My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 29

However, when I arrived at the club’s activity classroom, I still had to sigh: These two people are not like the kind of people who can speak a lot!

Although I don’t know whether Yukoshita Yukino and Higiya Hachiman had that kind of tongue-to-mouth dialogue when I was away, I only know that Yukoshita sits as usual every time I arrive in the classroom. Hold the library book in your hand and read a book next to the chair by the window.

Please, Minister Sang, do you know that although you are beautiful, if people keep watching you repeat the same action for so long, they will get bored. People like me don’t have a clear aesthetic view, they just know what is beautiful and what is ugly? People, even if they go to see a great work like Milo’s Venus, they will feel bored after watching it for two hours, not to mention that Yukino Yukino is just an arrogant man with a beautiful appearance and a trembling heart. .

"Yuhihama, you have been standing at the door for a long time, so are you coming back to participate in the club activities? Or as a commissioner to ask us for a commission? If you are here to participate in the club activities, please sit in your place Next, if you are a client, please sort out your questions and then speak to us, otherwise, if you keep the door open like this, the noisy noises outside will come in."

Yukino's voice is still so arrogant, doesn't this woman know what patience and self-effacement mean?

"Oh, I see, are you thinking that I am cute? Sorry, please go out immediately. I think that something very dangerous will happen if you are so badly targeted. I can't take my life. Take risks, my physical strength is not enough to support me to kill you."

What's so cute?Do you want to be so narcissistic as a woman? Except for the surprise when I first saw you, I never thought you were cute. Just now I have been complaining about you. This guy always keeps the same posture. People are so annoying!If you don't even understand this, don't guess at all!But wait, kill!Xuexia seemed to say a very serious word?

"My Aikido level is not bad!"

Tell me what else in this world that Yukino Yukoshita is not good at!This kind of perfect superhuman character, you should be an angel in God's old man's house—it just so happens that your cute appearance is more suitable for being an angel—not to show superiority in front of us mortals!

In front of God, the genius among human beings is only mortal-if there is a famous person who has said this, I must worship him, but no one has said it, let Kazaya Russell Yubihama say it This is a famous saying-no, it is too second, so quickly jump over the thought of this paragraph.

"If you don't accept my minister to participate in the event, Minister, I can leave now."

However, I already have a better coping model for Yukino’s approach, which is not to follow her will, just like this. If Yukoshita let me be in her If you choose one of the options, no matter which option it is, she has enough room to use her venomous tongue to tidy me up and obediently.

But as it is now, if you don’t follow her ideas, Xuexia can't do anything to me. After all, as a minister, she has not yet been able to drive away a member who wants to participate in the event. ——Although I haven’t seen any requests from the Ministry of Service until now, I originally thought that this department would be the same as the counseling room as a clinic for high school students with various mental disorders. Now it seems that this department is just a bunch of problems. High school students gather for small talk—a place where they can’t chat even though they are very idle.

Sure enough, Xuexia Xuena only gave me a slightly surprised look, and then continued to bury his head in the book. I was always curious about what kind of book Xuexia would read, if it was Rousseau, Mill, Kant. Kind of, I can still communicate with her, because I can't understand the thoughts of those people, so I may need the genius of Xuexia to help me explain.

But from the occasion I have witnessed several times, she seems to be looking at Salinger, Hemingway, Dreiser and so on. They are all American things. Sure enough, they are not the same idea as me, the European faction, nor do I. Please read inexplicable books like Proust and Woolf, even if you try Balzac, Schiller, Tolstoy, etc.-uh, it seems that it is not the same era as those before. of.

Regardless of this, in short, American fast food literature and European ideological literature are not the same way. Of course, a preference for American novels can prove that Xuexiaxue is the kind of personality that likes to solve problems straightforwardly. Isn't that the kind of person who dawdles after the source?Thinking of her declaration to change the world, she seemed to be such a guy indeed.

Then, the club room fell into the silence that made me feel a little frightened. Speak, you talk to me!It's not me every time to provoke the topic, OK!Do you two guys have this kind of consciousness for small talk!Even if it is to discuss why no one is paying attention to our strange society!

However, God did not hear my cry. I'm sure that in the moment I was in a daze, Biqigu's rotten eyes didn't know how many times he swept me, he must know something about me, or At least I learned something about me in a side-by-side manner, and then reported to me. This guy is in the second grade. It doesn’t seem to be a high-level existence of Class J like Yukoshita. Doesn't it mean that he may know Yeshan Hayato, does it mean that he may know my sister?

