My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 40

I think I can complain about myself silently. In addition, if possible, I don’t want Senior Ogiso to sing "powder-snow" with emotion. If you really have to experience it before you can sing this song. As far as the feeling is concerned, the choice of most people should be "do not want"!

"If you can't sing well, you can sing it and try it!" Obviously, my silence didn't exchange the predecessor's retreat. In exchange, it was her kind of unkind eyes, and obviously Dangerous words of molesting.

So, my answer is:

"I see, I'll give it a try."

That's right, I agreed. It should have been unexpected by Senior Ogizo, but it was very firm.

-------------------------split line-----------------------

(A little bit of fine snow is quietly falling from the other side of the sky)

(The snow caught in the palm of the hand makes people unable to let go)

(As if you stopped looking wherever you are)

(Did you remember while looking at this sky)

(You happily stepping on the snow)

(It’s so emotional in my eyes)

(I still remember the white snowflakes I saw that day)


(And the warmth of the lips that I first touched)


(I still love you)

(A little bit of fine snow is constantly falling on my body)

(Just like the gentleness brought by the warm you)

(You happily talking to me)

(It's so exciting in my heart)

(I am still like the pure white world I witnessed the day I woke up from a dream)


(And the coldness of the fingertips I touched at that time)


(I still love you)

(I still remember the white snowflakes I saw that day)


(And the warmth of the lips that I first touched)

(You are so pure and white like a little snow)

(I also want to become like you and I pray to the snow)


(I still love you)

--------------------------split line----------------------

I must be very difficult to sing, because more than once, I saw the frowning look of Senior, but Senior did not stop me. Maybe I can understand this as her politeness?

"So, what did Senpai say to me?" So in the end I finished singing the whole song "Powder-snow", and Ogizo Senpai looked at me with a strange look.

After a long time, the predecessor slowly spoke: "Heya, it seems, your secrets are more than I thought!"

What? Didn't I just sing a song?Although this is the first time I sang this kind of song in front of someone other than my sister, and, at least, this song should be the first time I sang this song. What is the reaction of seniors?Do you think my singing level is higher than she thought, or is it lower?

"Heya, is there a girl you like?" Senior suddenly jumped out.


What's the situation? Not long ago, my real sister seemed to ask me the same thing, right?Regarding my opinion of Yi Hueiyu, whether I like her or something, Ogizo-sen will definitely not directly ask me the opinion of this girl who actually has nothing to do with her-if it is related, I think it might be. This year Isshiki may be a new born calf and participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao.

But why do seniors suddenly ask this question? You know, even if I don’t have rich feelings now, even if I have nothing to hide from seniors, I would be embarrassed, right?

"Ah, forget it, it's nothing, I am really embarrassed to ask these questions!"

"It's nothing!" Suddenly a kind of embarrassing and tentative thought rose in my heart. Yes, although I can't think of it like this, at least, if it's a joke, I can still expect something. Of it!

"You can tell seniors!"