My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 61

"If we can beat them, it is not called a substitute. The gap between the substitute and the main player may be very small. But when everyone accumulates, the gap will be huge, right?"

"Yeah, that's it, so it's not that I don't want to win, but it can't be won. If it can't, there is no need to play seriously for this person who provoked the Minister?"

There is a general sense of defeatism in the players’ thoughts, but this is understandable. The situation of timidity before a fight is always accompanied by a huge gap in strength. Especially, this group of players, although not Incapable, but when playing against the main team led by Ye Shan, there are more wins and losses. In the face of the serious Ye Shan Hayato, their lack of confidence is normal.

However, it is enough to have the idea of ​​wanting to win.

"Do you want to win? Don’t tell me how difficult it is to win, don’t tell me how strong the opponent is, just tell me, do you want to beat the main lineup that keeps you under your feet? This is like me. It has nothing to do with your own inner thoughts?"

"If you want to win without considering the difference in strength, you can't win the ball--" another third-year main player, the forward named Nakamura, frowned and said.

"Just tell me if you want to win?"

I raised my voice. This is a gamble. I am gambled on whether the teammates in front of me have the bloody desire to win. Maybe football can be a game, but even a game, even if it is not serious. No one will say that they want to lose actively. As long as it is a game of this kind of team, regardless of strength, as long as there is an idea of ​​winning, that is enough.

"For example, you, Senior Nakamura, are you a striker, right? Among you and your striker partner, Hayama Hayato chose his best friend, the guy named Hube, are you convinced? Do you really think you are better than you? Is it bad?"

"That second-year kid is good, but I will definitely not be worse than him!"

"The same goes for Kumakura and Noda-senpai over there. Think about your partner in the opposing lineup. Are you really weaker than your partner? If your strength is so strong that Minister Yeshan can't ignore you, you will now Wouldn't it be'distributed' to my team? No, so now if there is a chance to prove that Ye Shan's choice is wrong, would you give it a try?"

"This is inevitable too!" Noda and Kumakura gave me a satisfactory reply.

"Also, you guys in the so-called bench lineup, do you really think there is such a big gap between you and the main lineup? Don’t you? I have seen a training match in your football department. You are less than the main lineup. What, what is less is not technology, what is less is not consciousness, what is less is not any level-related things that you lack as a player. What you lack is just two things. The first thing is called confidence. When facing the main lineup, I never had enough confidence."

"But I can't win, of course I can't have confidence?"

"So, now, I'm here," I smiled in the face of the crowd. "You can't win. This is because you lack another thing the team needs, that is-the core, Yeshan can To make the team calmly face it when it is behind, because his teammates believe in him and believe that he can lead them back, but you are missing the first person like this."

"But now you have me!" I looked up and looked at these people who were still staring at me with surprise. "You may think I'm talking big now, but when you get to the court, you will know me. I mean, I will be your core. If the defender doesn’t know how to pass the ball, leave it to me and I will help you solve it. If the forward doesn’t know how to move, leave it to me and I will use the ball in the most comfortable way. When it reaches your feet, you only need to know that I am here. When you don’t know what to do, you can pass the ball to me. When you need it, I will be by your side at any time!"

"Is this guy crazy?"

"Such a core thing, even Minister Ye Shan can't do this."

"But this first-year guy is so self-confident that it makes people a little hot!"

"The fire is big, but it makes people feel that it is possible!"

"I know you looked at me like a madman before, and I know you still look at me like a madman now, but when you look at me like a madman, has your understanding of my madness changed? , I am a madman who dares to challenge Yeshan Hayabusa. Now, I am a madman who praises Haikou to be your core. Now I cannot convince each of you. But you only need to know, this Every word the madman says now will never take back. Every word I say, whether you believe it or not, you can keep it in your heart when you are on the court. When you need it, you will naturally understand how this madman can What to do."

That’s right, this is football. You can arouse the fighting spirit of these people with the method of agitation. You can use your strong confidence to make your teammates want to fight again. However, when the situation on the field goes wrong, you use your feet. Speaking is the most correct choice.

I haven't spoken like this for a long time. I haven't spoken like this since junior high school. Although I was a little excited, but I was a little excited!

Others behind me may still be stunned by the declaration I just made, but, at least, I know that this team is not the one without fighting spirit in the beginning.


Ahhhhh, although I am in the second year of secondary school, I still feel very burning when I write it myself. I suppressed my own nature and the whole volume of Kazuya exploded!


Chapter 40: Slowly, the atmosphere on the court is heating up

As a football field paved with artificial grass, the quality of Zou Wu Gao's stadium is high enough.When stepping on the grass, there is no awkward feeling of being unable to step on the ground at all. If you jump twice on the court, you can feel the strong adsorption of this grass.

It was on such a stadium, after five months, I stood on the football field again.

The position I chose was the midfielder, which happened to be opposite to Ye Shan who played the front midfielder as the core of the frontcourt. Almost everyone thought that I chose this position to compete with Ye Shan, including the teammates standing next to me. thought.Of course, the purpose of my position selection is not this. On the court, an excellent midfielder is a person who can really coordinate the overall situation.

Perhaps the offensive players will always outperform the defensive players, and perhaps the visual enjoyment of the offensive core to the audience will always be more comfortable than that of the organizer behind, but the rhythm of a team is mastered by this delayed player.This is especially true in games where the strength gap is not big

Of course, Ye Shan is not unaware of this. It’s just that His Royal Highness wants to accept the applause of the audience at the scene. If it is not a frontcourt player, then there will be less chance of winning. In a certain sense, Ye Shan Hayato’s The position has been kidnapped by his fans.

When a player is not just a player, but as an idol, his every move is often not as comfortable as a pure player.