Probably not!He might have heard of Yeshan Hayato, but Yeshan doesn’t seem to be a type of person with him, and my stupid sister, because she’s too stupid, should be treated like this and she only has a sense of smart people. Interested guys are excluded from the scope of recognition, right?

And speaking of my stupid sister, she seems to have emailed me, which is great!Lucky, I just don’t know what I should do to consume time!

Okay, it was so happily decided. During the rest of the club activities, I will spend time sending emails with my sister-I am very thankful that my sister is the kind of brainless emailing. People, at least I've seen her forget to do her homework at night and then email her friends for the whole night-by the way, I helped her stay up late to write the homework, and that fool woke up the next day and found homework. When she was good, she told me excitedly that there were little fairies helping her!

That was when she first joined Sou Take High. The 16-year-old Yuihama Yui was excitedly telling the story of the fairy in Yuihama’s home to Yuihama who was preparing for the entrance exam for high school. I still remember it. The excitement in her eyes at that time, that time, made me realize that although I can oppose the use of talents, I must not lower my IQ, because my sister has made me realize that I have fallen. as a result of.

"Xiaohe, mom and dad said that they have something to eat out for dinner. Do you think it’s better for me to prepare the meal and wait for you to come back from work? It’s better to order takeaway. I think takeaway is a bit expensive. I have been practicing cooking for a long time recently. Can we try it ourselves?"

My sister’s email is that kind of bells and whistles. I don’t understand why middle school girls like this way of sending emails. It seems that the emails sent to me by Isshiki are like this. Don’t ask me why Ishiki knows about me. E-mail, I also want to know why, in short, she is like a ghost from time to time to send me a few insignificant questions, and then quickly replied to the science that she cares about. Recently, it seems that football has been added. The stoppage still shows some skills and was discovered by her? No, with her position as the manager of the football department, sooner or later she will know that the core player Yeshan Hayato is looking forward to is me.

But this is not the point, Isshiki classmate, please don't turn around me like a curious baby, can you?I just want to practice my principles in a low-key manner. It might be better for you to spend your energy on letting other boys do something for you. Haven't you joined the student union recently?Hurry up and build a relationship with the student council president to compete for the student council president. If you feel that you can’t do it, I can introduce Senior Kitahara to you, and he will definitely give you the greatest degree of patient guidance.

Ah, no, it seems to have digressed. What I should do now is to quickly reply to my sister’s e-mail to stop her horrible practice. Although takeaway is more expensive, if we all go to the hospital after eating her dinner, it may cost Just more.

"No, elder sister, I can bring something back after I work, so I can save the labor money for takeout——" I am not good at typing, which is also surprised that my sister can chat with others quickly The reason, and while I was working hard to compose an email, another email was sent:

"Xiaohe, don't worry, this time I tried the simplest curry. I have already started preparing it, so there must be no problem!"

"It's over!" For the first time, I yelled out in the classroom of the Ministry of Service without an image. Although there are still three hours before I can really realize what my sister's curry is like, I don't think this. The outcome will be very optimistic.

"Yuhihama, don't make such a disgusting sound!" Yukoshita Yukino's denial came as expected. I think even these sounds that make you a little unpleasant are better than this silence. A club that has no communication among members is also called a club. ?

"Yeah!" Also, why do you agree with Biqigu, although you don't want to defy Yukino Yukoshita, at this time, you just don't have to stand in line. Could it be that you and her have the same idea in this respect?

Looking at the eyes of Higiya Hachiman, I probably understand this. The Ministry of Service is indeed a strange society. For example, there are very few people in this club. For example, the people in this club seem to be problematic children, but the most important thing is, The people in this club don't seem to know what the necessary voice and communication are—except for Yubihama Kazuya.


The guarantee is completed this Thursday, and the increase still depends on the 250 ticket line.In addition, the protagonist's complaints in this chapter are mixed with a lot of ideological views that belong to or not belong to the author, so don't take it too seriously.And Xue Nai shouldn't be the "American School" I wrote, although I do remember Mou Yizhang saying that she was watching Salinger, so she thought of it as the protagonist.


Chapter 13: So, a color feather looks a bit procrastinated

In view of the fact that no one speaks, no commission, and a pure waste of time in the Ministry of Service, I decided to take strike action against the Ministry of Service.

