My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 37

So, I just said with the most normal expression:

"Senior Ogiso? It's been a long time since I came to sing! Can it be the previous box 21?"

However, when I tried to pretend to be a okay person, Senior's eyes were fixed on me. Nothing happened, right?I still have a little confidence in my self-pretending ability, absolutely, she will not let her see any problems.

"It always feels a little weird! It's obviously that I haven't come to sing for so long, but you don't find it strange?"

"It's not surprising. Seniors should have been busy working part-time recently! After all, I asked for so many days off to teach me to make chocolate cookies a few days ago."

"Ala, Kazuki, you still understand this! You know, I was blamed by the boss. It was obvious that I was a model employee and said that this result should be caused by you, right?"

Today’s Ogiso-senpai seems to have a lot of time. While leaning on the service counter casually, he really talked to me like usual chat. Of course, I’m very satisfied with this situation. Senior said a few more words, or even talk about Xuexia or Isshi, and even my sister's heavy harm to me is good.

But Obasan next door refused. In just three minutes, I have received two hints from the expression in her eyes that she also knew Senior Ogizo!Obviously there are no other guests to receive now, are you worried that Senior Ogizo will chat for too long and affect your turnover?What's a joke, how can Ogizeng Yukina once left without singing for two hours alone, do you need to be so anxious?

But I can’t resist Obasan, because she is a regular employee, and she is the person who supervises me. If she reports that I was wasting time in chatting with guests, I think I can’t wash myself off, I can’t If you lose this part-time job, you must know that this part-time job is the most vulnerable and the most stable opportunity to contact me and Senior Ogizo!

So, although it is a pity, I can only squeeze a business-style smile.

"Sorry, senior, it would be better for me to take you to the private room! Sound-of-destiny seems to be out of the live version of Rina Ogata recently. You can try the difference between the live version and the regular version!"

White-album and sound-of-destiny are like twin sisters. Mentioning one of the songs makes it easy to think of another song. The two songs have completely different styles, and the singers are also Different, the only connection is estimated that they are the first and second prize-winning songs in the same competition.

However, it seems that if you want to like these two songs, you have to like them together. This is the case of Ogizou, and I did the same after the introduction of the predecessors. And, according to my accidental discovery, Kitahara seems to have seen the guitar scores of these two songs. Coming.

Of course, speaking of Ogata Rina’s live version of sound-of-destiny, this is just an excuse for me to divert the attention of seniors. If I don’t use this method to attract Maiba’s Yukiso, I just want it relatively simply. If she was allowed to enter the box, she would definitely notice that something was wrong with me—it was obviously Obasan’s problem, not mine.

That Obasan probably didn't want to offend seniors, so he left this kind of thing to me-of course, in a sense, this problem was caused by myself.

But to be honest, the effect of this sentence is still very significant, because after listening to my words, Senior's eyes clearly light up.

"Really? Is it the live version of Rina Ogata's concert? Heisei 4 or Heisei 9? Or is it earlier?"

Well, don’t be so anxious. I don’t know which live version it is, but you are too terrible. For such an early concert, it must be difficult to find video tapes. You mean all Have you seen it?Although the time of the concert is already in Heisei, the song is undoubtedly the song of Showa period!Don't always do things that seem to expose your mental age!

I think if this is the case, Hiratsuka might have a chat with Ogiso-senpai, although the teacher would definitely not admit that he is so old.

"It's probably the one when the new song was just released. It seems to be at an awards ceremony or something?" I swear, I just made a nonsense, because sound-of-destiny was released early enough, you can find the Heisei era You haven’t seen the video resources of the Showa era, right?

But it turns out that I underestimated Ogizo-senpai. When I said this, she turned out to be more radiant because she was shining all over—I mean her spirit was more refreshed.

"Really? At that time, Miss Ogata was still very young! Of course she was already a top artist. But how did you find the resources at that time? I only watched vague videos and so on. At the awards ceremony at that time, there should be Morikawa Yuki? So the white-album live was also there? If I’m not mistaken, it should be the first time that Miss Morikawa sang white-album in public, right? It’s amazing! I can find such a remote resource for such an old song!"

No, no, you are better!God knows how senior you found this kind of resources that you think are in the corner. I swear to God that I'm just ridiculing.

"Okay! It looks like I can sing a good time today!" Senior enthusiastically stood up, and walked straight to her exclusive box-Box 21. Well, I don't know the sound-of-destiny. When was this live, but at least I completed Obasan’s mission, right?As for the questioning of seniors if something really goes wrong then, this is a future thing!

------------------------------split line------------------

Finally, I flicked the senior into the box. I suddenly felt a sense of emptiness. Why did I do so much before?Obviously I want to talk to seniors for a while, right?Why has it finally become a feeling of distracting seniors!I think I must be schizophrenic, definitely!

Under normal circumstances, I should light a cigarette silently, then spit out a cloud of mist, and make a hesitant expression-sorry, minors cannot smoke.

