My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 33

"Ahem, last time I went home in advance to find you, I should be regarded as a member of here for the time being—"

"No need to explain. Last time Yubihama chose to protest only because he was dissatisfied with this society. It's a pity that he missed the opportunity to accept the commission because of this meaningless protest, and the commission is still his sister's, right? "

I believe my sister didn't understand what Xuexia said, but she at least knew that she should react to these words, so she looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked, "Is that right? Xiaohe?"

Yuihama Yui is very good at being a lubricant and active member in the team, and she has also developed this ability to respond naturally to anyone, regardless of whether she can understand it or not.

In most cases, this ability helps Yuihama Yui not to be isolated in the group, but like any ability, it will also form a counter-effect. I don’t know if it will help my sister, but she This approach put me into an embarrassing situation.

"For the time being, it should be like this!" Although I am not convinced, I still have to admit that I have made some mistakes in my previous practice.

"Then Xiaohe shouldn't do this! It doesn't make sense to do it, and it will make Xiaoxue feel sad. Now, don't you think, Xiaoxue?"

"It's hard to say that I'm sad, but there will be some troubles. Judging from Yubihama's approach--" It is rare that Yukoshita Yukino showed a troubled expression from the moment her sister entered the door. Judging from this subtle state, she seems to be not very good at dealing with girls like her sister. Indeed, Yukoshita Yukino seems to have never seen Yuihama Yui's self-familiar and likes to be tangled since she was a child. It’s hard to deal with a girl who has sex with her sister!

"Now, look, Xiaohe, did you see that Xiaoxue is very troubled! I have to apologize to her! You can't do such a wayward thing in the future!"

What? Yuihama Yui, how did you make this sister's expression at this time, this kind of appearance, it is like a real sister is teaching an innocent younger brother, obviously I usually take care of you Okay, could it be said that you like Yukoshita Yukino and then deliberately show your maturity in front of Yukoshita Yukino?But even in this way, you can't sacrifice your younger brother. You must know that your younger brother is in a state of tit-for-tat with Xuexia.

"Alright, alright, I know, but what are you going to do when you are here today? Say it quickly! Stop paying attention to my problems!" It's over, it's completely over, it's more than being killed by Xuexia To be completely finished, I am now an uncultivated younger brother who is in a period of youth rebellion and does not listen to his sister’s education. My mature image, the mature image I have created in front of Xuexia and Biqigu, is completely complete. The ground collapsed!

"Yeah! I've been talking to Xiaohe and I have forgotten it!" My sister happily took out a paper bag from her pocket, "I've been making cookies recently!"

Of course, the level of doing is quite average!But compared to the previous one, it looks good, and second, it has a bit of edible taste, which is already very good.In fact, every time my sister finishes making cookies, I secretly pick up a few pieces and taste them, in order to compare them with the things I make later.

Of course, that's why the Yugoshita and Biqigu in this ministry seem to be another experiment of cookies for my sister?It's really sad, these two people, after all, you have to help your sister once a favor, so you can only accept this tragic experience, right?

Sure enough, Xuexia's expression turned white with "brushing", and I believe her sister's previous orgasmic cookie level should have left a deep impression on her.

"Xiaoxue, that, isn't it, Xuexia classmate hates me?" Looking at Xuexia's expression, my sister seemed a little uneasy, but is your question wrong?Xuexia is not hating you, but hating your cookies, okay?Have you been complained by me for so long, haven't you such a little self-awareness?

"Well, it's not annoying, it's just hard to deal with—"

"That's a nasty synonym in the girl's dictionary!"

"Well, overall, it's still not that annoying—"

"Since I don't hate it, I like it, then accept the cookies, now, Xiaoxue—"

"I don't hate the distance. There is still a big distance, but cookies are not needed. I am not very hungry now—"

"It doesn't matter. After all, once it is made, it is still very enjoyable. I think I can try to make a bento next time. I want to have lunch with you—"

"No, I'm still more comfortable with eating alone, and don't call me Xiaoxue, it sounds disgusting."

"Uh, it's a lie? Isn't it lonely to eat alone? Also, where do you eat?"

"In the activity room, no, are you listening to me?"

Looking at Yukoshita in a hurry, I suddenly felt a sense of triumphant accomplishment. Yukoshita Yukino is not good at dealing with people like Yuihama Yui. I have never been so grateful for my sister’s character, such The character that can make Yukoshita Yukino have to retreat steadily. Although I did not defeat Yukoshita, the Yubihama family is still one!Sister won, I won too!

So, since you have done this, I don't care about what you embarrassed me just now, good-job, Yui sister!

"Now, Xiaohe, in order to apologize to Xiaoxue, will you eat together at noon? I will make your lunch together!"

Okay, I take back the words I praised my sister just now, Yuihama Yui's lunch, I must stop her tonight, otherwise I will definitely not be able to participate in tomorrow's club activities intact, absolutely!


The protagonist's existence has not changed the world line, so congratulations to Yubihama for becoming the poorest protagonist!


Chapter Seventeen: However, Yubihama Kazuya could not do anything

The appearance of the sister brought a good result, that is, the atmosphere in the classroom became more active. Although Yukino Yukino was obviously not used to her way of talking to people, she was familiar with the attitude of her sister. Under the snow, Xuexia also seemed unable to say too much to her.

