My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 34

Of course, this walking mode will separate at the entrance of the school. When we leave the school gate, we have to turn to the left. The other three of us turn to the right. After the first intersection, I will be with my sister and Xuezhi. When it snows, we part ways and go to other platforms to take the tram to work.

However, what surprised me a little was that after saying hello to Yuukishita, my sister caught up with me. Is there something to do with me?

"Unexpectedly, Owa is also in this ministry? Did you join because of Mr. Hiratsuka's introduction?"

"Well, because of various things, in general, that woman is still more cruel and good at using her identity, so I was forced into the ministry without realizing it. It's very poor."

"Wow, it sounds terrible, it feels like a plot in a comic!"

"If I were the protagonist of inspirational comics, this so-called teacher who interferes with my own interests, I guess I will be slapped in the face in the end!"

Of course, if it is the protagonist of a harem manga, the club I was forced to join will probably become a club full of beautiful girls and enjoy the benefits of "reluctant". Unfortunately, this development did not come. In my body, there are only two abnormal humans in this community, one with fisheye autism, and one with arrogant and vicious tongue.

"Xiaohe always said that it sounds like I understand, but I feel more than that!" My sister said with some weeping.

Well, when did I give you this illusion, what I said in front of you is basically very easy to understand, right?How can I educate you if it is not easy to understand and you can't understand it?Speak responsibly, sister.

"But let's not talk about this, Yui sister, you are so embarrassed to send out your cookies, don't you know it is really scary!" I quickly changed the subject, of course, this is actually my sister catching up I have always wanted to vomit.

"Does Xiaohe mean that I don’t have your share? But I didn’t know you were in the ministry. You were not there the day you helped, so I didn’t prepare for you—"

In fact, I was going to find you that day!

"--But if Xiaohe feels left out, I can make another one for you when I go back. It's definitely better than giving Xiaoxue them!"

"Only this is absolutely not!"

"Eh, but—"

"Nothing but ah!" I think my sister doesn't seem to understand the consciousness of my complaint at all. I'm not saying that you didn't give me cookies, but I mean that your chocolate chip cookies are very embarrassing. Ah, understand?It is necessary to explain to you, idiot!

"So I said, I mean, since you want to give away, you can make your chocolate cookies better, can you come to give away? Just like that, Yukino Yukino will not go back. I don’t know if he would throw it away, but Higiya Hachiman took a bite very kindly, and then I looked at his expression, either he had his teeth knocked off, or he really wanted to eat a bunch of burnt things. Is your conscience really sorry to send such things out?"

"Eh, did the small business eat it? I ate it so soon!" However, my sister seemed to be not focusing on my core issue at all.

"Yuhihama Yui!"

"Hi! What's the matter, Xiaohe?" The dumpling on my sister's head trembled, and it seemed that she was finally listening to me seriously.

"I mean, the things you make are really hard to swallow. When you make them at home, can't you ask other people for advice?"

Yes, that's it. Be good, sister, then you just have to ask me, please ask me and I will help you, come, please ask me!

"Ah, Xiaohe, do you mean to ask you for help?"

Ah, great, my sister, you can finally understand what I mean when I first hinted it again. Your IQ can rise from the negative value of Yubihama to more than zero, which is really gratifying. Congratulations!

"But no need!"

Well, next, I should refute it proudly, or just agree to it. Normally, I prefer the former, but this time, in order to reward you, I will choose the latter. ——Ah, sister, what did you just say?

"I know Xiaohe really wants to help me! But no more!" My sister stood on tiptoe, as if she wanted to be an adult and take care of my child and touch my head, but she still had to touch my head with restrictions and height issues. To the bottom of my hair, so she finally retracted her hand in embarrassment, just patted her shoulder.This action is really cute, and amused me a little - but it doesn't explain what she just said.

No, no need to help, what does it mean?

"That is to say, I have already sent out the cookies I want to give away!"

"Sent out, when?"

"Eh, isn't Xiaohe always here just now? It's a small company? The person who wants to send cookies is a small company?"

Small business?

Is a small company equal to Hachiman Hachiman?

I finally understand why my sister is so familiar when calling Biqigu, because "Small Enterprise" is the name that my sister has been chattering at home for a long time. The one who saved Sabre, "is absent because of a fracture." The name of the person who was isolated in the class for a month.

