My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 31

"Then I said, Kazuya, do you know that I am the manager of the football department? Ye Shan-senpai has been very annoyed recently! Regarding the team, it is said that there is a very good freshman enrolled this year, but that freshman has been Unwilling to join the team, this paralyzed the entire team's training plan!"

I know what Isshiki wants to say. Although Ye Shan may not tell Isshiki who the specific freshman is, judging by Isshiki's cleverness and the guilt that I have exposed, she suspects that I am also normal.Of course, she should have been skeptical so far, so she used this obvious hinting method to test me.

However, it is worth exploring why Isshiki tried to test me. Of course, as the manager of the football department, she has good reasons to pay attention to the team. But I am curious about another point, just one month after admission. After that, she can become the manager of the football department. Is this really the only goal?

Sports clubs have always been the most watched clubs in the school, and this is especially true for national projects such as football or baseball. Becoming a manager of the football department means higher exposure and a huge achievement for girls. Certainly, it is undoubtedly a miracle for a first-year girl to do this without personal connections.

Of course, for Yi Hueiyu, the idea of ​​trying to achieve this position and wanting to further develop the football department is also possible, but who knows if she uses the position of football department manager as a springboard?This springboard can be a springboard to get to know more people and let more people use it for herself. Here, the person at the top of the food chain that she can come into contact with is undoubtedly the Yeshan Falcon, and he can help the Yeshan Falcon. Can add a strong link to her interpersonal capital.

Of course, I think my analysis of Isshiki just now was too malicious. Isshiki's attention to this matter is probably because she simply wants to do her job well, or because of the countless Yeshan I have encountered before. A member of the Hayato fan club also likes Yeshan and wants to help him-in fact, I think the reason for this is more likely, but I don’t know why, I always hope Isshiki can perform a little bit beyond my expectations, otherwise I will be ashamed. I gave her a high evaluation at the beginning!

Suddenly, I became interested in Yihuhuiyu. She was constantly climbing upwards, very cautiously, and very determined.Maybe she is a good object of observation, my object of observation on the problem of talents, and what is the final result of using talents as carefully as she did.

If she can persist to stay awake until the end, then my current somewhat depressive approach can also be released a little bit. If she also smashes herself in the end, it means that only my current state is correct. The way people exist.

Therefore, in exchange for this, I feel that I can tell her something a little bit happily. Of course, the principled issue should be rejected:

"I know what you are going to say. Isshiki. After Yeshan-senpai came to me, more than one person convinced me, including their team coaches and senior teachers, but my answer is always the same, so , The answer to you is the same."

"I didn't mean to convince you!" Yishi waved his hand, did not show a disappointed expression, but showed a more curious and surprised look, and said, "But I didn't expect it to be you. You really have a lot of secrets about the new student whom Senior Ye Shan valued so much! The science was the same last time, and so is football now."

"But I don't want to use these talents. As for the reason, I think you know I won't tell you, right?"

"I see. I'm just curious. Of course, I don't think it hurts you to use it."

Contrary to my expectation, after getting my acknowledgment, Isshiki did not show an obvious desire for me to help Hayama Hayato, but he pounced on me like a curious baby.

For the first time, I didn’t understand Isshiki’s behavior pattern that much. She gave up so simply that she threatened me so much and asked me to stay with her, but what was the end result? It doesn't matter, it makes me unable to believe that this is the color feather that I have known before.I suddenly didn't understand her purpose.

"Of course, if you can, I still hope you can help Senior Ye Shan!" Isshiki said abruptly.


"I know, you definitely won't join their team. Unless you change yourself, no one else can convince you. But I think you should at least think about it for your seniors. They are for you after all. I’ve been preparing for joining for a long time. Now that you haven’t joined, the team looks a little flustered—"

"If this kind of unexpected setback can't be withstood, I don't think that my joining will make this team change--"

"But, Kazuki, do you really think you have to take responsibility for this matter? Even if you made up your mind from the beginning and didn’t want to join the football club, you can’t not know that, in your capacity, From the day you are ready to join Zong Wu Gao, you will definitely have an impact on the football department, right? So this incident is not something that you did not expect at all. In fact, you have handled this matter in your heart. Prepared?"

Different from the previous state where she was just selling cute and asking for help from others, Isshiki suddenly uttered a very clear structure. Although she was very unhappy, it must be admitted that her words actually hit one of my heart. Bottom line.

