My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 57

At this time, the expression of Hayama Hayato who had been attacking Miura Yuko just now on the other side also became serious, and shouted at Miura who was still in a daze: "Be careful! Yuko!" Then he was excited. Refreshing, raised the tennis racket.

Hayato Hayama is a person who knows how to grasp the situation on the court. In the previous games, because his own side had an absolute advantage, he gave up the opportunity to perform on the court to have a stronger position on the tennis court. Miura, but, now, when Yukoshita Yukino's appearance changed the situation on the court, Hayama took the initiative to play an uplifting role.

It has to be said that this is the role that an absolute leader should play. When one's own side crushes the opponent, it builds the player's confidence by helping others to win, and stands up when teammates feel confused about the situation on the field. And to stabilize the military spirit.

From this point of view, it is surprising that Zou Wu Gao’s football team has failed to achieve any results. Ye Shan Hayato, both technically and psychologically, should have reached the standard of a mature leader. But he is willing to give me the core position. Is this just because of the fame I have achieved before?

Suddenly, I became interested in the football club of Sobu Takao. Of course, before that, I still enjoy the reversal brought by Yukoshita Yukino.

Although Hayama has played the main attack role in place of Miura, whose confidence is somewhat frustrated, and at the same time he also tries his best to hit the ball to the physically weak Hachitani Hachiman, but the advantage on the field is inevitably going to the Ministry of Service. One party has transferred.Although Higiya Hachiman’s physical stamina has declined, his batting level is still quite good. Moreover, he does not have to make too much effort to increase his batting strength when he appears in front of the net, and the task of playing tricky balls has been handed over. Yukino Yukoshita who gave the bottom line.

If it is necessary to find a more reasonable type of tennis play under Xuexia, then I don’t think there is anything to compare, because her butterfly-flying steps have occasionally shown some The weird methods of catching and returning the ball seem to prove one thing: this is not a person who has been formally trained, but her a little weird return and some weird catch always make the tennis fly out. The arc that I want has even saved myself a lot of energy, which makes people feel that this guy is really an absolute genius in this respect.

As for geniuses, there is no reason to crush ordinary talented people. Although Hayama and Miura worked very hard, the gap between the Ministry of Service and the other party was still narrowing until the final overtake.

Yukino's serve directly scored, announcing the arrival of the match point of the game.

"Don't look at it!" I turned my head, "This is a sure victory!"

"Is that really the case?" At this moment, a ghostly voice came to my ears again.I don't know since when, she had just returned to Ye Shan's cheering group, she rubbed my side like a mouse.

"What do you mean?"

"The ball just returned the ball very simply. Senior Yukoshita made a mistake!" Yishi blinked slyly and said, "No, or it was not a mistake, but she didn't even reach out her hand."

"A mistake in the judgment of the landing?"

"No, even me, I can see that Senior Ye Shan's serve just now was a bit hasty. If it was Senior Xuexia, she should have received the serve and scored directly, but she did not make a move."

"So, what do you mean?"

Isshiki squinted his eyes and said, "Look, Yukishita-senpai, just like Yui-senpai before, sitting on the field, he has no physical strength!"

I opened my eyes and looked at Xuexia on the court. Biqigu beside me seemed to be communicating with her, with an incredible expression on his face, but Xuexia seemed to be shaking his head helplessly.

Yes, physical fitness is a physical fitness problem that has been in training from the beginning. If a person’s various talents are determined by talent, physical fitness is often the most overlooked link by geniuses, because, in most Under circumstances, a genius can defeat an opponent without consuming too much physical energy.

However, it is clear that this time, although Xuexia's opponent is not too strong, because of the previous gap, and the almost one-to-two problem, her physical fitness still has problems, right?

If Xuexia concedes defeat at this time, I can still mock her based on her performance to prove the correctness of my argument that "can destroy people". Xuexia's current situation is definitely because of right It is caused by over-reliance and over-confidence of one's own talents.

However, the problem is that this is not just the failure of Xuexia, this is the failure of the Ministry of Service, this is the failure of my sister, and this is the kind of unwillingness that hits my sister when the counterattack is almost successful.Off the court, almost leaning on the anxious eyes of the sister sitting next to the tennis court, and the performance of Totsuka, who was afraid to watch the situation on the court, proved everyone's reluctance.

Suddenly I felt a particularly weak feeling. From beginning to end, I didn’t seem to play any role. I was a spectator. Because I set myself a somewhat demanding goal, the goal that couldn’t exert my talents, I became A complete spectator, watching Higiya Hachiman, a man who hardly fights against others, swings hard on the court, watching my sister, who hardly knows how to play tennis, is facing his opponent firmly, watching Yukoshita Yukino alone It turned the tide, but it was a little bit worse.

