My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 35

And the way that math class is called to answer questions should usually be performed on stage. In order to avoid embarrassment, of course I am also prepared to answer the correct answer. However, the math teacher even asked me to read the question aloud-it seems because of the question. There is a hidden condition, many of you can't find this condition, so the teacher said that you have to read it carefully to understand.This kind of event is estimated to have a probability of a few percent to hit me. I can only feel that this world is really ridiculous.

Therefore, for today’s lunch, I have an important goal, which is to spit out my sister’s bento during the meal, and then completely dispel her thinking of making bento for me in the future.

However, before that, I think it is possible that I am today; I will transform into a bread party.

-----------------------------split line-------------------

I originally thought that it took a lot of time to go to the school store to buy bread, so I was likely to be late, but I discovered that when I walked into the classroom of the ministry with a bento box in my arms and a bread place in my arms, But Xuexiaxue is alone in the classroom.

Xuexia was still sitting under the seat by the window in the back of the classroom. On the table in front of her, there was a bento box with a completely different decoration from mine. Obviously it was not given to her by her sister but herself. made.It seems that she has no confidence in her sister's cooking skills.

I seriously considered the possibility of rubbing a bit of something to eat against Xuexia, but after a glance, it was obvious that when I walked into the classroom, my eyebrows trembled, and the whole person’s vigilance mechanism raised Xuexia. Yukino, I think the only way I can get her lunch is:

Yukinoshita could not eat because he made too many bento boxes. He saw the begging look of Yubihama Kazuya, so he threw the rest of the bento box on the ground like a queen, and then heavily Saying: "Eat, reward you, pig!"

Okay, although Yukoshita is a shaking S, but this is too much shaking S, Yukoshita Yukino may be wary of me in words, but she will not do such things that insult my personality. I can still trust her at all.

Because at most she would only show a disgusting expression, and said: "What, you want to share a little bit of my stuff, don’t you have any shame? You, the scum of society, quickly give me Get out here!"

Well, compared to the previous scenario, it should be much better-uh, I am definitely not shaking M, and I will not be happy because of her poisonous tongue. The "much better" here is just a comparison.

"I thought you wouldn't be here, after all, you looked like you were pitted to death by your sister yesterday." Xuexia glanced at me and spoke slowly.

"After all, it is my sister's request. Even if there are problems, we must accept them. We will discuss them in detail when we have problems!"

Although this is definitely not my psychological idea, I think it is necessary for me to maintain the image of Yuihama Yui's sister in front of Yukoshita. Of course, it would be better to create an image of a good brother who cares about his sister at the same time. , It is estimated that it can add some points to my heart under Xuexia, so that she is not always so poisonous to me.

However, these words that I said did not seem to have a very good effect, because Xuexia's answer to me was only two simple words:

"Sister control! Disgusting!"

I don’t understand why Xuexia has such a big resentment for a younger brother’s normal care and understanding of his sister. Maybe she can only explain it by having a sister that she hates—though I don’t understand her either. How could my elder sister make her feel annoying, because in my understanding, as long as it is an elder sister, he cares about his younger brother or younger sister very much-like Yui sister, so is Ogizo-senpai.

However, just as I was preparing to explain my theory to Xuexia in order to seek her understanding, an accident happened and the bread I hid in my chest suddenly fell out.

Although there are often various "four-dimensional" things in comics, for example, you can take out all kinds of magical items from the so-called four-dimensional pockets. Of course, in the comics that sell meat, the so-called "four-dimensional breasts" "It also exists, but my current situation has nothing to do with the fourth dimension.

It is very embarrassing for boys to call out things from their chests, and it is easy for people to misunderstand them as abnormal. And my embarrassment now, to make an inappropriate metaphor, it is almost like a poor breast who usually leans against a chest pad. Pretending to be breasts, and then bending over to apologize when the chest pad is exposed, it is as embarrassing.

What's even more embarrassing is that this look of mine made Yukoshita Yukino, who is best at hitting people with poisonous tongues, take a look.

"Pervert, liar, disgusting!"

Well, gratifying, my comment this time has turned into three words. This should be a great improvement, although I already know that my image in Yukino's heart should have been frozen.

If it used to be a "self-righteous looking bad but actually not a bad disgusting sister-controlled" image, now it's a "self-righteous looking bad but actually not a bad disgusting perverted liar pretending to be a bad sister" Image.

I think even if it’s Biqigu, the image in Xuexia’s heart should be higher than me. It is probably the difference between a maggot who wants to be trampled to death and a maggot who is disgusting to trample to death, right?

I stopped talking, and silently picked up the bread that fell on the ground, because I felt that if I continued to talk, I would only be more disgusted by Xuexia.