After watching the training of the football club last time, I actually had a plan in my heart to help him at least solve some problems if Ye Shan came to me again, but because senior Ye Shan never came to me, I didn’t care. This thing.And this idea of ​​mine was actually seen through by a classmate of mine.

Let me sigh again, high schools, especially high schools with such a high deviation value like Zong Wu Gao, really are Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger!

"How is it? Heya? I think this kind of request is acceptable, right?" Isshiki instantly changed back to the previous state where everyone had to help her act like a baby, and her previous decisive analysis It feels like a dream. Is it a girl who can become a football manager?She does have a very strong ability when necessary, but she is not willing to use this ability in normal times. After all, she can get more results more easily through the routine act of acting like a baby.

I am more interested in Isshiki, just as I surprised her, Yihuyu, you also gave me a lot of surprises, you are indeed a good observation object!

"Sorry, this matter should be my private matter, so I hope you don't interfere too much." But in the end, I gave such an answer.

Yes, in terms of specific help, let me think about it.So I did not accept Isshiki’s request. Although Isshiki has analyzed everything to the extreme, her analysis has a fatal loophole, that is, there is no coercive force. Of course, she actually has coercive means, but this kind of hole cards and other things In the game between people, it is not so easy to reveal.

Moreover, publicly expressing interest in me is not only harmful to me, but also detrimental to the sleek and exquisite image she wants to maintain. After all, if the object she likes is Yeshan, then other people will look different. She was ashamed and understood the two, but if the object she was interested in was an unknown tablemate, it would only make everyone feel that Isshiki's taste was not high enough.

"It's nothing! It's really fun to be able to chat with you today! After all, you still confessed a lot of things to me! From this point of view, I have gained a lot!" Isshiki revealed a happy smile, this A smile is different from the previous kind of deliberate smile, it seems to be a more sincere expression, which surprised me a bit.

"If it's okay, I'll leave first!" But the working hours are really tense. Although I gradually feel that I can have some confrontations with this girl, it is obviously still better than this kind of conversation that can be carried out at any time. My perfect attendance award and part-time salary are more important, so sorry!

"Heya, wait a minute!" Yishi unexpectedly reached out and grabbed my clothes. This was the first time I was stopped by a girl other than my sister. You would misunderstand my soul. what!

I turned my head and looked at Yi Hueiyu showing the usual smiling and trembling expression, and said: "Then, I will introduce myself again, Yi Hueiyu, Class F for one year, please advise!"

I immediately understood the meaning of Yishi. Indeed, although there is no specific self-introduction in this conversation, it is true that we have a better understanding of the other side's hidden faces. Therefore, from this meaning Above, we really have to introduce ourselves to each other again.

So, I stretched out my hand and shook Isshiki's slightly soft little hand: "Yuhihama Kazuya, Class F of the first year, please give me more advice!"


I did not expect Isshiki to be the first character to be titled in two consecutive chapters before, but considering that she will have to play soy sauce for a long time, even if it is a bonus given in advance!


Chapter 15: Then, Yuihama Yui will continue to work hard

I caught up with my part-time job when I was in my prime, and kept my perfect attendance award this month. This result made me very happy, so I didn't plan to bother me and complain about it.

Of course, this is based on the premise that I believe that my sister will not get lost. Although Yuihama Yui is often stupid, she can go home for dinner on time every time. Compared to her, I can do this. It's much worse.

The working time is unremarkable. Senior Ogizeng did not come. Of course, it was also in my expectation that the seniors did not show up. In order to teach me this incompetent student to make cookies, she has been working at the flower shop for several days. Now she is probably working hard to make up for her absence a few days ago!However, the senior did not show up, which means that the only opportunity for me to eliminate the interference of Obasan next to me while working and enjoy a happy time is also gone.

So, after dealing with a few bad yelling guests, I don't have the motivation to stay longer at karaoke. Generally speaking, I still prefer the atmosphere at home.Of course, this reason is definitely not because I am thinking how interesting it is to molest my sister.

The tradition of Yubihama’s family is to have dinner together, so even if I came back from work, it was already 8 o’clock in the evening. My parents and sisters were waiting for me at the table. Of course, they also adapted to this relatively late biological clock. , But this still makes me feel guilty. It seems that everyone in the family is accommodating me. The only thing I can talk about is that I am working at any rate, at least making a contribution to the family.

After dinner, it’s all about doing their own things. My father is sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. My mother is going to continue with the housework. I should prepare for homework. My sister — is going to continue experimenting with her chocolate chip cookies.

