My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 32

"Um, Xiaohe, it's okay! I asked Hayato to help me the other day! Although it was just copying homework, Hayato taught me how to understand it!" My sister showed a rather shy expression. His smile seemed very embarrassing, and yes, copying other people's homework is definitely not a good thing. If I didn't add the following sentence, "Falcon taught me to understand" I would definitely lose my temper.

No, Hayato, the name Hayato is not a common name!Well, my elder sister, if I am not mistaken, your mixed circle wouldn't be so advanced, right?That's the circle of top caste. Can you stupid get into that circle?

However, as if to make up for my knife, my sister arched her brows and added:

"Yeah, Xiaohe, you should know Hayato too, Yeshan Hayato is the senior who spoke as an old student when you enrolled in school! A very reliable person!"

Of course I know Yeshan Hayabusa, more than knowing, it should be said that they know each other, in his heart, I guess I am an arrogant freshman in high school!The point is that I am the culprit who caused his entire society to fall into a state of confusion that he doesn't know what to do-this is an exaggeration of Isshiki's statement.Yeshan Hayato.This name is really everywhere. I mentioned him all in the afternoon. Will my sister come to make up for me in the evening?hateful!

However, in this way, I must reconsider my attitude towards Ye Shan.If it's just my relationship with Yeshan, it's okay, because I don't need to build a relationship with Yeshan in my school life. If there is no football, then the connection between Yeshan and me is basically zero.

But if the older sister is from Hayama’s circle, then the problem has to be left alone. Yuihama Yui is Yubihama’s older sister. This connection is really conspicuous. You can gossip with just a little gossip. Come out, and if I have a bad attitude towards Ye Shan, it will definitely affect the attitude of others in that group towards my sister.

Although I believe that Yashan Hayato will not transfer the resentment towards me to my sister, but this does not mean that other people in the group will not.You know, Yeshan Hayabusa is the king, the highest existence in your collective, and under the king, there will definitely be various ministers who are observing the king's thoughts.

I don’t know which part of this group of ministers my sister belongs to, but what is certain is that if others learn of my offense against Ye Shan, they will definitely understand Ye Shan’s attitude on their own, and finally take care of themselves. Carry it through.

This is a kind of small-scale politics. In this top-down, centralized organizational model, the person who decides the life and death of a specific link seems to be the highest leader, but in fact it is not, because the highest leader There is no leisure to pay attention to the life and death of everyone in the group. In other words, what the supreme leader must do is always treat everyone equally, be friendly, and help equally regardless of the predecessors.

And that kind of villain, there are often people who will take the role spontaneously, the middle and lower levels of the organization constantly crush each other, catch every move related to the supreme leader, and self-righteously "interpret" it as a basis for action , And finally form this chain attached to the supreme leader.

So, from this point of view, my sister is already very dangerous. This makes me have to reconsider Isshiki’s proposal to help me solve the problem of the football department. As the manager of the football department and his unique ability, Ishishi He has a unique position in Yeshan's circle. If I can get her help, I think it will make my sister a lot better.

Of course, the situation I am assuming is simply the worst. If the life circle of high school students is so complicated, Japanese society would not choose all kinds of idiots to be the prime minister. It is logically estimated that it was already torn to pieces by the predecessors of the light music clubs who were dissatisfied with me. Although it is necessary from time to time, it is best to stand still.

"Um, Xiaohe? Xiaohe? So what do you think? Don't worry about me, Hayato is a very good person! His grades are also very good, so it is absolutely no problem for him to help me!" My sister's swaying head flashed back and forth in front of me, which made me wake up from my thoughts.

Of course, I can’t accuse my sister too much. After all, although the act of copying homework is not correct, since she has found a decent person like Ye Shan for tutoring, at least it means that she is learning how to make chocolate cookies. At the same time, I was doing my best and didn't completely fail to learn. From the perspective of my brother, I couldn't blame her too much.

