My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 47

However, before I started to complain, Timberza had already stepped into the classroom, full of confidence, with a little antiquity feeling, but to be honest, until this time you still have this confidence, I should How can you say it?

"Then, let me hear your thoughts?" Zamuza sat on the chair specially provided for people in the club for help, raising his head high, making people wonder what his expression was. Is it because I don't want to look at Yuukixia's face squarely, or because I feel so confident about the comments that I will accept next-of course I think it's both.

On the other side of Xuexia, there was a rare expression of embarrassment: "I'm sorry, I don't know much about this..."

"It's okay. After all, not everyone and I are friends of the soul. As a mortal, if you have any difficult questions, it is okay to tell me. The opinions of mortals like you are also for reference, hahaha! "

So, until now, I don’t know where the confidence of Timberza came from. I still had a fearful expression when facing us yesterday. I was still worried about being criticized by other people on the Internet. At a loss, now, he looks like he is accepting praise in his spare time.

However, this is fine, the more confident you are now, the more miserable you will fall under the blow of the snow at that time!

"It's boring. It even makes people feel painful to read. It's boring beyond imagination!" It can be seen that Xuexia took a lot of work to make this decision, but once she made the decision, she When the seat makes an evaluation, it means that it is time to give Timber seat one blow.


Timberza’s half of his butt slipped to the ground involuntarily, but his performance was obviously stronger than I expected. Before the back half of his butt was about to hit the ground, he supported the floor with both hands, reluctantly I sat down on the chair, as if the chair were his fortress.

Then, Cai Muzuo said in a trembling voice: "Uh, uh, for reference, please advise on what is boring!"

"First of all, the grammar is a mess. Why is it always inverted? If I were your elementary school teacher, I would definitely be ashamed and self-determined, you know?"

"Woo, cough... Well, that's because simpler questions make readers feel friendly..."

"At least you have to write like Japanese before speaking? Also, there are many misuses of those katakana labels. The ability superscript is chikara, there is no such way of thinking at all? And why is the writing magic red blade flashing? The label will become BloodyNightmare? Where did the nightmare come from?"

"Puff! Um... um. It's not. The use of labels in recent superpower combat works has become a feature."

By the way, I have to add this. It’s good to occasionally use this kind of stuff that is full of breath in S2. It is not common for large-scale intensive adoption like yours. Of course, Xuexia’s evaluation is more harsh than mine. That's it.

"This behavior is called self-satisfaction. It is something that no one can understand except you. Are you going to be read? By the way, when it comes to being read, there is nothing interesting about the next plot. And why did the heroine undress here? There is no inevitability too abrupt, right"

"Huh! But, but it's not easy to sell without this element... This... the plot is, that..."

"There are also explanatory essays that are too long and verbose. It's tiring to read too much. And, can you not take the endless stories for others to read? Learn common sense before literary acquisition!"


Okay, the game is over. As I expected, the words of Yukoshita Yukino, although there is no dirty word at the end, the impact of these words on Zamuza is absolutely unimaginable.What's more, I also saw two other onlookers who didn't know the truth make up for Zaimuzuo Yoshihiro.

The first cut came from Yuihama Yui, an elder sister who had never read a book, said in her usual tone of coaxing children and adjusting the atmosphere: "Well, that... You know a lot of uncommon words!"


Although my sister's approach is definitely not deliberate, but this time to make such an evaluation is definitely effective!

Of course, the next Higiya Hachiman, while expressing the evaluation that I want to say in my heart, should make Zaimuza unable to stand up: "Which work did you copy?"

With a cry of "Wow", Timber Tower slumped to the ground. It seemed that I shouldn't need to make a final sentence!Next, this guy left the classroom of the Ministry of Service like a lost dog in the funeral. Then, Yukino Yukino at that time will find out how big a mistake he made, yes, it ruined a person's life. error.

From the beginning to the end, Yubihama Kazuya watched as an observer with cold eyes, without any intervention or guidance, just letting everyone act in the most normal way that best suits their reactions. With.

And everyone's actions were as accurate as Yubihama Kazuya's predictions.

The result will be as satisfying as Yubihama Kazuya predicted.

However, the fact is not like that. The last step, the last and climax of the drama, seems to be wrong.