Or, raise your head and look up at the bright starry sky at an angle of forty-five degrees-ah, no, it's the shiny ceiling of karaoke, although there are more lights on the ceiling that look no different from the starry sky-but the point It is that this kind of self-depression will only be regarded as a disease-free fool.

So, I think it’s better to go to the bathroom to wash your face, and then get up to work again-and then when you finish working, go home with your senior, and with your senior, even if you make a detour, you should also go with your senior Come back home!

But when I came out of the bathroom after washing my face, I saw the familiar red hair and the dangling dumplings-I swear I just think this feature of my sister is more conspicuous and definitely not because I have already combined my sister with The dumplings are equal.

Having said that, I should feel a little guilty for my sister, because of the fact that Ogizo-senpai came, I seem to have forgotten all of them. It’s clear that I was talking to the person called Yoko. .

"Huh, Xiaohe?"

My sister still looks surprised. Is it such a strange thing to meet me here?

But I think my appearance may be even more embarrassing. Although my sister is not conscious of it, I think it should be a very embarrassing thing for my younger brother to be found working part-time.My younger brother has become the object of serving others, which should damage my sister’s image in the group.

Although this is something I just realized, but I think this is very important, so important that it makes me a little regretful, so I admit that I am Yuihama Yui’s younger brother, and the younger brother who can’t take care of my sister’s face is not a good brother. !

However, Yui sister who is more sensitive seems to have not noticed this. It should be said that she is too kind and does not think that others will be biased against her because her younger brother is working, or she is always sensitive. Suddenly got a little confused in the matter?

I tend to think it is the first point, because Yuihama Yui is such a kind person, and I believe that even if she has the same idea as me, she will recognize me resolutely.

"Um, Xiaohe, I'm sorry to show you how I am now."

My sister cringed and said to me, with a flattering expression on her face.

No, there are some problems. I should have said this to you, right?Obviously I lost your face. What do you mean by "showing you the way I am now"?

"Well, Xiaohe, don't be angry with Yoko and them! Yoko is just such a person. She is actually a very nice person. She was just joking to you just now! It's just that her tone of voice is a little strange when she speaks. !" My sister said to me while rubbing her hands.

Well, I did not expect that my sister would apologize to me for the attitude of the girl named Youzi to me. To be honest, I don’t take her seriously anymore. I have to deal with more unpleasant guests every day. Going too much, people like Youzi can at best be called a Queen's disease patient with excess self-awareness. The specific level and Xuexiaxue who are poisonous to me every day are so bad that I don't know where it is.

In other words, Yuihama Yui can obviously handle Yukoshita Yukino, but he can't handle Yuuki, which is really surprising!But this is also the so-called one thing drop one thing!

Of course, I can be sure that in the box, my sister will definitely apologize for the kind of face-to-face refutation I just made to Yoko, although I tend to think that the queen will not care about my small role, no Is it just the hard-hearted brother of a maid?This should be that Yuzi's evaluation of me.

"It's okay, Yui sister, you think too much! I wouldn't have an opinion on them because of such a trivial matter! If I were such a person, I would have been given by the Obasan next door. Excuse me! You know, my industry is more or less a service industry. The courtesy to the guests, but the basic needs!"

"That way, hehe, I'm still a little worried that Xiaohe will complain like at school or at home when he is working!" My sister gave an embarrassed smile.

How can this be done!I said that workarounds are necessary, and jobs are also necessary!

"It feels like Xiaohe has suddenly matured a lot after working, and I don't need to care about it anymore!"

No, no, no, although I have reservations about the first sentence, the latter sentence is completely nonsense. You don’t need to care about what it means. I have always been caring about you. Okay, you always like to be in strange places. Show off your sister's style!

However, unfortunately, Yuihama Yui's sudden "elder sister sex" feeling became overwhelming.

"By the way, Xiaohe, doesn't it matter if you go home from here alone? Wouldn't you ever take a stop on a tram? Can you find a way home?"

Please, if I can't do this, how did I go home for more than a month before, my sister is a fool, the biggest fool!

"Sister Yui can help if she is worried that she can't find her way back. Of course, if you want your friends to help me, it's not incomprehensible."

"It's too much! Xiaohe, although it's my first time here, I still can't take the tram wrong!"

You are setting a flag for yourself, a very dangerous flag!

"Besides, I will go back together with Youzi! And Ji Cai's home is very close to ours, so we will get off at the same stop. There is absolutely no problem!"

Well, I understand, I immediately added other people when I was not sure, and strengthened my confidence, which is really good!

However, it’s great that my elder sister can go back with her friends. If my elder sister goes back with me, I can’t go back with Ogiso-senpai, because let’s not say whether my elder sister knows Ogizo-senpai-it should be known, after all. The two-term Miss Chief Wu Gao is not blowing.The key is that my way home is not the same as that of seniors. This point will definitely be exposed by my naturally staying sister.

Of course, I am definitely not disgusting Yui sister, but as I said when I was stayed by Isshiki before, this kind of situation is very rare, and the time with my sister is very long, so we just You should start with the rarer things, right?

"No problem, I will go back by myself."