My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 41

"Eh, is it true? He didn't feel embarrassed? Even I was a little embarrassed to ask me this question suddenly!"

"It's nothing, because I like seniors!"

"Huh?" Senior Ogizo was obviously taken aback by my words, but then she reacted, touched my head, and said to me like a kid, "He is two years younger than me. Oh! Sisters and brothers love something, although it is very popular, I still haven't considered it! Don't overdo it if you are joking!"

"Yeah." I nodded, without speaking.

I may be crazy, no, I must be crazy. I said this in front of senior. Fortunately, senior understood my behavior as a joke. Fortunately, senior has a very gentle personality. , Otherwise, Yubihama Kazuya, this approach of yours is suicide!Even if it's a joke, you can't make it like this!What is the situation that makes me suddenly have this idea?

Obviously, before, I didn't have any unusual ideas about Ogizo-senpai.

Is it this song?"Powder-snow", from the first time I heard this song, I felt very familiar with it. After singing it, I really did a lot of mindless things!

"Well, Kazuya, you remember, if you really have a girl you like, you can't joke to her like you just said to me. The so-called love is not a simple way of confessing that a girl agrees. Process, but need to be psychologically prepared." Senior Ogizo suddenly gave me her love tutorial.

"Obviously I haven't been in a relationship, right?"

"Huh? What did you say?"

"No, it's nothing, seniors please continue."

"Yes, then continue to say that the so-called love includes your acceptance of the other person. Even if you like her, if you are not ready to be with the other person, you should not confess it lightly, because it is temporary Conflict and confession is the most hurtful. And for those who confess to you, you should also consider similar situations, because for girls, the so-called confession is not a matter of that girl alone, but also includes the surrounding What people say about her, you must know that girls are very sensitive. If you simply refuse, the impact is often not as simple as you think!"

Senpai continued to talk a little hurriedly, really, what is the use of telling me these topics about love?Knowing that the so-called "like" I just said was a joke, so are you dissatisfied with my somewhat indiscreet attitude?As expected of Senior Ogiso!It looks like an education.

"Relax, Senior, I don't have anyone I like now! And in my current situation, no one would confess to me, so I won't encounter these situations you mentioned."

However, although Ogiso-senpai's words still seem to make sense, I think I should stop all of this.

"Really, I think you should listen to these words, obviously the feeling you had when you sang, but there is a kind of—"

"No, senior, you think too much. This is the first time I sang "powder-snow". Although I have listened to this song many times, if you have an illusion, it must be because you heard me sing for the first time. Just adapt."

I knew what Senior was going to say, but I quickly interrupted her, speaking at the same speed as Senior Ogizo just now, in a hurry.

"Is that so?" Senior Ogizo looked at me earnestly, without the ease he was used to before, instead there was an inexplicable seriousness.

"That's it! You know someone like me!"

That's right, that's it!

"Okay!" The senior sighed and said, "Then you think I made a mistake! But then, going back to your song, your "powder-snow" sings better than I'm fine!"

"What?" I have some unbelievable comments from Ogiso-senpai. If not counting the previous catastrophic audition, this should be the first time I sang in a karaoke, and in this way, I came to my conclusion. Do you sing better than the predecessors?

Don't be kidding, even if it is me, can you feel that I was sung in a mess before?But seniors actually said that I sang better than her. What kind of logic is this.

But Ogizo-senpai didn't seem to give me too much opportunity to question her. She put on her signature smile again, stood up, and pushed me out of the door forcefully: "Okay, okay, and Also, now it’s the guest’s turn to enjoy singing alone, please ask the service staff to go out! Besides, you will be scolded by the aunt over there if you don’t go back?"

"Huh? But the predecessor said just now that you are going to help me explain there, so I can safely come to you. Senior, you are responsible!"

"Ah, what about this matter?" Senior's eyes rolled, "That's good. If Auntie is dissatisfied with your performance today, I will pay the fine for your part-time job today. Is that satisfied!"

"Isn't the problem here? Besides, I can't use your money from seniors!"

