My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 51

Chapter: Chapter Thirty Five: Between the scenes, Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai is also suspicious of herself

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While Kazuya was walking aimlessly in the corridors of the third grade of Souwu High School, Xiaomu Yu Xuecai was also wandering aimlessly in the street with some annoyance.

And just as He was unconsciously going to the third grade classroom that she wanted to go to, Xuecai also unconsciously discovered that she had come to the door of the usual karaoke house.

"What? You have already come here!" Xuecai thought with a wry smile, "Although it is considered normal if I haven't come over for a few days, after the last conversation When this happens, people can’t help but feel that they are deliberately evading! Heya, this fellow, is really a bit rude to seniors!"

Thinking of Yubihama’s joking "confession" at the time, Yukina was also a little bit dumbfounded. From the beginning, she could see from Kazuna's eyes that the "confession" was not that kind of serious feeling. , Maybe He Ye's heart does have a certain good feeling for himself, but this kind of good feeling should be more or less existed by every boy who has in-depth contacts with him.

This judgment comes from the small vanity and self-confidence of Xuecai, because although she has maintained a relatively humble and low-key attitude, deep down, she has an enviable appearance and beautiful voice. Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai still has her own proud capital.

It’s just that Tonghe is also deliberately hiding and deliberately denying her own talents. Xiaomu Xuexue is also trying her best not to cause trouble to other people. Even if it is accidental, she is not willing to let herself hurt others, just like in The situation was the same in middle school.

Therefore, it is not particularly rare that Xuecai can quickly understand Heya’s second-degree thoughts, because, in a sense, Xuecai Xiaomu, and Yubihama Kazuya have the same The past.

"So, is it too early?" Looking at the karaoke counter that she is somewhat familiar and unfamiliar with, Xuecai showed an expression that she didn't know whether it was disappointed or rejoicing, although she also appeared here to work. Before, Xuecai had already come to this karaoke, I don’t know how many times.

However, since the first time Kato appeared here, the first time I had a conversation with myself, the first time the two people met and the relaxed conversation began, in a sense, this karaoke has been given a kind of Beyond the meaning of simple entertainment venues, it gave her a meaning to interact with other people and people she trusts. Therefore, when it was rare to find that harmony did not appear, Xuecai even suddenly felt a sense of it. A feeling of unsuitability.

"Well, Xuecai, are you here again?" Inoue and Xuecai greeted the salesperson at the counter he knew well.

"Well, that's right," Yukina asked, looking at Inoue, looking around, "So, it is rare for Yuihama-san not to come to work today?"

Then, she suddenly remembered the last time that she and Kazuya jokingly let Kazuya "flee from post", she suddenly became nervous again, and asked anxiously: "Isn't you firing him? Regarding the last time, It was my fault, I asked him to spend more time talking to me, so I said—"

"Oh, Yuhihama, the time period for his part-time work has not arrived yet!" Inoue said with a smile, "but Yukina, you really care about him! You really did your best to the schoolboy! Yuhihama is really lucky, in I knew a good senior sister like you before I joined Zongwu Gao."

"Well, it reminds me of my younger brother more or less, so I just said to take care of him!" Xueca smiled and said, "That's right. Now that I think about harmony, there are still club activities, and he doesn't. The only way to do this is to come to work so early. I just wanted to think too much."

"Yuhihama is very serious and responsible except when facing you!" Inoue shook his head and said, "It should be difficult for an employee like him to be fired! But in other words, even when facing you Suspected of being lazy at times, more reasons should be on you, a guest who loves to chat with him! He complained to me many times, "Senior Xiao Muzhen is just a chatter sometimes, when he talks. I can't stop it!"

"Hey, he actually said that to me!" Xuecai's eyes widened, and said angrily, "I didn't expect this guy to evaluate me like this. It seems that next time he has to show him the majesty of the senior Look! Don't let him be lawless! Humph!"

"Well, as long as you don't tell him that I have leaked the secret, it feels like that guy would not take into account the thoughts of my senior when he gets angry!"

"Of course I know this! So please help Auntie, right? The usual room 21?"

"This so-called usual room 21 should be what the salesperson here said, right? Inoue said helplessly, "but now room 21 is really empty. You are familiar with it, but don't count on me. Prepare everything for you like Yubihama. After all, I am the only one now and can't leave the counter!"

