My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 54

"Well, Yawata," After Higiya said that, Totsuka, who had been following him, also had those ignorantly beautiful eyes shining, and said with some appreciation to Higiya, "Today, let's cheer together. !"

"Yes, let's cheer together!"

This pair of dog men and women-ah no, they are dog men and men-does not seem to be right. In short, it seems that they should be taught by some method.

"In addition, Yubihama," the gratifying thing is that Yukoshita seems to have finally realized that there is a way to distinguish me from my sister in addition to "bad boy Yubihama", which is to add an after my last name "School brother", "You don't need to practice physical fitness. Although you don't know what your best physical fitness level is, if you let them train with them, it will definitely create a psychological shadow for other people. So you can try to practice tennis by yourself, play against the wall, or figure out how to practice by yourself."

"But why do I have to practice tennis together?"

"--As for if you practice alone, I think that person can give you some experience." Of course, my routine protest was routinely ignored by Yukoshita, and I snarled at Higiya Hachiman. She continued.

Of course I didn't expect her to obey my protest.

Then, this so-called individual practice continued.

-----------------------------split line-------------------

Then, this so-called practice slowly became another gathering place for the Ministry of Service except after school.

Said it was a rally, that is because most of the current members have forgotten the practice of the tennis club.

After hiding in my room for several days, my sister finally returned to her room happily, but thanks to the bad sleep these days, she seems to have developed a good habit of taking a nap for several consecutive days. God, she just lay down in the sun quietly reading a book a little lazily, and occasionally got up and pointed to Totsuka's tennis skills to sleep next to Xuexia.Just like Sabre likes to sleep on her sister's lap.

I think my sister’s sleeping position may be like what Sabre learned.

On the other side, Higiya has also been trying very hard to "please" Totsuka, and, to be honest, his tennis level seems to be pretty good, so he can probably keep up with Totsuka's rhythm. However, the problem is that, After practicing a few times, Biqigu was blasted away by Xuexia. The reason was that "you will never be able to improve your level in long-term competition with someone who is worse than you. It is better to improve through self-practice."

So Totsuka took his gleaming eyes and looked at Higiya with an apologetic look, and then faithfully implemented Yukoshita's instructions-hit the wall.In this sense, the role of the rest of us, including Biqigu, is not as great as that of a wall. I feel that this is a very sad thing!

As for me, except for the first day I had a certain amount of patience and played tennis against the wall for a while, the lunch break became time for playing football for me. The playground at noon is often empty, so , Don’t worry about my actions and the sense of finding the ball will be seen by others.Therefore, throughout the noon, I basically spent the ball and shooting non-stop.Maybe, in order to avoid bad situations, I will not play official games next, but it is a good thing to be able to retain an interest.

In short, this kind of life is very peaceful. If there is no one to disturb, then it is estimated that this kind of life will become a routine of the Ministry of Service, right?

However, this peaceful life will always be broken.

From this point of view, this is quite in line with the dramatic setting!

So it is estimated that other people in the ministry except me are the protagonists of a certain drama. Everyone, including me, exists for him, and then there is a certain camera in this world that has been watching that person.

The more likely guy is Higiya Hachiman. His weird character is more suitable for people to pay attention to.

So I can write a script called the world of Higiya Hachiman and sell it to the lighthouse country on the east side of the ocean. There will be many people watching it.However, before that, you need to change the protagonist's name.

Just change it to Truman's world, true-man, it will definitely sell well.

Of course, this is not the time when I am in the YY script, because, whether it is because of the protagonist of some people, the boring world seems to have come to an end!

The queen in the sister's social group, the guy called Yoko, has already arrived next to the tennis court. Is this preparing to declare war on the people inside?

To be honest, the current Yumizi really fits the definition of all villains. His looks are pretty good, but he is not the highest-level existence. At least Xuexia or Xiaomushu can’t reach the level of her; her personality looks like that. A more arrogant queen type, this kind of personality is always self-righteous, and then habitually directs others, which will inevitably lead to conflicts between her and more people; and then the kind of smooth wind that seems to have never encountered any setbacks in this life Her attitude, which also led to her completely lacking the kind of awareness of what would happen if she offended others.

Although I personally don't think that there will be such bad guys in the absolute sense among the students, but you are really a mocking face, classmate Youzi!

Under normal circumstances, the villain will be defeated by the righteous side, so go ahead, Higiya Hachiman, as the protagonist, you will definitely win that guy!

——I don’t know when I defaulted to Higiya Hachiman as the protagonist?Although it's a bit nonsense, let's continue this setting!

"Student Totsuka, can we play here too?" This sentence of Yuko itself is an interrogative sentence, but there is that kind of undeniable aura in the words.

"Miura-san, I didn't play here, I was practicing, practicing." From the very beginning, Totsuka was overwhelmed by the momentum, but is Yuko's last name Miura?My sister never mentioned it before!

"But, I saw someone else here!" Miura pointed at her sister, then glanced suspiciously at Higiya, and finally glanced at me, and said, "Now, you see, Yui must not belong to the tennis club. Isn’t it a player, isn’t it? And, um, remember we’ve met Yui’s younger brother? Is Yui your brother in the tennis club?"

"No." Obviously, Yui sister was also very surprised to see Miura's group suddenly appearing, she didn't know how to react, so she just looked at Miura dumbly and replied blankly.

"So, everyone is not in the tennis club. You can still play here, so can we? We are at least playing tennis here. Look at Yui’s brother over there, he is still playing. What about football!"

I quickly received the ball behind me. Miura said it was actually quite reasonable. Our group of people did not do their jobs properly, especially for me. Knowing that my sister and Higiya will help Totsuka throw it somehow. For the ball and the like, I have been playing the ball on my own, even though Totsuka didn't care about me.