From this point of view, Xuexia has a bit of demeanor that belongs to our male "gentleman". It does not seem to be too harsh for girls who do not provoke her positively, and this attitude that she is forced to obey the rhythm of her sister , It looks really interesting!

I am very satisfied with this result.

However, there will be people in the classroom who are dissatisfied with this result. That person is Higiya Hachiman. Higiya is obviously not a person who likes this kind of lively environment. Therefore, in the club because of the guidance of her sister, he became twittered. After getting up, he had closed the book in his hand and was about to leave.

Biqigu's mouth opened, as if he was about to say goodbye, but apparently no one heard it. Even if I noticed his actions, I didn't hear it. However, I don't want Biqigu to leave, Xuexia Yukino is not good at dealing with older sisters, so is Higiya Hachiman also good at dealing with such people?

So, how long can Biqigu's disguise of not talking under the interrogation of sister's continual discourse?

So, sorry, than Qigu, you should wait here a little longer!

I stood up and was about to stop Biqigu, but to my surprise, my sister’s voice was faster than mine: "Ah, small enterprise!"

The reason why I was only "slightly" surprised is because I know that with my sister’s personality, she will not ignore anyone in the group, even people like Biqigu-no, wait," "Small enterprise" seems to be familiar to me?

A pack of black objects slid past my eyes. It should be a cookie made by my sister.And just when Biqiguzheng took the cookie in a daze, the sister continued.

"This can be regarded as a return. Small businesses have helped me too!"

Biqigu opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but closed his mouth. I think he probably wanted to refuse to accept his sister's kindness at the beginning. Of course, he finally accepted the sister's kindness, which can be seen from this. , Is he not the kind of thoroughly anti-social person?

However, while I was waiting for my sister to continue speaking with Qigu, I was a little surprised to find that my sister had turned her head back and continued to talk to Yukoshita. Hey, my sister, this script is wrong. Have you noticed Biqigu's character?Shouldn't you talk to him at this time?

"Hey, Xiaoxue, you said it would be better for me to find you in the Class J classroom, or wait for you in the Ministry of Service classroom?"

"Do you know how to listen to people? The name "Xiaoxue" doesn't feel good!"

"Sure enough, it's better to wait for you in the classroom of the Ministry of Service. If you go to the Class J classroom, it is a bit embarrassing to go to Xiaoxue specifically, because there should be a lot of people going to Xiaoxue, right?"

"Well, not much in fact." Xuexia's face turned red. This person should have no friends. The so-called lunch can only be eaten in the classroom of the Ministry of Service. It is estimated that the remarks my sister just said hit her sore spot.

And Biqigu, after receiving the cookies from his sister, didn't seem to be ready to leave. He just sat down slowly, carefully tore open the package of the cookie bag of his sister, and then took out one of the black ones. I looked at the object for a long time, then closed my eyes and bit down.

Biqigu seems to be the kind of person who has no friends, so although I don’t say this kind of cookie filled with kindness from my sister, I should be very grateful!From this point of view, among the three people in the Ministry of Service, it seems that I am the only one who is more normal, because at any rate I have a few people who can be called friends, right?

When someone in a club brings up the atmosphere and talks, time will pass quickly, and finally once, I felt that the atmosphere in the ministry was not so difficult. I was still very surprised at this point, although I I'm not good at talking on an equal footing with people, but sure enough, I still like this kind of lively environment-probably because it's a long time for light music and good friends, it's a bit lively that makes me feel like a community.

Of course, although it seems that I didn't practice guitar again today-but forget it, let's start tomorrow, although the so-called concept of tomorrow always seems to have set a very dangerous flag for myself.

---------------------------split line---------------------

For the first time, the three members of the Ministry of Service left the club classroom at the same time-thanks to my sister, she was able to talk to Yukoshita for so long without actively provoking the topic, probably It's because I have been longing for Xuexia before, and I am excited to have such an equal dialogue with her, right?

And when the four of them left the club classroom together, I noticed that Biqigu had obviously quickened his pace and wanted to leave first. Of course, I wanted to do the same, but my sister stayed well and looked at Yukoshita. He went to the door of the classroom, and leaned towards her naturally.

Although I know that this is my sister’s regular mode of getting along with girls who are kind to me, but watching her make these actions the second time I see Xuexia, it made me squeeze. Put cold sweat.

However, although Xuexia’s expression looks a bit troubled, it seems that she has been helpless to her sister. I think unless her sister makes a somewhat explosive move of raising Xuexia’s arm, Xuexia should treat her sister. Performance is left to nothing.

This pattern of sister Yui and Yukoshita stopped the two boys standing in front of us. It seems that we all have this consciousness. If two of the four people in a group are going to go together, So if everyone else is okay, it seems a rude behavior to leave first.

Therefore, the four of us walked out of the school together in a row. My sister and Yukoshita were leaning against each other. I was leaning on the other side of my sister, and Biqigu followed me on the right side. In the latter position, that guy, even at this moment, seems to have to keep a little sense of distance from the group. It should be said that he is indeed the one who claims to be "Long live alone"!