My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 55

If I put forward a plan at this time, letting Ayaka Totsuka, who is the minister, decide who is his partner for training, is it fair?After all, Totsuka can decide who is more suitable to exercise. This is not a simple game of strength, but also includes the degree of cooperation with Totsuka.

Therefore, Ye Shan's "regulation" plan is a seemingly fair plan that actually abuses his own talents and insidiously erases our advantage!

Therefore, I think I must disprove the logic of the Hayan Hayato.

However, the development of the facts made me understand that there is no person who can clearly understand the logical problems of this scheme.After Ye Shan proposed this plan, before the people in the Ministry of Service responded, the so-called "public opinion" has already involved us in that kind of frenzy.

I don’t know when it started. The tennis courts were already filled with fans of Yeshan and Miura’s supporters. Yeshan’s plan for the competition seemed to make the boiling pan of oil about to burst. The atmosphere exploded.

"HA·YA·TO! HA·YA·TO!" Without inspiring by Ye Shan himself, his fan group has spontaneously formed this kind of crowd. People like this so-called "battle" and don’t think about fighting. Reasonable, and only enjoy the joyful process brought by the battle itself.

During the First World War, the citizens of each country spontaneously participated in the war because of the call of nationalism and patriotism. The mood of the people at that time is probably the same as the current one because of the encouragement of Ye Shan. People who are passionate are the same, right?

Let's call this situation populism for the time being. People will not consider whether a decision is reasonable or whether a decision is logical. They only need such an vent. They think they do. They have made a choice that fits their true thoughts, but in fact they have only become a non-free existence trapped by their environment.

Humans claim to be rational, but they are always irrational.This is especially true under the leadership of talented people, because talented people will further convince them that their decisions are correct.

Just as Ye Shan's proposal, which is full of unfairness and logical loopholes, is now supported by people.Because that was the plan proposed by the Hayan Hayato, because it was a talented project proposed by the Haysan Hayato, who is a popular leader.

Therefore, under the coercion of this big wave, everyone can only obey the guidance of this wave. This wave is so strong that if you dare to defy, there will be the so-called "public opinion" to make you succumb.

If I must find a lucky point for the current situation, then I think the only thing to be thankful for now is that you can also choose to retreat and reject the challenge proposed by Yeshan in this state of fanatical public opinion. The school In this space, Yeshan Hayato does not have that strong power yet. He can only let people support him, but he can't let people crush his opponents.Therefore, as long as you choose not to confront Yeshan head-on, you can still make a difference after others calm down.

"Now, don't be led by the nose by that guy. This kind of plan was built on the basis of unfairness to us from the beginning!" Although I don't like Higiya Hachiman, the current station My sister shivering in the crowd made me very worried. If my sister was forced to accept this battle in the name of the Ministry of Service, regardless of victory or defeat, it would have a great impact on her relationship with the Yeshan Group, right?

"At this time, I can only play, right?" However, Higiya Hachiman unexpectedly rejected my proposal. Although he did not look confident, he clenched the tennis racket in his hand. Up.

"Are you going to engage in a battle that we are all being held in from all angles, not out of our own wishes, and that we will lose?"

"I haven't tried it, how do you know that you will lose?" Biqigu grinned reluctantly, "I have the ultimate skill!"

Damn it, what is the state of the protagonist in this kind of novel? When everyone is facing an unfavorable situation, and then try their best to reverse the game?

Stop joking, okay?Under the pressure of absolute strength, this situation is impossible. The so-called scene of desperate explosions in the novel, if it exists in reality, is it still called a novel?

However, Higiya still stands on the tennis court in a very helpless but brave manner. This guy is definitely showing manhood in front of his favorite Totsuka Saika!

The opponent on the other side seems to have been determined, Yumiko Miura Kahayama Hayato, the expected combination, Miura is the actual core figure in this matter today, she wants to occupy the tennis court, so there is this If there is a chance to solve the opponent head-on, she will definitely come.And Ye Shan is the apparent core figure of this matter. Looking at the name of Ye Shan who is enthusiastically shouting in the audience, no one will doubt that Ye Shan's appearance is what everyone wants.

However, this situation also has some advantages, that is, there is no one to match with him at Biqigu. Xuexia just left because of something, and the only girl on the ministry side is her sister. Yuihama Yui will never openly confront Miura Yuiko.

"That, I'm going to play!" Among all the people in the audience, I may be the first to hear the words of my sister.

Yuihama Yui is going to play, and Yuihama Yui is going to play?

But why, why did she take the risk of confronting Miura Yuko-no, this is no longer a risk, it is a fair confrontation with Miura Yuko-to fight a losing battle? .My sister is completely a layman for tennis, and even if she is better than Kegu, she can't face the combination of Miura and Hayama, who is presumably not low, right?

And it seems to see the expression on my face, my sister’s palms meet, and said to me a little apologetically: "Um, Xiaohe, I’m sorry, but I think, like Xiaohe said, if I can work harder, I will not Would it be better to rely on other people? So, I think it might be a better attempt at this time!"

Please, when did I say this sentence, but even if I said this sentence, I don't want you to be a car at Mangbi at this time!Do you know how uncomfortable the background that eventually became the victory of Hayama Hayato and Miura Yuko under the gaze of so many people?In the face of such a crushing power gap, this may ruin the tragic memories of a person's life, you know?

