My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 58

Chapter 37: Confidently, Yubihama announced to the Ministry of Service

I don’t know if other people have thought about what kind of person they are when they are bored, or what causes their own personality. I think most people should have thought about this question. , Or at least talked about it with other people while chatting.

Either he hates his character, or he is proud of his character.

I have always felt that a person's personality and family factors have a great influence.A child who has grown up in a hard-working environment can not lift weights when making important choices. A person who has been growing up in a relaxed atmosphere will not experience much change and will not know the real What is it like to work hard?

Or it may be in the attitude of dealing with others, growing up in the struggle of family members, always adhering to a pessimistic view of human nature, and people who have been well protected by their families always keep their views on human nature. An optimistic perspective.

I have no intention to judge which of these lifestyles is correct and which is wrong, because everyone's lifestyle is different.I don't think that the words "the real society is cruel and ruthless, and the weak eats" the words that those smart adults who have experienced social turbulence tell their children are like the exchange of interests between people.

According to this logic, men and women get married because of the exchange of interests and have children because of the need for interests. Therefore, there are only interests between family members.But often adults will always tell you that only family members are the most reliable, but if the initial formation of the concept of family is only the result of a combination of interests, I think family members are not worthy of trust.

Of course, I trust my family, or I want to protect my family unconditionally. Therefore, when the logic needs to be consistent, I sneer at the logical confusion of those who pretend to express social experience just because they are a few years old. .

Therefore, although from the perspective of some people in society, my current approach to Ye Shan is almost a brain-dead approach. This is a naked provocation and a complete disregard of what I have to face. The provocation carried out as a consequence, moreover, in front of so many supporters of Ye Shan, he carried out the provocation after he was performing the plot to save His Royal Highness.Regardless of whether it will affect my next situation, the situation that I have been careful to avoid causing my sister to be rejected by Yeshan's circle may also happen.

But that’s what I did. Some people call it Secondary Two. Maybe, I’ve never experienced a period of Secondary Two Disease, or that, under the premise of being extremely confident and in control of everything, I’m even There is no need to have this mentality of fighting injustice, because I am a powerful person, I will create injustice, and I have the ability to transform this injustice into justice. This is the power of the right to speak.

But, is it because humans would be a little bit regretful if they didn't get a second hand in their youth. In this case, I think I have no choice.In fact, I really don’t need to worry much. If I exclude myself from the group, I only need to consider my sister’s thoughts. However, the sister who confronted Miura Yuko just now, the choice at that time has already told me The answer is now!

So, Yashan Hayato, I think you will be very happy, don't you always want to let others realize my ability?So, you got your wish.

As for the result of talents, I’m sorry, I said before, except for family members and the inevitable consequences of adolescence’s rebellious psychology. Although very self-righteous, although it seems trivial, this result is something I need to consider. Time to think about it again!

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Faced with my polite but almost naked and provocative behavior, Ye Shan’s reaction was not too bad. He still had a polite smile on his face, but he looked a little confused between his eyebrows. The group of supporters next to him was already agitated.

Of course, the first person who yelled was Miura Yuko who was in Yeshan’s arms. Of course, it seemed that because Yeshan was protected in her arms, he couldn’t do the usual queen temperament. Miura just squinted his eyes and looked at me and said, " Now, after your sister Yui is going to confront me head-on, are you not convinced, brother Yuihama?"

"There is nothing to be dissatisfied with. If you can return the victor's honor to them, I think I'll be fine. Of course, since this application is made, even if you return the honor to them, you can't cancel it."

"Eh, but we didn't say that we won. What everyone lamented now was not the Hayato's outstanding performance in the game just now, but--" Miura blushed, and then leaned harder into Hayama's arms. After a while, Yeshan's face changed a little. Of course Miura didn't notice this. She just continued to gently, but said clearly, "It's Hayato's action to protect me just now!"

Ye Shan frowned, trying to explain something, but the other people beside him also became noisy.

"Yes, Hayato protected Yumiko. What does it have to do with your game? And the last ball is just a balloon ride!"

"The game you are playing is not a regular two-win-of-three match. The winner is determined by one round. The chance is too great!"

"The Hayato must be kept in the end

Now, let's not be too arrogant for the other first-year children!"

"Are children nowadays so indifferent to the order and status gap? The meaning of the term "senior" is more than literal respect!"

This is the case at all times. Next to His Royal Highness, there is always a group of clowns who pretend to be the head of the other party. It is just the difference between smart and not, and the difference between heavy and non-speaking. However, in the face of real threats, The real enemy, His Royal Highness, can tell the severity of the situation. So, from the beginning, the clown in the beam was not the object of my attention. I was only concerned with the reaction of Yeshan Hayato.

Of course, to some extent, his reaction did not disappoint me. The smile on Ye Shan’s face hardly changed. Realizing my serious attitude, he also treated me with a very sincere tone. Said: "Well, this kind of thing is beyond my control, but if you think playing a teaching game can make up for it, I don't have much opinion."

Being humble and confident at the same time, this is the state Yeshan Hayato shows at this time. His attitude is very low, admitting that this teaching game is a game of "compensation", and at the same time, his "no opinion" This sentence also means that the idea in his heart is definitely not a blind concession, it is a kind of courage to advance against provocation.

So, after this sentence, no matter what attitude the clowns took towards me, they finally stopped, because Lord King, has quietly put an end to this dispute.

