My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 49

Well, no matter what Isshiki said just now, this kind of Isshiki is more normal Isshiki, right!

Although, I may indeed need to think about what kind of practice is the real avoidance of talents in line with my heart.

At least, as before, the practice of using talents to cover up talents now seems to be a bit disgusting!


Regarding the athletes mentioned in the article, you can Baidu Endo Yasuhito, Pirlo, Honda Keisuke, Nishikori Kei, and Suzuki Ichiro on their own. I don’t need to comment to make up the word count.

Incidentally, this chapter seems to have written Isshiki a little too much. In short, the previous few scrolls were designed to facilitate the transformation of the protagonist (mainly to hit the protagonist’s face), and may more or less improve the IQ of other characters, as for the later ones. How to ensure that the heroine's IQ does not decrease in the content, so let's talk about it later, hahaha...


Chapter 29: So, light music lovers will become strange

After school, I used to walk to the club classroom.

However, why there is no specific explanation for this club classroom? There are obviously two club activity classrooms, the small classroom of the Ministry of Service, and the first music room of the Light Music Club. The latter seems to be completely out of my consideration. It's within range.

Although there are more or less ghost members appearing every year, but this year's light music club, besides me, there should be no other freshmen joining, right?Therefore, as a member of the newcomer whom the former Minister Iizuka highly valued, if he does not appear for a long time, or becomes a ghost member or something, he will still care about it-even though I may already be in the eyes of those old people It was nothing more than to become a ignorant boy who would only want to contradict his predecessors.

However, there should be a period of time before going to the Ministry of Service. Minister Xuexia is not a person who pays particular attention to the activities of the members. Although I personally think that the main reason for this situation is that the Ministry of Service has not worked for a long time. All in all, let's go back to the classroom of the Light Music Club to have a look!

After all, I used to be the only first-year character who saved the club!

Of course, after I arrived in the club classroom, I found that the situation seemed completely different from what I expected-the light music club, in the days without Yubihama Kazuya, was still operating smoothly, and one first grade was missing. The new students did not have any impact on this society.

——So where did I come from the confidence of Secondary 2 before?

So, I stood at the door of the first music room, looking at the busy people with some embarrassment. However, I can at least see that compared to before I left, the light music club seems to have undergone a significant change. Up.

And this change comes from the girl with curly hair in the middle of the classroom. The color is brown with a little purple. But to be honest, my first impression of her is not very good. Although it is not boasting, it is beautiful. I have seen a lot of tall girls, the natural type like my sister, the gentle type like Xiao Muzhen's predecessor, the cold type like Yukoshita, and of course Ishiki's little devil state can also be counted, but this girl gives My impression is different from that of people before.

In terms of style and temperament, she seems to be more similar to Isshiki, and she should be the kind of girl who likes to control others in her own hands. However, compared with Isshiki, she seems to be for her own purposes. And even more unscrupulous feeling.Of course, just like the evaluation of Yi Huei Yu, I do not reject this kind of person who clearly knows what she wants, but this girl obviously did not reach the level of popularity of Yi Shi to the boys in our class, because it can be obvious I can see that now, the boys in the light music club classroom have begun to split.

This is compared with Isshiki's ability to make everyone his own fan group. There is still a certain distance. Sure enough, I am dissatisfied with the kind of wanting to do one thing but in fact it can only be one. Does it exist?

Surrounding the rare high-looking girls in this light music club, the boys in the light music club have vaguely divided into two groups, one group is gathered next to this girl, and the other is towards this girl. Dissatisfied group-I think these are probably people who can tell that this girl approached them for the purpose of using them, so the girl’s abilities are still a bit worse. If you really want to achieve your goals, You must never let the target of use realize your purpose!

Ambitious and capable, but her strength is not enough-this is my evaluation of this person after being ignored by everyone for a while, after observing the people in the Light Music Club.

Of course, at this time, someone should finally notice me.