I’ve always been curious about when my sister’s recent homework was written. To be honest, there are not many homework assignments by Soo Wu Gao. In this school with a relatively high deviation value, the school pays more attention to the students’ self-study, but even Purely such a small number of homework, in my impression, my sister basically writes after 10:30 every day. This situation often makes me embarrassed to hide the homework, who can basically solve the homework within an hour. Play games in your own room.

However, it has been nearly two weeks. As far as I can see, my sister’s main job at home is to experiment with chocolate chip cookies, and my mother is so relieved to let her stay in the kitchen alone. Here-I think the only reason is that she wants to exercise her sister's cooking skills so that she can find a reliable husband in the future-but the point is that this seems to mean that my sister has no time to do homework every day. As far as my horrible sister is concerned, I don’t think this is an ideal situation. No matter how important the small business is, it cannot affect my sister’s academic performance. So I need to tell my sister what the problem is. !

"Well, Yui sister, have you done your homework?"

"Ah, Xiaohe, homework? Homework? Haha, that, of course it's done!" After I asked these words, my sister suddenly turned her head like a hold-down method. Come, say this answer that no one seems to believe.You must have not written it!In other words, you never touched homework!

"Although this sentence is still very strange for me to say! But whether it is the small business that is important or your own grades are important, sister, you have to weigh it! The most realistic point is that if you do not do your homework well, you will Teacher scolded! Your teacher Shizuka Hiratsuka is not a good one!"

"Huh? Hiratsuka-sensei? Do you know her?"

"Well, I got to know it for various reasons-but this is not the point, okay? The point is that sister, you didn't do your homework or homework. If your grades are good, you don’t have to do your homework. If Zong Wu Gao has any final elimination system, he will definitely be dropped out! You should be thankful that the school has given you some opportunities, so you should study hard instead of spending time on these boring cookies!"

Really, I suddenly felt that I was now playing the role of Yui sister's parent. Where did the two people who should bear the responsibility of the parents go?

But it's understandable, because the only way for the mother to discipline her sister is-"Eh, what's wrong with Yui? It's okay, you can solve it with Kazuya!" But do you really trust me that way?If I hadn't been born on another world line, how miserable my sister would have spent her life!

And my father, to be honest, I don’t know why he always seems to be the most Acarin in the family. In fact, he can’t be blamed. He is the first to go out every day. Even though he gets off work on time in the evening, he can also ensure sufficient energy I took a rest earlier, so my father is a typical office worker who is oppressed by the society. He will do his best to provide life guarantee for his wife and children. It is difficult to make more efforts.

How many people like him have been suppressed by the hateful Japanese society!Thinking that I might want to become such a person in the future, I suddenly lost motivation. Even if my life is already a bit ascetic, I don't have motivation anymore. Therefore, it is not the fault of the otaku itself that Japanese society has cultivated so many otaku. It's the fault of society, because looking at the status quo of my father, I also want to be an otaku.

Facing my "education", my sister has also formed an inherent pattern. She lowered her head embarrassedly, with tears in her eyes, and put on that pitiful expression, and then I would surrender. .

And this time is no exception. The difference is that she was more confident this time and said to me: "I'm sorry, Xiaohe, I know I was wrong! But today this time is different. I asked Xiaoxue to teach me this afternoon. Although I didn’t do it well in school, Xiaoxue guided me through it! So it must be possible!"

I don’t know who Xiaoxue is. In fact, for each of my sister’s friends, I just roughly know her nickname for them without knowing their specific names, but for this friend named "Xiaoxue", I still give She spoke highly of it. After all, someone who can teach this idiot how to make chocolate cookies without gossiping about her sister's practice, her heart must not be bad, refer to the performance when Ogiso-senpai taught me to make chocolate cookies.

However, my sister’s somewhat confident look made me feel sad. Well, it’s definitely not because I’ve worked hard to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies until the end, but it’s useless to help my sister.It's simply because I wasted so long of Ogiso-senpai's time but didn't achieve satisfactory results and felt sad.

Of course I should have confidence. I don’t believe that the person named Xiaoxue can make my sister make better chocolate cookies in one afternoon. People with this ability are not genius teachers, but gods, so I still have a chance.

But my sister's answer is off topic, right?Even if you can work hard to make better cookies or something, your homework problem is still not solved?The problem that was scolded by the teacher tomorrow has not been solved, right!