"Okay, but Yui sister, you should quickly learn your cookie making and tell the person called a small enterprise that your hard work is done!" I sighed and compromised.

"Oh, Xiaohe is great!" My sister rushed up excitedly and hugged me, wait a minute, that, the breasts, the breasts touched, do you know that this kind of situation in the comics is a killer link, Very dangerous!Did you fill your chest with all the things that were supposed to fill your mind?

I suddenly discovered a very sad phenomenon. Why is it popular now that younger brothers take care of older sisters or younger sisters take care of older brothers?Obviously, the normal situation should be the other way around. The first child is responsible and will take care of the younger children even more.

I think the only explanation at Yubihama’s family is that the age gap between me and my sister is too small, because it is only a year away, so there is no way to tell who is more mature and who is more immature, and we should “mature” when we arrive. At the time, I was damned because I was smarter and matured a little earlier than my sister. This formed the logic that I have been taking care of my sister. How can I fix it. If I were three years younger than my sister, refer to the situation of the younger brothers of Ogizo and Ogizo. Then there will be no such foolish sister, right?

Of course, I glanced at my sister who was humming a song and seemed to be happily experimenting with a new chocolate chip cookie. I felt that even if she was three years older, I would probably want me to take care of her.

However, looking at her sister's appearance, her level of cookie making has indeed improved a lot. At least, the egg shards have not been put into the bowl. Maybe, she can really treat her after Xiaoxue's special training. What to expect!


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Chapter 16: So, Xuexiaxue is not good at coping

Chapter 16: So, Yukoshita Yuki is not good at dealing with Yuihama Yui,

I never knew that the days without club activities were so difficult. The two and a half hours of doing nothing from get out of class at 3:30 to working at 6 am turned out to be such a boring state.

I can’t go back to the light music club with the cheek, because my guitar is still lying in the classroom of the ministry—in fact, since joining the ministry, I haven’t practiced guitar once, so Yukino Yukoshita said His superb guitar skills did not help me in any way.

Of course, I still have a place where I can pass the boring time, and that is the school playground. Of course, I don’t go to play football, but I go there to chat. I don’t have no friends, but Isshiki should be the only person I know. A person who is not the homecoming department after school but still seems to be doing nothing.

A girl like Hue Yu, just standing on the sidelines and making a silly smile is enough for the guys on the football field to increase their hormone secretion, but unfortunately you idiots don’t know, her goal is Yeshan Hayato , I look down on you miscellaneous soldiers.

But it doesn’t seem to be a thing to always find Isshi to chat, especially when her sly eyes are always on you. I can’t guarantee when a boy who thinks of her wrongly will be self-righteous. Shooting at me, besides, always looking for Yishi, obviously will make Yeshan Hayabusa return hope to me, this must be stifled before budding.

So although it was a failure, after three days of protest, I returned to the classroom of the Ministry of Service. Of course, as usual, the classroom of the Ministry of Service was still so quiet.

However, my return still caused waves. At least, Xuexiaxuena took the initiative to speak to me for the first time after I walked into the classroom.

"Yuhihama, should you explain why you didn't attend club activities for three days? I remember that I did not allow you to ask for leave!"

"I just don't understand the meaning of the existence of this club. The so-called Ministry of Service, the so-called club that reaches out to others, this goal is essentially a joke! I don't think anyone would know that this classroom is in the corner. The society formed by a group of problem children came to this society to ask for help."

When I said this, Higiya Hachiman glanced at myself in surprise, probably because I was surprised why I rashly showed such a tough attitude towards Yukoshita after repeated defeats. Right?Although we all seem to be comrades of the Anti-Xuexia Group, Biqigu should be that kind of cautious.Compared to hawks like me.

However, Yukinoshita patted his hands indifferently, and said proudly and obviously, "Yuhihama, there are two mistakes in this sentence. First, not all problem children in this classroom are problems. The only children are you and Mr. Biqigu, and I am the life mentor who is responsible for correcting your problem behavior--"

"Xuexia, you have the freedom to express your opinions, but—"

"The second point," Yukoshita relentlessly interrupted someone who seemed to be working hard, and in the face of this situation, Biqigu slowly retracted his head just as he did before, but He obviously did not admit defeat, but was cautiously waiting for the opportunity to attack again.