So God is really a ridiculous guy who will arrange so many coincidences for no reason. My sister asked her to teach her how to make cookies. It happened to be Yukino Yukoshita. The person that my sister wanted to send cookies to was Hachiman, and , The person who has been working silently for Yuihama Yui to make cookies, it happens to be Yuihama Kazuya, what!Finally everyone gathered in the classroom of the Ministry of Service!

It's really ridiculous!

"Xiaohe understands? It's the small company. To be honest, when I first saw him in the ministry classroom, I was really surprised! It felt like,'Wow, the goal of my efforts is right in front of me. 'The feeling of being completely at a loss, but then I thought I should work hard first, that's what it meant, and of course the result was not bad!"

The elder sister's excitement continued. Obviously, she deliberately practiced the practice of giving Biqigu Hachiman cookies "by the way", and from her words we can also hear how proud she is.

Yes, I should be proud of it, indeed I should be excited, because this is the first time that Yui Hihama has offered help to others, because it is also the first time that Yui Hihama has done this completely by himself. Because this is the first time Yuihama Yui has done these things without relying on Yubihama Kazuya.

To be honest, I should be happy for my sister's progress, right?

But why is there a feeling that makes people feel so annoying?

So, isn't my previous efforts completely unable to make my sister feel it?

So, didn't I just waste the efforts of Ogiso-senpai?

So, in the end, Yukoshita used his own talents to easily defeat Yubihama Kazuya who clumsily wanted to learn what he was not good at. Isn't this a huge irony for me?


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Chapter 18: Maybe, Yukino under Xuexia would also long for gentleness

Eating is often the most important time to examine a person's social network.Of course, most of the time, we only need to examine the situation of a person's lunch.

This is a very simple truth. Most people have breakfast at home, and the number of participants in dinner is not that fixed. Therefore, lunch in school is the most effective way to measure a person's social network.

Generally speaking, we divide the people who eat lunch into two categories, one is to eat together, and the other is to eat alone. Of course, those who eat together can be divided into small groups of two or three people and more than four people. The former are like Haruki Kitahara and Takeya Iizuka, and the latter are Hayan Hayato and a group of his subjects. But from the comparison of these two groups, it can be seen that the two groups are live groups, and the difference is only in the group. The attitude of the core figures towards others is nothing.

However, on the other hand, we cannot simply consider a person who eats alone as a social failure. Of course, eating alone like Keiya Hachiman or Yukino Yukino is definitely a social failure. Whether they admit it or not.

And my form of eating alone is different. The difference between me and them is that no matter when they go to eat, they are all alone, and I chose to be alone. I can completely mix in the so-called Among the "friends", to play the role of Yeshan’s subjects is just that I don’t want to—I just want to finish the meal quickly and do some other meaningful things instead of using some in a larger group. Meaningless chats are time consuming.

So this has led to the fact that every time I return to the class from the cafeteria after eating, I can only listen to the various voices from the various groups in the class and cannot join-this is how humans are. A strange creature, you will be silent at the beginning when you join a group, but if you want to intervene in their conversation halfway through, you will find that you have become a foreign object in the group.

Of course, having said so much, there is another very important reason I didn't say, that is, I don't have a bento, and I don't want to eat bread at lunch, so I can't join the bento group and bread group who eat in the classroom.

So, today, when Yubihama also has a lunch box, he can actually try to join the live group-but only if no one makes an appointment for him.

Since my sister gave me this bento box this morning, I have not opened it, not to leave a surprise for myself, but to prevent the contents of the box from affecting my mood in class in the morning-although this kind of discarding it I don't care about it. It seems that it has affected my mood in class.

Although I still don’t understand the difference between when a person is inattentive and when he is focused—many people point out that the difference lies in distracted eyesight, but I really don’t know what distracted eyes mean. In short, every teacher It seems easy to spot my distraction.

So, in the morning classes in Mandarin, English, and mathematics, I was picked up and shot by different teachers. What is annoying is that these teachers did not play cards according to common sense.

Logically speaking, Mandarin and English are a kind of reading-style courses. The way teachers ask students to answer questions is often to read the text aloud. At this time, I think Isshiki can help me, but the two teachers seem to have agreed. They all decided to let me answer the questions at the blackboard.Although I have worked hard to learn the knowledge of liberal arts, I still can't write the correct answer while listening to the class. I can only get the teacher's approval in disgrace. Maybe there are some admirers of color fling in teeth.