My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 45

"It's a very strange guy, but it's not as serious as what you said?" In short, although I didn't see the guy's face clearly, the general ratio of horizontal width to vertical length is somewhat stupefying. There is generally no threat in my heart.I bumped into Biqigu in front of me with my elbow, hoping to get his approval. It seems that the timing of my complaints today is a bit close!

However, Biqigu did not follow me like I thought. His first reaction was even a step back involuntarily. Then, there was a feeling of eating flies on his face. At that moment, I'm sure that at that moment, he even showed a weak expression of wanting to escape.

But not?That Hachigaya Hachiman was also shocked by the person in front of him.The two girls were frightened by this kind of horrible looking man. Why do you want to escape? Biqigu’s evaluation grade in my heart instantly dropped two levels!

But then, I understood why Biqigu wanted to escape.

"Hmm, I'm so surprised that I will meet you here. ——I'm so impatient to wait. Higiya Hachiman!"

Probably someone who knows Biqigu and seems to be very familiar!If you’re someone familiar with Biqigu, you know a lot of Biqigu’s internal affairs. When you encounter this kind of person, it is definitely a natural enemy for a loneist like Biqigu. If so, understand The idea of ​​Biqigu is not difficult.

Moreover, this person does not seem to be so pleasing. Let’s not talk about the horizontal and vertical proportions that I have just complained about. The first pair of black-rimmed glasses, do you think you are Conan, Conan’s Body proportions are much more balanced than you!In addition, in this season, although the weather should be a little bit cool, what does it mean that you are wearing a coat, wearing fingerless gloves, and sweating? If you feel hot, don't pretend it!

So, I feel that this person is indeed an abnormal person at least!Let this kind of person become someone who understands you, I can only say one thing: Sorry!Higiya Hachiman!

However, it is obvious that, except for the fact that I was able to immediately understand Biqigu’s mentality of wanting to hit the wall, other people should not understand this situation. Therefore, I heard Yukoshita Yukino’s curious voice: "Biqigu, that The people on the side seem to know you—"

Xuexiaxuena is indeed full of attributes that strike people. Whether this attribute is an active skill or a passive talent, looking at Biqigu, he wants to admit it, but there is a feeling of dying to deny it. I think I can give He kicked him and let him stay away from this place of right and wrong.

Of course, Xuexia is not the only one who filled with "Strike Biqigu skill points", because the strange-looking man over there also gave Biqigu a knife without losing the opportunity: "I didn't expect you I forgot my companion's face... I really misunderstood you, Yawata!"

Companion or something, this guy, where does the second disease come from?Are all high school students alright?Even I am about to make my debut in high school, and there are still people who are immersed in the second form of illness. This is really a pity!

Of course, the taunt value of this guy in front of him is really high!Because, when he finished speaking, I could clearly feel the sister behind me leaning toward me, and then grabbed my sleeve with some care, and said softly: "He will take care of you. Companion..."

Although I can't see my sister's face directly, I can feel a cold air coming from behind me, ah, classmate Biqigu, that's my sister!Yui Yui, who is known for his kindness to others, even hates you!

Although I think someone like Qigu who doesn't need friends doesn't care so much about other people's sights, obviously, he can't be as old as an absolute saint.Therefore, it seemed that some could not bear the piercing gaze of other people around him, so he finally lowered his head, some quietly, and some explanations generally: "It's just that the physical education class is divided into the same group..."

Well, that's how it is!Feeling disappointed!I thought it was a guy who was familiar with Higiya Hachiman, and then I could take the opportunity to swindle some information about Higiya from him!If it's just a group of peers in physical education class, it is estimated that there will not be so many contacts, right?As for the seemingly familiar relationship that this guy just mentioned, it is probably the self-imagination of the person who suffered from the second illness!

However, I hope to get information from Biqigu, what is going on, I am not an intelligence dealer or something!Absolutely not!It just happened to feel that there was a chance and then I was more curious!Sun Tzu's Art of War once said: Know yourself and the enemy, and win every battle.Biqigu is ultimately one of the targets I want to persuade to change, so knowing a little about his usual situation will help me change his mind!