It would be better to wait for Xuexia to speak by himself. Of course, Xuexia still speaks. What is a bit surprising is that there is a slight tension and dissatisfaction in his tone.

"Then Yubihama, um, why hasn't your sister come here? She asked me to have lunch here today, right?"

Yukino Yukino's voice rarely revealed a feeling of shaking. Although it was in a relatively cold tone, the expectations in her words could be felt.

I looked at Yukino with a little surprise. In my impression, she has always been an absolute iceberg-like character, absolutely correct, changing the world, self-centered, such a person, should not long for others Concerned.

However, for such a Yukino Yukino, she actually showed such an expression, she was expecting Yuihama Yui, and she expected Yuihama Yui's hand of friendship that seemed not so obvious.

"Yuhihama, please answer my question. Do you know where your sister has gone? It's very rude to ask someone else to wait here instead!"

Seemingly because I didn't answer the question, Yukoshita continued to ask.

"I don't know. I went straight over after class and bought bread."

"Really? Didn't she come here?"

Xuexia frowned slightly and asked with some doubts.

"Don't worry. Although someone like my sister is not reliable, things that promise others will definitely be done. Although she is very procrastinating, this is true—"

"--But Yubihama dragged on for too long this time."

Although it was not the first time Yukoshita interrupted me, it was indeed the first time that I was interrupted with a slight irritability like this.

She seemed to be aware of the problem with what she just said, so Xuexia rarely hesitated slightly, and added: "Sorry, I was anxious just now!"

I feel that the circuit of my brain can no longer keep up with normal thinking. Today's Yukino under Yukino still behaved very normally at the beginning. Whether it is a poisonous tongue or a coldness, it is within a reasonable dimension, but since it was mentioned After the elder sister, Yukino's emotions were just like the emotions of a normal girl waiting for her friend.

That's right, it's a normal girl, so normal that I can't believe that she is Yukino under Yukino.

I suddenly remembered what Hiratsuka-teacher once said to me: "Xuexiaxue is a gentle child!"

I think I have some understanding of Hiratsuka's remarks. Although Yukino Yukino is still the person who asks absolutely right, although she still wants to change the world with her own right as always, there is no doubt that she She also longed for something gentle from this world, and Yuihama Yui, for her, was undoubtedly the kind of gentle thing she longed for.

"I think you can go to the classroom and try to find her. People like Yui won't show up in places away from the crowd, because she always likes to stay in a group. Only in this way can she be brought to her. Come and feel safe."

However, it is precisely because of this that she will appear to be particularly panicked when she leaves the group, because her sense of existence in the group is maintained by her time in the group, and she will worry that once she leaves This collective, she will be abandoned by this collective.

I think I probably understand the reason why my sister did not appear. She cares too much about her position in her group. If there is no interference from external forces, it is difficult for her to get rid of that group independently.And Xuexia, is it supposed to be the catalyst?

"Okay!" Yukinoshita took a deep look at me, flicked the hair behind him, stood up, and said, "Then I'll go to F class and find Yubihama."

"I won't go!"

The reason why I don't go is simple. Only if I don't show up can my sister show her fragile side, and she can really face it and then correct it.

It is Yukino Yukoshita who can help her sister to do this, just as her sister will make Yukoshita feel a touch of tenderness, I don't know why, I have no doubt about it.

Just as Yukoshita Yukino helped Yuihama Yui make cookies before, Yukoshita Yukino can do it.

When Xuexia Xuena left the classroom, I opened the bento box in my hand for the first time.

To my surprise, although I haven't tasted the flavor, the bento looks pretty good. It is hard to imagine that this is my sister's bento.

Maybe Yuihama Yui, who has worked so hard, with the help of Yukoshita Yukino, can do so hard for other things too!


Regarding the follow-up plot of this chapter, it is to continue to develop according to the original work, which is the section where the second lady went to the classroom to find the group.This is the first time I try this way of writing, after all, the protagonist in the first person perspective is always limited.

If I were to forcibly add the protagonist or write a dialogue between the second lady and the dumpling, it would become a copy of the original text. After all, I am a fan. I feel that everyone who reads this book should have read Chunwu, so everyone should know the result. Right?


Chapter Nineteen: By chance, Yeshan Hayato said nothing

Yukoshita and sister didn’t return to the club’s classroom until the lunch break was about to end. At this time, I couldn’t bear the feeling of hunger and ate the bread - yes, although the appearance of my sister’s lunch was obviously better than I expected. The food was much better, but when I tasted the taste of a specific dish, I gave up the idea of ​​continuing to eat.