However, I have no way to tell my sister these words, because Yuihama Yui has already stood on the court with a awkward position holding the tennis racket.

The Ministry of Service cannot be allowed to lose this game.An unstoppable thought suddenly ignited in my heart.

I don't care about winning or losing this game, but I care about Yuihama's dignity.

"Hey, Kazuya, it's Yui-senpai, your sister! Is it okay for you to let her fight against Hayama-senpai with confidence?" At this time, the voice of the girl who was as sweet as sugar was heard. To my ear.

Yi Huyu Yu quietly walked to me while everyone's eyes were on the tennis court.


The climax of the first volume is about to come, but I have to suppress a chapter or two first, um, that's probably it.


Chapter 35: In short, family members are too important to ignore principles

"Leave aside Yui sister, what does Isshiki you mean by running next to me at this time? You know, from the perspective of the current atmosphere, I am now the villain against Prince Hayama! And, I must In other words, compared to people like my sister who stood with us from the beginning, people like you who defected from the other side are less welcome, right?"

Of course, if we must look at it from a logical point of view, my evaluation of Isshiki's sentence contains obvious loopholes.First of all, I acquiesced that the Hayabusa is an object of interest to Yishuyu-of course I have always thought so, but this is not necessarily an unmistakable fact. Second, I think Isshiki "defected" to my side. , But in fact Isshiki just sneaked up next to me and mentioned something about my sister. I personally don't really think that her true thoughts are so-called "defection".

Of course, my purpose of saying these words is only to quickly resolve this conversation. If Isshi can understand what I mean, then she will go back obediently and look forward to the victory of Yeshan Hayato.Although I definitely can't let Ye Shan win as easily as he expected.

"Don't drive me away like this, Kazuya, everyone else is just paying attention to Senior Ye Shan. Besides, "Defiant" or something, this identity is too serious," Isshi narrowed his eyes, revealing her habit. Some smiles that made me feel full of conspiracy, said to me, "And, I just think your reaction will be very interesting!"

"My reaction?"

"That's right, He doesn’t like to use his talents either, but you also said that if it’s for your family, this set of logic won’t work! I don’t want to correct your logical problems now, but , If it’s for Yui-senpai, I feel like you will do something interesting!"

Isshiki stared at a fox like a seasoned hunter, staring at me blankly, but there was nothing in his eyes that could be called a girl’s admiration for a boy. There was only the kind that could Call it the color of excitement and curiosity. Obviously, this guy keenly captured my current thoughts.

"Even if I want to help Yui sister now, it is impossible. If everything is for the victory of the game, if my tennis level should be less than Biqigu, the people on our side can only It’s Biqigu, not me, so my mood and the role I can play are not the same."

"In other words, if it's football, you'll be playing with you, right?"

Yi Hue Yu said this sentence on purpose, or she understood it when she estimated my tennis level. Therefore, all her previous words were to induce me to jump on this issue. But now I have no choice.

"Roughly the same?"

"Well, I feel more at ease if I can get your answer, so I look forward to your performance!" Yishi blinked, revealing a person who usually charms other boys easily, but even herself Knowing the smile that didn't work for me, he turned around and left briskly, as if he had received a very satisfactory answer.

But, after all, this is not a football match, a tennis match, or a mixed doubles match. As the only female representative of the Ministry of Service, Yui must also play, right?

Um, the only female representative in the ministry?No, in theory, there is another girl in the Ministry of Service, and that person, in every sense, may be the person who reversed the situation.

Yukino Yukoshita is good at everything and never makes mistakes. He can use all aspects of his talents to the extreme. It seems that he should only exist in the legend. He is also the first one since I was in high school. A character who was eaten to death.

If I can, I really don’t want to ask Xuexia Xueno for help. If Xuexia wins, then it’s a perfect test of Xuexia’s so-called "the capable person has the obligation to guide others" principle. Case.

However, if you don't invite Yukoshita to help, it is absolutely impossible to win the opponent with her sister's situation that she doesn't even hold the tennis racket!Although Biqigu seems to have some nirvana or tricks in tennis, doubles is always a game that considers weak links. As long as Yui always catches the ball and try to avoid Biqigu’s attack, then the victory will be Hayama and Miura's in the bag.

And Hayama Hayato and Miura Yuko are obviously not the kind of people who are generous enough to miss this opportunity.

So, can I only go to Xuexia?

Slightly, a bit unwilling!

----------------------------split line--------------------

Even so, the last straw seems to be Yukino Yukoshita.The game has started, and after briefly testing Bigigani's strength and discovering that Bigigani is not an easy opponent to deal with, Miura Yuko's offense has already invaded her sister mercilessly.

What will happen next? I don’t think I need to predict anymore. The most urgent thing is to find Yukoshita. Speaking of it, this guy seems to have gone to the health room to get the first aid kit just because of the bruise on Totsuka’s arm. Right?

Of course, fortunately, I met Yukino Yukoshita right outside the health room.

"Huh? What is Yubihama student doing here?" Xuexia raised her eyebrows a little surprised when she saw me. At the same time, she seemed to have adapted to my name with a junior student after the last name, which is also A gratifying thing.