My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 48

"This kind of pass can only be done by Endo players in the whole country? No, even Endo players don't have to be. This is a Pirlo-style long pass counterattack! Yuhihama, this ball is too comfortable. "Ikeda is still talking endlessly in my ear.

"Also, are you also very clever to stop the ball from Yubihama? I thought you were distracted and couldn't catch up with the ball. I didn't expect you to have this hand. Did you leak the ball on purpose? I really love playing heartbeat with people!"

"But Ikeda, you are also very calm! Now we have got one back. Everyone has to come on!"

"Yes, yes, don't let them underestimate us!"

Looking at the other teammates who kept coming to me, I seemed to finally understand what was going on.

It seems that the pass I just made caused the goal.

Okay, I swear that I just wanted to give the ball to the player in front of me, but it is estimated that I haven't played the ball for too long, and my strength and footwork are not controlled, okay?

However, looking at the excited group of teammates next to me, I feel that my chance for calm thinking is gone, right?

So it was too careless to choose a football class in physical education-I should have been forced to find a change from the beginning, damn it!

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The physical exercises of the sports class are either football or tennis. It seems that track and volleyball were used before. I think this sudden change of choice has a lot to do with the activeness of Honda players and Nishikori players. Young people Well, I always think that I can become the next idol-level figure-to be honest, this is the result of the new generation of young people not thinking about it. Obviously, baseball is more likely to succeed, right? Suzuki players are still fighting. Is it still the tears of the times?

Of course, if I were to choose between football and tennis, I would definitely choose tennis. If I had a football lesson, some movements would have become accustomed, just like the one kick after stopping the ball. Passing and avoiding the use of talent, I will never make such a low-level mistake.

So, after the first class, I decisively chose the tennis single item from the teacher.

However, this year's special way of enrolling in physical education classes made my plan fail, because the monitor is responsible for the selection of physical education items of the classmates in the statistics class, and the class leader and classmates are just a color feather.

Even though Isshiki’s classmate was Chu Chu, he lowered his head pitifully, put his hands together, and kept saying to me: "Sorry, sorry! I'm really sorry, I accidentally wrote your project Yuihama wrong, I'm really sorry !"

But now I'm sure, counting the time, I have already started to focus on me (but I didn't realize this). I must have deliberately written my entry as football.

However, when the anger of Isshiki's fans began to erupt due to Isshiki's tears offensive, I couldn't do anything about Isshiki, so I had to accept this unprepared result.

To be honest, when I was in football class, I felt that I was already low-key enough. I chose the position of the defender most unwilling to play in the amateur game, and I tried to make a few judgments or stance choices. My low-level mistakes have proved my "newbie" status.

To be honest, this approach is very tiring, because you have to imagine what mistakes the novice will make in judging the landing point, and what flaws the novice will have in the use of footwork, and then imitate this situation.This kind of appearance is almost as painful as a boy who turns into a girl and then plays a role of a woman pretending to be a man, to act out the character of "boy played by a girl".

But before that pass, I should have done it.

Although, all of this was ruined by this somewhat blind pass.

To be sure, I don't have the strength of Endo, and of course I can't reach the level of Pirlo. I didn't want to pass the ball well.I just want to simply do a standard novice relief action, just glance at the person in front of me.

However, sometimes it just happens to happen. I sent out a classic long pass counterattack assist. Moreover, the previous scorpion tail stop seems to prove that I do have a certain strength.Instead of blindly passing a long pass.

Coupled with this unreasonable pass that caused the morale of our team to shake, all these coincidences, combined, made me the focus of the field.

And I have already seen the weird smile of Isshiki who seems to be resting off the court, and her mouth seems to be saying something like "And—also—come—you—ah—very— —Great — too!” Things like that—Yi Huyu Yu, when you chose the football project for me, you just waited for this situation!

But let’s just leave it alone. So, what I need to play now is a defender who is fairly good, but has not been able to play, but was placed in an unsuitable position. Are the players?

Well, it’s like crossing a boy to become a girl, and then going to be a girl who pretends to be a man to play a somewhat sissy, but at the critical moment, he is unexpectedly like a man, thus showing this kind of complicated character role. It hurts the same.

Therefore, this incident tells us how valuable a class is if there is a well-behaved, responsible but not a little devil character plus a nosy squad leader!

