My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 46

It seems that it is because the appearance of the Timber Seat is too pitiful. This time, Biqigu finally did not choose to escape, but bravely met Timber Seat’s gaze, and walked towards Timber Seat’s expectant eyes. In front of the wood seat, then—then there was no more.

Because Biqigu stepped on the unknown objects that had just been spilled from the body of Zaimuzuo under his feet, he stopped.

Biqigu picked up a piece of paper on the ground—it should be something like manuscript paper, took a look, and then slowly picked up the other paper scattered in the classroom, and seemed to arrange it in some order.

Just when I was wondering when Biqigu became such a clean person, Biqigu supported his forehead heavily, and ignored the tearful voice of Timberza, "Well, no need I said you can understand it, you really deserve it. That hellish time, didn't you spend it in vain!", handed the sorted paper to me who was closest to him.

And I think I should also understand why Biqigu needs to support the amount.

Because he really needs to regret it.The words are poorly written and I won’t say it. The semantics of the article are not clear. I won’t say it anymore. It seems that I don’t say a lot of pseudonyms with unclear meaning. However, I regret that I still know what it is. thing.

However, my sister, who was lying behind me, tiptoe, pressed my shoulder, and watched the things written on the paper as I turned the paper should not know what it was.

Even if I didn’t see her face, I could tell from her breath that my sister had the complete doubts about this kind of thing in front of me—here, hello, sister, are you too far away from me? It's close, the chest or something is completely attached to my back, and, what about your breath, the smell that you exhale is a little good, I can also smell it!

Although I am your younger brother, I was also a normal male high school student before that. As a male high school student, I will definitely respond to beautiful girls, even if this beautiful girl is an older sister-no , What a horrible thought do you have, Yubihama Kazuya, what reacted to your sister!

Fortunately, my height seemed to help me a little at this time. My sister seemed to be too tired because she was lying on my shoulders all the time, so she quickly put her hands down, and then she kept sticking to me. The touch of the chest on his back is gone.

It's a little bit cannibal--this kind of perverted sister-controlled remarks shouldn't appear on me.

In short, my sister pointed to the manuscript paper in my hand and asked, "Eh, Xiaohe, can you see what this is?"

Although I really want to say that I don't understand, in fact, in front of my sister, I can't lie because I do understand, although I am ashamed that I can understand.

"Probably, this is a novel or something!"

That’s right, the things on these papers are novels, and, at first glance, they are in the style of Timberza, full of secondary attributes. This is also a point that makes me very uncomfortable-I understand that this secondary 2 is full of breath. Doesn’t it mean that I am also a potential patient of secondary disease?

"Yes, that is my novel. Didn't you expect that the nameless samurai can also understand it? Could it be that we are also comrades who have fought together, but in the long history, your name is omitted, ah , My dear friend, please tell me your name, General Yihui, you will never treat anyone who has helped yourself!"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what I hate most is that the second in this group is sick, even if it is difficult to understand, even if it is self-talking, just such small details can be constantly filled by this group of people Presumably Biqigu was trapped by this guy in the same way!

Therefore, there is only one method for this kind of guy, and that is to dodge indefinitely and absolutely forbid contact!

However, when I realized this, I felt it was too late, because Yoshihiro Zamuza, just like discovering the new world, walked towards me step by step with bright eyes: "My dear friend Ah, let us recreate something great!"

Create your sister!

At this time, we need-Xuexia Xuenai to save the world.

Yes, and Xuexia Xuena did not disappoint me. Although I think she didn't intend to save me subjectively, but objectively, her cold words about Zamuza really did save me. .

"So, Cai Muzuo, is your request related to this bunch of things?"

"Ah, that's it." Hearing Xuexia's questioning, Zamuza turned around hurriedly, bent his body to ninety degrees, and listened respectfully to Xuexia's words, "that is, this It’s the original manuscript of my novel. I want to contribute to a newcomer award. Because I don’t have friends, I can’t get the opinions of others. I hope I can get your comments.”

I think I can add one to the guilt of Secondary Two Disease, which is to create novels to satisfy my boring fantasy and creative desire, but not satisfied with self-satisfaction.

It’s a good saying that it’s not your fault that you look ugly, but it’s your fault that you run out and let others see it. Similarly, the novel as a means of self-satisfaction is not your fault, but if it is still like letting others see it Your self-satisfaction things, then you have to be prepared to be scolded decently!

I don't think Zamuza has this ability, and neither Xuexia nor Biqigu seem to be able to spare no effort in such things.

As for my sister's evaluation, don't you think that her innocent and innocent evaluation of "Eh, what did you write, I don't understand" can achieve the MAX of powerful damage?

So, "There are submission sites or posts for submissions, shouldn't it be good to take them there and show them to others?" Biqigu's remarks are more expressive of my heart.

"I can't do it. Because those guys are merciless. I'll die if I get sprayed to nothing!"

Well, I think I can impose the death penalty on Zamuza in advance. If you can die or live with such non-frontal contact on the Internet, then, you can foresee the upcoming Xuexia-style independence. Some reprimands will make the wood seat die from appearance to heart!