"So, if the service staff stay here again, I have to complain!" Senior said with a serious face.

In the end, I had to watch Senior Ogizou leave inexplicably, but I don't know if it was my illusion. When I left, Senior kept staring at me and did not move away, as if I was hiding something from her.

However, Yubihama and Kazuya will not hide anything. If he conceals something, it can only be something that Yuihama and Kazuya do not want to remember.

In other words, because the impression is too deep, I don't want to always mention things.


This chapter was actually not written when I wrote the outline, but when I wrote this chapter, I have been cycling the single "powder-snow", so I wrote this chapter on a whim, and it can be regarded as a pit for the protagonist. This plot also thought of a more emotional setting, but it seems that this style is not so in line with the style of the book.

So for the content of this chapter and the next, if everyone thinks it is possible, then I will add this story as a line. If I feel that the sense of violation is too strong, then I will accept it according to the situation.


Chapter 23: After a long absence, a color feather looks again

Chapter Twenty-Three: After a long absence, Yi Shiyu casts his sight on Yubihama Kazuya again

The following text

After various accidents occurred, a lot of part-time work time passed, and when I returned to the counter, I saw Obasan’s black eyes, although it was because there might be customers from time to time. Next, she can't reprimand me directly, but I believe she will give me a good lesson after I finish my part-time job.

Of course, fortunately, two hours later, Senior Ogizou rescued me. She waited for me by the counter when I finished my part-time job. Obasan probably felt embarrassed to teach me in front of Senior, so she treated me The punishment is estimated to be a small report hitting me in front of the store manager.

In any case, I fulfilled my wish to go home with Ogizo-senpai as I wished, and successfully avoided Obasan’s face-to-face reprimand, which gave me a decent end to my not so smooth day today.

By the way, my sister and the group left about ten minutes before I got off work. The fighting power of the seven people is not as good as that of the predecessor alone. This is really bad, so I have considerable reason to suspect that the only one in the group is very bad. Like the queen, the person named Yuko is the lead singer, and the others are soy sauce.

On the way home, Senior seemed to be in a good mood, at least humming all the way, and there was no such thing as the hoarseness of the throat caused by continuous singing for two hours.

However, I always feel that there is something wrong with the appearance of the senior. If she is in normal circumstances, she will take the initiative to say a few words to me, but this time, she has some self-consciously singing songs. , So, are you excluding embarrassment?If there is embarrassment, then it must be my previous "confession", then it must be clarified!

"That, Ogiso-senpai——"

"Heya, I have something to tell you--"

I began to wonder if some plots were arranged by heaven. The so-called situation where two people speak at the same time, and then they both show awkward expressions at the same time, should often be created in the drama to set off the embarrassing atmosphere, but if it is true If this happens in reality, I don't want to call it a coincidence, but I would like to evaluate it as "destiny"!

"Senior, let's talk about it first!"

So at this time, in theory, boys should first show a little gentlemanly demeanor, right?

"En, Heya, then I'll just say it!"

Senpai didn't give in with me as the normal script said, but instead of rejecting my kindness, he spoke straightforwardly.

"Heya, you must be cautious when you treat girls or something. In many cases, rash behavior includes more than just confession!"

Wait a minute, it feels like you have mentioned this before, right?

"Also, if you are emotionally flawed, don't transfer the object without authorization. That is a very irresponsible behavior to yourself!"

If I still have some words in the clouds in the previous paragraph, then I can still understand the latter paragraph. The predecessors of the relationship are still a little concerned about my so-called "confession" just now!Really, one should be more cautious. I really can't explain my performance at the time. It's really very sad!

"If you just nod, do you understand it?" Senior's somewhat anxious voice came over.


"So, what does He also tell me?"

"It's all right!" I shrugged, avoiding senior's question.

In fact, now I am more curious about the emotions of predecessor Ogizo than I am concerned about my previous behavior. I always have a feeling of incomprehensibility. She seems to be avoiding something, thinking of the school. Is the image of the flower of kaolin really just to satisfy and meet the wishes and opinions of other people?