My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 42

However, this question was obviously not something I could ask Senior Ogizo, and soon the road we walked together came to an end.

"Then hey, goodbye!"

"Well, goodbye!"

I thought I might have learned all the secrets of Ogiso-senpai, but it seemed that I didn't know enough, and this also made me rarely sleepless at night.

------------------------------split line------------------

As a result of insomnia, I became the focus of the teacher's bombing again in class.Because my science scores were deliberately failed, and my liberal arts scores have never been improved, I am now naturally a poor student in the eyes of the teacher, and the poor student naturally has no right to make irresponsible remarks against the teacher.

Of course, if we have to find a more gratifying result caused by this phenomenon, that is, after losing interest in me for a period of time, classmate Yi Hueiyu, again, with that kind of playfulness His eyes fixed on me.

I'm so happy for Yi Huishu's interest in me!

This is really unreasonable. Yuhihama Kazuya was actually cultivated into a trembling M from the subconscious mind of a color feather?This unscientific!

"Na na na, Kazuya, I am very depressed today! Tell me what happened!"

"Nothing! Go ahead! Labor and management are just very sleepy!"

"Scared!" Isshiki showed an expression as if he saw a monster, and then stood up very seriously, hammered my back hard, showed a caring look, and said, "Kazuya, you're fine. Right!"

Don't look at me like this, although your gaze is coming from directly above me, why can I feel the dazzling gaze coming from all directions of my whole body!Since you have the consciousness of recruiting guards in the class, you have to pay attention to poor me!

As for what I was complaining about just now that it seemed to "throw me away", I now think it's better for her to treat me cold like the other day.

This is the damn human being, the human being cherished only if you lose it!

"Why do you say I have a problem?"

"Because, if it was before, when I asked you something, your first reaction was to ignore me, right?"


In fact, it does seem to be like this. I used to be the image of a high-cold male god, and the Yi Huiyu who keeps asking me is like a little fan-well, this is purely my brain supplement, the actual situation It should be because I am tired of all kinds of tricks, so I can only treat her with a poker face forever, because poker face seems to be the simplest and most effective way to reject people.

"Right? Heya, if it were you before, you would definitely hide from my questioning, because that is something you don't want to expose, and you know if you tell me more, then these The possibility of things being exposed becomes great."

Isshiki said smugly, shaking her head.It's a pity that you have short hair. When you start shaking your hair, your hair can only have a small "brushing" up and down effect. If it is a sister, the feeling of the dough shaking constantly, or it is snowy. Shita or Ogiso-senpai, the feeling that long hair is constantly sweeping, I think it should be more vivid than the ups and downs of your short hair.

"So, this time, you actually agreed at the moment I asked, which proves that, at least today, at least on this topic, you want to talk to me, right?"

I was a general, I was a thorough general, a color feather, and occasionally showed her meticulous thinking and analysis ability. She is indeed a very talented person, at least a big one. The harmless appearance of humans and animals in front of most people is much more powerful.

"Broken up, are you satisfied!"

Indeed, I still prefer to talk to someone about yesterday’s situation. Of course, I can’t talk about the problem of Ogiso-senpai, so I just said one that is actually far from the real reason, but it seems to be incompatible with the real reason. The incident is a little bit side-by-side.

At least I "confessed" and was rejected by the seniors. This should meet the criteria for broken love, right?

It’s actually a good choice to be perfunctory to Isshiki for practical reasons, because compared to another person who may be concerned about my lack of energy and worry about it-Yuihama Yui may make things such as "How Let's do it? Xiaohe is broken in love!", "Come on, Xiaohe, it's okay, you'll be able to make it through" and some funny and helpless support, Isshiki should at least give a sound-sounding answer.

"Well, is that the case? If this is the case, I can introduce a few girls to know you? A boy with natural red hair like you is still rare!"

This is Yihuhuiyu’s answer, a very typical one. For this kind of depressing so-called "lost love" thing, if she encounters it, she should be able to adjust it quickly, and then quickly Another person launched the offensive.

By the way, if she is really interested in Ye Shan, and Ye Shan finally rejects her, I can already see the end.

However, before I finished talking about this wave of brain holes, Isshi suddenly covered his mouth in surprise, then showed a "very dangerous" expression, and said seriously: "No, don't you want to use this fact to stimulate Start my sympathy and want to attack me? I admit that I do sympathize with your current situation, but I think if you want to pursue me, you should continue to work harder."

Ah, I should have expected it a long time ago. This is the most normal answer. This one gradually thinks that he is cute and then thinks I am pursuing her answer.

Of course, for this kind of usual good person card, I can’t tell if this is her truth or ridicule. Compared with Yukino’s “Yes, I’m so cute, I never say it. The look of "false words", the feeling of "Hey, I am cute, right? But this cuteness may be pretended by me!" feeling even more elusive.

"Compared to the latter way of comforting me, it's better to find a few girls to meet me-this is a joke!" I said with a prolonged ending. After all, I am not really broken in love, I just want someone to talk to That's all, even if you can't mention Ogiso-senpai's situation, it's okay to raise some sideballs.

"Well, I also think it's not reliable to introduce you to a girl. After all, you seem to be just a male high school student who has bad grades and bad sports, and then is very stingy in front of the girls. This seems to be your only one Attractive feature-the red hair is completely suppressed, it's really sad!" Yishi said, dragging his chin.

So what you mean is that if I have good grades and amazing sports, and then behave like normal boys in front of girls, some girls will like me. Does that mean?

It seems that you are talking about me when I was in middle school. At that time, I was in a public school, and my family didn’t have to pay for a private high school for two people. So even if I didn’t work, my pocket money would be more than it is now.Naturally, he won't be too pretentious in front of girls.

So good education is based on money, and modern society has been corroded by money!

And Isshiki's thoughts seemed to be surprisingly consistent with mine. Soon, she looked at me with interest.

"By the way, Heya, did you have a girlfriend when you were in middle school?"

"Huh? What nonsense? Of course not!"

"Is that so? But I think you will be very popular in middle school!"

"Well, if there is a girl who is willing to socialize with someone who is arrogant to others all day, that girl is too good-tempered, is the so-called modern Yamato Nadeshiko? This is really sighing, isn't the girl after Heisei Are they all pursuing freedom and liberation? There are no girls with that traditional style!"

"Unexpectedly, He also has some machismo!"

"No, no, no, it has nothing to do with macho. I was just discussing my character at the time and couldn't find a girlfriend. Of course, according to your statement, I can't find a girlfriend even more in the present state."

"So it's normal to lose love with Yeah!"

"Yes! Quite normal!"

"Then do you still confess to other people? What kind of girl is that girl! I always think it might be a top-notch presence in the school or something!"

No, it’s a bit dangerous. If this continues, I think Isshiki might really slowly focus his attention on Ogiso-senpai. I have an obligation not to let Ogiso-senpai bear more eyes and more pressure. Therefore, Stop this topic!

At least, I can't let Yi Shiyu know this.

"It's okay! It's just a twitch of brain, the school girl from middle school."

I don't know why, but I made such a word out of a ghost.

It feels like a feeling of nostalgia and natural speaking.

"Really? I think I should like that kind of sister who is good at taking care of people!"

"Ah, if it's the kind of instructing person, preaching to others, I think she should have done it."

It is a very natural reply, as if this person really exists, it is really strange!

"Do you preach to Kazuya? This girl is really amazing! But you would like people who interfere with you. You should hate this kind of existence, right?"

"I didn't hate—"

The image of a certain person in my mind is getting clearer and clearer-wrong, so stop!

"Doesn't you hate me?"