"What's the matter with you, Zamuza?" Biqigu's voice came out. Judging from his performance by calling out the opposite person's name, he seemed to have finally admitted his defeat and no longer tried to hide his relationship with the other party. That's it!

However, I feel that at the moment I was stunned, it seemed that I had missed the section of the second illness that was meaningless but could easily make people angry. It is because I can drive Bi Keya Hachiman to such a degree of helplessness. That guy named Cai Muzuo still has the power to torture people in nonsense!

And then, I also saw the enthusiastic response of the fellow named Caimuzuo compared to Qigu: "Well, did you finally say the name engraved in your heart? Yes, I am General Jianhao·Zaimu Zuo Yihui!"

Well, you don’t need to shake your coat, and you don’t need to make such a rare man's expression. So, is this man called Yoshiki Zamuza?It is really annoying for people who are still full of breath after the second disease stage!


After updating the achievement for two consecutive days, I quietly gave myself a like.


Chapter Twenty Six: However, Yubihama and Kazuya do not like Secondary Two either

Obviously, Biqigu’s reaction was the same as mine. In other words, his reaction was the same as that of the other three of us, that is, he unabashedly revealed the feeling of disgust for the person in front of him, but, Obviously, because of the preconceived belief that Biqigu is very familiar with this guy, both the sister and Xuexia have transferred their dislike for the second disease in front of Biqigu.

Well, there is no way for this. In many cases, humans have to withstand such pressure, which is often not your problem. You have to accept other people’s criticisms simply because you are connected to what they hate. I think, I think people like Biqigu should be able to see this through, right?

But, obviously, even if he knew this truth, it was still uncomfortable to be regarded as a perverted companion with the second disease. Biqigu was unwilling to bear such an attitude, so he quickly wanted Distinguish the relationship with that person: "It's just a group with this guy in gym class, nothing more!"

Well, although I think that by doing this, Biqigu will only smear myself more and more darkly, because I have already seen Xuexia's S-shaking tongue mode fully opened.

"Sure enough, things gather together, and friends are a traitor!"

Beautiful summary—Although it may be a very bad summary compared to Qigu, all in all, this guy has now been nailed to the pillar of shame by Xuexia.

Therefore, for the purpose of humanitarian relief, I think I should punish Biqigu. After all, although I have not experienced this kind of unjustified matter, I have let others experience it, and I What I did was more serious than what I did now under Xuexia.

So, until now, I can't forget the look in the eyes of that innocent player when I was expelled from the team-that kind of desperate, incredible look, just because that guy challenged my authority as a ball The supreme authority of the team’s controller.

Later, the boy who actually performed well on the pitch never touched football again, at least, it should have been when I left school.

Although Xuexia didn't do it so absolutely, and Biqigu might not be depressed because of such a simple thing, but the result of being wronged for no reason is still uncomfortable. Therefore, even though Biqigu I must think that I am doing something extra, but I still have to help him.

"Don't talk about this, so, this classmate of Biqigu, what are you doing here?" I try to avoid calling this secondary disease "Friends of Biqigu" and change the topic at the same time, otherwise, I feel that in the face of the poisonous tongue tactics that Xuexia has begun to accumulate, it is better than Keiya Hachiman.

"No, uh-unnamed soldier, you are mistaken. Yawata and I are not just some vulgar classmates, but real companions!"

Obviously, it took a long time for Timberza to find a name for me. Obviously, although my red hair is very distinctive, he should not remember the setting of a red-haired warrior in his mind for a while, so he only I can suffocate such an awkward name, but the name is too bad for an unknown soldier. It's okay to just say an overhead name!

"So, this, you mean, you are a friend of a small business, right? So you are here to find a small business for something?" my sister asked cautiously.Obviously, my sister's current intention is also to relieve Higiya. Although I am still a little uncomfortable with the term "small business", but, sure enough, if it is not so dedicated to the sake of others, it is not Yuihama Yui!

Although, I think, if you call this Timber Seat a friend of Biqigu, that guy will scold you again in your heart that you are "Bitch". This is what the so-called kindness did not help!

