My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 56

"Well, all in all, you put on your gym suit and sports skirt first? Can you?"

Although I think I have a lot to explain to Yukoshita, time is not so abundant. I don’t want Yui sister to be hit by a bunch of talented people when she is forced to do something she is not good at. It's self-confidence.Although I still don't know the fate of the guy who was expelled from the team by me, it was definitely a very tragic situation, so I don't want Yui sister to be like that guy.

"Student Yubihama who rushed to make this request to me seems very rude! You know, if a boy asks the other party to put on gym suits and sports skirts when he sees girls, especially senior girls, the first side It’s generally regarded as abnormal. Although I don’t know, it’s really strange that boys have special associations with girls’ sportswear, but unfortunately, this kind of thing has become a social law. It’s not something I can easily change--"

"——So, there is no time. If you say Minister Yukoshita you are willing to understand me as a pervert, then I will accept it, but please put on your clothes and go with me first!"

I don’t know why, I believe in Yukino Yukoshita very much. When I show this state of urgency, I believe Yukoshita will definitely not do unnecessary and unnecessary things to ridicule me, even though I don’t know that I treat her. Where did this confidence come from, but in the next second, the serious expression on Xuexia's face meant that my confidence was correct.

"Is it okay to be treated as a pervert? It's not like Yubihama Kazuya who was yelling in protest before being called a bad boy! Explain the reason in the simplest words."

"Sister needs help."

Then, I also said it with the simplest reason I can think of.

"Really, for the family?" He glanced at me with a very complicated look. Yuukishita's resolute face suddenly softened a little at that moment, and the muscles on his face pulled a little I don't understand but I have some envy.But these changes in her expression were fleeting, and then she returned to that calm state.

"Well, let’s listen to you first, then I will decide whether to provide help or not. Do you remember the function of the Ministry of Service? The Ministry of Service is not a house of everything, not to help you realize your wishes. When you really need my help, At that time, I will help Yubihama, you know?"

"Thanks, of course, I believe you will help her!"

Because the person I asked for your help is Yuihama Yui, the one who has always regarded you as a good friend, has been working hard to make you smile, has been talking to you, has been active in the classroom of the Ministry of Worship, a little gloomy Yui Hama of the atmosphere!

You would definitely not want to lose Yuihama Yui like this, right?

------------------------------split line------------------

When I led Xuexia back to the tennis court, the situation on the court had already begun to develop in the worst direction, or that it had not started to develop, but had already developed into the worst situation.

Higiya Hachiman stood weakly near the baseline with a tennis racket, panting heavily, and in front of the net, Yui sister was spreading her thighs and sitting on the ground in an unsightly posture. Next to it, the tennis ball seemed to be mocking her, rolling around her body leisurely.

"It's terrible!" Although it's a little far apart, I can feel the teardrops in the eyes of my sister on the court. If I know why, it should be the kind of telepathy between my sister and brother!

And it seemed to feel the look in my eyes. My sister's eyes found me very accurately from the crowd, and she forced a smiley face. My sister waved at me. I knew that she usually told me that she had nothing to do. .

But how can it be all right?You are the kind of personality that has absolutely nothing to do with what you are not good at and hates and fears. I was already very clear when I was teaching you math!Tennis is the same, right?You, who have never played tennis, are obviously prepared to face each other. How can you not be afraid?

However, if it's just for this community, you don't need to do this.

So, sister here, you are enough!

Next, I spoke to Yukino Yukoshita in my calmest tone

"You have also seen that Yui sister is on the court, working on the other side to complete the commission of the Ministry of Service! Although she does not know how to play tennis, she still works very hard to maintain the dignity of the Ministry of Service. The venue, but helping Totsuka is the task taken by our community, right? Since it is the task taken by our community, naturally we should also complete it to the end, right?"

"It is true, so you mean to let me go?"

"Yes, if it's Yukino Yukino, it can be done? For someone like you who is good at everything, tennis is a piece of cake? If you play, Yuiko Miura over there is definitely not you. Opponent!"

"Why are you so confident in me?" Xuexia gave me a look with interest.

"In short, I think you can definitely do it? Although I hate you, but to be honest, Minister Yukoshita often feels at ease with you! And, for the members of the Ministry of Service so hard, As a minister, if you don’t set an example for the members, isn’t it justified?"

"I still remember your motto, don't use your talents, and don't want others to use your talents, because talents will surely destroy people. So, have you given up your self-righteous logic?"

"No, my logic has not changed, but unfortunately, I am just a young man who cannot restrain my emotions. Therefore, when others are using talents to cause harm to my family, it is difficult for me to do this. Keep calm, use talents to win back and so on, it is a very happy thing to think about!"

"Huh, what's the use to win back, but it's just this way of throwing a gun at me and getting ready to solve the problem? It's kind of bad, Yuihama student." Yukoshita lifted her. Some raised heads with perfect profile faces proudly said.