"No problem, Auntie, I can handle these things myself!" Xuecai shook the hair behind her with some ease, took the key, and walked towards the box she was familiar with.

"Allah, allah, it's great to be young!" Looking at some of the jumping back of Xuecai, the less young Inoue salesperson couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

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Xiaomuzhen Xuecai’s social circle is definitely not small, so Xuecai never lacks friends, and even if the standard of "friends" is set more strict, the kind of friends who know each other does not exist, so this is also snow The reason it was difficult for Cai to refuse when his friends encouraged him to participate in the selection of Miss Chief Wu Gao. Of course, this also makes Xuecai need to work harder and do it more in line with the image of "Kaolin Flower". Up.

Be close to everyone and treat everyone equally, but at the same time, keep a certain distance from everyone. For boys who have a good impression of themselves, they politely maintain a way that the other person can feel that they don’t have that aspect. The attitude of thinking, for girls who have a good relationship with them, try not to let the other party feel that they are looking down on each other condescendingly.

Of course, what Xuecai longed for in the depths of her heart is not this mode of getting along with other people, although in the process of continuous self-solidification of this image, she even has a feeling of blurring her own positioning. .

Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai doesn't like the title of Gaoling's Flower. If she can, she wants to leave the image of her usual girl next door to everyone. However, after the first high school candidate for Miss Wu Gao, she won the championship. The establishment of her campus goddess image is a self-image positioning that she can't get rid of. Xiao Mu Xuexue's high school life is inseparable from this image.

Therefore, if you want to deny your image of Gaolingzhihua, it is tantamount to denying your entire high school life. This is something that Xuecai cannot do. Therefore, although there is always a negative voice deep in my heart, , Xuecai still continues the image of the "campus goddess" in the eyes of the actors.

Moreover, more importantly, if the image of the middle school period is shown to everyone, it will inevitably expose her to the risk of social network instability, and this kind of unconsciousness to other people The injury is something Xue Cai didn't want to see.

Therefore, Xuecai once had a kind of fortune, thinking that He also acted as the savior of her self-positioning to a certain extent. For the first time, all the secrets she had not known since she entered high school were exposed. In front of a person from the same school as himself, this is a kind of release of the tense pressure on the self. Although this release is somewhat late, there is such a person who knows the other side of himself and can let himself It is also a thing that makes you feel very happy to show the existence of other people.

Moreover, this person has no contact with his normal social circle. Although Xuecai has not clearly expressed this meaning, he still consciously keeps a certain distance from the usual social circle of Xuecai. And Xuecai did not join Heye's social network either.The two maintained a way of communicating outside of the normal social circle, which allowed the two to avoid interfering with each other even though both sides had some understanding of each other's social networks.

However, this is not to say that this way of interacting with Heye can completely resolve the deep self-doubts of Xuecai.Because, in the process of getting along with Ye, the disparity between the identities of seniors and younger generations has always been an unshakable fact, and in many cases, He also asked for snow vegetables to act. Let Xuecai realize that these two people are not equal in a certain sense.

Although there is no lack of interaction between people of the same age, more often, Xuecai is still a predecessor, who is still a little confused and solves problems. What Xuecai said before is "like treating her younger brother Xiaohong." Regarding Harmony", although this is a casual sentence, but in many cases, it also represents a real mode of getting along between two people.

However, this lack of equal interaction makes Xuecai feel more at ease with Hehe to a certain extent, and even more likes this pure "predecessor and younger generation" relationship.

However, the joking "confession" of Heye before has caused some changes in Xuecai's mood. Of course, it is not that He also really likes herself. She just suddenly realized that even if she wants to make peace Think of it as Xiaohong, but there is one point that is fundamentally different from Xiaohong.The relationship between "pure predecessors and younger generations" absolutely does not exist.

Yubihama Kazuya, even if he acts like a younger brother or a junior in front of him, he is first of all a boy of his own age. Therefore, this is doomed. In the process of getting along with Kazuya Yukina, In some respects, it must not be crossed.