Minister Iizuka Takeya, and his good friend Haruki Kitahara, came to my side with a somewhat awkward expression at this time.The two seem to be part of the gang fighting around the girl in the light music club. Of course, it is understandable. If the Minister and his good friends have joined this kind of battle, then this club is basically already. It can be declared disbanded.

"Hey, right? How are your club activities on the other side?" Director Iizuka smiled at me kindly. I think his situation is also quite embarrassing. One of his staff was forced by the teacher. After leaving, it seems that he is still facing a situation of internal fighting within the community.

Although the two things are not directly related, and I think if someone like me is not there, it might be more beneficial to the Director Iizuka's management organization. After all, there is no thorn who seems a little unwilling to contact people.

"The words over there are just so-so. Originally, I wanted to say that the environment of the light music club would be better, but it looks like this now," I turned to the other seniors who had faintly formed two circles. Said, "Maybe the situation over there is better?"

"Just stay on the other side. You are a newly added member, but I can't help you. I still feel very guilty!" Minister Iizuka rolled his eyes, as if he didn't hear me. The appearance of the words, but the appearance of deliberately shifting the topic.

Of course, he should be aware of this situation, but obviously, this girl should be a focus of his next performance plan, so as long as there is no big mess that can cause the collapse of the club, he should be concealed. Let the phenomenon of struggle leave it alone!

However, Minister Iizuka, there is a saying, "The embankment of a thousand miles collapsed in the ant's nest"!Of course, I think Senior Kitahara next to him should also be able to understand this, so as a junior, I won’t give further hints. After all, this kind of self-righteous secondary 2 problem can’t be committed once. Second time!

"Well, but the director over there is also very good at guitar level. If there is a problem, I can ask her!" So I nodded and followed Mr. Iizuka's words, although since I put my guitar on the back After I arrived in the classroom of the Ministry of Service, I had never used it before, let alone let Yukoshita teach me to play the guitar.

"Ah, that's it!" Director Iizuka was stunned when he heard the word "she" referred to by the female I just said, probably because he was thinking about any other girls he didn't know who were very tall. You are good at guitar, but the power of that person has already been experienced by the senior Kitahara next to you. Give up, Minister.

"Well, the minister over there is a very powerful person." Although I don't want to admit this, I still have to say that in the confrontation with Yukino Yukino so far, I am in a complete defeat. Status, so the evaluation that Xuexiaxue is "very powerful" is well deserved!

"Suddenly it feels like we can't help you anymore," Minister Iizuka nodded, and said with a somewhat embarrassing smile, "Even the field where the light music club is good has been robbed of jobs by others. No wonder you are not willing to come back here!"

That, Minister, why do you show such a sad expression?Obviously missing a drag oil bottle like me will have no effect on what you will do next, right?Minister, your performance will make me a little guilty!

"Um, Minister." Just when I didn't know how to answer, a slightly delicate voice saved me, and in a sense it also saved Minister Iizuka. This is a very artificial, almost the same kind. The voice that deliberately sells cuteness needs to be a voice, "When can I start practicing! This time I must do my best, and then kill that Xiaomu Shuxuecai!"

Facing the call of such a central figure, Minister Iizuka obviously couldn't continue to spend time in a small role like me, so he hurriedly said "sorry" to me, and then greeted the girl: " OK, it's going to start soon, Liu Yuan, wait a minute!"

Although I know that Mr. Iizuka’s somewhat flattering attitude shouldn’t come from his original wish, but working hard to this level for the performance of a school festival, I suddenly admired him a little bit. However, just now What did the girl say?Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai?

Does this guy have anything to do with Senior Xiao Muzhen?

Some things in the memory slowly string together:

"This is actually not a big problem. The second grader Yanagihara has already agreed to me. It is said that she is suffocating this year to defeat Ogizou Yukina, the flower of the mountain, so she really can't ask for this opportunity to increase her popularity. Yeah!"

"Yagihara arbitrarily treats Ogi as a competitor like this. Is this really good? Obviously there is another object she cannot surpass in the second grade!

