My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 36

Of course, I am not very clear about what Xuexia said to her sister, but judging from the state of her sister’s arrival in the club room, she clearly showed a sense of high spirits, that feeling, like a kind of The feeling that the burden that has been tied to the body before has been reduced.

Maybe she can be less vassal to the collective, for some reason, I have such a feeling.

It is also because the time is not so sufficient, so my sister and Xuexia didn't talk too much during the meal. Instead, they ate their lunches silently, although I could see that Xuexia seemed very hesitant. In the end, he cruelly pulled part of the food in his toilet into the sister's box, in exchange for the emotional thank you from the sister.

So, that guy can be more gentle, right?Why should we be so cruel to us boys?Of course, perhaps Yui Yuihama is gentler than the two animals that look like hedgehogs like me and Higiya. Sister Yui is like a docile pet dog who loves and plays with Yukinoshita. , Yes, just like Sabre.

So, I almost stepped on the bell at the end of the lunch break to return to the classroom. Of course, no one would be surprised by my actions, except for Isshiki showing a somewhat curious expression when I sat down in my position. .

However, she didn't ask me questions like she usually did. She seemed to have obviously restrained her curiosity.In fact, since the last time I talked, Isshiki’s interest in me seems to have dropped a lot, and it’s not like he shot me cold arrows from time to time and started interrogating me questions, probably because of me. All the secrets are known to her, there is nothing deep to dig, right?

However, I always feel that this state of Isshiki to me is a prelude to some of her intrigues. Although I am a little self-esteem, or feel too good about myself, I think Isshiki is interesting to me, but I do That's what I think. I was in a state of recognizing each other before, so how come I have become an ordinary tablemate now?

Okay, I admit that because Isshiki didn't communicate with me as usual, I was a little confused, so I said that this feeling is very annoying, why is it difficult to change the mode of dialogue when it forms a habit?

So I need comfort, whether it is for Isshiki's sudden ignorance of me, or for the comfort that Yukoshita's attitude towards her sister was obviously better than that towards me.

The best thing is the comfort from Ogiso-senpai, so it's really been a long time since I saw Ogizo-senpai!Although this very good relationship between me and seniors has lasted for two months, even though we have left each other's mobile phone numbers and emails, our contact with each other has been unexpectedly low recently, except that it is probably weekly Apart from the usual karaoke, I have no contact with seniors.

Although I know that my senior’s class is Class A of the third year, a first-year boy who rushes to find her will definitely be mistaken for another freshman under the skirt who wants to pursue Ogizo Yukina recklessly and will bring her There are some unnecessary troubles, which is a situation that the gentle Ogiso-senpai does not want to see.

So I can only pray silently, waiting for when the seniors who have finished their part-time work come to karaoke. This time, I will definitely delay the conversation with her in various ways. It would be better if I could go home together after the part-time work. .

However, this time, something to my surprise was that it seemed that I was waiting for my sister and her friends instead of Ogiso-senpai.

In other words, to be more precise, it belongs to the circle of friends of Yashan Hayato.

Among all the people, Ye Shan naturally appeared in the center of the crowd. There is no doubt about it. His conspicuous blond hair and outstanding height and temperament are also easy to make people feel that this is an absolute king. .

The king has been decided, but the queen has not been decided. Of course, I know that Ye Shan should not have a girlfriend, or his status determines that he must be very cautious when he wants to have a girlfriend, otherwise a simple ordinary girl will not be able to face Ye Shan. The jealousy of the fans and the worshiping eyes of that group.

However, the girl with blond curly hair in the crowd is obviously the person with the most potential to become the candidate for the queen. Although her clothes are indeed a little loose, it looks like a bit of "bitch" at first glance, but this does not hinder She was standing on the left hand side of Ye Shan at the position of stars and moons. Behind her, my sister and another girl with glasses were half a step behind and followed behind slowly—it was almost with the maid. same.