Although I was embarrassed that I did not participate in the activities of the Ministry of Service the day before, I have now deeply realized that even if I participated in the activities of the Ministry of Service, it is of no use.

From the point of view that I took leave of absence early after checking in every day for the past few days without any intervention, first of all, Yukino Yukino seems to be temporarily not so interested in correcting my character-at least correcting my disinterest through club activities. interest.

Secondly, Shizuka Hiratsuka does not seem to be the kind of club instructor who comes to supervise every day, otherwise she would have arrested me a long time ago, so I used things like not participating in club activities to express the risk of inaction and atmosphereless protest against this club. Not big.

Of course, I feel that I have forgotten a few things that seem to be possible in the club, but since I can’t remember it, it shouldn’t be the point. My goal is to tell the other two people in the club with a long absence. The society lacks the state that a normal society should have. Although I don't think the two extremely self-conscious people will realize this suggestion of me, at least I should show a posture, right?

My choice is to go home first and take care of my sister who has been indulged in various food preparations recently. Although I am still living in this world, this proves that Yubihama’s dinner last night did not Not as embarrassed as I thought before.

But I think it’s because it doesn’t require too much skill to cook curry. I carefully ate a large bowl of rice with the half-baked curry without touching the potatoes in the bowl, because I can clearly see that the potatoes are A whole potato without peeling or dicing, otherwise I don't think I can get away with that kind of cooking.

However, when I arrived home for a long time, my sister disappointed me again. Although she is not the kind of person who is out of the ordinary, but she can always "happily" go out and wander around when I go home early. This makes me feel Very surprised, so I can only watch my mother say to me like a kid:

"Heya came back very early today, but Yui didn't come back. Maybe she went to play with friends? Can you go to the mall she frequents to find her?"

But my mother, why did you think I wanted to come and ask my sister where I went before I had time to speak to you when I first appeared?Although my purpose is indeed correct, but your confidence still scares me. Could it be that you are a hidden natural black character?

But regardless of this, as soon as I returned home, I was forced to go to the shopping mall that my sister often went to half voluntarily in order to search for a needle in a haystack.

But to be honest, the people in the circle that my sister and I often play are not very familiar with, except for knowing that there are mostly handsome men and beautiful women, and there is a relatively special existence who is not very eye-catching. After all, That is my sister's circle, I don't need to interfere, and I don't care much about the appearance of those people.

In the shopping mall, I didn't see my sister, but saw an existence that gave me a headache in a certain sense—Yihuhuiyu.

Next to Isshi is someone I have never seen before, at least not from my classmates, and even looks a bit like a senior student.

This is also very natural. Girls like Yi Hueiyu will never lack so-called "friends" at any time. Of course, whether this kind of "friend" relationship can be defined as "friendship" I am not very clear, at least from Isshi From the point of view, she clearly dominates her relationship with this group of people. She just "utilizes" them to express herself while fully letting the other party feel that she has the dominant power. This is a kind of Talent.

Many people think that Isshiki’s behavior is a very nasty act of playing with other people, but in my opinion, her behavior is no different from that of Hazan Hayato in the relationship between people. In, nothing more than the difference between voluntary and involuntary.

But both Yeshan and Isshiki allowed other people to unite with them in a "voluntary" way. Of course, the rebuttor could think that the people around Isshi were "deceived" by Isshiki, and were excluding the kind of character brought about by Isshiki. After cheating on them, they will realize the stupidity of their actions.

But the problem is that we don’t know the true thoughts of these people. Similarly, why do we exclude Yishi’s influence on others to examine their true thoughts, and not exclude Yeshan’s influence on others to examine their true thoughts? Personal character factors are issues that must be considered in the relationship between people, and there is no difference between different personalities.

But despite saying that, I don't want to be another captive-like figure of Isshiki, especially her voice really made me feel a little tingling in my heart--note, it's the sound, just the sound.

And my main purpose now is to find my sister, so let Isshiki enjoy her current life!

However, I think Yi Shiyu must have selected the skill point of automatic detection Yubihama Kazuya, because when I just turned my head, I heard her cry:

"Hey, hey!"

Don't look back, leave quickly!And be careful not to step too fast, which will make the other person suspect that they have heard her call.

"Heya, here and here!"

Leave her alone, as long as she slowly disappears out of her sight, she won't come after me if she has friends with me, because she wants to maintain an image of equal distance from everyone in front of others. If she showed a special interest in me, it would definitely make everyone around her doubt her.