My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 60

When I signaled Senior Xiao Muzhen to leave the classroom, she also seemed to realize that her behavior was a little wrong. After all, even a normal girl would rush into the class of her younger two-level younger brother. It seemed a bit wrong, let alone the Gaolingzhihua of a school like Xiao Muzhen, maybe most of her classmates could not see the state of Senior.

However, this situation also moved me very much, because I can feel that Senior Xiao Muzhen, she really cares about me now.

It's just that after the previous awkward situation, meeting in this way again, I always feel that the level of embarrassment has increased even more.

Other classmates in the class, and even other students walking in the corridor, deliberately gave me and senior a way out. I don’t know if it’s because of the bow tie that shows the third grade status on senior’s collar, or The reason for the popularity of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen itself, in any case, it will not be because of me.

Senior me and I went to the corner of the stairs without talking. Then, Senior gathered his hair, stroked his sideburns a little, and looked at me with a slightly worried look: "Heya, how did you and Ye Shan Hayato fights?"

"No problem, right?" Under normal circumstances, I seem to ask how Senior Xiao Muzhen knew that the person who was in conflict with Senior Ye Shan was mine, but the first time I saw Senior, I already knew Senior It can already be inferred that there is such a personality that confronts Senior Ye Shan, and is confident to fight Senior Ye Shan in the football field. Maybe I am the only one in the first grade, plus some other zero-zero totals. The general information, such as Xuexia Xuena is also involved in it, seniors should be easy to judge that the person is mine.

"I felt uncomfortable, so I just did it, mainly because my sister was hit by them and wanted to find a place." I simply responded, and of course I couldn't say more.

"Is your sister? I heard that you seem to be making a head start for Yukoshita Yukino, right? She is your minister, that famous beautiful girl in the second grade? All in all, there are all kinds of comments. Ah, the first-year children are recklessly scornful because they admire the second-year seniors." Senior Xiao Muzhen frowned. Obviously she didn't believe these rumors very much, but she obviously did not completely dispel it. Doubt, so let's say these words to verify.

"If the senior sister refers to Yui sister, it doesn't matter if you believe it, senior!"

"You guy," Senior Xiao Muzhen nodded after seeing me for a long time, expressing his belief, "Don't tell Seniors this kind of pretentious jokes!"

"I have the courage to tell jokes, of course because I am really relaxed. Although I haven't touched the ball for three months, but give me 15 minutes to find my status, I won't lose next!" I have been suppressing my talents, but I will not lose the confidence that comes from talents, because this is a kind of trust in what I have that is rooted in my bones.

"Since you have said so, I believe you." To be honest, talking to Senior Xiao Muzhen is a very easy thing. She can clearly judge when to believe you and when you are weak. The state is only trying to be strong, so now she also nodded very simply to support me, "Is it time for club activities in the afternoon? I will go to see you play football. You have been telling me about your skills. How come, I am going to witness it with my own eyes this afternoon!"

"I feel like talking to my boyfriend and girlfriend--" After the atmosphere relaxed, I couldn't help but joked, but the joke was so bad that I immediately closed my own when I first said it. Mouth, "Uh, with the support of seniors, I will definitely perform at a super level!"

But my awkward disguise was obviously too simple, because Senior Xiao Muzhen’s face blushed at this time, but then, what she said caught me off guard: "This is also true, but today I The matter of coming to you is probably going to cause some fluctuations in your class. If you say that I am your girlfriend, it doesn’t matter. If you are in love with your sister and brother, you can try it!"

Obviously, Senior Xiao Muzhen was trying to relieve the embarrassment that I just made, and also for the somewhat casual confession before me. Although I always knew Senior Xiao Muzhen was so gentle, but this was the only thing. Only then did I realize the tolerance of my seniors and the help she helped me.

"Senior should worry about not letting myself produce bad rumors! Besides, I don't want to be the target of all boys in the school as soon as I enrolled, so I will thank you for your kindness!" I smiled and responded to Senior Xiaomuzhu Now, since the predecessors Xiao Muyan have already said so, I seem to be too sissy!

