My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 53

So, the next day, the devil training began.

It is said that it is devil training, but the first step is physical training. Although I don’t know what the physical fitness of Mr. Xuexia is, when Xuexia is training people, he is really merciless. what!

At the beginning of the game, all members of the Ministry of Service and Totsuka should do a 12-minute run. This is definitely a devil's style!Moreover, it is Totsuka who wants to improve, why should the rest of us suffer along with it!

Of course, neither the older sister nor Higiya Hachiman is the kind of person who is known for his physical ability. Therefore, before the time is halfway, the two of them are already walking on the playground, the only one who can insist on continuing to accompany Totsuka. The only one who ran down was me.

Although it has been a long time since I have received systematic physical training, it is still very easy for me to get me to catch up with Totsuka’s 12-minute run. After the last conversation with Isshiki, I I also feel that there is no need to deliberately conceal my talents from everyone. Therefore, in the current situation, I basically lead Totsuka on a run in front.

I can feel Biqigu’s eyes that want to burn me looking at me. It seems that I need to explain to Biqigu. Unlike him, I am a completely heterosexual. I had a girlfriend when I was in junior high school, so I don’t have to worry about me going to his Totsuka.

After all, even though Totsuka is so cute, he is still a real boy-although I think it would be better to verify if he can.

However, now the panting Totsuka behind me was looking at me with a somewhat enviable look, some panting, and said to me: "Then, that...Yuhihama-student... physical fitness is really , Very, very good!"

"For the time being, after all, I have always been in the football department before. As you know, the physical fitness required for the return run on the football field is not a trivial matter!"

"Yes, is it? Really...really envious...Ah, if anything, when will I be able to...have Yuihama-san’s physical fitness...just fine!" Totsuka followed staggeringly. I squeezed a slightly pale but still cute smile.

I seem to understand Biqigu’s feelings. When this guy laughs, it’s a foul. Why do boys have such deep dimples when they laugh? Why do boys only say that they envy another boy and show off Red cheeks!Is it really going to be defeated by Totsuka Saika?

Therefore, I can only turn my head a little bit embarrassed. Although I am very disappointed, there is no other way. If Totsuka talks to me again, I think I will fall to the same level as Higiya: "Okay, That, in short, don’t talk. If you talk, that, that is, your breath will be unstable. If you are not physically fit, you will lose your breath. Understand? Just run with me now. When will you be able to follow me? Basically, your physical fitness is also qualified."

"Okay, okay, thank you Yubihama-san, may I call your name?"

"It's up to you!" I speeded up and ran forward, Nima, this is just like a arrogant girl, my face is red too.

Totsuka is a boy, he is from Keiya Hachiman; Totsuka is a boy, he is from Keiya Hachiman; Totsuka is a boy, he is from Keiya Hachiman!Say these three times sincerely, or my soul will really be handed over to Lucifer.

So, at the end of the last 12 minutes, Ayaka Totsuka did not keep up with my rhythm. He was a little behind in the middle. Of course, my condition was not much better. Although I ran very easily at the beginning, it was here. In the last two minutes, I hadn't been trained for a long time, and my feet started to heavier. Although the speed of other people had entered the walking posture at that time, just 10 minutes of continuous running caused a bottleneck in my physical fitness. It is really inappropriate.

If you want to return to the football field, you should work harder. Although the sense and consciousness of the ball are still there, physical fitness is the foundation for an athlete.

But this sentence is just to talk about it casually, how is it possible to return to the football field or something?

"Yuhihama's stamina is unexpectedly good!" After getting off the track of the playground, Yukoshita seemed to look at me with a monster's eyes.

"It used to be much better than it is now, because it was abandoned for various reasons."

"Yes, yes, I just remembered that before, Xiaohe was in the football department, and he was still a very strong player in the team. It seems that he has jumped to the national team. This is not very clear. Anyway, he will play. For football, Xiaowa must have good physical fitness? I don't know how it compares to Hayato?" My sister looked at me in a way that seemed to have suddenly dawned on me, as if she was thinking of something remarkable.

Please, although I know that you are indeed somewhat natural, don't tell me that you only think of those situations when I was in middle school now, do you want to care about your brother so much!

"Although Yubihama is not very clear, but I think it should be the appearance of the national U17 national team? If you join this kind of team, it seems that you should be able to play in the world of interest, U17 World Cup or the like?" Xuexia frowned. Obviously, although theoretically omniscient and omnipotent, she has dabbled in this aspect, but she does not fully understand these things.

"I was the team that jumped into the league after the last U17 World Cup, and I'm not there anymore." The discussion on this topic of mine should stop here to let more people know that I am in football. The talent, it would be even more disadvantageous to me.

"But Xiaohe is still very good, right? Haha, this is at a national level!" But the idiot sister didn't notice what I meant by saying this. Are you not very good at observing words?Could you please behave normally in front of your brother?

"Hey, it's true that Kazuya is really amazing. No wonder running so easily just now." Totsuka also looked at me with admiration.Although when he directly called me by name, Bigiya Hachiman’s eyes tremble visibly, uh, that, Totsuka-senpai, I don’t think I can bear Bigiya Hachiman’s constant resentment. So you still don't want to be like this, okay?

"Well, everyone ran for 12 minutes today. They are all tired. I have a general understanding of everyone's physical condition, especially Totsuka-san, so I will disband today, and tomorrow noon Continue to gather here on time, I will adjust the next physical training plan. "I have never liked Yukoshita's serious voice like this time. Just for one minute, you are my goddess, save me Where's the goddess, Yukino under Yukino, praise you!

"Also, Yubihama Kazuya, if you stay for a while, you seem to have the best physical fitness anyway?" However, Yukoshita's words immediately hit me in the face, "This timer, I borrowed it from the physical education teacher, so I can trouble you to return it, right?"