From beginning to end, even my temporary provocation was suppressed very well by the Hayama Hayato who was good at adjusting the atmosphere.

"But, Yubihama," Ye Shan tilted his head and continued. Obviously he is not the kind of person who would accept my challenge unconditionally. Of course, I can almost predict what he is thinking, "I still hope. Can you place a bet on our game! If I win, can you join the football club?"

"I don't want my reward after winning, but you also know that football matches are 11 people's business. It is more difficult for me to find 11 people outside the football department who can compete with you, so you can allow me to join your football. Do the substitutes in the usual training games participate in the competition? There is no need to disrupt the original players, just the substitutes."

"It's reasonable, I accept it, but are you sure you don't need a fair game? After all, the gap between the bench and the main force is not just the simple technique on the field!"

"Yes, by the way, with this batch of substitute players, I think I can tell you why, Zou Wu Gao's football department, with a leader like you, can't go further!"

"Okay!" This is the last and easiest answer Yeshan left for me, "Then, I look forward to your performance, Yubihama Kazuya!"

"I will do my best."

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"There is no need to do this." When the crowd of onlookers dispersed and the other people in the ministry came to me, Yukino Yukoshita said a simple sentence. Of course, her frowning eyebrows showed that she is indeed now. Thinking about ways to solve the problem.

"Well, Xiaohe, even though I played with Hayato at that time, I definitely didn't hate Hayato and Yuko, so there is no need to quarrel with them so stiffly." My sister waved her hand in panic. Although it is not very clear, she should have been able to perceive some of my thoughts at the time when she played with me since she was a child, so she also explained to me a little anxiously.Of course, I can feel that my sister is more concerned about my problems, which makes me somewhat happy.

"However, since you have to do it, from the perspective of helping you to win the greatest possibility, it is the best to divide Yeshan’s football club members. The guy named Hube is the ironest ally in Yeshan, so there is no way to divide. , But although it’s not very clear, there must be players in the football department who are not convinced by Ye Shan’s leadership, especially the third-year seniors. They will definitely be dissatisfied with the second-year minister. If this is done well, let them play It’s not impossible to release water during the game to embarrass Hayama.” Compared with the other two, Higiya Hachiman really wanted to give me an idea, although his tactics were not so fair as usual.

"It's inevitable! If you feel that you can't hold your face to do this kind of thing, I'll help you solve it!" As if feeling my sight, Biqigu lowered his eyes and said, "This kind of thing I But he is very good at it!"

"I believe you can detect who is dissatisfied with Ye Shan, but if you ask them to rebel against Ye Shan, I don't believe it that much!"

"Um! No, no, Yubihama, you made a mistake..."

"I think so too. Small businesses don't talk to people very much, so if they must find someone to do it, I think it's better to give me the task of persuading them."

"Don't you think this kind of indiscriminate strategy is a bit too despicable? Although Yubihama, the younger brother, was a little cautious in his actions this time, your approach is really--"

"——I believe that under Xuexia, you hope to be able to run over it with arrogance, but this is only for people like you who are under the sun, and for the creatures that live at the bottom of the school food chain at all times. In other words, the most important thing is victory. Victory by unscrupulous means, even if you are a villain, you will not hesitate!"

"But in the face of absolute power, conspiracy is not effective."

"But in reality, there are so many people who rely on conspiracy to step on your corpse and climb to the appropriate position. Don't you understand?"

Although these people in the Ministry of Service are indeed a little noisy, I can realize that they are indeed thinking for me, which makes me somewhat moved.Perhaps, as I gradually established my identity with the Ministry of Service, it seemed that the Ministry of Service was gradually establishing recognition for me.

Shouldn’t I find time to withdraw the light music clubs? Judging from the inaccurate news I got, Liu Yuanpeng's control of the light music clubs is still proceeding in an orderly manner, and the only thing that can prevent this In this situation, Kitahara Haruno still sits firmly on the Diaoyutai, almost sitting on the sidelines of her best friend's dream.

Although the club is lively, it has become alienated from the inside.

However, this matter now is not a battle in the Ministry of Service, but a battle of myself. Therefore, I need to refuse all the help of the Ministry of Service.

"Sorry, whether it's a conspiracy or a conspiracy, I don't think it is necessary." I rejected everyone's proposal.

"Xiaohe, I know your football level is very good, but Hayato is also very good. Although I am stupid and can't tell the difference between being very good and very good, Xiaohe is not good enough to be alone. Right?" My sister should still be the one who cares about me most.

"You also know that football is a team sport. It is a game of 11 people. No matter how strong you alone are, you can't make the whole team stronger." Xuexia also paused for a while, then said.

"Now, I said, do you know?"

However, I have sufficient confidence!

"If I want to choose a sport that can best combine personal heroism and team spirit, I will definitely choose football! With basketball, in most cases, a lone hero can turn a fish into a belly For volleyball, individual heroism can be suppressed to a minimum with a good tactic; baseball and rugby both require individual heroism and team awareness, but one person cannot drive a team. Only football , The perfect combination of these two points, a true core, can make a team reborn."

"I'm a little bit arrogant, Yubihama Kazuya." Yukoshita squinted at me. "And, do you remember the statement you made to me before?"

"Of course I remember, Minister. But, as you know, a teenager, a teenager who still can't control his emotions very well, just hopes to play the role of individual heroism in a team sport. It's interesting to the extreme!"