My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 52

"So, the focus of our attention now is to improve Totsuka's tennis level, rather than explaining the specific situation to the late first-year staff. If Yuhihama is smart enough, he can understand the current situation, if not. If it’s the case, then we’ll talk about it after we finish the discussion!” Biqigu rarely said a long time, so what kind of magic power does the entrusted girl have that can turn on the silence switch on Biqigu. .

Please, you have expressed your opinion of that guy too clearly. Obviously there are still two beauties in the Ministry of Service. You have not been moved by it, but suddenly you have a favorable impression of a client. This is very problematic. This kind of situation is related to the occurrence of some ulterior relationship between the lawyer and the client, or the strange connection between the psychologist and the patient, which is absolutely not allowed, or becomes more serious. This is a question of professionalism.

Therefore, the conclusion is that Higiya Hachiman lacks the necessary professionalism.

"First of all, I agree that there is no need to be wronged-uh, brother Hihama will explain the current situation. Secondly -" Yukoshita's voice came over. This should be her first opening after I entered the department. Of course she said something. It is still owed.

"You just wanted to talk about the bad boy! You definitely wanted to talk about the bad boy! Yukino Yukino, I have corrected your title for a long time!"

"Well, I'm sorry, I will try my best to correct it next." Xuexia accepted my doubts about her frankly, and asked me to prepare a bunch of words that would strike a large-scale blow against her that she might deny. Turned into nonsense.

"All in all," Yukoshita continued, "Although I agree that there is no need to explain too much to Brother Yubihama, can Higiya-san can explain what your extraordinarily exciting behavior is about today? I told you from the beginning, the Ministry of Service is a place to help people, but it is definitely not a house of everything. The so-called improvement of tennis level is the most important thing for your own efforts, not just asking for help. "

"Well, so, yes, can't I make my tennis stronger?" Finally, the girl with short white hair over there said, her voice is very nice, it is a kind of neutral female voice, at the same time, Her snow-white hair and her well-maintained skin complement each other, and it feels very weak, which easily arouses people's desire for protection.It is no wonder that Biqigu has a good impression of her. After all, neither the seemingly omnipotent Xuexia nor her carefree sister in general are not the kind of girls who can arouse people's desire for protection.

But with that said, Higiya Hachiman is surprisingly a bit manly!Although I usually look like "I want to be the housekeeper, I am proud", but at critical moments, I will still protect girls!

However, Yukino on the other side is not so friendly to that girl. If I didn’t know that her character was like this, I would feel that she was jealous of this girl and aroused boys’ desire for protection more easily than she was. It's so cruel!However, even if I know Yukoshita's character, I still think, can't you guys speak more tactfully?Let’s forget the special case of Yoshihiro Timberza who was shaking M in M, but now you are crying and scolding girls!

However, looking at their performance, this commission is not difficult, right?It is estimated that this girl chose her bad tennis in physical education class, and then stayed on the same level for a long time, and she was desperate to seek help from the Ministry of Service.

So, this is the sorrow of people without talents, but I think it makes sense for Yukoshita to reject her. At least, when a talented person doesn’t work hard at all, it’s justified. When the level is bursting and there is no scum left, it will only make those without talents more desperate, right?

Don't doubt why I think Yukoshita will definitely play tennis well. If she is a pervert who is good at everything, this is also a natural thing?

However, I think so. Obviously, the other two people besides me and Xuexia don't think so. Let’s not say that there are some Biqigu who are choked by Xuexia’s words and dare not say anything. Hachiman, after hearing Yuukishita’s remarks, my sister still showed her usual okay expression, saying, “I also know that personal hard work is very important, but if it’s Xiaoxue, it must be You can think of a way!"

Uh, to say that this radical method is really inferior.