"Ah, classmate Kazuya rejected me, he clearly said that he liked me."

"Yes, congratulations to Senior Xiao Muzhen for receiving the first good person card in his life. Of course, it may be the only one, because no one except me would reject Senior."

"Well, then I will cherish it!"

Senior Xiao Muzhen and I both laughed, and laughed without barriers. At this time, the mountain that seemed insurmountable before, was stepped over like a child's play.

So, some things are not so difficult to say clearly!

However, even though it was a joke, it was somewhat uncomfortable to refuse Senior Xiao Muzhen or something.


Uh, this, so the plot here is so boring that it won't attract comments, or is it that everyone is raising or chasing tat.


Chapter 39: Loudly, Yubihama Kazuya declares confidence

The Ministry of Service stopped its activities this afternoon. According to Minister Yukoshita, Yubihama Kazuo used the name of the Ministry of Service to fight against Hazan Hayato in any case. Even if he could not provide support in combat power, At least all members of the ministry should go to the scene to watch the battle.

Of course, it’s definitely not just the remaining three people in the Ministry of Service who went to the scene to watch the game. On the playground of Soo Takeo, a large number of spectators seemed to have turned this game into a pre-heating for the upcoming high school league pre-selection In this way, Yeshan's fan group spontaneously raised banners around the venue, showing their fanatical support for His Royal Highness.

Of course, it is not ruled out that there may be a mixture of several of my supporters among these people, such as the four members of the Ministry of Service, such as Senior Xiao Muzhen. I think that I can also count a color feather into this category of people, but in absolute terms With the advantage of the number of people, they can't make any waves.

This is simply a terrible away game. In a normal football game, even if it is away, you can feel the support of your fans. But now, my limited supporters are fighting for themselves-this is still It sounds good. In fact, I think they don't even know how to support a team. This is not a problem that can be solved by Xuexia's genius. It is a problem of an overall system.

If there is a certain favorable factor in this unfavorable scenario in the absolute sense, it is the attitude of Yashan Hayato himself, which seems to be adhering to the principle of fair play, although Yashan is very careful to include his team. The 7-8 core players, including himself, stayed in his team, but he still showed sufficient demeanor, leaving me with 3 other main players in the football department.

For this approach, I did not choose to refuse. It is foolish to refuse at this time. As I said, football is the best sport that can combine individualism and team spirit. However, when individual heroism is not a single sport When the team is supporting, even if Maradona is placed in this team, he cannot lead the team to move forward.

So, in this atmosphere of enthusiastic support for the opponent, I saw 10 players who were going to play with me.

Of course, it also includes the three players who belonged to the main lineup who were "delegated" by the Yasan Hayato.

And the breakthrough point of this game is here.If Ye Shan is self-interested enough to bring all the main players in the team to play with me, then it is difficult for me to guarantee the victory of this game. However, Ye Shan Hayato is not such a person, his so-called gentleman manner, he His so-called respect for his opponents determined that he could not use this way to fight against me.

Even the crowds onlookers would not allow Ye Shan to defeat me in this way. In their opinion, Ye Shan should even lead the bench lineup to win and lead the main lineup. I really belong to His Royal Highness against the opponent. Perfect blow.

Of course, Ye Shan is not that kind of idiot. As the head of the football department in this school, he is a person who can truly recognize the strength gap of people at higher levels. Although he is not clear now, he can also understand that one person can do A team brings qualitative changes, so he didn't care.If the goal is the ultimate victory, the audience won't care what way he wins. The victory over the weak and crushing by the strong is also the way to win.

Of course, the arrogance and demeanor in his bones still left me with three extra pieces that can be used. For a formed team, the removal of the three main players not only means more combat power. Decline, and it means a decrease in the degree of tacit cooperation, especially when the three players Yeshan left me are a forward, a midfielder, and a central defender.