"The second point is that the Ministry of Service has not accepted the commission. In fact, we received a commission during the three days you were absent, and the client should be very satisfied with our help. "Xuexiaxia said proudly.

She must be telling the truth, Xuexiaxuena never lied, but it was really lucky for her. For a whole month, the Ministry of Service did not receive a commission, but after only these three days, someone appeared. , Isn't this guy going against me, even if you come two days later?No matter who you are, we need to talk about it!

"Now that you understand this, it means that your previous accusations against our society are unreasonable." Yukino Yukino's somewhat proud gesture was only a moment, and soon she recovered. In the usual calm state.

"Moreover, even if you have doubts about the goals of the club, you should express your doubts directly with my minister. This way of protesting is really the most naive way of children. Yuihama, I don’t think you are. What is so proud of!"

I can’t help being a little confused. Indeed, from a logical point of view, my dissatisfaction with club activities cannot be protested in this way, but club activities also have ghost members. What is this attitude that is not a mandatory order? Going on.

"By the way, I am responsible for correcting your personality for you and Higiya in this club. You should understand this when Hiratsuka-sensei asked you to join the club, so use the reason that club activities are not mandatory. Your own defense will only show that you are quibbling."

Failed, failed again, completely failed, and once again defeated by Xuexia Xueno. This has happened twice in a row. Xuexia always seems to be able to think of my next step and seal it in advance. My retreat has left me with no power to fight back.

However, the main problem this time is not Xuexia's ability, but the client who disrupted my questioning plan about Xuexia. Although I believe he did have a problem, his unexpected appearance did change us. The proportion of the two in this duel.

At this moment, I heard a voice that made me feel that it would never appear here.


This is how one of the people I know greets, and the voice of this person is very similar to the one I know very well—no, it's exactly the same.

That's right, the red hair, the top right of the hair is tied into a ball, there are thighs that must be exposed even in school uniforms, and some loose shirts that expose the chest, and those eyes looking around. The one who isn't mine is a mature elder sister who has nothing but figure and dress up!Is she here to ask for help?No, judging by the way she greeted her, it should not be the first time she had met with the people in the room.

Several things in my mind strung together: Three days ago, I did not participate in club activities. When I went to the mall to find my sister, she didn't seem to be in the mall, that is, on the same day, my sister suddenly didn't know where to find it. With the help of a person named "Xiaoxue", she was full of confidence in making cookies, and in fact, her skill has also been greatly improved.

Therefore, if all the clues are connected, the problem is already clear: Yuihama Yui, she is the person who made the request before, and the so-called "Xiaoyuki" is Yukino Yukoshita no doubt— —Thinking that I seemed to boast about this guy before, I suddenly had the urge to smash my head on tofu!

However, the problem now lies in how to solve the problem of meeting my sister, because I have seen her slowly turning her head and looking at me with that kind of surprise and unknown eyes:


If you let me describe my current expression, I think it can only be described with a crying face. I was shocked by Yukoshita just now, and now I am hit by my sister in this kind of embarrassing look. Today is really Something went wrong!

"Why are you here again? But do you and Yubihama know? Ah—" Yukoshita showed a suddenly realized expression, sighed, and said, "I made a mistake. I should have thought about the relationship between the two of you. After all, the hair color is the same, and the last name is still the same. The main reason is that the personalities of the two people are too different. One is a fool, and the other seems to be a fool?"

Yukoshita tilted her head and made a cute-looking expression, but what she said was not cute at all. What does it mean that one is a fool and the other is a fool?Don't compare me with my sister, okay?Also, only I can call such a thing as an idiot sister, others are not allowed!

"But why is Xiaohe here? Obviously Xiaohe was not there when Mingming came last time?"