My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 43

"Sorry, Isshiki, I need to calm down!" I abruptly stood up, and rushed out of the classroom while Ishiki stared in astonishment.

Although it's just casual fabrication, I always feel that the girl I fabricated does exist and should exist.

No, it won't exist, it's definitely just made up!That should be it.

Although a little weak, I still defended myself.


Suddenly, the pit made by the brain hole is dug, and the next chapter returns to the scheduled plot. I hope I can remember this setting by then.


Chapter 24: Still, Higiya Hachiman's heart is closed

The long-lost conversation with Isshiki did not relax me, but made me feel a little awkward and unpleasant. Therefore, I spent the entire afternoon in a trance. .

So, after school, I habitually walked to the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

Yes, habitually, walked towards the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

As I mentioned before, the power of habit is terrible. It can make you feel dependent and familiar with an environment without knowing it. And I need to add one more point. The more terrifying point is that even if you are conscious When you reach this feeling, you still want to avoid it, and it will gradually erode your psychological defense without you knowing it.

And my line of defense may have collapsed. Although I don’t like the people in the Ministry of Service, and even though I still have a slight expectation for the bet of Mr. Hiraizuka Jing, I find that I feel that every day is out of school. Afterwards, even if it is idle in that room for a while, it is not an unacceptable thing.

As for another club of mine, it seems that I have forgotten the light music club for a long time. I don’t know its status anymore. Even, the only channel I can inquire about that club is my sister who is a gossip girl, because , The second-year Tomo Yanagihara, mentioned by the previous Iizuka-senpai, seems to have joined the club and began to prepare with other members.

Obviously there are still five months left before the school festival, these guys are really enthusiastic!It is estimated that the senior high school boys headed by Iizuka Manager would like to use this so-called school festival as the last high school carnival and curtain call performance!

In short, it seems meaningless to entangle this question, because even if I go back at this time, I am destined to only become a player in the club. Other seniors will not have time to teach me the guitar that has almost no progress. I don’t It's good to be called a killer by them.

So, I might as well stay in this ministry.

Especially, when I first entered the door, I saw that some dazzling red hair and the fact that my sister was here, made me suddenly feel that this club is not so difficult.

No, wait, sister is here too?

My older sister, Yuihama Yui, who shouldn't be a member of the Ministry of Service, Yui Yui, how could she appear here?

"Ahalo! Xiaohe, welcome back!" My sister gave me a happy smile when I entered the door, allowing me to enjoy a "welcome" that did not exist before in the ministry, which made me quite moved— -But this is not the point!

"Huh? Why are you here?"

"Eh, how come even Xiaohe said that?" My sister showed a somewhat aggrieved expression and said, "Small enterprises just asked me like this? I just have nothing to do after school. Isn't it normal to be here? ?"

"Well, if it’s relatively idle, it’s understandable-no, even if it’s relatively idle, it’s not understandable, right? You are not a member of this club. Your presence in this classroom is also an interference to other people’s club activities. what!"

"Hey, but it seems that everyone is just reading books or playing mobile phones leisurely, and is not doing any specific club activities?" My sister's eyes rolled and asked with some doubts.

I think she is really puzzled. In fact, I also feel very puzzled as to whether this society is useful. After all, if you don’t take the initiative to seek help from other people, you just wait in this remote corner like a counseling room. If other people take the bait, then the significance of the existence of this society is indeed not great.

After all, if Yui sister listened to Hiratsuka-sensei and came here to ask for help, you can't expect everyone to inquire about this place and ask for help like Hiratsuka. Is this too nonsense?

However, the focus now seems not to explore the meaning of the future existence of the Ministry, but to remove Yui sister from this place-although I don’t know why my first reaction is to remove her, I can only understand. To join the embarrassment of an outsider in a familiar environment without authorization!Even if the closest person like Yui sister appears in this kind of place, and exists as a "host" rather than a "guest", is this really awkward?

So, I turned my gaze to Yukino Yukoshita. If the Minister personally refuses, then Sister Yui will be enough, right?

