My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 44

"Well, Senior Biqigu, you are in the same class as my sister, right?"


Biqigu's answer is concise and concise-this is a commendatory statement. If it is derogatory, Biqigu's dialogue is a huge failure in social interaction. This "right" answer almost blocks the other party. There is no room and space to continue to speak, and the other party is completely denied the opportunity to continue speaking!

Of course, maybe this is exactly what he wants to achieve, maybe!

So, I still have to rely on my own efforts to carry on the dialogue!

"That's why, what do you think of my sister."

"Bi Chi."

It's another concise answer, but your answer is very hurtful!You know, you have to say this evaluation in front of someone else’s younger brother. Although I admit that my sister is indeed a bit sexy in dressing style sometimes, the evaluation of "Bichi" should definitely not be used for Yubihama. What about the clothes!Therefore, these words make people feel a little bit angry!

"Although everyone has their own evaluation," I tried my best to resist my urge to beat Biqigu, and explained cheerfully, "My sister is definitely not the kind of person you think! I don't I know where you came to this conclusion, but this conclusion is absolutely wrong."

"Well, this was the first reaction, it's not anymore," Biqigu said slowly, "The people in Chiba shouldn't have bitch, and those who know and like Chiba are even more unlikely."

Although the previous evaluation was corrected, the corrective approach does make people feel somewhat awkward. It should be said that it is the mutual understanding between Chiba Controls, or the so-called blind trust in Chiba Controls. What?

"Yeah." So, I was still trying my best to provoke the topic. It was too exhausting to have a conversation with Biqigu. He wouldn't be like his sister or Isshiki. He would take the initiative to keep talking about a topic. Like Xuexia, she can continue to talk about it when she is really interested in a question.

Biqigu, even if he is really interested in something, he will not take the initiative to continue talking. The lonely long-lived man always surrounds himself with a wall, and occasionally throws a wall through this wall. Zhiqiu communicates with the outside world, but he will never feel the opportunity for him to climb over this wall and continue to talk with others.

Of course, it may be because he is unwilling to communicate with unfamiliar people.

"By the way, the other day when Senior Xuexia and her sister asked me to have dinner together, my sister came to the club classroom very late, and Senior Xuexia went to the classroom to find my sister. What happened that time?"

"Well, that time," Higiya took a look at me and said, "Yukishita helped Yuhihama solve some problems. This Yuhihama refers to your sister."

"I know it's my sister! I also know what Yukoshita must have done. I mean, what happened? I can guess the general situation, but I don't know the actual process."

"Oh, it's—"

Finally, with my persistent efforts, Biqigu finally had the meaning to continue talking to me, but before he could say the next thing, he closed his mouth again.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"Front." Biqigu pointed to the front. The door of the club activity classroom, which should have been deserted, seemed to be crowded with two people now.

"Is it someone who is coming for help?"

But when I came closer, it was my sister and Xuexia.

However, what is the situation, Yukoshita Yukino and Yuihama Yui, why should they not move in at the door of our own classroom?

Of course, on the other hand, what makes me feel a little bit is that this time the plan to talk with Higiya Hachiman ended in failure. Maybe next time I have to talk, it will be more intense to offend his worldview. Okay?


Chapter 25: Suddenly, Higiya Hachiman meets

Chapter 25: Suddenly, Higiya Hachiman meets a tough opponent

It feels a bit synchronized. Biqigu and I took a step forward at the same time, ready to talk, but it was precisely because this synchronization seemed a bit too abnormal, so when we took that step at the same time, we just Aware of the sense of violation.

Therefore, our second step was a tacit choice-going backwards.

——To be honest, this is too tacit understanding!

Well, all in all, Biqigu and I were in a rather awkward situation. Both of them deliberately went to find out what Xuexia and sister were doing at first, but they both chose immediately after realizing that each other had this meaning. To shrink back and let the other party do these things-as if this kind of humility is a necessary etiquette.

"Go ahead and ask! You have a better relationship with Yubihama sister." Hikitani simply angered and said.

Okay, although I know that the "sister" you call your sister is to distinguish my sister from my surnames, but you shouldn't just call my sister "sister", okay, you two A student of the same level said, this kind of title of yours feels like taking away the patent that belongs to me only!

However, since Biqigu said this first, I will ignore his name for the time being, but next time I must find a better way to distinguish my sister's and me. This is not only important to contrast with Qigu, It should also be more useful to prevent Xuexia from giving me a bad name.

