My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 39

"I was pulled over by Kazuya to sing." Finally, Senior Ogizo opened his mouth to relieve me. "At that time, he seemed to have just started part-time work. He went out to distribute flyers and solicit customers. I was taken by Kazuya at that time. I caught it. To be honest, I was really taken aback at that time. The red hair was so obvious, it looked like a bad boy."

After speaking, Ogizo-senpai slightly expressed his apology to me, ah, gentle Ogizo-senpai, how could I not understand it? It should be said that seniors could think of such a good excuse in desperation. It's already pretty good!

"That's why Xiaogizeng-senpai will know Xiaohe, and she will appear in this karaoke far away from school!" My sister showed a suddenly realized expression, as if she had accepted this setting.

"Yes, yes, that's it!" To be honest, in just a few tens of seconds, I have discovered the loopholes in this explanation, such as why the seniors would hang around this place without anyone with them. For example, I obviously used an "unfriendly" way to solicit the senior guest, why is she and I have such a good relationship now?

Of course, fortunately, my sister's thinking is at least not as agile as mine, so she did not realize the basic error of this explanation of the senior.

"Ah, if this is the case, I can explain it. I was worried that Xiaohe had no experience in contact with girls and would be fooled by beautiful girls to find Kita! I'm sorry, Ogizo-senpai, I was not so friendly to you just now. , I'm just worried about Xiaohe."

What does it mean to have no experience in contact with girls? What does it mean to be deceived by a beautiful girl to find North?Have you eaten all the history of my country's middle period?

Even if you don’t count as junior high school, you only look at high school, is Yukoshita a beautiful girl?I was not deceived by her, am I?Is Isshiki a very popular girl?I was not deceived by her, am I?Besides, the most important thing is, Ogiso-senpai is obviously a healing character, right?Why should I worry about being deceived by someone like my senior?

Of course, I can’t tell my sister about these complaints, because I think I have been a bit too biased towards Ogiso-senpai before. I feel that compared to Ogizo-senpai’s slightly calm posture, I am a bit too harsh on my sister. Well, this is really bad.

"It's nothing, I always listen to Heye about his sister, but I never know what kind of person Heye's sister is! She also cares about Heye, she seems to be a good sister!"

To be honest, I suddenly heard a little coaxing feeling from the words of Senior Ogizo. "It seems to be a good sister" or something, just like saying "I will be a good wife", obviously. There is a preference for calming the mood!

But the point is, my sister seems to be very applicable to this sentence, quite applicable.

"Eh heh, is that so? Xiaohe has been complaining that I don't have a sister like me! I always say that I am a sister and I always want her to take care of me. I feel more confident when you say that, Xiaohe. And, Ogizo-senpai also said that I am a elder sister, so stop complaining in the future!"

This is not what the senior said that you are right, we have to look at the objective reality, so you really did not hear the soothing mood in the tone of Senior Ogiso?

"Yes, I am very concerned about my younger brother. This is the most important point of being a sister! As a sister, I also have a great say!"

I don’t know why, Ogiso-senpai looks more relaxed than usual in front of Yui sister. Although I can feel that she still has a sense of restraint when she speaks, at least her personality is like her usual. The more empathetic and slightly mischievous feeling has been fully revealed.

If my elder sister could become friends with Ogiso-senpai, how would I feel?

It must be jealous!After all, even if it is a sister, if you take away the senior, it will make me feel frustrated!However, you should be happy for Senior. Although you can talk to me, Senior may still lack someone who can discuss topics between girls on an equal footing with her!

The kind of intrigue between girls is far more nonsensical than that between boys, but if you get along with your sister, you don’t have to worry about it. Although Yui sister is a bit stupid, she is also a very gentle person. This situation is a bit strange, but if she can become a friend of Ogiso-senpai, it shouldn't happen the kind of things that seniors might worry about.

"Yes, yes! I care about Xiaohe very much. The key is Xiaohe doesn't understand me. Senior sister Ogizo really understands how an older sister feels! This kind of thing is Xiaohe and that kind of self-righteousness. The guy who doesn’t understand, you should also educate him!"

"Well, it would be better for Yubihama-senpai to establish her elder sister's majesty for herself! For younger brothers, especially for younger brothers like Kaya, don't be too tolerant!"

"Hmm, I understand!"

I once imagined the situation where Ogizo-senpai and her sister became friends, but I have noticed that Ogizo-senpai's name for her sister, Yubihama Xuemei, is a proper name for the family name.

If Ogiso-senpai wants to be friends with her elder sister, she will definitely take the initiative to call her sister's name. After all, compared to the situation where her sister knows almost nothing about Ogiso-senpai, Senpai knows her elder sister very well, at least from me Here, she should be able to know the character of her sister.

However, Ogizo-senpai did not show the idea of ​​wanting to continue to associate with her sister. Although she was very close to speaking with her sister in the tone of her speech, she still didn't.