The update will not be very stable in the next period of time. I thought that I could take care of both the research and writing at the same time, but when things came, I felt that the time was not enough. Therefore, it is estimated that the update will be true before the end of the 23rd. I have to go with the fate, in any case, bless me first!(It's exactly the same as Lao Peng, even though this is originally a morality pit!)


Chapter Twenty-seven: However, Yoshiki Timberza is a little unexpected

To be honest, I don’t care about what kind of wood will be hit by the poisonous tongue under the snow in the end, or, for me, I think it would be better if the wood is struck down by the snow below, because , This will prove the correctness of my theory.

The destructiveness of talent lies first in oneself, and secondly, it also affects others.

Although I just glanced at Zaimuzuo's novel, I can be sure that if Xuexiaxuena can read it, or even finish reading Zaimuzuo's novel, then the end is doomed.

Yukino Yukino will use the kind of unrelenting attacking tone that she is best at, and completely blast Yoshihiro, who lacks self-confidence and has a particularly weak psychological endurance, to hell.For Zaimuzuo, after suffering the upcoming criticism under the snow, his life is estimated to end here.

This so far does not refer to physical death, it should refer to spiritual death. A person who has never avoided talking to a girl, the first woman to talk to him so much is such a poisonous tongue, unless he It is a born shaking M, otherwise it will collapse!

However, before I lament the tragic ending of Yoshiki Zaikiza, let me lament Yukoshita Yukino's failure first?

Although Xuexia herself might not be aware of this for a short time, her mind that has never made a wrong thinking is about to make a major wrong decision.Because Yoshihiro Zamuza came to ask for help. He came to this club to encourage him as a person who is extremely lacking in self-confidence. Therefore, if we start from the purpose of helping people, then we must first, Not to point out his problem, but to calm his emotions first.

But since Xuexiaxue is such a person, such an absolutely correct person who advertises herself, she will never say such things that go against her heart, she will always have One option is to point out that person's mistakes without mercy.

Therefore, this was the destruction of Yoshiki Zamuza long ago, and the destruction of Yoshiki Zamuza must also be caused by Xuexiaxuena. It advertises that it is absolutely correct, and it does not display his keenness all the time. Talented, snow under snow is caused by snow.

At that time, Yukino Yukoshita will realize for the first time what his endless use of talents and endless trust will lead to, and Yoshihiro Yukizao will be finally caught The moment Yukino's poisonous tongue finally collapsed was the moment when Yubihama Kazunari's ideas won and Yukino's ideas failed.

So, Xuexia, I am looking forward to that time. When I pointed out that the destruction of a person seeking help was caused by your own hands, yes, it was like being pressed to death by me without mercy. The same player on the beach who dared to challenge me.

It feels that I can unexpectedly have reached the bet by Shizuka Hiratsuka a little earlier, although to be honest, I have slowly got used to the environment of the Ministry of Service.

----------------------------split line--------------------

In order to show my last respect for Zamuza, I read the manuscript of his novel very seriously after returning home. At first I read it on the sofa with my sister, but after only ten minutes, my sister leaned inexplicably. I fell asleep on my shoulders. Well, this is something that can’t be helped. Let my sister who has never been good at reading see this kind of inexplicable writing. For her, this kind of torture is estimated and she hates math. The feeling of the book is almost the same!

In addition, this book is not the same as the textbook. It is not a compulsory thing. Of course it is normal for her to fall asleep so quickly, right?

However, I still have to complain about this novel by Yoshihiro Tsai Muza. The academy combat novels are very popular now. There is no problem. There is no problem with the power of ordinary teenagers suddenly awakening. There are so many idiot female characters, this is not a problem, but the problem is, let’s not talk about the basic grammatical problems, how did you combine the advantages of so many different novels to finally achieve Such a terrible novel, unworthy of its purpose!

It is said that there is a stalk of a five-core moon cake on the next mainland. I think it is probably the novel of Yoshihiro Zaimuzuo!

The only good thing is that this novel just made my spirit sluggish a little, without causing any other substantial harm.

As for Timberza Yoshiki, I'm sorry. Although I want to save you, my intervention will not necessarily lead to better results. Maybe you can handle all of this yourself!

However, before you can handle all of this, let me use your final value first!Sorry, I am not such a despicable person, I just let it go!

Moreover, I was suddenly a little curious about Yukino's performance tomorrow. With her character, after reading this kind of stuff carefully, she must have said something!

-----------------------------split line-------------------

Of course, Xuexia's performance was definitely not beyond my expectations.

First of all, the dark circles on the eyes prove that Yuukishita's as always serious energy to complete the work-by the way, Biqigu and I both have dark circles on our eyes, and the only thing we had was the quality of sleep the night before. My sister, who was quite tall, turned around embarrassedly at this moment, avoiding our sight.

Sorry, Yui sister, it is useless for you to do this, because Biqigu over there has been staring at you suspiciously for a long time, and it is estimated that you have discovered your behavior!

By the way, Higiya Hachiman, don't always look at Yui sister, you will make me suspect that you have any ulterior motives!