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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 50


Suddenly I feel like I am too dying, and I chose two books with too much timeline conflict. The plots of WA2 are concentrated around the school festival, and the plots of spring things are very scattered, so the content of WA2 must be based on The original work has been patched up, it hurts.


Chapter 30: Of course, creation is called creation for a reason

"Heya, you haven't practiced guitar in this period of time?" Senior Kitahara looked at me seriously and said.

"Huh?" I was stunned for a moment. Indeed, I didn't expect that in this situation, Haruhiri Kitahara would first ask me this question.

"That's right?" Senior Kitahara continued to look at me tightly and asked, "You can see the clues from your hands. If you are a beginner who studies hard, you should be like me. You will suffer a lot of injuries instead of being intact like you!"

After speaking, he waved his right hand somewhat, and said.

Indeed, compared to my clear hands, Senior Kitahara still had a lot of band-aids on his hands, and my hands, of course, had scars when I started practicing guitar, but after going to the Ministry of Service, for a long time In the process of breathing with Yukoshita Yukino, I also put down the guitar. Of course, my hands were intact.

But do you think you are Sherlock Holmes?Observing the hands of my juniors so carefully, if I hadn't added a setting of "learning to play the guitar to chase girls" in my subconscious mind, I would have doubted that you are gay-it seems I habitually think of people I don't like as gays. That's the case with Senior Kitahara and the same with Senior Ye Shan.

It can also be seen from this that, at least in terms of the level of practice, Haruhiro Kitahara has at least the kind of preaching capital. For a person who has worked hard to teach others, of course it is more important than a person who does not work hard to blame others. More powerful.

However, the crux of the problem is that the so-called preaching is inherently problematic. Most of the preaching is the self-satisfying self-intoxication of self-righteous people. The effect on other people is only to increase others. It's disgusting!

"Indeed, something happened, and the clubs over there are really busy." I replied hesitantly. Of course, the ministry is not that busy, but I don't want to admit that I am indeed. Abandoning the study of guitar, it will seem that I am a very perseverance person!

This is the so-called insignificant self-esteem of human beings.

However, Senior Kitahara didn't seem to care too much about my answer, or that my answer did not seem to be much different from his estimate, so he just hurriedly continued: "Right, and Also, I remember Wu Ye told me at the time that you were joined by a second-year teacher to join another club, right? If you were forced to join a club that you didn’t want to join, and then engaged in something you didn’t like. If it affects your guitar learning, I can help you! Even a teacher can't force a student to do something he doesn't like, this is a must!"

Kitahara Haruki seemed a little righteous at this time, which was somewhat beyond my expectation, because in my impression, he should be a relatively smooth person who is very adaptable to the social system in handling things. This so-called teacher-like resistance Shouldn't the behavior of the second-second child or the like appear on him, or is his idea of ​​showing a sense of presence because he wants to help other people exceeds his own sleekness in handling things?

However, the words of the following senior Kitahara made me understand that Haruki Kitahara is still the person I know.

"Specifically, I mean, if you don’t want to, I think I can help you explain to the teacher. In the name of the light music club, I also need you to temporarily remove you from another club. Call back over there, and then you can slowly explain your problem to that teacher. What Zou Wu Gao advocates is the exertion of students' autonomy and the balanced development of all aspects——"

The next words, I don't care so much anymore, his somewhat pedantic remarks made my ears have an instinctive rejection reaction-although this person himself is not so pedantic.

"Although the clubs over there are a bit busy, overall I am satisfied with the clubs over there. Although it was somewhat forced to join in the beginning, I have basically adapted to it now." I shook my head and refused. With the "kindness" from Kitahara Haruki, these words of mine are not lies. Although I still don’t like Yukoshita Yukino and Hachigaya Hachiman, I have somehow developed a sense of adaptation to the environment of the ministry. .

In other words, compared to the noisy environment with a lot of people in the light music club, in my current state, it may be better to have a small and quiet place like the ministry.

This is really terrible-you know that I complained about the too quiet atmosphere of the Ministry not long ago, and now I have fallen in love with this atmosphere, you know, I was noisy a year ago. There are activists who take the lead in the environment of the football department and are also active in the class.

It’s a bit more ugly, and now he has become a slightly gloomy isolated element. I really don’t know if this situation is good or bad.

"It turned out to be like this!" Senior Kitahara showed a relieved expression, but I don't know if I am a little too sensitive. There seems to be a feeling of unwillingness on his face because the help he expected did not help. So it seems frustrated?

"Rather than paying attention to me like an unknown person, let's take a look at the situation of the light music club first?" I frowned, and couldn't help but interject, "Can't the eyesight of the predecessors see the crisis facing this association? Don’t you think it’s better to stop that Liu Yuanpeng from continuing to make trouble as soon as possible? After all, this is also your best friend’s club!"

"Oh, about this!" Senior Kitahara put on a somewhat relaxed expression, and said, "Since Wu thinks it’s okay, let him continue doing it! After all, there is still a long way to go before the school festival. For a long time, if there is a problem, it can be solved later. After all, I am only a substitute player now, who can't play!"

Although these words that seem to be irrelevant to him sounded very reasonable, when this sentence came out of Haru Kitahara's mouth, I felt a kind of abnormal noise, which should not be what he should have. Thinking, normal Kitahara Haruki, when encountering such troubles, he should pounce like a hunting dog that finds its prey, but now he is a little leisurely watching from the wall, lest the world will not be chaotic. .