"Well, when you need to be able to crush it, it's better to admit your weaknesses appropriately!"

Yukoshita’s remarks really make me a little embarrassed. At this time, the normal protagonist should be better on himself, but my approach is to let a girl play, although this can indeed increase our winning rate to the highest The means, but it is really embarrassing.

"However," Xuexia's remarks just now seemed to be just to mock me habitually, because she didn't care about my reaction anymore, "I think what you said is still very encouraging. !"

Afterwards, Xuexia put the first aid kit in my hand, walked straight to the center of the court, took the tennis racket in my sister's hand, and gently said to her sister who didn't know what to say, in exchange for her wailing. cry.

Of course, in the end, it was customary. Yukoshita shook the racket waiting in a battle, and said to Miura on the other end: "Miura-san, if I was not mistaken, you just bullied my member. You did this. For this kind of thing, we must do a good job of being defeated!"

Looking at the high morale of Xuexia on the field, I suddenly felt a kind of unclear happiness in my heart. Although Xuexia didn't use his talents, I had a crazy enjoyment in my heart in advance. a feeling of.

So, let's fight back!


Before the final outbreak of the original plot, this original plot must still be written. I don’t want to use the original to make up the plot but can’t skip it quickly. It is really painful, so try to write some changes. For example, this chapter is different from the original. It's not the second lady who played proudly, but was very aggressively aroused. Doesn't it count as a character collapse?

Also, the banned chapters of this book are also lifted, celebrating a release


Chapter 36: Finally, Yubihama Kazuya chooses to indulge

Xuexiaxue is a genius, a genius in the true sense. The so-called genius is at least someone who can show outstanding talents in many fields. It is not someone who is talented in one aspect like me. It is really lame in other aspects. People.

Sometimes I wonder if God deliberately set an upper limit on the total amount of talents of each person when he created human beings. This allowed me to enjoy some unique abilities while taking on other low abilities.

But the appearance of Yukino Yukino completely broke my perception. I only know that so far, Yukino Yukino has not shown any aspect of her weakness.

——If there is a law of conservation of talents in a certain sense, then I believe it must be the transfer of all the lacking talents of my sister to Xuexia, the so-called conservation of the total amount of talents in the world.

And now Xuexia didn't let me down. As I said before, the counterattack from the Ministry of Service began.

The situation on the court was reversed when the first ball was received from under the snow.

Yuko Miura is very strong. Although she was unable to form an effective match when she competed with her sister because of the huge difference in strength, she couldn't see her specific strength.However, judging from the fast and accurate serve and the effective hitting point, her level is definitely national level.

Coupled with the comments from the fans of Queen Miura next to me, from my weak level of watching tennis, Yuko Miura is definitely not a good target.

As for the Hayato Yeshan next to her, although I don't know his specific level, according to my sister, his physical education draft is not football but tennis, and his tennis level is estimated to be no worse.

Faced with such an opponent, with the physical overdraft of Higiya Hachiman, the pressure of the current battle is actually on Yukino's body.

Then, Yukino under Xuexia had an incredible way to counterattack.

Yuko Miura’s first serve was a kind of provocation against Yukinoshita, ignoring the Hachitani Hachiman in front of the net, and with a whirlwind, it slammed straight into the right hand under the snow that he was accustomed to. left.

Based on my slight understanding of tennis, this kind of time needs to rely on a wide range of running and accurate judgment of the ball path to hit back. Of course, if you make a mistake or the opponent's ball speed is too fast, Then it is possible for the opponent to serve directly to score.

After Yukiko Miura's serve, Yukoshita stood there straight, with no intention of moving at all. I thought it was the first time Yukoshita had just played and didn't have an overall grasp of the situation on the court.

However, I found that I was wrong. Yukino Yukoshita used a posture that even a professional player could not make. With his left foot as the axis, he turned a circle at high speed like a dance. Very graceful posture, after the tennis ball hit the ground, he came to the left side of the tennis ball, and then returned the ball with ease.

——This is a naked and disrespectful return to the opponent. At least, in my limited history of watching tennis matches, I have never seen no one return the ball like this. In theory, this kind of swing Adjusting the direction is definitely slower than returning the ball by stepping on the step point. On the other hand, it is difficult for people to distinguish the normal direction after making a swing position on the court, which will inevitably affect the quality of the return ball. .

However, Yukino under Yukino used this freehand method to return the ball with this approximate insult to the opponent, and accurately let the ball fall into the inside of the court.

Of course, from the result, the angle of Yukoshita's return ball is not very tricky. Miura has a chance to receive it. However, probably because of Yukoshita's previous posture, Miura's confidence has been greatly affected. , She stared blankly at the snow on the other end, then blankly watched the tennis ball spin and fall onto the court in front of her, and then flew out of bounds.

"It's too slow!" Yukoshita pointed at Miura with a tennis racket, showing a rare and provocative look.