"Why do I have to pay it back? Is it okay to take care of what I borrowed? Didn't your mother tell you this?"

"But I am also very troubled. Next, I am going to prepare a specific physical training plan for each of you, so I don’t have time. Or, do you think you will continue to simply and rudely arrange a 12 Minute training is enough? Do you think it’s okay?"

"Well, Xiaohe, Xiaoxue also worked very hard today. Although she did not run, she definitely consumes more brainpower than every one of us, so please help me! Now, Xiaohe, anyway. The classroom of the grade is also close to the physical education teacher’s office. It’s okay to help Koyuki?” Yukoshita’s remarks had a great impact on the collective, Yuihama Yui, my sister. After rashly revealing my football level before, I unconsciously betrayed me again. Thank you, Yui sister, you really did a great job!

"Hey, although I am embarrassed to say that, but Kazuya, you can help Yukino-classmate, this, if it doesn't work, I can help, but my legs are really weak now..." Said with his very weak begging voice.

The remaining one, Higiya Hachiman, did not speak, but his rare wide-open eyes expressed nothing more than "Absolutely support Totsuka, and don't let the Yukoshita Demon continue to abuse us!" So, since you If you support Totsuka in this way, then you should help to return the keys to Yukoshita. Don't just show your support with your eyes!It takes practical action!

However, there is no other way. In theory, it is an absolute advantage of 4:1. It is indeed not a big deal to go back to the first grade classroom and stop by the physical education teacher's office. I am just a little unhappy with the collective requirements of these guys at this time. ?

Don't think that you can bully the younger generation without authorization if you are a second-year senior, okay?The younger generations also want human rights!


Well, the title is really bad.


Chapter Thirty-Three: I feel that Higiya Hachiman is the protagonist of the novel

If the reality can be as exciting as the novel, then I will most likely be "a blessing in disguise" after being "forced" to agree to Xuexia's request. What kind of welfare scene will be encountered in the physical education teacher's office.

——Senior Xiao Muzhen who is reporting to his physical education teacher.Of course, a person who is busy with the football department is actually quite good.

However, the reality is very cruel. I didn't see any familiar faces in the physical education teacher's office, not even Hiratsuka Shizuka with a sinister smile on my chest as I imagined.

In the office, the only thing waiting for me is the face of the most vicious-looking physical education teacher.Moreover, when I walked into the office, there was an obvious change in the expression on his face from a smile to a gloomy one.

If you want to use the deepest malice to guess the current situation, I think this teacher must be a rude person who covets the beauty under the snow, so I saw the snow that was supposed to return the timer. After being replaced by someone like me who looked a bit rogue, he looked disappointed.

I'm so sure, because the teacher kept humming and dissatisfied when I returned the timer-it was only for me to make a mistake and let him find a chance to vent.Please, you could have created a kind image in front of the students, but you are unwilling to do so, so you have to remember this pot yourself.

In addition, next time, I will definitely not bear this guy's expression for Xuexia. This kind of mental pollution is so strong that I need to molest Yui sister for a night to calm my emotions.

Therefore, when everyone appeared in the playground again at noon the next day, only the sister came over with dark circles and yawned constantly.

"What's the matter?" At this time, Bigiya Hachiman showed his concern for his sister. Although he looked at her sister's eyes are still the kind of thief-like eyes, he quickly swept the dark circles next to her eyes. Asked very quickly.

"Ah, did the small companies see it?" My sister covered her eyes in frustration, and said with a bit of thought, "Yudo and others didn't say anything. I thought I had already used makeup well in the morning. That's it!"

"Probably the makeup is off!" Biqigu calmly analyzed.

"Ah, I'm going to touch up my makeup, Xiaoxue, can I not take part in the practice today? Yesterday I was really tired from running, and you see, I didn't sleep well last night. I used to forbearance during class in the morning. I live without sleep!" Yui sister looked at Yukoshita with a pitiful look, and pleaded, I can see the frustrating tears in her eyes!

"If this is the case, it is indeed difficult to carry out this kind of high-intensity training under the condition of insufficient physical fitness and lack of sleep," Xuexia frowned, stroked his hair a little, thought about it, and finally A little embarrassed nodded, "But what did Yubihama-san did last night that made you so embarrassed now."

"Hey, hey, this," my sister kept touching her two dumplings and said, "This, in short, is a very complicated matter, and it is not clear to explain."

"Okay, then Yuihama-san, go to rest!" Yukoshita didn't seem to want to listen to her sister's explanation, and decisively delivered today's first instruction.

I can hear my sister breathe a sigh of relief, and yes, if I have to explain it, it is actually that I told my sister a "weird story" before going to bed in the name of having nothing to do and want to chat.

Therefore, I can still remember the flushed face of Yui sister who pushed open the door of my room at 1 o'clock in the middle of the night: "Owa, when was the last time we slept together? I miss it a little bit. , So, that means, if you miss it, we can sleep together!"

Of course I have to refuse this kind of thing. My sister does not have this consciousness, but I have the meaning of the difference between men and women-although the result of such rejection is that my sister slept on my bed and I lay on the floor .

Thanks to this situation, I am also very sleepy now, but I have concealed my sleepiness well.

"Ah, this, Yuukishita, I also lacked sleep last night. My lovely sister clamored to let me help her with her homework. You know, she will have an entrance exam next year, so—" At that time, it seemed that she noticed Yui sister's sleep escape, and Biqigu joined the crowd who wanted to be lazy.

Of course, his attitude of wanting to be lazy was sneered by Xuexia. Xuexia only glanced at Biqigu sharply, and asked him to swallow the rest of the words back: "——So, although I’m sleepy, but I think running a little bit helps boost my spirit, haha, haha."