My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 30

"Did you hear?"

I heard a very disappointed voice, yes, that's it, and then I slowly disappeared, and she slowly ignored me, although it is inevitable to say a few words in school, but now I have no time to mix it up One thing about that circle of color feathers.

"Okay, let's continue discussing this matter! Aimee, you mean you can ask the teacher for the materials of everyone's middle school period, right?"

Just when I thought I managed to escape, Isshiki's somewhat deliberately amplified voice reached my ears.I know this is a trap, it is indeed a trap, but this trap has to be stepped on, and I can only listen to it with my ears up.

"Yeah, who would you like to see from the junior high school Caiyujiang?" the girl named Aimei replied.

"Well, I shouldn't say it in front of other people. When it comes to that person's privacy, you just need to tell me how to check it!"

Isshiki’s voice is a little light and fluttering, but I’m sure that at this moment, it’s obvious what her purpose is for her. Well, I’m not worried about the information from my junior high school being known to Isshiki. Anyway, she is right. My mastery of those mistakes, it will be sooner or later to dig out a lot of my information, and I only need to pretend to be dumb to her problems as before.

But the question is what should I do if these news are expanded. So far, only Ye Shan and the people in the football club know my football talents. With Ye Shan's ability, he can completely let the football club people keep this matter secret. Speaking of it, Ye Shan is not the kind of person who will force people to submit by creating public opinion pressure.

And I’m actually good at science. No one knows except Hiratsuka knows it and Isshiki suspects it. But if the materials of my junior high school period are shaken out, the result is the gossip-making ability of the middle school students. But it is unpredictable.

However, the most dangerous thing is that Isshiki's discussions seem to be going in this direction.

"Hey, who is Cai Yujiang interested in?"

"Yes, yes, the junior high school materials are basically only boring things such as grades, clubs you participated in, and achievements, right? Cai Yujiang wants to know what these things are doing?"

"Could it be that the person Cai Yujiang is interested in is a boy who wants to know about the boy's middle school period?"

"Yeah, this is understandable, but isn't Kojima too pitiful? He is obviously planning to confess to Cai Yujiang in a few days, what can he do now?"

"Eh, Kojima-san? I don't think I want to fall in love right now! But you didn't tell me these things earlier, it's really too much!"

"But doesn't Cai Yujiang have a boy he likes?"

"Eh, that's not the case!"

Okay, enough. I can’t listen to the normal gossip language of this group of high school boys and girls. If this goes on, Ishishi will "half push and half" and give him the idea of ​​trying to figure out my information. "Leak" came out, and then I will not only face the crisis of being known by others about the situation in my middle school, but also become the common enemy of potential fans of Isshiki in the school. This will make me want to lower the schedule. , The low-key change of high school life has become chaotic.Yi Huei Yu, this step of yours is really ruthless, I have served you!

I could only turn my head, and then I saw Yishi looking at me with an innocent look, but she pointed to her left hand holding the phone in her right hand, revealing her pride.

"Heya, go find a place to sit down and wait for me for a while! I will contact you immediately after shopping with Aimei and the others, don't run away!"

Don't always "oh" or "yeah", plus so many modal particles, okay, this kind of cute little girl looks so naive!Although Yui sister has been sending this type of emails, it always feels a little awkward to send such messages to girls of the same age who are not related to her.

However, I can’t help it. Isshih seems to have found my dead spot, so I can only obediently find a cafe and sit down according to her statement. Sorry sister, if you just go shopping with others It doesn't matter what?Now Isshiki's things are related to the success of my brother's high school life. Will you forgive me?

--------------------------split line----------------------

I don’t know what other people’s "Wait for me" means, but the colorful "Wait for me" is really long enough. I waited in the cafe for a full hour before I was on the phone. Somewhat long overdue.

When seeing me, Yishi showed a very happy expression and shouted, "Heya, I'm sorry, I've been waiting for a long time, I just talked to Aimei Chan and the others for too long, it took a little time, no problem, right?"

"No problem!" It's not without problem!I don’t know what kind of café I entered. It turns out that the price is calculated by the hour. Isn’t a place like a coffee shop a place where you can order the cheapest coffee for a day?

I know that the current economic situation is very bad, but you can't use this very bad method to make money, right?This will only prevent you from attracting repeat customers. The rents for shops in downtown areas are very expensive, so you have to weigh it up!

Also, it’s only an hour away from my part-time job. If I can’t resolve this conversation within 30 minutes and then dare to go to karaoke, then my perfect attendance award this month will be ruined, although I don’t know Isshiki you What’s your family background, but our Yubihama’s family is just an ordinary working family. It’s still a bit difficult to bear the cost of two people coming to a school like General Wu Gao!

"That would be the best, have you been waiting here for a long time? I'll treat you today this time!"

"Well, okay!" Under normal circumstances, the strategy of the girls should be to carry it down by yourself no matter how much money, and then give each other a good impression, but I am boring one-on-one, the second is because I am really not that kind People who are short of money, so since Isshiki classmates are so generous, then I don’t have to be polite, right?