I glanced at the other teammates around me. Obviously, everyone was full of fighting spirit under the agitation of my just now, but I can see that everyone’s eyes were filled with uncertainty and confusion. color.

Obviously, none of them trusted me, even after I made that impassioned speech. They had the urge to defeat their opponents, but their reason told them that they could not win, and this reason, It will become more obvious after that brief impulse has passed.

But at this time I can't change anything. All I can do is to win the trust of others on the court.

------------------------split line------------------------

At the beginning of the game, the players on the substitute side launched the highest full-court press from the beginning. This is not a tactical arrangement, but a manifestation of the excitement of the players to a high level. Everyone is in I am eager to use this kind of spare no effort to run and fight to achieve the effect I want to achieve.

However, such a snatch is accompanied by a higher risk of being empty in the hinterland after being rid of by the opponent. When I look at Ye Shan's expression, I can already understand the end of this snatch.

Among all the people, I may be just a small character who wants to fight against Yeshan Hayato, but Yeshan is definitely not such a person. He should have been since he was willing to give me the core position of the football team. Know what I have done.Therefore, if I were in his position, I would be able to be sufficiently vigilant against the opponent's character.

Therefore, I believe that Ye Shan can know that I will inspire the fighting spirit of this team.Of course, if it were me, I also knew that Ye Shan could develop corresponding tactics based on this situation.

My estimation was not wrong. Facing the high-intensity pressing at the opening, Ye Shan did not show any retreat or nervousness at all. He took the initiative to retreat from his position and shouted: "Don't worry. According to the tactics previously stated, open the formation until the feet are open. Give me the ball when it is suitable, and I will get rid of them!"

The entire team of the main lineup started to operate under the order of Ye Shan. The formation was slightly retreated. Ye Shan almost retreated to the position of the midfielder. The other two wingers also retreated to the middle circle to help. In response, only Ye Shan's best friend called the Hube striker was in front of him.

At this time, all the players on the bench, except for the two central defenders, had already passed the half-court, and they were robbing the main lineup players in a local area.

The opponent's formation was squashed, and it seemed to be out of touch, giving people the feeling that as long as they grab another kick, they can steal the ball and start a counterattack on the spot.

Because of the overall pressure of the formation, I can only press forward together to maintain the tightness of the line.However, I can see that the three midfielders headed by Hayama are constantly moving and maintaining contact points with others. Therefore, even though the substitute player’s goal is "almost" every time the ball is grabbed. Success, but every time it was resolved under the command of Ye Shan.

At this time, it is the most dangerous time for the high position press tactics. If it were me, I would let other players except the players who forced the ball holder to close back to avoid the opponent's counterattack after getting rid of it, but , No one on the field wants to listen to my command.

On the side of the main lineup, the No. 8 midfielder was holding the ball, and the two substitute players stepped forward to press for it. However, after a long time of acceleration, their pressing force obviously decreased. At this moment, Ye Shan suddenly changed from just now. In the back of the cohesive position, a forward thrust, and his teammates also sent the ball to his feet.In front of Yeshan, there was an open land.

At the same time, the two main lineup wingers who withdrew to their own half suddenly turned around and began to move forward.

At this time, there are only me and two central defenders on the back defense line of the substitute players. What I can do now is to block Yeshan's forward path.

However, as if to mock me, Hashan Hayato’s long pass traversed a beautiful arc and landed precisely in front of the high-speed forward left winger of the main lineup. Then, he passed, passed, and passed. A good friend of Hayama of Tobe did not live up to his trust in him, and easily put the ball from his teammate into the goal of the substitute.

"1:0! GOALLLLLL!" The guest commentator who appeared on the sidelines at some point called out, "Even though the players of the Yuihama team played very aggressively at the beginning, the Hayama team looked embarrassed with their own embarrassing force. , But the Yeshan team obviously came prepared, a series of beautiful feet and passes, and finally the goal was instigated by the Hayato."

Although the loss of the ball was expected, it was still a bit unprepared to lose the ball so early!

I smiled a little bitterly. When I saw this kind of high-position press, I had an ominous hunch. I was also prepared to stop Ye Shan from advancing quickly. However, Ye Shan’s handling at this time made me a little surprised. , His shot is very decisive, without any fancy moves that want to show off his skills, just a straight long pass after receiving the ball.

The commentator’s voice still echoed in my ears: “Although the ball was scored by Tobe and the left winger Komatsu assisted, most of the credit for this ball should go to the beautiful long pass instructed by Ye Shan. , Especially this kick was sent in front of the opponent Yuhihama Kazuya in this challenge. This can be said to be a one-on-one PK victory with the opponent. Obviously, in the position of the midfielder, the first-year Yuihama student He was also aware of the possible dangers of his side, but he was not able to prevent the loss of the ball, because the pass of His Royal Highness Prince Yeshan is unstoppable at this moment!"

Because of the instigation of the on-site commentary, the audience also realized the key to Ye Shan’s pass. Everyone shouted Ye Shan’s name loudly. Ye Shan’s goal and assist teammates also seemed very interesting. During the match, Ye Shan also came to celebrate with Ye Shan consciously, and dedicated his gratitude to Ye Shan.

However, Ye Shan did not show a particularly happy look. He just ran towards me slowly, patted my shoulder lightly, and said in a confident tone: "Sorry, the first game, yes I won!"

"Yes, you won. It was beautiful. It was a lot earlier than I expected to score!" I nodded and responded.

"Oh, do you mean that you can predict your backwardness?" Ye Shan gave me a look with interest.

"Yes, you can't win the game by fighting spirit alone. The cooperation and skills are slightly worse on our side. You were prepared at the beginning. For this kind of player who only has more momentum than you, Of course, many opportunities can be created, but it is indeed beyond my expectation to score so fast. However, thanks to you, Senior Ye Shan, your pass just now is quite good!"