A color feather, let me say it again, after the physical education get out of class, you will be beautiful!

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So, it’s been a long time since I played such a tiring game. This exhaustion comes from not technically or physically, but psychologically. I have to show good passing skills and make frequent mistakes. Some forgivable small mistakes, and such small mistakes should not be made too many. If you make too many, it will make people doubt whether I am playing role-playing or not. Without making mistakes, people will have more doubts about my true strength .

More importantly, it seems that because I passed a good kick just now, so the teammates who used to treat me as air and generally didn't pass the ball to me consciously kicked the ball to me. Please, I am also tentatively. Defenders, amateur practice games or something, why let the defenders take on the task of organizing the ball!

It is also a very difficult task to get me to deliver that kind of good, but not so precise ball!I can't aim at my teammate to pass the ball. Instead, I have to watch the grass pass next to him. What a terrible logic is this!

All in all, after I lasted this extremely difficult game to the end, I found a color feather the first time.

Although, seeing Isshiki in person, I don't seem to know what to say.

So, instead, with a smile, he first helped me out: "Kazun, I saw the pass. It's beautiful! Your performance afterwards is also very good! If you keep playing like this, yours Ability will definitely be recognized by the classmates!"

"I definitely don't want these, you know? I don't want to use my own talents. Congratulations to me for these things, don't you think it is a denial and insult to me?"

"Ahhhhhh, is that so? But, didn't Kazuya just now enjoy using her talents to the fullest?" Isshiki opened her eyes wide, and then shook her long eyelashes, using her usual The delicate voice replied.

"How is it possible? If I had just played the so-called talent? Then in this level of competition, I can solve the battle on my own, okay?"

"Then, you mean, you can only play your talents when you kick the ball well, right?" Yishi put away his hippy smile, and looked at me with some seriousness.

"Of course, you can play the ball well after you play your talents, how can you make so many mistakes—"

No, I suddenly discovered the problem, a way to make use of my talents even with a lot of mistakes.

That is, a deliberate mistake.

Like, just like, a deliberate mistake.

In other words--

"What you just did on the court, do you think you have no talent?"

"Just now—"

"That's right, the kind of play you just played on the court was completely displayed by yourself. In other words, you have to show this kind of play, this kind of ability, just as you have been pretending to be yourself before. Like a pure novice who can't play football, all of this is your disguise! And disguise, but you need talent!"

Yes, Isshiki was right. When she asked me those words, I actually realized that when I deliberately pursued the ball to the side, when I deliberately controlled my technical movements, When I reach the level of a good player, but not very skilled, I have already used my talents. To a certain extent, I am doing my best to use my talents.

"An example that the teacher often mentions in class is that if you can answer all the questions carefully and get zero points in the exam, then he can give you 100 points. Similarly, if you can deliberately pass all the balls off In the case of 1 meter, what is the difference between you and you want to pass the ball to the feet of other people without any difference? Of course, in the eyes of others, you made a mistake in passing, but in your own psychological perception , Do you think you didn't try your best when doing this?"

"Of course, Kazunari," Isshiki has continued when I don't know how to respond to Isshiki's words, "I may not understand your logic of not wanting to use talents. Maybe I will come later. I still can’t understand it, but what I want to ask you now is, do you want to let others know about your talents, or really do not want to use them?"

"This—" I have always known that Yi Shihui Yu is a girl I can't figure out, but this is the first time I have seen Isshiki's problem-analyzing side, the kind that doesn't match what she usually shows The outer side that comes out.

I once said prematurely that I admire Yishi, and I admire the feeling that Yishi plays with everyone between applause.This is the remarks made based on the fact that I have seen through her disguise.

However, the current Isshiki has once again subverted my perception of her.

"That, Isshiki..."

"Ahhhhhh, did you take the words too seriously just now? The words I just said just wanted to make Heya you play well, don't hide your strength, don't think of going to other deeper places, haha! "

Before I could express the admiring thoughts of Isse, Yihuyu had returned to her usual appearance.

So girls are all born actors. Why do I feel that the current state of uniformity is more normal?

"Well, Isshiki, why do you pay so much attention to this aspect of me, is it really just to make the football department better?"

"Ahhhhhh, do you think that I am interested in paying attention to you? I'm sorry. Although you are indeed a good observation object, I still have no interest in you for the time being, so you still focus on what you liked before That girl from is better!"