My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 62

"Thank you, but you are still behind!" Ye Shan looked into my eyes and said to me.

"Yes, I'm behind, and my suggestion is that you should take advantage of this opportunity to make more entries, otherwise, when we start to counterattack you are not prepared enough, then you won't be able to get back!"

"You are so confident?"

"Yes, how can I compete with you without self-confidence?"

"Then, I'll accept your opinion!" Ye Shan shook his head and said, "Just because you can see the danger just now, I can know your strength. Unfortunately, you still don't want to join the football club. ?"

"Wait until the end of the game to discuss it. If you can beat me, then you can take me away?"

"Oh, is this a bet?"

"Can you think so for the time being?"

"Then I will take your words seriously!"

------------------------------split line------------------

The game continued. Obviously, a gap of one ball did not overwhelm the bench morale. However, the situation of pressing on the whole line just now also made everyone vigilant. They did not try to breathe. To defeat the opponent, it took a relatively cautious approach.

I am still separated from the entire team. When attacking, no one will move according to my instructions. When defending, everyone treats me as a player who specifically targets Yeshan instead of me. As an integral part of the defensive system.

Therefore, despite the hard work, the offense still failed.

Instead, the main team took advantage of an error by the substitute player to score a goal again.The score became 2:0.

At this time, everyone's expressions weren't the expressions of excitement, but slowly, there was a trace of panic and confusion.

This is the situation that often occurs when a weak team faces a strong team in a football game. The weak team can often gain a certain degree of upper hand through a momentum at the beginning, but when their mad attack does not have an effect. , Even when they are scored by the opponent, their spirits will weaken.

Generally speaking, when they lose the second goal, morale will drop to a relatively low level. If they lose the third goal, the rhythm of the whole game will be controlled by the strong team, whether it is It is up to the opposing team to use up the game time through possession and pass, or to make the game a one-sided slaughter through a further stormy attack.

At this time, for a team, the most important thing is the inconsistency of the mentality of the front and rear players. Some people want to attack and some people want to defend. This creates a disconnect between the front and rear courts, leading to a further collapse of the mentality. .

The current substitute player is in this state of mind, and Yashan Hayato also keenly grasped this loophole. After instigating the first goal, he has been invisible and took the initiative to get rid of mine. Defensively, receives the ball.

"Yuhihama, although I was thinking about giving you the core position at the time, I have been thinking, before there is a real confrontation, will you really be much better than me?" This is Hayama with the ball looking at me When, the first sentence popped out of his mouth.

"Senior Ye Shan is not the kind of unselfish person. If you let your supporters know these words, what would they think?"

"But if I beat you, then I can only prove my strong self-confidence if I say these things. Although I am not the perfect person in the eyes of others, I never conceal me. That kind of thinking!" Ye Shan nodded and said.

"Do you want to stage personal heroism at this time, but don't want to play team football? It's just 2:0. Is this score safe?"

"After all, this game is your challenge to me, so let me show my personal heroism. There is no problem, right?"

"Then, Senior Ye Shan, please don't regret it!"

"If the goal becomes 3:0, it will be difficult for you to save the game, right?"

"But, correspondingly, if I cut your ball and instigate an attack, other people will trust me, right?"

"So, is this the second round?"

"The second round of 1V1, let's start now!"


I found that it’s impossible to write a football game in the first person. When it was written, there was a feeling that the protagonist was not on the field and then watching other people running and walking. I wanted to change to the third person, but there are many dialogues in the text that are not in the first person. There is no state, so there is no way to change the writing perspective, it is really depressed.


Chapter 41: Its Name, The Kingslayer

Before going on the field, I already had a full estimate of the game, but the main lineup led by Ye Shan can grab a start so quickly and establish a 2:0 lead. From this point of view, it is still out. To my surprise, and the short ten minutes has also made me aware of the difference between a junior high school student game and a high school student game.

Before the game, I considered a lot of things, but the only thing I didn't consider was the differences in physical conditions brought about by age.In the club’s youth training echelon, it is necessary to distinguish between players of each specific age group. At least U21, U19, U17, U15 should be distinguished. This makes sense, because at different age groups, the level of consciousness The gap can be formed in advance, but the gap at the physical level cannot be made up.

As far as the first goal from the opposite side is concerned, if it was a past game, although my blocking was not timely enough, it was also enough to interfere with the opponent, causing a slight deviation in the strength of Haeshan's score. This belongs to me. A manifestation of the lack of strength of past opponents.However, despite my interference, Yeshan’s beautiful point shot is basically not a big problem. This is the improvement in ability brought about by the age difference of at least two years from the opponent I faced before. .This problem became more obvious in my subsequent physical confrontations with Ye Shan.At least, in terms of physical confrontation and balance, I still have a certain distance from the Yashan Hayato who has also worked hard in this sport.

Therefore, facing Yeshan Hayato’s 1V1, my heart suddenly ignited a particularly powerful desire to fight that I didn’t know about. If I said that my desire to fight before came from wanting to fight for my sister and the community. The kind of impulse, then my desire to fight now comes from the excitement of facing a powerful enemy.

And I believe that this kind of fighting spirit can be conveyed to the opponent, because in addition to the burning excitement and enthusiasm in Ye Shan's eyes, there is a trace of solemnity.

I lowered the center of my body and watched Ye Shan's movements with full concentration.

Even for opponents, I must say that Ye Shan's current way of dribbling is very stretched, and the ball can be controlled at his own feet as much as he wants.And everyone on the field, including others on the sidelines, has already noticed the current situation of the two of us. In a sense, the purpose of everyone watching this confrontation stemming from my provocation against Ye Shan is precisely here. , The vast majority of people wanted to look at His Royal Highness and defeat the ignorant challenger to him in the most gorgeous posture.