"But, that's not the case. Um, Yawata and the others are helping me practice!" Totsuka's voice was still very soft, so soft that I couldn't hear it clearly, but it can be seen that he was still working hard despite his shyness. The earth is defending us.

However, this is somewhat ridiculous!Let such a shy-looking person help to explain, the consciousness of the protagonist should be boiling, right?Than Keiya Hachiman!

Of course, before Qigu could react, another guy with a more obvious halo of the protagonist had already interrupted in: "Okay, it's fun for everyone to play together. Isn't that all right? So that's it, right? Don't worry!"

Hayato Hayama, he must have his own background when he plays. This kind of dazzling halo is almost blinding me, but the way I played before, shouldn't he be caught by him?Otherwise, it feels like he will be dragged into the mixed water again!

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Chapter 34: Seriously, Yeshan Hayabusa is creating injustice

Higiya Hachiman doesn't like Hayama Hayato, just as we are not good at dealing with Yukoshita Yukino, so from many perspectives, we all have similarities.

But we still won’t be friends, because although we have the same object of dislike, our logic is completely inconsistent. Higiya Hachiman’s aversion to Hayama Hayato should be the kind of autistic people who have a natural leader. Hostility from the heart.And my dissatisfaction with Yeshan Hayabusa comes from the kind of horrible self-righteous talent that existed in Yeshan that was once possessed by me, but ultimately destroyed me and destroyed others.

Therefore, if Ye Shan becomes lonely when Ye Shan becomes lonely, then Biqigu will definitely extend the hands of friendship to him while "gloating in misfortune". However, if Ye Shan becomes lonely but still does not restrain his talents, I will not Will identify with him.

Of course, from this point of view, Biqigu should have good feelings and expectations for Xuexia, who is also a lonely race. Although he seems to be very disgusted with Xuexia on the surface, he will still act for the same. Under the lonely Xuexia some understanding.And I, before breaking the logic of Xuexiaxue's "theory that talents must win", it will never be possible for me to understand Xuexiaxuena at this stage.

This logical and essential contradiction made it impossible for Biqigu and I to be friends even though we have common opponents.

Although it is not very clear what Higiya thinks, I think he can be more or less aware of this. Therefore, when he shows his favor to Totsuka, his attitude in front of his sister will soften, even from clues that he is right. Yukoshita's displayed disgust was also reduced a lot.But his attitude towards me is unchanging, polite and not to be approached, so what he wants to express has also been very clear, right?

However, regardless of what Biqigu's attitude towards me is, he now has a strong use value, for example, let him handle the current state of the good old Yeshan Hayato.

"Yeshan, your personality is very good, you are still an elite of the football club, you are also a handsome guy, and you are very popular with girls!" Sure enough, Biqigu spoke, although I can probably guess that he said this The purpose of the remarks was to "puff and kill" Ye Shan, but did you know that when you say this, you have an obvious sarcasm, and it will not have the effect of puffing.

Sure enough, after hearing the "satire" tone of Biqigu's hands, Ye Shan didn't know how to react. To be honest, the tone of the sarcasm would be this kind of feeling. If the other party is a more grumpy person If that is the case, that sentence is enough to make him start a duel against you like a medieval knight, but for a person who has a good temper at the beginning and has a high emotional intelligence, even if it is insinuation, it will make him I don't know how to deal with it, but I can only get through it in the end.

"Well, that's why I'm very happy that you can praise me so much..." Ye Shan could only say that with some confusion when he didn't know how to respond to Biqigu's words.

"Well, the potential meaning of what he said is, so if you are a real person, you should hurry up and find other things to play well with the current person instead of being familiar with Luther." In this kind of people, everyone is pretending. At that time, it was necessary for someone to tell the truth, just like the kid in the emperor’s new outfit. Of course, I am not speaking this in an innocent manner, but directly breaking the deadlock. The idea says so.

"It's okay for me to find someone else to play! It's just—" Ye Shan glanced at Miura with some embarrassment, and he could see that the effect of Biqigu's remarks was actually pretty good. Hayama himself would have retreated. However, the current challenger is not Hazan Hayato, but Miura Yuko. Before Miura Yuko is settled, all problems cannot be solved.

On the other hand, Biqigu seemed to be immersed in this quarrel with Hayama, and ignored Miura, the core of the incident.

So, people can't blind their eyes for their dissatisfaction-although I also tried to target Ye Shan, I should not be qualified to say so.

And Yuko Miura at the other end, apparently treating Ye Shan as her ally, seemed even more unscrupulous, a little impatiently, and a little coquettish, she shouted to everyone, "What are you doing, I just want to Just play tennis! Is there anything wrong?"

Miura’s remarks seemed to give Ye Shan a little bit of inspiration. He was a little excited to put forward his own "adjustment" plan: "Well, let’s do it, let’s compete with people from outside the ministry. The winner will be during lunch break. You can use the tennis court. Of course, it’s with Totsuka. Totsuka wants to practice with the strong one, so everyone is okay?"

Ye Shan's plan is very good. It seems to be a logic without problems, competition, competition, and then use the final victory to decide.However, under this kind of impartial "justice", there is a serious problem, that is, why, the group of "latecomers" from Hayama and Miura, and our group at least nominally accepted Totsuka The entrusted "first comers" must stand on the same starting line to fight!

Our group's advantage lies in the support of Totsuka Saika, the head of the tennis department, and the advantage of Hayama's group lies in their tennis skills. Therefore, this "fair" approach is to eliminate our advantage. Isn't this also fairness?