Because, Timber Seat did not show the tragic state of a mourning dog, but slowly supported the ground with both hands, and then got up from the ground, although he showed a "whoop" expression that made people feel a little uncomfortable, but After he wiped the dust off his face, he stood up a little firm, swaying, but with a firm expression, he said to us: "...Next time, I would like to Read it?"

No next time, right?No, what did Woodmuse say?

"Next time, would you like to read it again?"

What is going on, do you guys shake M completely?Hurry up and cry here and slam the door away!Leave quickly, and then hit the face of Yukino under Xuexia!

However, the blood-spraying face of the Wood Seat still appeared in front of me a little bit, unwilling to leave.

"Even if it is said to be like this, are you still coming?" This was the first sentence I said after Za Muzuo entered the classroom.

"Of course, I would want to die if I was said that." However, there was a wonderful look on Zamuza's face, and that feeling was like someone who had discovered some treasure. He just raised his head and continued, "But, but it's also very happy to be so. Someone would like to read what I wrote out of interest, and it feels really good to give me an impression. How should this impression be named... Someone I am really happy to be able to read!"

I don't care about Biqigu on the side or how Xuexia can react. These are not the things I care about anymore.

All I know is that I originally wanted to use it to hit Yoshiki, who was under the snow, but now, it hit me deeply.

I have always believed that because of talent, because of interference, and because of the tyrant's denial of people, talent will have a bad influence on other people, and in serious cases, it will ruin a person's life.

This point comes from my own experience. At least, I ruined that player's football career. There is no doubt about it.

However, the current Yoshiki Takizuo bears Yukoshita's harsh words, and such harsh words are definitely more cruel than my merciless denial at the time.However, Yoshiki Zamuzao could bear it, whether it was because he was shaking M, but he didn't collapse because of the arrogance caused by other people's abilities, and he did bear it.

Therefore, the impact of talent may not only be a problem of the owner of the talent, but also the mentality of the affected person.

So, could the ending be created together?Is that right?

No, it’s not like that. Even so, the destruction of oneself is still inevitable, because only this, I can be sure, because my decision, my destruction, is definitely not because of other people’s destruction. Caused by the impact.

I have always believed in this.


The next plot should be a small climax. After the small climax, the first volume is finished.If the climax must be coherent to be effective, then I still consider to update this side steadily and finish writing and then stably update the side of Jiao Jiao, just to sort out the thinking there.


Chapter 28: So, a color feather brings thinking

In the end, I decided to leave the Yoshiki Tiakiza event behind. After all, from beginning to end, this so-called "declaration of war" against Yukoshita Yukino was carried out in my heart. , And finally endure the failure silently.

But the person involved didn't have any impression of it-this feeling is really the extreme of Secondary Two!

However, it’s also good for S2, at least it can save me from being under the snow, "Yes, I’ve always been correct, and my correctness can undoubtedly point out a clear path to the future for others." "Lu" looked despised.

So, accept the failure this time, analyze the failure situation, and then fight again next time-I feel even more in the second!

"Hey, Yubihama, don't be stunned, the ball is coming!" When I was so stunned, I saw the football that I was so familiar with flying straight towards me, and when I reacted, it was already Over the top of my head, and the striker on the opposite side, already speeding up and running past me, it was too late to turn around and get the master position.

It seems that my body’s reaction is much faster than my mind’s thinking. I habitually stretched my left leg back out, made a scorpion tail posture, stopped the ball, and then smoothed the ball. Going to the right foot, I glanced at the player in the front who was wearing the same color as me, and passed the ball forward.

Allah, I feel like doing something that is not very suitable for me now!But no matter what, even people who don’t know anything about football can occasionally make some amazing moves. Simply understand my approach as the ending of a defender in an emergency, right?

I thought of something just now, is Yoshiki Zamuza?If you calm down and consider this situation now, you can find that Zao Muzuo is definitely an extreme example. The extreme shaking of M, the psychological distortion caused by this kind of people's reaction cannot be classified as common sense, so, under Xuexia This approach is just--

Oh, this, what are you doing at me?I remember, you seem to be called Ikeda, right?Are you not playing a game now?Complete your work seriously!

"Yuhihama, this pass is wonderful! How did you pass it?"