Ye Shan’s feet moved, and Ye Shan’s body leaned to my left side. It seemed that he wanted to use the outer instep to hop the ball directly, and then take advantage of me. This is an effective method based on the fact that the body is not at a disadvantage. The outstanding way of the people is simple, but what I see is the confrontation problem of my body. I can realize this, and of course Ye Shan can realize it.

But is it really that simple?Not to mention that this simple way of defense is very simple, just get stuck in the position. Ye Shan himself, when he wants to show off in front of everyone, would he really choose this way?

So, if possible, Yeshan’s choice should be—

"Oh oh oh, this is, is this the bull tail that Ronal Nidio is good at? Yeshan seemed to want to break to the right, but at that moment, he quickly pulled the ball back with the inner instep In a one-on-one confrontation, he threw off Yuhihama’s defense and broke through to the left front. Even as an idol player of Sotake Takao, this kind of action is not common for Hayama. It can be said that the current Hayama , It has reached a state of heyday!" The voice of the commentator next to it has roared out, and the sound is a bit noisy under the amplification of the microphone that I don't know where it borrowed.

For Ye Shan’s action, my reaction may be 0.1 second slower, which allowed Ye Shan to successfully complete the dazzling action. However, compared to everyone who was deceived by the fake action, my reaction was faster. Quite a few, because the defensive center of my body is not tilted.Therefore, before the smile on Ye Shan's mouth hadn't let go, I forcibly turned my body and rushed in front of Ye Shan who wanted to break through.

"Senior Ye Shan, the bull's tail is a very beautiful way of passing people. However, in such a large frontal space, you choose this way of passing people, are you a little bit bigger? And, your movement is very To a large extent, it's just the action. The effect of deception is still a little short. You know, maybe I don't have enough confidence in fighting me, but I am very confident in explosive power."

"Yes." Obviously, I was basically not swayed by him. Ye Shan was a little surprised to follow the rhythm so quickly. However, his eyes quickly brought a relaxed expression, and then I Seeing his feet lifted gently, he sent out an over-the-top pass. "Purely from the perspective of extraordinary effectiveness, you know the success of my ball best, but other people don’t I know."

"Oops!" I turned around. In the 1V1 confrontation just now, everyone stood still as if they had been given a body fixation technique. It seemed that everyone felt that this should belong to me and Ye Shan. Human battles, but only one person is not like this-Ye Shan’s best friend Hubu, at the moment of Ye Shan’s passing, the tacit understanding between their two friends played a role, almost with Ye Shan At the same time, he speeded up and rushed forward, and when the backup defender realized this, Hube had already passed them and was about to unload Yeshan's pass.

"General!" Ye Shan smiled and said, "I won the second 1V1, I'm sorry."

"Is the general?" I glanced over Ye Shan who was smiling happily, and then glanced at the Hube who was about to unload the ball.

Not yet. Judging from the posture of receiving the ball at the Ministry of Households, although he chose the timing of the forward insertion very cleverly, there were still some problems with his judgment of the ball's landing point. Therefore, he ran a little bit. He has to stop this ball in a more awkward way, and this time difference is my chance!

"Tobe received a beautiful overhead pass from Ye Shan. Although some ran past, he still dropped the ball. The goalkeeper of the Hihama team attacked, and the Hube adjusted a bit, passed the goalkeeper, and shot— ball--"

"I didn't make it!" Before the Hu Department unloaded the ball, I started my own sprint. It did not take long from the front of the big penalty area to the goal line. Therefore, the Hu Department's own judgment of whereabouts gave me a mistake. One second, the goalkeeper’s interference, gave me another second, and that was enough.

Facing the incoming ball, my whole body flew out, and I shoveled the ball out of the goal line in a sliding shovel posture that I had never made before.

"Not in!" I watched as the Hube was about to run to Ye Shan to celebrate, slowly slowing down, with an incredible expression on my face, I saw the goalkeeper of our side leaping towards me excitedly. Hit my chest hard, and I saw the stunned expression of our defender who seemed stunned at that moment.Finally, I saw Ye Shan at the far end. His eyes showed a slight hesitation for the first time today.

"If you don't want to be the background of a massacre today, just stand up and run for me, the gap between the two balls, we still have 60 minutes to disarm, did you just disarm it like this?" I said heavily. The player with a confused color on his face shouted, "Just now, you all thought I was passed by Ye Shan, but I caught up with him. Just now, you all thought that Hube’s goal was scored, but I destroyed it. This must be a goal. We did not lose. Up to now, you can continue to choose not to trust me, but if you want to prevent me from getting the ball and my counterattack, I will not allow you to be the draggers who hinder my counterattack. !"

Afterwards, ignoring the expressions on the other people's faces, I gestured to the Hayan Hayato who was about to take a corner kick from a distance: "Sorry, the second confrontation will be a draw for the time being!"

--------------------------split line----------------------

Some subtle changes on the court have a great impact on the mood of the players.Although the main lineup still has the rhythm on the field, most of them will think that Hube’s failure to score is just a coincidence, but many of them have heard what I said just now. In their hearts, more or less There will also be some uncertain thoughts, that is, whether his leader, Ye Shan, did not complete the crush on the opponent as the first-year student said, or that the ball just now was played ten more times. That guy destroys.

Maybe for this ball, I can't destroy it again ten times, but the subtle change in the opponent's confidence is the most important, as long as the opponent has this kind of "we have scored all luck before, that The person who challenged Ye Shan seems to be really going to show off. The timid feeling is enough.Therefore, for the next period of time, although the main lineup still held the initiative on the field, it did not have the fierce offensive at the beginning. Even Ye Shan himself signaled his teammates to suppress the situation.