That’s right, I can’t do anything. For this place I’ve become accustomed to, and for the family I cherish, I ultimately rely on other people to protect it. I don’t understand how this practice has changed for me. what.

The situation on the tennis court seems to have come to the final decisive point. The Ministry of Service should have lost two match points, but the good news is that this is the winning point of Higiya Hachiman. If you can serve directly to score .

I suddenly remembered whether the proposition of the protagonist of the novel is not Higiya Hachiman, whom I had complained about before.

Then, if it is the protagonist of the novel, Higiya Hachiman, I hope you will prove it to me!

Then, I watched Higiya throw the ball casually and swing the ball to the opponent's court casually. I saw Miura's surprised smile, and she was a little anxious to receive and score directly.

Is the game over?Didn't Biqigu create miracles?

However, this is not the case. At the moment when the tennis ball is about to fall, a gust of wind blows for some reason, causing the tennis ball to float again. In a master game, it is very important to grasp the wind direction. Of course, before the tennis court The airflow that has been very stable makes everyone seem to ignore this.

However, Higiya Hachiman caught it. His serve seemed weak and weak, but through the last gust of wind, he changed the direction, causing Miura and even Hayama behind her to judge the wrong direction.

"ACE!" Then, this is the end of the game.

I turned around, listened to the sudden noisy sound on the court, smiled, and said to Isshiki: "It's a pity, Isshiki, it's just a little bit!"

"Well, it's a little too close, but this kind of shortcoming doesn't seem to be important anymore!" Isshishi looked behind me with interest and said.

"What happened this time?"

"Because, Lord Prince, finally saved the princess!" Yishi smiled lightly, "Oh, I am a little envious of Miura-san!"

"Prince, princess?" This shouldn't be a term used to describe Biqigu or Xuexia. It must be said that the dwarf and the vicious queen would be more suitable for both of them, but, "Miura?"

I turned my head and heard the inexplicable hustle and bustle on the court. The center of the hustle and bustle was Hayama and Miura. Although I didn’t know what was going on, looking at the dust on Hayama and Miura Yuko’s shy smile, it should be It can be judged that Ye Shan escaped some crisis with Miura, right?

So, in the end, the Ministry of Service is the winner, but this kind of victory seems to have no meaning for the Ministry of Service, because everyone's focus is on the performance of Hayato Hayama and Yuko Miura.

On the other side, Yukoshita and Biqigu have slowly walked off the court, and they don’t seem to care about the situation here. Then, my sister happily greeted him. It seemed that it was a good one. the result of.

But, is this weird?Is it really strange?As winners, we did not enjoy cheering. In a wonderful game where the weak beat the strong, we won, but we did not enjoy cheering.

Listening to the voice of "Yeshan! Yeshan!" resounding throughout the audience, I suddenly felt an inexplicable depression in my heart.

It shouldn’t be like this. At least, we have just defeated the Yeshan Hayato, and we have defeated the provocations of those who want to grab the tennis court. We are the winners, aren’t we?

Then, the winner, naturally enjoy the glory of the winner!

At this time, I seemed to have seen my situation here, and Higiya Hachiman walked slowly over, and in a tone that was already clear to my heart, he said to me: "Don't look, that's youth, The word youth will never belong to us guys, it is the patent of those guys!"

"The patents of those guys, where did you get this conclusion?"

"Well, look at it for yourself! No matter when, that guy Ye Shan will always be invincible. After all, his popularity is there. The darling of the whole school, Tsk Tsk, Your Royal Highness!"

"So, in front of the whole school, defeating him in the field he is best at, then it's all right?" I suddenly had an impulse, of course, this impulse looks very villainous!

"Hey, don't think about it. The popularity of the guy you mentioned is still football. If it's popularity, you think of gathering popularity too simply, right?"

"What if it's football?" I looked at the crowd surrounding Ye Shan, who continued to call Ye Shan's name, just like his fanatical believers.

"You also know that it is football. I don't know how good your football is, but it is a sport for 11 people!"

"I know. So, I just need to find 10 teammates in the football department and beat him, right?"

"With that guy's prestige among the team--"

"——It is precisely because his prestige is too high, compared to senior Qigu!" I walked towards Yeshan Hayato, although I knew that my current approach should ruin my high school debut criteria, but youth The word, it has this kind of magic, or the word youth, tells me that it should be possible to indulge.

"Now, Senior Ye Shan, can I have a football teaching game with me, in my own name?"

I separated the crowd and said this to the crowned Prince who was enjoying the crowd among the crowd, and maybe even the lord of the king.


When I wrote it, I didn't feel that the plot was a bit rushed, but now that I finished writing it, I feel that the plot is a bit rushed. I don’t know what everyone’s reaction is. In short, I’m finally reaching this breakout line, try my best to write it well.


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