My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 38

I replied temporarily, I do things, you can rest assured, you must know that the wonderful mother can entrust you to me, and I can take care of you, let alone take care of myself. It's time, so don't worry!

"Well, all in all, I know that Xiaohe is working here. After that, we all come here when we come to karaoke? Will it increase your turnover?"

I remember this idea was proposed by Mr. Ogizou not long ago, so why are your ideas so simple!

"This shouldn't be there. My job is hourly pay."

"Eh, that's really Cannian!"

"But, sister, have you been out for a long time? If you don't go back, won't your friends come to you?"

"Ah! I forgot about it." My sister grew her mouth and closed her hair anxiously. "I originally came out to order some fruit. Now I'm patronizing and chatting with you, forgetting the business, Yuiko and they must be very Are you worried?"

"Don't you know that there is a button called room service? Just click it and I will come to help you!"

"Aha, forget it!" My sister made a cute expression.

Do not sell cute!Selling cuteness only reminds me of a color feather. That guy's cut is black when he sells cuteness, so selling cuteness equals black belly. Unfortunately, this concept has formed in my heart.

"All in all, if you want fruit, I'll just send it to you later. Is a large fruit platter enough?"

"Enough is enough! That's hard work and peace!" My sister nodded hurriedly, some little jumps preparing to leave.

My sister is going to leave at last, and now I suddenly think of it. Compared with Yui sister, it seems that I have been out for a longer time since I sent Senior Ogizo to the box. If there are a lot of guests at this time, then Ouba Sang will definitely eat mine.

So I have to go back quickly.

However, the subsequent voice made me feel that I should be unable to go back for the time being.

"Heya, are you here? You were lying to me just now! That live was obviously the one in 1997. I have watched it many times, so don't deny it!"

I have never felt so sad about the voice of Senior Ogizo. Why did Senior appear at this time?Why does it happen when I have been absent from work for a long time?Of course, why did you show up before your sister has left?

"But it doesn't matter, because I saw that you seem to have included powder-snow again. Although it is a bit sad, let's sing it together! Sing this song with me, and I will spare you."

I dare not look back at the appearance of senior, because in front of me, my sister was completely sluggish. After a long time, when senior had grabbed my shoulder somewhat casually, my sister was waking up like a dream. He said, "Well, Xiaohe, is this someone you know?"

At this time, Senpai seemed to finally realize that I had been talking to other people before.

Why are you two reacting so slow at this time!

Also, why did Yuihama Yui and Ogiso Yukina suddenly confront each other!This should be your first meeting!


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Chapter 21: Finally, Yuki Ogiso and Yui Hama

Chapter 21: Finally, Yuki Ogiso and Yui Yui missed the opportunity to be friends

Now, it doesn't make sense to entangle my sister and Ogiso-senpai this time when Mars hit the earth for the first time.

No, it makes sense. Why are you two looking at each other tit-for-tat now? If I don’t know that one is my sister and one is a senior I respect very much, I just think this is An asura fair unfolds!

"Um, Xiaohe, is this someone you know?"

Some rushing voices from my sister reached my ears, this, is Ogiso-senpai at first glance such a dangerous person?I know that the way she put her hand on my shoulder directly and casually just now is a bit inconsistent with the image of the kaolin flower that she usually has in school.

But shouldn't human beings always control face?The first reaction to seeing the straight face of the senior should be "Ah, this girl is so beautiful!" instead of thinking "Wow, this woman is so dangerous!"

While my sister was talking, she pulled me behind her. This should be the first time I felt my sister's nervousness towards me. Could it be that I have a natural hostility towards Ogiso-senpai who also has the attribute of "sister" ?By the way, I have to make a complaint. In terms of the attributes of "sister", Senior Ogizo completely overwhelmed you!

When my elder sister pulled me back, I also walked back, but at this time, I found that the hand on my shoulder didn't seem to loosen, but rather tightened.Is this the hand of Ogiso-senpai?This should be Ogiso-senpai's hand, right?So what's wrong with Senpai?

Turning my head, I saw that Senior’s expression was a somewhat angry expression that she rarely appeared. Although Senior seemed to be slightly better than her sister in this respect, she didn’t directly ask who the other party was--of course, it could be Senior from We guessed things in various aspects such as our dialogue and hair color.

However, the eyes of the senior still showed considerable dissatisfaction and curiosity, which made me feel that if I was dragged by my sister, she would definitely be angry, or pretending to be angry and ignored me for several days.