I suddenly felt a little unhappy. Although from the look in my sister’s eyes, she did not have the kind of fear that I should have of the curly-haired girl in front of me. This is very good, but my sister positions herself as a member of this group. The role of a maid makes me very uncomfortable. After all, you are also a person who can make the Yuuki under the snow slumped. Should you have a little self-confidence in yourself?

There are three other boys next to Ye Shan. I have some impressions of one of them. He seems to be a member of the football club. He has paired up with Ye Shan in group confrontation all the year round with two forwards. Compared with Ye Shan’s No. 9 and a half attributes, he It seems to be the center forward at the top.He looks grinning. This kind of person has only two personalities. Either the simple-minded and no scheming person, or the scheming person who pretends to be the kind of person in front of him, but he can get Yeshan from it. From the point of view of his trust, it is more likely that he belongs to the former type.

I’m not very familiar with the other two boys. One is more healthy and the other is more flexible. The former looks more stable, and the latter seems to be better at socializing. It seems that these are also fat people and monkeys. I think this should make some sense.

However, the Yeshan Group appeared in the karaoke where I was working, which is indeed a bit abnormal. To be honest, this karaoke is quite a long way away from Sou Wu Gao. It is definitely not the first choice for students of Sou Wu Gao. Of course, this is also Senior Ogizou. The reason for choosing here is that she didn't want to be found by other people about her interest in singing, so she deliberately chose a farther karaoke.

Therefore, why Yeshan Group came here is worth thinking about. I think one of the more reliable reasons is that they went here by the way when they went shopping. After all, this neighborhood should be the largest shopping mall in the neighborhood.But will these four boys really accompany those three girls to the mall?I doubt it.

Of course, I don't need to care why they appeared here, because when I watched them carefully, they should have seen me.Two of them should have recognized me.

My sister was stunned when she saw me. The idiot sister until now only knows about my part-time work, but not about my part-time work here. Of course, it is natural that she is also very happy to fight with me after she froze. He said hello: "Xiaohe! You are here!"

Ahla, I was really surprised by my sister’s performance, because in my impression, she would definitely appear to be very constrained in this group, and would not dare to speak without the permission of the Queen of her side. , And she can now speak to me without seemingly too worried. Is it really the result of the communication between Xuexia and her at noon?

"Yui, who is that?"

Of course, since my sister is going to do this, she must be responsible for explaining my identity to the curly hair queen.

"Oh, Yoko, that's my younger brother, who is also in the F group for one year."

"Oh, it turned out to be Yui's younger brother! No wonder he has red hair like Yui? Well, brother-kun, please give us some discount today!" The curly-haired girl named Yuko looks like a queen. At me, said lightly.

"Uh, sorry, guest, I am only responsible for the front desk management and charging. The specific discounts can only be determined by our manager."

My answer to Her Royal Highness is very simple. In fact, it is not uncommon for her to say this, because there are always noisy customers shouting "I am a regular customer" and asking for discounts or something.Of course, the words of this girl named Yuiko are obviously just polite, but the polite must make the correct reply.

"Just talk casually, Yui, your brother is very rigid! It's so boring!" The curly girl shook the hair behind her boredly, and shouted at Ye Shan behind her, "Hey, Hayato, this person is a knotty guy. Brother Yi, it’s hard to come by, isn’t it? Although you can’t ask for discounts, you have to be more dedicated to our service, so that’s okay!"

"For every customer, I will serve him the most, so there is no more dedicated statement!" Although I can be a little better and more flexible towards this curly-haired girl, but watching my sister behave to her just now There is obviously some concession posture, and I still have some discomforts. Therefore, although I can't directly offend my sister's leaders in this group, I can still confront her a little bit in terms of some of the employees' obligations.

"Okay, Youzi, don't be embarrassed by brother Jun anymore. After all, he is only working and has no specific service decision power, right?" Finally, after the curly-haired girl has made a lot of comments, it has been the curly-haired girl's eyes. Ye Shan in the center spoke. The curly-haired girl definitely likes Ye Shan. The sinful golden finders, hey!