Sure enough, Biqigu's eyes narrowed into a slit, and he stared at her sister with a pair of remnant eyes. The eyes were the window of the soul, and Biqigu's eyes successfully turned him from a nice handsome man into an absolute meaning. The bad boy in the school, this is not born like me, but his own choice!

However, the words of my sister obviously made Zamuzu very satisfied, because he did not rush to refute the words of my sister, although when my sister was talking, he just raised his head high, I said why don't you wear the belt again Tie a little higher and then put on a white shirt?With your black-rimmed glasses, you may unexpectedly have the temperament of a national leader, but it may not be too!

"Muhahahaha! I almost forgot. I said Hachiman, this is the Ministry of Service?" Zaimuzuo gave out a piercing and wonderful smile, and asked Biqigu again. It seems that today's Biqigu cannot escape from Zaimuzuo. Yihui's disaster!

"Yes, this is the Ministry of Service!" But it was Xuexia who answered him. Sure enough, this guy, because this society lacks the value of existence and the reputation of existence, is he a little impatient?Even such a perverted client has shown a high degree of enthusiasm!

"So...Is that so? According to Mr. Hiratsuka, Hachiman, you are obliged to fulfill your remaining wish? The relationship between master and servant that has been unchanged for hundreds of years is really the appearance of Hachiman Bodhisattva, right?"

To be honest, I don’t like Secondary Two Disease. This is not because they are all self-righteous fools, because even if they graduate late from Secondary Two Disease, they will eventually graduate. For such patients, we don’t need to criticize their IQ. The upper limit, but the key question is whether these people can be understood when they speak, and always entertain themselves in language that they can understand, and make people feel that you are mentally ill. Will you be happy?

"The Ministry of Service will not help you realize your wishes. It is just to help you achieve it." Although the questioner of Zamuza was Biqigu, this is the second time that Yukinoshita has interrupted to answer. In addition, I also I found a very strange thing, that is, from beginning to end, except for having eyes when talking to me and Biqigu, Zamuza has never looked at my sister or Yukoshita with his face, or else Raise your head high to avoid their sight, or just turn your head in a somewhat evasive manner like now.

So, this guy is still a guy who basically doesn't dare to talk to girls!I suddenly had a feeling of "this guy is very pitiful". After all, compared with Biqigu's "choosing not to talk to people", his "inability to talk to girls" is definitely more pitiful. Too!

Obviously, Xuexia also discovered this, and she did not just show sympathy like me, but used the trick that is very rich in Xuexia's style-a big straight ball, without hesitation This incident pointed out: "Am I talking to you? Please turn around and face each other when they are talking!"

Moreover, she seems to have seen through that Zamuzu is just a strong outsider. She grabbed the collar of Zamuzu very hard and forced him to look directly at her face.

K!O!A special effect sound should be added here, because the face of Zamuza changed from a nervous and excited red at the beginning to white slowly, and finally rose completely to purple. Then, under the snow, he was somewhat satisfied. When he let go of his collar, he seemed to be a little unsupported, and slowly fell down.

This is exactly what a guy who has been too frightened and unable to fight.

However, Timberza still looked very strong. He supported the table with his hands, and then laughed out the kind of unexplained laugh again: "...Uh, uh, haha. This is unexpected!"

"Also, don't use this way of speaking anymore!"


"So, what are your fingerless gloves? Does it make sense? Isn't it impossible to protect your fingers by wearing them?"

Then, under the snow, the vicious words like tide rushed towards the wood seat, and I couldn't help closing my eyes for this accidentally sensitive and fragile second disease, because I had already seen his ending.

Sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I seemed to see the dying and struggling expression of a person who was about to die. Of course, his expression was still open to contrast with Kegu: "Hachiman, if it were you , Will definitely understand me, and then inherit my will! Now, Yawata, is that true?"

what the hell!This kind of sentence like a light novel line, by the way, I think it’s better to express it in words like this at this time: "Hachiman, if it were you, even a god, he would kill it for me!" It can further reflect the strong base relationship between the two of you-ah, no, it is friendship.

But Biqigu is really pitiful. Although he tries to avoid talking with Zamuzu every time, every time, Zamuzu finds the position of Biqigu like a persistent lover—hey, you really don’t think about accepting it. What is his kindness?