So, when one person is pulling me, and another person is pressing me, my best choice is to stand in the middle, put my sister down by the hand with a little bit of strength, and then shrink a little and escape. Senior held my hand, and I decided to speak to the two in the most pleasant tone that I hadn't shown for a long time.

"That, let me introduce you, this one is my sister, Yuihama Yui."

Senior Ogizo showed a "surely so" expression, and my sister, as if I had declared sovereignty, raised her head triumphantly, making me wipe the cold sweat from her head.

"This one is Yukina Ogizou, a senior at school, in Class A of the third year. Senior Ogizou has helped me a lot in various ways!"

I said this to make my sister realize that Ogiso-senpai is a good person to help me, not her subconscious enemy, but, as usual, once I say this relatively more obscure thing At that time, my sister could not understand.She just stared at senior curiously for a long time.

I don’t know why. When I introduced her, Ogizo-senpai also stood tall with confidence, probably because there are very few people who can compare with her on the bust—just kidding, or it should be simple Do you look weak in front of your sister?

Facts have proved that Senior Ogizo’s popularity is not just a bluff. After all, it is the top existence of a school that can be the Miss Chief Wu Gao and is expected to win three consecutive championships, and the older sister is the kind of gossip little queen-level figure. Just after a brief thought, my sister showed a suddenly realized expression:

"Is Yukina Ogizou from Class A of the third year the famous senior who was elected Miss Chief Takeshi for two consecutive years?"

"Yes, it's good for my sister to know Senior! Senior is a good person!"

I took the elder sister's words quickly. Judging from the contact between me and the predecessors, she didn’t seem to put the eye-catching name of Miss Zong Wu Gao on Kou Tuo, even, from the line between the lines, she Also expressed a certain reluctance to this title.

This is of course. To some extent, although I don’t know why the senior has such a personality that likes to communicate with people and is empathetic and easy to make friends, he is unwilling to mingle with the classmates around her-of course she does There are a few who can be called friends for the time being, but I don't think they are the so-called people who can really open up seniors.

However, it is undeniable that this title of Miss Zong Wu Gao undoubtedly put another shackle on her in addition to this character.

The flower of kaolin means that it is difficult to approach. If it can make people feel that real and within reach, it is not the flower of kaolin.Therefore, the seniors are actually trying very hard to show the image of the kaolin flower in the eyes of other people. I don't like such seniors, but my little selfishness wants seniors to continue like this.

Because, only in this way, the Ogiso-senior in front of me will be the real Ogiso-senior, and it feels like the unique Ogiso-senior that belongs to me.

Since you can’t make a decision, let’s go with the flow — I know it’s shameless, because letting it go is to let the predecessors continue like this, but the gentle feeling that seems to belong to me only makes me Can't bear to give up like a drug.

I think I should have been poisoned by the gentle Ogiso-senpai.

However, even if it is so, even if it is so selfish, I don’t hope that seniors will be misunderstood by more people. The title of Miss Chief Takeshi shouldn’t be the only criterion for my sister to measure Senior Ogiso. Therefore, in this respect, I Be responsible for not letting my sister have this preconceived state.

However, neither my words nor the identity of Ogiso-senpai didn't seem to relieve my sister.Is this weird?Yuihama Yui, who always treats other people with a gentle attitude, why is he so wary of Ogiso-senpai?Is the impact that Senior Ogiso slapped on my shoulder really has such a big impact on her?

"But for a girl like Ogiso-senpai, how did you meet Xiaohe? Didn't she lie to you?" My sister has a deeper suspicion of Senpai. She is in this state, like a hen guarding the calf. I know that your "sister sex" is necessary, but why should it break out in this state!I really don't understand the thinking circuit in Yui sister's mind!

Ogiso-senpai showed a pleading look at me, and I also understood what she meant. Senpai likes to sing. It is still a secret belonging to the two of us. Even Yui sister, I can’t reveal it, so I only There is a reason to be nonsense:

"This, in short, it's all coincidences. Senior fell on the way after school and I took her to the hospital."

Obviously, even my sister is very dissatisfied with my explanation. There is no way. It is true that a first-year student who has just entered Zongwu High School for more than a month recognizes the existence of the school’s top girls. The appearance of being familiar with her, this in itself is almost a fantasy thing!

If the reality is a galgame, I think this must be the treatment that the protagonist of galgame can enjoy!

"Xiaohe, let's be honest!" My sister's voice has improved a lot, obviously if I continue to answer this way, she will be more suspicious of senior.