To be honest, this approach makes me find it difficult to understand.

Of course, I have the worst hypothesis in my mind, so bad that even people like me who have a deep prejudice against Kitahara Haruki are unwilling to accept it.

However, don't imagine human nature too dark, right?I thought to myself.

"In short, if you think the other side of the club will be better, I won't interfere too much. As for the light music club, you don't need to care too much. At least it is within the controllable range now. Within, after all, classmate Yanagihara is a big-name player with a decisive role invited by Takeshi!" Senior Kitahara nodded and said.

Since he said so, then I should just understand it this way, right?Indeed, while establishing my identity with the Ministry of Ministries, I am gradually losing my identity as a club of the Light Music Club. Therefore, I did not feel that this is related to my interests as to the potential crisis of this club. Excessive close contact.

Although this so-called "decisive role of so-called hard work" is more or less ridiculous, you must know that the senior Xiao Mushu whom Tomo Yanagihara wants to defeat, will definitely be a singer. More qualified than her!

That's right, the senior Xiao Muzhu who likes to sing, presumably, although senior is more or less hiding his side, but from the heart, senior will still hope to convey his singing to other people's hearts!

I glanced at the Minister Iizuka who was struggling to deal with the dispute between the two factions of Tomo Yanagihara, and then glanced at Senior Kitahara here, I decided to let myself out of the matter.

Therefore, after getting rid of the "entanglement" of Kitahara-seniors, I can finally leave this first music room and go to the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

-------------------------split line-----------------------

However, in the first music room, I thought of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen and so on. It also reminded me of the last conversation with the predecessor Xiao Muzhen. The senior at the time gave me the feeling that he wanted to give me advice, but it felt like It's like hiding something.

However, because of my own reasons, the kind of "confession" that was a bit rash but also a joke, although I explained it clearly, there was always some awkward feeling in my heart afterwards.Of course, after that, Senior Xiao Muzhen did not appear in karaoke, so it feels like I haven't seen Senior Xiao Muzhen for a long time!

Whenever this time comes, I have to feel the fragility of the relationship between me and seniors, compared with my sister’s family relationship, with the classmates in the class, and even when compared to Yukino Yukino and Higiya Hachiman The kind of relationship between the same society, the relationship between me and Xiao Muzhen’s predecessors and younger generations is simply too fragile.

All contacts depend on the meeting during karaoke. Although you can also make appointments through emails, such deliberate meetings will always give people a little sense of disobedience.If you consider the future, if the senior graduates, after going to university, maybe her karaoke location will change, or when someone like her finds someone who can truly understand her, then she Maybe you will forget the role of a brother like me?

So, a little bit sentimental!

However, just when I was so stunned, I discovered that, without knowing it, I walked into this third-grade teaching building.

The atmosphere of the first grade and the third grade is completely different. On the one hand, compared with the first grade, the school is full of predecessors and appears a little restrained and respectful. The third grade predecessors show that This kind of more self-confidence shows the power of an older person; on the other hand, compared to the first-year students who have just entered high school or are confident or curious, the third-year students, Because of the future way out and other reasons, the overall state of life will become more tense and purposeful.

Only in the club, can they relax a bit, right?Just like Mr. Iizuka's somewhat neurotic self-revelry, the complex emotions about leaving appear in the hearts of every third-grade student and show in their expressions.

However, I made a mistake in appearing in such a place. I have always been very careful to tell myself not to become another "prince under the skirt" of Senior Xiao Muzhen, so as not to cause trouble to Senior, so I have always been very careful. He avoided the situation of taking the initiative to go to senior's classroom to find her.However, because of those unconscious reactions just now, I came to this place and seemed a little too relaxed!

So, go back quickly!

Although, to be honest, there are still some expectations in my heart at this time, looking forward to the situation that, for example, the senior found me in the crowd, some surprises stopped me, and then the two talked for a while.

However, as I walked through the corridors of the third grade classroom slowly and pretending to be inconspicuous, I didn't hear the familiar and somewhat sweet voice.

It was the same until I walked back to the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

Therefore, the kind of coincidence scene in the animation will never appear in reality!The creation of art comes from such scenes that seem normal but are actually very obvious coincidences. Otherwise, how can it be called art creation?

Even if I set up a flag that never sees the predecessors of Xiao Muzhen, I can't make this coincidence a reality!

But to be honest, due to such a stroll to the Light Music Club and the special circumstances that happened later, I came to the ministry classroom a little later.

But it doesn’t matter if you come late, right?After all, this classroom lacks people to visit all the year round. If it is the second illness of Yoshihiro Tikiza, it should be more than enough to cope with Keiya Hachiman alone?

However, when I opened the door of the classroom and heard some unusual noises in the classroom, I found that my previous judgment had made some mistakes.

what the hell?Why is this flag effective? The previous flag is not so effective. This is definitely the malice of the world!It is definitely the malice of the world!

However, this time I commissioned a cute girl, which is somewhat of a solace to me!


I tried very hard to keep the daily update in this episode, but I feel that the quality of these two chapters has declined somewhat. It seems that this book is still not suitable for daily update.


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