Not to cross the boundary, this is the creed that Xuecai puts on her own. Therefore, when Xuecai hurriedly reminded and also the so-called "precautions for love", she was treating Heya as a senior She warned, but at the same time, she also used her previous experience to warn herself.

However, when the present Xuecai recalled what she said at the time, she was somewhat regretful: "Although those words are correct, shouldn't they be more euphemistic? That feeling is obviously the situation that something happened in the relationship before, just say that he, would you think I was accusing him of thinking? Oh, so I was too anxious at that time!"

Holding the microphone carelessly, although she looked at the screen displaying the lyrics in a daze, Xuecai's singing seemed a bit weak, even intermittent. Obviously, even if she was singing now, she couldn't calm her mood. .

In other words, during this period of time, I have adjusted my mood in school, but I have become more irritable because I came to karaoke to find peace but did not see each other.

"Oh!" Throwing the microphone on the sofa with a bit of frustration, Yukina stared blankly at the actions of her favorite singer-Yuki Morikawa, but even the melody of her favorite "whitealbum" I couldn't calm her mood when she got up.

"Well, let’s go to the first grade to find Heya tomorrow! Explain to him the meaning of what I said at the time, tell him I am not accusing him, I am just talking to him about my thoughts at the time, that’s it, in short , Let him stop running away from me!" She smashed her whole person on the sofa, and Xue Cai also secretly made up her mind.

"But, maybe we can only stop here today. It's very depressing! The first time I sang it out in less than an hour, it's really a waste of money!" Walking out of the karaoke in frustration, there was no time Paying attention to Inoue's somewhat depressed eyes, Yukina stomped her feet in annoyance.

"Isn't it just a junior? Why does it make me feel this way? It's been a long time since I have been completely relaxed with people outside of my family, so I am particularly worried about losing.

Every time before, when Xuecai came out of the karaoke, the sky was already dark, so she was not very comfortable with some dazzling sunlight, and raised her hand to block the diagonally shining evening sun. A ray of light is not too strong, but there is some unpleasant light, Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai's mood, there is a rare fluctuation that he can't understand.


The writing of this chapter is very hard, especially in the second half, the logic is messed up, the style is very similar to the mental thinking of the heroine of Bing Jiao's book, but he tried to innovate, and the result became four different.In short, this chapter is a test product for changing perspectives, and the result is a big failure.


Chapter 31: So, Saika Totsuka turned out to be a boy

"Ahalo!" As soon as I opened the door of the classroom, the first thing I heard was the energetic voice of my sister, ah, no matter when, Yuihama Yui always looked a little stupid but very happy. , This is still very good!

——But I still have to complain, the way of saying hello "Ahalo" is really too shameful!

"Xiaohe is late today!" My sister waved to me vigorously, and said, "The discussions on our side have already begun. Well, Xiaocai doesn't need to re-explain the cause and effect. Let the small enterprise Come on? How about?"

"Why do I always have a delegation application when I am rarely late?"

"Why do you want me to introduce him to this situation now?"

To be honest, sometimes I really feel regretful. Why do Higiya Hachiman and I are so synchronized in this kind of place? Obviously, from all aspects, my personality and his personality should look very different, so Sure enough, there is a strange power in the world to connect me and him?

Absolutely not, if this is Kamisama's choice, even if it is a god, I will resist and show it to you!It doesn't matter if you associate me with a girl like Xiao Muzhen's predecessor, a guy like Biqigu, just looking at it!

Obviously, Higiya Hachiman and I had the same thoughts. He glanced at his sister with disdain and said, "After all, help, Totsuka or Totsuka is the main focus now. For those who are late, Then you should be punished for being late, Miss Bitch, if you feel sorry for your brother, you can explain it yourself!"

"That, it's not that I feel sorry for Xiaohe!" My sister's face suddenly turned red, "That, I just want Xiaohe to know about the situation, isn't that OK?"

Well, this, let’s not say whether I want to know this commission-although I am more or less curious because it was commissioned by a beautiful girl, although it is not as good as that of Biqigu, I wag my tail when I see this girl to please It’s the same as my puppy—First of all, it’s not a big deal to feel sorry for me. After all, you are my sister. You can’t because of your 16 years as my sister. I have been taking care of you for 15 years. So you deny the idea that you can feel sorry for me!