If all players are homogenized, the team's operation will not have problems due to the lack of a few good parts, but in amateur football, these parts will become the opponent's life goal.

Therefore, it is better for me to accept this gift.

-----------------------------split line-------------------

However, for me, the first thing is to unite my ten teammates with me.

Of course, I have done this kind of thing, and I can't say that I have done a lot, but at least when I first enrolled in junior high school, I was still very impressed by mastering the football club as a freshman.

At this time, if I mention my high school debut goal again, it would be a little hypocritical. This is what I want to do. From the beginning, I have everyone around me. This kind of thing is difficult to do. However, the football game , It is a game between the first and the second half, half-time can change a lot of things.

So, I walked to the side of my "teammates" who looked at me with suspicion. There were first-year students who had just entered school like me. They might be looking at this with a strange look. One of the most popular boys in the school is confrontational. There are second-year seniors like Ye Shan. They should be the people who have the most contact with Ye Shan. They should also be the most admired by the other's temperament. Of course, there are also a few third-year students. Seniors, they just looked at me with disdainful eyes, including several main players who were "distributed" by Ye Shan.

The main player that Ye Shan chose to distribute was a third-year student. This makes sense. Although he can use his abilities and prestige to convince the senior students, his second-year identity is his hard work as a minister. Even if it’s him, he dare not say that he has convinced all the senior classmates. The previous Biqigu said that he can use these classmates’ dissatisfaction with Yeshan to cause internal strife in the football club. Although it is not so easy to do, but There must be this kind of suspicion in Ye Shan Hayato's heart.

Therefore, I left these factors of instability on my side. These seniors who might have stumbled themselves, let me arrange for someone with a lower prestige and a lower grade than him. If they can’t handle it well, this The combat power can become the destructive power of the team.

However, this kind of thing must be overcome by myself. On the football field, ability is one aspect, and dealing with various problems caused by seniority is another aspect. This is also how Yeshan can control the football club. The reason for this, as I saw him playing before, is definitely not just because his skills are the highest of all.

However, at this level, I will not admit defeat!

"When you see me, you must think I am crazy, and then you must feel that Yeshan Hayato is also crazy." So, facing this group of people who don't know when they can be convinced of me, I decided to talk something. .

There was a commotion in the crowd, and I could even hear the disdainful laughter of the few third-grade students, "Yes, you know you are crazy?"

"Yes, if I stand from your point of view, I would also think that Yubihama is also a big lunatic, a person who fights against a team by himself. In the football world, there is no such arrogant person. ! But what I want to say is that now, the person standing here against the Haysan Hayato and his team is not me!"

"What you want to talk about is the so-called ridiculous saying that since you are here, it is a team? But why should we offend Minister Yeshan for you, a first-year clown? What's the advantage?" A voice of disapproval came from the crowd.

"Yes, what are the benefits? Do you really don't know what the benefits are?"

To be honest, I think this kind of reaction of these people is normal, but I think they need a different kind of reaction. If there is no such kind of reaction, it means that the players arranged for me by Yashan Hayato , Is a group of people who have no sense of resistance. If the human mind can be calculated to this level, I think I will have nothing to say about losing to the Yeshan Hayato.

Of course, this is not the case, because I saw that one of the three main players in the third grade, the central defender named Noda, stood up and said roughly: "Could it be that you mean Say, do we want to help you defeat the Yashan Hayato, and then gain a main position? It’s so beautiful, but if you can play, you should also know that our players are obviously weaker than the opponents, right? "

Yes, that's it, as long as the sense of resistance to Ye Shan arises.You can admit your weakness, you can have no confidence in yourself, but a team cannot have no desire for victory.

After Noda, the rest of the team began to make noise.

"Yes, it's absolutely impossible to defeat Minister Ye Shan's team or something!"

"Although in normal training, the bench lineup can also win a few games, but that was when Minister Hayama didn't play seriously."