"Eh, Kazuya? Do you know that you are very unkind to do this? At this time, whether you want it or not, the basic etiquette is still necessary. It is really bad to accept the invitation of the girl directly. Oh, you won’t be able to capture girls like this!"

"If the girl I like is this kind of person, I don't think I need to like her."

"But the girls in the world are very concerned about this, boys stingy girls still like him or something, it will only exist in the comics, of course, if you become his girlfriend, I will say otherwise, at least chasing girls You should be more generous when you do!"

"Classmate Yoshiki, I didn't come here today to discuss how I can get girls' favor, so you should get to the main topic!"

Although I know what the topic is, I must add here that there are girls who don't care so much about those things. Senior Ogizo must be. Although I haven't asked about it, I think seniors are just that kind of person.In addition, my idiot sister should be the same-although I tend to think that she does not have such a clear concept of money, but in this way, with her poor math scores, I will also be in charge of future household expenses. Hama Kazuya, really has a long way to go!

"I will provide you with ideas for pursuing me!"

"I'm sorry I am not interested in you!"

"Eh, could it be said that you deliberately rejected me and then used this way of retreating to grab my attention and then wanted to take the opportunity to attack me? I'm sorry although this approach is very new, it is useless if I see through it. !"

"Yi Huayu, I am very busy!"

I'm sure that my current expression should be the one that is supposed to be cannibalistic in the legend, but Isshiki really has a relaxed expression and grinning eyes, so I think I can't handle this girl.

This kind of girl who can ignore everything about you and conduct all the conversations at her own pace is still terrible!


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Chapter 14: Occasionally, when a color feather gets serious

Although I can probably know what Isshiki wants to talk to when talking to me, I don’t really understand why she is so obsessed with my question. From the perspective of Isshiki’s usual utilitarianism, she shouldn’t try to figure it out. My specific situation is something that doesn't benefit her too much.

From a utilitarian point of view, the only explanation I can give is that she hopes to make use of my science abilities, but at this stage when I haven’t chosen a liberal arts science, Isshiki’s doing so is a bit too early, so from a teleological perspective The angle really doesn't make sense.

Next, it can only be explained as the curiosity of Yishiyuyu. I don't understand Yishiki, but is she really someone who pays extra attention to people with strange personalities?I am cautious about this.

Of course, the reason why she called me to stay this time is not very clear to me. I showed up in this mall alone. She can't guess that I came to look for my sister. Of course, even if she knew this, she didn't. The reason to stop me.

In short, this kind of approach that obviously made me vigilant was of no use to her trying to inquire about my intelligence. What's more, from the conversation just now, she does have the ability to directly obtain materials from the middle period of our country. There is no need at all. Why does Isshi even talk to me directly under the situation of being scared by the grass, this is indeed a question worth pondering.

Isshiki calmly raised the coffee cup in her hand, and calmly sipped the black liquid in the cup. The amount of sugar she added to the coffee was unexpectedly large. You can imagine the original in her coffee. How much bitterness is left.

It is too sweet, whether it is to describe coffee, or the girl in front of me is very suitable.

And the two of us were sitting like this. Isshiki seemed to enjoy the feeling. She even asked the waiter about the selection and method of coffee here, regardless of whether this guy is accidentally good at making snacks, when you drink coffee With so much sugar, no matter what kind of coffee the final taste should be the same, right?

So the atmosphere is embarrassing again. I think I have recently suffered from the terminal illness of "other people will be cold when they meet me". If it is said that the other two people in the classroom of the Ministry of Service do not speak because of their personalities, then it’s all right. I can't imagine the reason for not speaking. I complained about too many words in one color about three days ago. Could it be that you changed your sex after three days?Even if you change sex this time, you forced me to stay, take responsibility for me and provoked the topic, bastard!

So I can’t help it anymore. Working hours are very tight, so even if I’m not reconciled, I need to break the deadlock first: "Isshiki, what will happen to me today? My time for part-time work is almost here, so Tell me if you have any questions!"

"Don't be so divided? Kazuya, I always call you by name. You can also call me Caiyujiang like a friend!"

"I don't think I'm familiar with you. If you want to call my name directly, I can't interfere, but you don't have to interfere with me and ask me to call your name? Also, let's talk about the purpose quickly!"

I have to admit that Yi Shiki Yu always has a very charming feeling when speaking, and this kind of coquettish tone always makes other people play around. Although Isshiki rarely uses this tone to me, it is like just now. It works very well when used suddenly.

However, I am not charmed by her. I think time-critical part-time work is the key. There are many problems in this world that cannot be avoided. One of the most important problems is money. Therefore, when it comes to money, I also have to be very utilitarian, and of course I will not take into account the cute performance of a 16-year-old girl.

"It's just a joke! What you call is your own choice, of course I won't interfere!" It seems to be aware of my "incomprehensible amorous feelings", and Isshiki also put away her somewhat joking state. There was a serious expression, but to be honest, I don’t know if this state is her serious state, but she did raise her head, opened her eyes wider, and then restored the half-moon-shaped eyes back to them. With a flat shape, this should at least be more serious than before.