However, Yukoshita's eyes were rarely removed from her sister's body?What's wrong, Minister, speak up!Bring out your majesty as a minister!When you face us, you speak so sonorously, well-founded and well-founded, why can't you use your attitude to confront your sister!

So, at this moment, I remembered that Yukino Yukoshita seemed to be very bad at dealing with Yui Hama.

I glanced at the other side with the dead fish-eyed Higiya Hachiman who was looking at me. Suddenly, I felt that I and this gloomy person felt sympathetic to each other. Probably, we all felt that Yui sister was invading our territory without authorization. Right-this is just like a barking puppy whose territory has been divided.

"Xiaohe, do you really don't want me to stay here?" Seemingly aware of my embarrassment, my sister showed a tearful expression, which was her usual expression when she begged me.

Hey hey hey, are you fouling?Yui Yui, I also said that I should have no resistance to your expression!

"Well, this is not the case, it was just a little unexpected at first, but—"

"So, then I'll stay here! Please advise, Owa!" Of course, Yui sister did not give me the opportunity to continue saying "but", she happily bowed to me Bow, and then "arbitrarily" obtained my permission-although it seems that my permission is not important to stay here.

Well, forget it, on the bright side, my sister is staying here, and at least I have added a companion-I will never admit that Higiya Hachiman is my companion against Yukino.

"Then let's continue talking! Koyuki, the Matsudo ramen shop I told you about—"

My sister happily turned her head back to talk to Xuexia, and she put me aside. Although I have done many similar things before, I still feel a little lonely!

What they were talking about seemed to be something related to Chiba. Although I am a person from Chiba, I do not have the same love for Chiba as my sister.

But Xuexia also seems to be a Chiba control, which really surprised me.

Wait a minute, judging from the way that Biqigu listens carefully to their conversation and then mutters words in his mouth, Biqigu Hachiman seems to be a Chiba control too!

Wait, three Chiba control vs me, this one is not Chiba control, I feel a little bit of isolation!

So, I went back and filled up the information about Chiba. I am ashamed to say that when my so-called hometown existed, I needed to find information about this place from the wiki. Isn't this a feeling of turning the cart before the horse?However, at least after wikiing these things, I feel that I still know a lot about my hometown, some Jomon ruins and the like, although there seems to be a slight deviation from what my sisters said!

However, how much can I talk about?

However, by the way, when did I start to not care so much about the usual actions of those people, not so much about the difference in the nature of understanding between me and them, and want to integrate with them?

Sure enough, the reason should be attributed to the terrible habit!Really.

---------------------------split line---------------------

On the way to the ministry of worship the next day, I met Hachigaya Hachiman. He still carried the schoolbag hanging on his shoulder with one hand, and walked slowly to the classroom of the ministry, seeing me At the time, he just paused slightly, and then after I followed up, he continued to walk forward without saying a word.

what the hell!It feels like the colder guy who is waiting for his girlfriend. This guy seems to have no experience of female sex, right?However, this movement is very easy to learn. It is estimated that this movement can attract some girls.

But on the way to the ministry, I didn’t talk to Higiya Hachiman. To be honest, I really rarely have two boring gourd-like figures together when talking to him, even if they walk side by side. It should be just the kind of boring situation that goes all the way.

However, it would be better to have a conversation?

If it is in galgame, facing such arrogant and unwilling to speak characters, first talking is definitely an important way to increase favorability, even if the first time talking is definitely despised by the other party, but this is often a strategy The first step!

However, Higiya Hachiman is not the heroine of galgame, and I am not a player who is playing galgame, so if you talk to me, it is better to thank Bumin.

However, should I talk about it?

This world is not the kind of black and white world, it's not a world where you shouldn't talk to each other without trying, is it?

Therefore, I bravely took the first step to talk to Higiya Hachiman.

"Ah, that, senior than Qigu?"

"..." Biqigu didn't even reply "um", just raised his head and looked at me. Are you so indifferent to people?In addition, although I think you may want your dead fish eyes to make a confused expression, but I think the more you want to express that you are listening to me, the more your dead fish eyes will disdain me. Gu's appearance, okay?

However, this kind of complaint should be said later, and now it is better to find a way to talk to him!