"Because," my sister continued with that embarrassed expression, "Before the high school entrance exam, I had been working hard to review the courses of each subject, but I always felt that there was no progress! However, at the time Xiaohe helped me to guide me, and then I felt that a lot of things could be mastered suddenly. If it weren’t for Xiaohe, I think I would definitely not be able to enter Zongwu Gao, so I feel that if Xiaoxue could be like Xiaohe If you give some pointers to Xiaocai like that, you will definitely get good results!"

"Oh, do you mean I'm not as good as that guy?" Xuexia's eyes fixed on me.No, sister definitely didn't want to express this, right?She just wanted to give an example to prove her argument. This is the most powerful argument she can do with less rigorous logic, so don't think that your sister has any other ideas, absolutely nothing!

"Unexpectedly, you guys have that kind of time?" Yukoshita looked at me with a slightly contemptuous but visibly surprised look. "How do I feel like helping others, or guiding others, and you Does the theory depart from?"

"Except for the family!" I hummed. I remember that I discussed this issue with Senior Xiao Muzhen before. Family is a very magical existence. He will tolerate you infinitely and will not be jealous because of your abilities. He will not be frustrated because you are better than him. He will only feel sincerely grateful for your outstanding performance. Therefore, as long as it is a family member and can help them, there is no problem at all!

"So, let's not talk about your kind of weird and messy logic, Yubihama-sister-this name is really troublesome!"

"——So Koyuki called me Yui, hehe."

"——Yuhihama sister, what you said is more or less a kind of temptation to me," but Yukoshita still did not follow her sister's words toughly, she just continued, "You can do this to me Act of temptation, then I can also solve your problem completely!"

Ah, Xuexia Xueno has the simplest method of agitation, but it is understandable, because she is so confident that she uses that kind of crushing attitude along the way to put all the difficulties in front of her and other people. The problems raised were solved directly. This is a kind of self-confidence that belongs to a genius and a strong man. Yukoshita Yuki possesses the self-confidence that Yubihama also had.

"Well, Totsuka-san, then I will accept your request. Just improve your tennis skills, right?" Yukoshita turned his head to the one that is half of his body hidden behind Higiya. Some shy girls said.

"Well, yes. Only, as long as my skills improve, I think everyone will work hard together." It seemed that it was a little frightened. Totsuka jumped up like a little rabbit, completely Hiding behind Biqigu.

This, can it be said that this girl named Totsuka also has a good impression of Qigu, which is really surprising, right?

But what does it mean to work hard together?Who are you referring to?

I have always been an honest person, and I feel that if I have any questions, I have to ask them. Therefore, I now also ask what I think: "Wait a minute, I have a question. I don’t want to improve this. Tennis skills? Who is this so-called "everyone"?"

"Have you not figured out Xiaohe? The current Xiaocai, but the head of the tennis department! But since the seniors of the former high school senior left, no one has come to participate in club activities in the current tennis club. His request this time is Improve your tennis skills, and let everyone in the tennis club want to participate in club activities again!"

Oh oh oh, for a group, and then by changing yourself to stimulate the collective fighting spirit?Sure enough, she is a hard-working girl, but,

"Is there really no one in the tennis club? Is it really irresponsible for the previous minister to make such a girl the minister?"

"What are you talking about? What do you call such a girl? You are so rude to Xiao Cai!" My sister raised her tone very hard and scolded me.

"Well, I was indeed wrong, but I think if the director of a sports club is a boy, at least a person with a more cheerful personality, he should be more able to unite the members?"

"So, you made a mistake from the beginning! Xiao Cai, he is a boy!" My sister's words came to my ears.

Hmm, so did I hear something wrong?That girl who is more like Qigu, that girl who is also interesting compared to Qigu, is she actually a boy?What a joke.

"Well, I know my personality may be a little weaker, but I am also working hard to unite everyone, so I say, so I say..." The soft "boy" had a few tears in his eyes. , Said intermittently, you told me this is a boy, what a joke!

"Also, there is Yawata," Totsuka's eyes turned slightly to Higiya, "Is it really easy to be considered a girl?"

