability is better. Most people still suck.

But even though I admit this, I can't accept that I am worse than my sister, but Yuihama Yui who has almost zero progress after studying for three days!With the guidance of Ogiso-senpai, no matter how bad I am, I can't be worse than this sister!

"Ogizo-senpai, let me try it! According to you, chocolate chip cookies are indeed not the kind of food that is difficult to make." So, even if it is to win my sister, I can't give in here—ah No, what was the purpose of my initial learning to make chocolate chip cookies?

Well, everything is fine!At least I have to start with my own making and learning, first of all from beating eggs-very good, at least I did not beat the eggshells into the bowl like my sister.

"Heya, I'm very curious, how exactly do you beat the egg half into the bowl and half to the outside?"

"I'm very sorry, senior, let me try again!"

"I don't have a problem, but are you really okay with Kazuya?"

"No problem!"

"Heya, don't be so careless. Why did you beat the eggs directly into the bowl with the chocolate slag? The chocolate can only be added after the flour is kneaded!"

"very sorry!"


"——I'm very sorry, senior!"

"This time I mean I didn't prepare any more eggs for you to waste."


"Well, it seems that you are more bad at cooking than I thought. I can understand why your sister hasn't made any progress after studying for so long." Senior, don't look at me with that kind of compassion. , No, really, this is just my first time, so it’s just a little nervous, it’s really like this.

Okay, no matter what, I now believe what Ogizo-senpai said, poor cooking skills can be contagious-but my sister must have passed it on to me.

However, if the cooking skills are too poor, you won’t be able to raise the idiot sister for a lifetime, so I’d better study it, although it doesn’t seem to be possible today!


Chapter 12: From beginning to end, the atmosphere of the ministry is very ancient

Chapter Twelve: From beginning to end, the atmosphere of the ministry is very weird

Failed, it was too much of a failure, it was really a wife, too much of a failure!

Although from the time I learned guitar before, I knew that I was indeed a weak chicken in these areas that I was not good at, but I really can’t imagine how I can make chocolate chip cookies under the guidance of Ogiso-senpai. The speed of improvement turned out to be only a little faster than that of my sister.

It is indeed fast. "Fast" is reflected in the fact that the things I make, at least on the outside, should look like edible items.

Of course, there is only one point. "One point" is reflected in the fact that although the appearance is much stronger than what my sister tried to make, there shouldn’t be much difference in taste-uh, I mean the taste of my own cookies I have tasted. The smell of my sister’s cookies—they are all the kind of magical burnt smell.

"Kazuya, I may be really helpless, and then I may really have to rely on your savvy." This is a kind of resignation from Ogiso-senpai after guiding me for five consecutive days and wasting an unknown number of eggs.

For Ogiso-senpai, I really have only guilt in my heart, because I must keep my sister from learning to make chocolate chip cookies, so I cannot use the kitchen at home, and Ogizo-senpai can only accompany me to practice in the home life classroom after school every day. For this reason, she has already asked the florist where she is working for three days off. If it weren’t for the predecessor’s performance, the florist would have to fire her.

So I also understand the difficulties of Senior Ogizo. If I don't know Senior, I must also work hard by myself. What's more, Senior has helped me for so long now.

However, I suddenly remembered something, because these days I have to come here to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies. Every time I go to the ministry classroom to punch a card and come to the family science classroom, although Yukino Yukino is cold every time Coldly agreed, but this behavior of ignoring the club activities seems to be a bit too much, especially since Hiratsuka did not seem to have come to inspect recently. If I was caught by the dominatrix for the fact that I skipped the club activities, then This result is unimaginable.

So, taking advantage of the time before part-time work today, I think I should report in the classroom of the Ministry of Service-wait a minute, I actually have such a strong awareness of members of the Ministry of Service. Compared with that, I should have valued it more. The light music club was slowly ignored by me. This is really terrifying. Is it really because of geographical space?

Even a person who has no sense of belonging to a certain area, after being enclosed in a specific space for a long time, will gradually develop a sense of belonging to that space, thus creating a sense of self-independent space. I'm probably now entering the stage of a sense of belonging to the space!

Although I don’t think so much with Hiratsuka’s ability, she did a little bit crookedly, so I unconsciously established my identity with the Ministry of Service. This is the most terrifying thing-even though the Ministry of Service I disagree with the two of them.

But thinking of those two people, I remembered Hiratsuka’s gambling agreement with me. Whether it was influenced by them or let me influence them, the necessary part is contact and dialogue. Humans are really a great animal. Mankind has invented language and writing, can communicate with each other, and can also rely on language and writing to understand each other.

But human beings are also a kind of sad animal. Without language and writing, they cannot rely on instinct to understand each other, so they are also called the dependent vassal of language and writing. Of course, my sad vassal must also rely on language and writing to influence each other. , Even if I realize this sadness.