I don't know why, and I can't understand Ogiso-senpai's thoughts, but even though Ogiso-senpai seems to be talking to Yuihama Yui comfortably, her heart is not open to Yuihama Yui.

For seniors and sisters, there won't be too many opportunities for them to meet each other again!Therefore, if you do not become friends at this time, it will be difficult to have a chance next time!

Suddenly, I want my sister to use her usual familiarity, to approach seniors, take the initiative to get close to seniors, but my sister did not do this, perhaps because she simply regarded Ogiso-senpai My brother's friend, maybe because she still has certain doubts about seniors in the subconscious mind?

Maybe, I should push them both, maybe mainly for Ogiso-senpai, but people like Senpai are also a help to Yui sister!

However, my sister didn't seem to give me this opportunity, and her cell phone rang unconvincingly at this time.

"Ah, sorry, Yuiko, I have forgotten the time when I talked to Xiaohe for too long, yes, yes, I've already said it, I'll go back soon, all right, I understand, that's it!"

My sister hung up the phone and made an apologetic gesture: "Um, sorry, Xiaohe, and Senior Ogiso, my friend is already urging me, I have to go, let's talk again when I have a chance!"

Then, my sister ran away in a hurry.

But maybe there is no next time, right?Looking at the distant back of my sister, I thought so.

On the other side, I don’t dare to look at the appearance of Ogiso-senpai, because I don’t know why Ogizo-senpai did not speak to her sister as much as when he was talking to me at the time. What will Ogiso-senpai’s face look like now?

"Now, Kazuya, let's sing "Powder-snow" together! Only this thing can't spare you!"

Ogiso-senpai's completely unchanged voice came.

"Well, let me send the fruit to my sister's box first, and there is just one song! Otherwise, I will be scolded by Obasan too--it should be said that I am going to be scolded by Obasan!"

"Oh, I know, I just want me to explain it for you, right? I understand it! Go away!"

I turned around. Of course, Ogiso-senpai's expression did not change.However, what makes people feel mixed is that Yuki Ogiso and Yui Yui have missed the opportunity to become friends.


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Chapter 22: In fact, Yubihama will not hide

Although Ogizo-senpai took the initiative to bring me in to sing with her, as in many cases before, once he picked up the microphone, Senpai would fall into a somewhat selfless state.

Of course, this is also good, because I, a person with a lack of tone, can finally avoid showing up in front of people like senior.

"Powder-snow" is actually a very nice song, but compared to the "white-album", the lovers seem a little sad and sweet because they can't meet each other, but they obviously have a sense of the future. The feeling of hope, the meaning it expresses is obviously more sour.

It was a feeling of nostalgia for what they once had. Although they have given up, they still have persistence and expectations, and have to tell myself to be strong. It seems that Morikawa Yuki and Ogata Rina also sang this song back then. The look of the tune, I don't know what emotion these two artists who are now top singers used to sing it.

But I don’t know why, when Ogizo-senpai told me this song, when I heard the tune and lyrics of this song for the first time, it made me feel another soreness in my heart that should be pursuing absolute calmness and objectivity.

Obviously something is wrong, but why don't you remember it?

"Hey, Kazuya, I'm a little distracted today! Although it seemed that it would have been the situation where I sang and you listened to it before, don't you seem to be listening to me singing today?"

"Sorry, I just think that the feeling of predecessors singing "powder-snow" is not as good as "white-album"."

As soon as I said the words, I felt that the question was a bit big. Yubihama Kazuya, what qualifications did he have to say these words in front of Ogiso Yukina?For a person who has almost no musical talents, I don’t even have the opportunity to evaluate Ogiso-senpai’s songs, right?

Sure enough, Senpai raised her eyebrows in surprise, but she didn't seem to express a very dissatisfaction, but looked at me with some curiosity: "He also rarely commented on how well I sang. Well, you used to only admire from one side. Although I like your praise very much, it would be better if I could comment on it."

"Talk about it casually, talk about it casually, just feel it, haha, haha!"

"Then tell me what you're talking about casually and what you feel, Senior Brother Yubihama!" Senior's somewhat dangerous eyes stared at me.

In fact, the senior’s singing skills are quite good. Although not up to the professional level, even if I am a music idiot, I can feel that her breath is very stable when singing, and her pitch is not off-track. This is definitely an amateur. A rare level among singers.

However, the most fascinating thing about Ogizo-senpai when he sang was the kind of emotional devotion, the radiant appearance of having already invested in the emotions.For example, when singing the winter love song "white-album", she has a strong expectation of feelings. Although my feelings are not so rich, the singing of Senior Ogizo is enough to all my limited feelings. Motivated.

But as far as "powder-snow" is concerned, Ogizo’s expression is indeed not so adequate. After all, she, who is not a professional singer, should still be unable to imagine this feeling of being strong in soreness. After all, she is just Just an 18-year-old high school student.

——It's as if you are a lot older than Ogiso-senpai.