After that, Higiya Hachiman turned his eyes away and showed a pained expression, then turned his head back a second later and said, "That, Totsuka, no, everyone thinks you are a boy!"

"Yeah, Xiaohe, Xiao Cai looks like a boy, okay, quickly apologize to Xiao Cai!" My sister's aggressive words also added.

Well, well, Totsuka Saika is a boy, Totsuka Saika is a boy, Totsuka Saika is a boy.

I read this sentence three times silently in my heart, and forced myself to believe this fact. In short, what do you say is it?

Therefore, Totsuka Ayaka has fair skin like a girl, although her personality is like a girl, although her voice is soft and quiet like a girl, even though every pore on her body reveals that he is a girl. Facts about girls.

However, he is a boy.

I suddenly became worried about Higiya Hachiman's sexuality. Knowing that Totsuka is a boy, I was so diligent. It seems that when Higiya is waving the rainbow flag is a normal thing, right?


Chapter 32: Sincerely, Yubihama Kazuya prays to himself

Sincerely, Yubihama Kazuya prays that he will not bend

Once you have decided to do something, you will definitely do it to the extreme. This is the character of Yukino Yukoshita who "will never make mistakes", and it is precisely because "will never fail." This kind of self-confidence can make Yukoshita form such a habit. Therefore, while I was still struggling with Totsuka's gender issue, Yukoshita Yukino had already spoken somewhat quickly:

"Well, let's ignore the horrible delusion of the bad boy Yubihama who is not sure about the gender of Totsuka-"

"Yukixia Yukino, can you explain to me the definition of the term'bad boy Yubihama'? I remember that I have reminded you that this hair is definitely not a bad symbol, and what is called a terrible delusion. , If it is a bad delusion, say that the one over there is more suitable than Qigu!"

Yes, I’m talking about you, Higiya Hachiman, don’t turn your face that has turned red. It’s personally clear what you think about Totsuka. ?

——Ah, there seems to be something wrong. Everyone except me seems to just look at Bichigu unexplainably. Haven't you discovered Bichigu’s bad attempts at Totsuka?Sure enough, they are all good children. At first glance, they have not received the teachings of King Billy. This sentence makes me think it is the kind of evil people who are more prone to crookedness. How can it be repaired!

"This is no way. Before I thought of a way to distinguish you from your sister, I hope you can accept my title with a specific title. It's okay. You can use the title of'bad boy' as It’s not ashamed to be a concept similar to the title of “Space Hero.” In addition, when you think of Totsuka-san as a girl among everyone, I can only understand that you are not good to Totsuka-san The fantasy, but since you corrected my thoughts, I just admit the mistake." Xuexia's retort was still polite and impeccable, making people scratching her head but she just didn't know how to make her express her hand.

"So my so-called title is basically equivalent to the second disease?"

"Well, you can think so for the time being," Yukoshita nodded with satisfaction, and continued, "So let's ignore the misunderstanding of the bad boy Yuihama about Totsuka-san, and now we will start to determine the time to help Totsuka-san, right? Totsuka-san has time for activities in the tennis club after school, so you can only use the lunch break to train Totsuka-san?"

On the other side, Higiya Hachiman showed a very painful expression, as if he wanted to protest, but before he could say his protest, he was stared back by Yukoshita with a terrible look:

"Now, everyone's lunch break is fine anyway, right?"

Yes, the lunch break is an important time to see how Yishi teased her group of guards. If there are occasional special circumstances that Yishi cannot control, she deliberately laughed when she returned to her seat in a little embarrassed manner. She said a few words.

——But I can’t say such a thing, otherwise, I don’t care if Yukino Yukino will look at me with such contempt. (Nominally, I am observing the girl at the same table playing with other boys with interest, but In fact, because I also like her but dare not pursue it, I can only take pleasure in this kind of private observation, sad coward boy!), the possible gossip eyes of my sister, it is estimated that it will pierce me. Swallow it completely!

"Very good, no comments, so let's start tomorrow! Totsuka-san's tennis level improvement plan!"