Ah, it's this guy, that Liu Yuan Peng, the Liu Yuan Peng who is targeting Senior Xiao Mu Shu, turns out to be this guy!Some time ago, I heard that she had joined the Light Music Club. I didn’t expect such a stormy sea to be set off within the club!

To this extent, she is really not a simple woman!

Suddenly, I wanted to inform Senior Xiao Muzhen, telling Senior that there is a girl who is preparing to defeat you in the next Miss Zongwu High School!Therefore, seniors, you also need to pay attention to your image in front of me. Maybe my vote will determine whether you can dominate three times in a row!

However, the reaction of predecessor Xiao Muzhen must have been a smile, right?She hasn't paid too much attention to it, and even repelled the title of Miss Chief Wu Gao, which I can more or less feel from the conversation with her.Moreover, if it were her, she would probably withdraw directly from the election if she knew that someone wanted this title so hard!

Of course, for Tomomi Yanagihara, defeating the predecessors of Xiao Mu Shu is even more significant!

But I think even if you add the popularity of the school festival performance, you can't beat the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu, because from the beginning, you lacked the predecessor's ability to treat everyone kindly!The practice of forming cliques can give you absolute victory in a small group. However, when the extension spreads to other places, those who are rejected by you, their circle of friends spreads and causes a negative impact on you. But it's hard to estimate!

Of course, these are just small thoughts after my own brains have been opened up, right?After all, the school festival or something will be done in half a year!During this period, the variables are still great!For example, Xuexiaxue suddenly wanted to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao in a whimsical manner?

However, the Ministry of Service shouldn't delay it for too long, so go back quickly, right?After all, the current Minister Iizuka should still be unable to control me.

However, Director Iizuka can't control me. This doesn't mean Kitahara-Nosy-Senior Chunxi can't control me. When I was about to leave the first music room, Senior Kitahara patted me on the shoulder and stopped me. Up.

"This should be the second time we two talked face to face, right?" Kitahara-senpai looked at me and said seriously.

"Well, I was still quite impressed with the last conversation. I apologize for the impolite remarks to the senior at that time." Since Senior Kitahara stopped me, I should also tentatively say to the previous one. Some arrogant behavior do some remedies.Judging from the situation where my sister and Hayato Hayato met last time, my sister’s social network is far wider than I thought. Therefore, I don’t know when she met Senior Kitahara or something. It should be possible, or should we avoid offense. These high-level famous people too!

"That's nothing," Senior Kitahara frowned and said, "You seemed to have something at the time?"

Kitahara Haruki didn’t take my condemnation against him at heart. If I look at it from a later point of view, I think this is a very normal thing. Kitahara Haruki is a person who loves to help others, but his help others, Not to help others solve problems, but out of a mentality of seeing the problem and then wanting to solve it, wanting to prove one's own existence.

Therefore, if the troublemaker cannot influence his sense of existence, then he will be less interested in the trouble, just as I was the troublemaker before, becoming a ghost member of the Light Music Club. The situation is the same after that.He didn't care much about my somewhat fierce rebuttal to him at the time.

However, when I reappeared in front of him, when I re-entered his social circle, I could feel that the passive preaching aura on him was about to start again.

To be honest, it’s not that I haven’t experienced continuous preaching. I can understand and bear this kind of troublesome character.

However, I don’t like people who preach to prove their sense of existence. Perhaps this person’s character appears unconsciously, or perhaps this person deliberately creates his own sense of existence in the crowd. I just hate this. This kind of purposeful preaching.This kind of person is the kind of person who is too self-centered and then overconfident to destruction!

Therefore, I don't like Kitahara Haruki's preaching.

Although, from the perspective of careful observation, I think I should stop conflicting with Kitahara-senpai.

So, taking a deep breath, I tried my best to make an expression of humility asking for advice, and said: "There was indeed something at the time, but now, Senior Kitahara called me because of what?"