Of course, you don't need to expect Biqigu and I to be modest in this matter for a long time. It should be said that from the beginning, when we both stepped back inexplicably, this matter was meaningless.

However, it seems that I no longer need to find out why, because at this time, my sister seems to have discovered the situation of the two of us. However, to my surprise, she did not ask why I and Biqigu were together. Appeared, but shook his hand to me in a hurry, and expressed a secret sign when the two of them ran out to play together when they were young-a gesture of "silence".

I immediately understood my sister’s suggestion, but Biqigu didn’t understand the situation at all. He probably felt that I had no response after walking a few steps forward. He quickly stepped forward and asked, "You are What's the matter?"

"Quiet! Quiet!" My sister was taken aback by Biqigu, and jumped up like a cat with fried hairs--or, referring to the trembling ball on her head, said one with fried hairs. Would a dog be better?

And the other side didn't notice our Xuexia, and because of Biqigu's words, his body couldn't help but tremble. It seems that the observation was really serious and careful just now!

"Eh, okay, it's my fault." Even Higiya Hachiman should understand the reason why the three of us should keep quiet — no, I don't know, I kept quiet only because of my sister's gesture — —Biqigu also deliberately lowered his voice and asked, "So what are you doing?"

"There is a suspicious-looking person in the activity room." My sister said bluntly, while continuing to observe carefully and carefully through the gap in the door that was only a little open.

To be honest, I really feel a little helpless for my sister’s shocking personality. I always like to say something that is not very important, and then has a serious face that makes people feel real. There seems to be something serious.

But in fact, this kind of thing is not "Ah, Xiaohe, Sabre's not enough to eat, we should go buy some", it is "Ah, Xiaohe, I told you, I met in school today When I reach a very interesting person, I have become good friends with him!" This kind of nonsense is not so fussy.

And, to be honest, compared to some suspicious person in the classroom, it was obviously sneaky looking inside through the crack of the door, and then constantly screaming "Woo". You two are more suspicious, right?

Turning my head and glanced at Biqigu's expression, from his expression, I can feel that although he should not know my sister as much as I do, the mentality of wanting to complain should be the same?

"The suspicious one is you two!" Biqigu said with tilted eyes.

I even said it, Biqigu, really courageous!I was just spitting out in my heart, you actually said it!Although I think this approach of yours may be a subconscious reaction, I still want to give you 120,000 praise for this approach of directly attacking Xuexia.

Because, I can imagine the following Yukoshita Yuki's harsh reaction against Keiya Hachiman.

However, what happened next seemed a bit beyond my expectation. Xuexia did not show that he wanted to blame Biqigu on the other hand, but rather impatiently and said to Qigu, "Well, instead of If you pay attention to our affairs, you might as well go in and take a look at the situation inside."

By the way, I was still skeptical just now that my sister was bluffing and why Xuexia had to accompany her to make trouble. Now I understand a little bit. Judging from Xuexia's cautious expression, in the activity classroom of the Ministry of Service , It seems that something terrible has really happened!

Really, I want to see it!

I walked in front of my sister and blocked my sister behind me. Then, watching Biqigu, who was slowly walking in front of the three of us, slowly pushed open the door of the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

On the other side of the door, it shouldn't be a supernatural sight!

I don’t know what Biqigu saw when he opened the room first, but from the perspective of the closest person standing behind Biqigu, I just saw a piece of snow white, which looked very different in this ministry classroom. Normal snow white.

This feeling, coupled with the windows that were opened at some unknown time, and the sea breeze blowing in from the windows, seemed to be resurrected in this classroom after the wind and snow in the winter that had ended for more than two months.

Afterwards, I understood the origin of this somewhat unexpected white color, which seemed to be the feeling of the white paper being blown away by the sea breeze-uh, when did the classroom have so much paper?

However, next, I think I might understand why there are so many papers appearing, because a man is standing upright in this slightly glowing white.

Well, I deliberately used the phrase "stand upright" because this man seems to be really trying hard to stand up straight, but from my perspective, the curve in front of his belly seems I'm really sorry, coupled with the asymmetrical legs compared to the horizontal proportions, even if he stands upright, it seems that he is just staring at the sky, like a frog standing upright. same.

So it seems a bit wrong to describe him this way. The height of this person is still good. It is just because the horizontal development is also very good that this feeling has formed-I am deeply sorry for this visitor whose name I don't know yet.