Ye Shan did not appear to be acquainted with me. Although he did give me a deep look in surprise, it was probably because I was surprised that I was working here. I hope he would not mistakenly think that I was busy working. Reasons for refusing to participate in the activities of the Football Club.

Of course, Ye Shan’s act of pretending not to know me is correct. If he shows that he knows me, he must explain the process of getting to know me with others, so that my rejection of him will be exposed. , This will obviously cause trouble for me and Yui sister, so I am still very grateful to him.

This is the kind of tolerance a king should have, and he won't be upset for the rejection of a small person like me. The Sun-like Haysan Hayato, I feel this again.

"Hey, in Class F for the first year, isn't that in the same class as Cai Yujiang?" The smiling-looking boy who was in the football club with Ye Shan inserted in, breaking the slightly dull atmosphere just now, and seeing Come out, among the boys, this person should be the one who is responsible for maintaining the atmosphere of this group. The appearance of this kind of character is particularly important when my sister who was good at caring for the atmosphere of the group is now a little embarrassed because of my identity. , "Does Yui's younger brother have a relationship with Cai Yu-chan?"

"We are at the same table."

To be honest, I don’t know how to describe the relationship between me and Yi Shise Yu. If it is a friend, I have never met a friend who can’t say a few words all day long. If it is a classmate, I feel that I have been with Isse. "I know it again, it's not a classmate relationship!"Therefore, this kind of better "same table" relationship is a better choice.

"Eh, Xiao Cai turned out to be Xiaohe's tablemate?" Sister's somewhat surprised voice came over. Is it necessary to be so surprised?I’m not surprised that you belong to Yeshan’s circle. You have to know that I’m at the same table with Yi Shihui Yu-well, purely from the point of view of probability, it is indeed that I and Yi Shihui happen to be the same. The probability of the table is lower.

"Now, is the relationship between Xiaohe and Xiaocai not good? Did you say Xiaohe was just at the same table with her?" My sister is obviously interested in the relationship between me and Isshiki. What's so interesting about you? People and people of this type are not the same at all, okay?

"Should be considered good for the time being?"

I think it should be okay, although I repeat it again that she suddenly ignored me for a long time and it really made me annoying.

"Now, what do Xiaohe think of Xiao Cai? A very cute girl! If she is at the same table, Xiaohe must have a lot of opportunities to contact her—"

"Uh, there are seven guests in total, isn't it? So is it okay to have a large box with ten people?"

I quickly interrupted my sister's words, because I felt that if I continued speaking like this, the topic might have to develop in a strange place, so I said that although my sister is not the typical Yeshan-style presenter, she stayed in that circle for a long time. So, as expected, the whole person has turned into a love brain!

If Yi Hueiyu has a goal, it is obviously the Yeshan Hayato who has been coveted by Yumiko next to you. Don't think that Yeshan is unpopular just because you don't seem to like Yeshan!

Thankfully, my sister doesn't like Ye Shan, otherwise I really don't know how to treat Ye Shan.

"Hey, Xiaohe, tell me, tell me, you and Xiao Cai are at the same table!" Even when a few other people took them to the box, my sister still stared at me curiously, terrible In the gossip heart of girls, can they even give up their position in the group for the gossip of their younger brother?The scandal is really scary, I suddenly feel that Ye Shan is so pitiful, there should be more scandals surrounding him!

Of course, with Ye Shan's position, it is still impossible to inquire about such things from himself, unless that person really has no brains.

All in all, the sister and the group of seven people still went in to sing, and it was a bit late. Senior Ogizo wouldn't be here, right?

All in all, it was another disappointing day!

But it seems that God heard my cry. When I looked up, the smiling face of Ogiso-senpai appeared in front of me: "Aha, Kazuya, long time no see!"


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Chapter Twenty: Suddenly, Yubihama also faces Shura Field

Calm, calm, Yubihama Kazuya, please be careful, be calm.Although I have suffered from the syndrome of "I will be depressed without the comfort of senior Ogizo and then become depressed" recently, if this state of mine is displayed in front of seniors, I think I may still be judged by seniors. It was an idiot who was kicked away.