My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 59


Emma is getting more and more in the second, and has more and more villain temperament, and finally hopes not to be slapped in the face.


Chapter Thirty-eight: Suddenly, Chief Wu Gao is in a commotion

Zong Wu Gao's style is relatively stable on the whole. Although there is an unusual existence like Class J that encourages competition among students, Zong Wu Gao’s students should not be the kind of gossip party who likes to chew their tongues.

Of course, this kind of dislike of gossip is only to a certain extent. The higher the deviation value, the students are usually more **. The students of top universities will set up a gossip radio station to spread campus gossip in a meaningful way. This is not the case. Rare.Especially for the provocation of a prince like Ye Shan, and it was a provocation from a freshman who just enrolled in high school, this kind of news is definitely not a rumor in the ordinary sense.

At least when I came to school the next day, the well-informed students of the first and second year of this high school should have known the news more or less, although because my popularity is really low, others are talking about it. I didn't mention my name during these incidents, but the image of "a first-year high school student who did not know how to challenge Hashan Hayato in the football field" has spread.

Although the set time for the game is this afternoon, I don’t know if it’s my illusion. Everyone in the neighborhood has shown a frenetic atmosphere. Of course, this atmosphere is not aimed at me, but it doesn’t seem to be. Aiming at the Yashan Hayabusa, it is a strange, collective unconscious fanaticism.

It's as if a block of sodium was thrown into a bowl of water that had been calm and burned crazily.

Maybe it’s because the students of Zou Wu Gao are too disciplined and respect their predecessors, so they need to have this challenge to cheer them up. Maybe most people will still maintain the previous indifference after watching this matchup. , But it does not prevent them from watching this game with a fanatical mood.

For example, like the guy who is chattering around next to Iseki, this guy seems to be called Shancheng. Don't you think your nonsense is too much?

"Cai Yu-chan, you are the manager of the football department. You know the best Ye Shan-sen's thinking now? This should be the first time he met someone who opposed him? How did he react?"

"Senior Ye Shan's personality has always been very good. With his ability, he should not care so much about provocations, but he must be prepared carefully. It is Shancheng-san, why did you mention Senior Ye Shan?" Isshiki Naturally, he looked at the mountain city with a pleasant face, and said those things that didn't hurt or itchy, and seemed to reveal a lot but didn't say anything.

"Ha, I also wanted to join the football club at the time. It was just that I did not perform well during the admission test of the football club. I failed to join the football team's waiting list. It was meaningless to practice with those novices, so I finally went. Baseball club, but football is my favorite!" Of course, Yamashiro’s purpose of saying this sentence is obviously not just to inquire about Yeshan’s situation. For these boys who are interesting in "Caiyujiang", they will always appear to be one after another. .

"Although I am the manager of the football department, I cannot recommend anyone!"

You are lying, how did you tell me at that time, as long as you and Ye Shan mentioned it, you can drag me to the ministry, and now you are not convinced to say these things in front of me!

"I also know," Shancheng's expression was visibly dimmed, and then he said with some hopeful eyes, "By the way, do you know the person who challenged Senior Ye Shan? If I compete with him and win the game with Senior Ye Shan , Can it be recognized?"

"Oh, that person—" Isshiki's voice dragged on long, and glanced at me casually, as if he wanted me to make promises to her, but I haven't waited until I figured out how to imply She, she blinked and said to Shancheng, "But Shancheng, do you really think you can defeat Senior Ye Shan?"

"Ah, this is also true!" Shancheng's face was obviously pale.

"Well, but if you really want to join the football club, I can still help!" Isshiki showed a sly smile, "As long as you..."

I turned around and didn’t want to see Yishi’s performance anymore. After making others desperate, Little Devil had to give him another hope, so that the other person could do things for himself. I could even imagine that Shancheng would do something next. Under Isshiki's persuasion, what conditions were promised.

The stupid senior named Hubu who had been following Ye Shan couldn't avoid it. How could Yamashiro avoid it. Although Isshiki's skills are clever, it is undeniable that this cleverness always appears to be very effective.

By the time I turned around, Ishiki seemed to have dismissed classmate Shancheng, and was looking at me with an expression of a reward.

Of course, I generally ignore this situation.

"Hey, hey!"




"If you ignore me, I will tell everyone that you are challenging Senior Ye Shan!"

"Well, Lord Isshiki, what's your order?"

"Yes, you obviously took the initiative to challenge Senior Ye Shan, why don't you want to show it now? I look forward to how other people will look when they know you are the challenger!"

I think you are gloating!Devil Caiyu classmate!

"However, since you don't want to be exposed, I will help you hide it, but I want to reward it relatively!"

"Let's talk!" To be honest, I have said that I am not good at dealing with a color feather, because her ability to use all opportunities for her own benefit is too strong, although she will sooner or later according to my theory I will admit it because of this kind of personality of being smart, but it is also very annoying to develop the problem to me before she has a problem!

"Well, I promised so simply, if I want you to be my fake boyfriend and block those boys for me, wouldn't you mind?"

"I think if you want to make me a real boyfriend, I will be more nervous. If a fake boyfriend can deal with those flies, I don’t think it is necessary for a short time, because I don’t think you will let go of the boys resources you hold in your hands. ."

"Then let you deliberately lose to Senior Ye Shan."

"Why do you want to know it on purpose? When you were chatting with Shancheng just now, didn't you have more confidence in Yeshan's side?"

"I do have more confidence in Senior Ye Shan, but would you be more secure here if I ask you?"

"Then do you think I am the kind of scum that provoked confrontation, challenged with a self-righteous appearance and was killed by the protagonist?"

"I don't know if you are a scum, but Senior Ye Shan meets all the requirements for being a protagonist!"

"Then the ending of this story must be tragedy, tragedy can move people, so let me solve the Yeshan Hayato!"

"The negotiation failed!"

"No, you can still talk about other issues."

"Well, then you go over there at the door!"

"Okay, eh—"

What's the matter, go to the door, what's the matter?

"Over there, it seems that someone is looking for you. By the way, you are going to be famous, not because you are famous for fighting against senior Ye Shan, but in another sense!"

What, what is famous, is there anything else——

——Well, there are still some. When I turned around, I found Senior Xiao Muzhen, who had already strode towards me, did not have the usual style of the goddess of the academy, more of that kind Concerns and dissatisfaction with juniors.

"By the way, do you know Senior Xiaomu Yu Xuecai?" Isshishi still looked at me in a leisurely manner, "Sure enough, there are all kinds of magical things about Kazunori! By the way, this year's Miss Chief Wu Gao, I too Those who want to participate, Xiao Muzhen-senior can be regarded as my enemy, when the time comes, you have to choose between me and her!"

"Don't worry, if you want to vote, you will definitely choose her between you and her."

"Hey, Kazuya, you are too decisive, right? I am more or less the one who helped you!"

"Stop quarreling with you, I think I should stop Senior outside the classroom. Today is really troublesome!"

"Well, so I should make your request, lest there be no chance to say it later."

"Obviously there is a chance to say it, chance in any sense--"

"--Don't lose, Yubihama Kazuya, I made a bet with someone about this!" Although Isshiki's voice was not very loud, it still overwhelmed me.

But what is going on?

"Who are you betting with?"

"Secret-secret-oh!" Yishi blinked his eyes and said inexplicably.

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