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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 63

However, changing from that stormy offense to a controlled situation requires a certain process of adaptation. For a mature professional team, it may not be able to switch freely between the two states, even more. Needless to say, a team of high school students.

It is easy to make mistakes with some timid control of the ball and toe.

And because of my save, my teammates also recovered a certain amount of morale. The teammates had a certain degree of trust. The eleven people in the team slowly formed a whole.

As long as they have their trust, then other people can naturally feel the correctness of my choice, so, soon, I can feel that although my teammates may not be willing to obey my command deep in their hearts, but , They are on the court, but they have naturally adjusted with my gestures.

This is where the position of the back midfielder is more important than the position of the front midfielder. The front midfielder is only responsible for connecting the front field and the midfielder, while the back midfielder can coordinate the overall situation. After that, you can clarify the position of your back line. Forward, it can make the midfielder and forward more closely connected, especially the previous point. The position of the back line is very important for the overall formation of the team and the degree of oppression of the opponent. One point that cannot be achieved in the front waist position.

Although the current situation is somewhat similar to the opening situation, the main lineup is still looking for opportunities, but their current inversion is no longer the calm and purposeful fall in the opening. It is more of a time-consuming method. Shi also retreated to his own midfield, but this time he retreated, realizing that his teammates are now a little flustered and go back to stabilize the military.

Yeshan's retracement did work, but it was only effective because he could hand the ball to the feet of other players, but other players hesitated and wondered whether they should step forward. This kind of ideological disagreement. Created chaos in the main lineup.

This kind of chaotic situation is difficult for players to adjust themselves. Generally, they can only rearrange tactically through the intermission. Ye Shan is also aware of this, so he basically retreated to a midfielder. Position to help the defense, intend to kill the last ten minutes in possession and defense.

This is a fatal mistake made by Ye Shan. His retracement made the pressure of the frontcourt of the main lineup on the backcourt of the substitute lineup almost disappeared, and our formation can also continue to the premise. Although working hard to run and ask for the ball, he appeared helpless under the double-team of the two central defenders.

Obviously, everyone on the other side is looking forward to the end of halftime.

However, with this mentality, conceding the ball is not far away.

The opponent's central defender's clearance ball didn't go far. When I reached my feet, who had already overwhelmed the opponent's upper half of the court, Ye Shan didn't care and stood in front of me.

"Now, Senior Yeshan," I looked at the ball on the soles of my feet and said softly, "This time, it's the third 1V1. The first two times were my defenses. This time it's your turn to test yours. The defense is fine!"

"I admit that your rescue effort just now, including the way of boosting morale, caused a lot of chaos on our side. I also understand why you can become the MVP of the National League, but you also You know, let us last through halftime, and your siege will be ineffective. Now we can be suppressed because of the spiritual gap, but your running, in the end, will cause a gap in technique and physical strength. It's inevitable!" Ye Shan pursed his lips and said.

"Then, just move forward one at the end of halftime."

"Even if you say that--" Ye Shan frowned.

However, I won't give him a chance to continue speaking. I stabbed the ball forward and I rushed out first.

"This kick is too big. Although you have confidence in your explosiveness, at this distance, I should have the advantage--"

"—Oh, do you think you are more dominant?" I smiled lightly, "Senior, did you use Ronaldinho’s bull tail to excel? Then, think about it, I deliberately In order to create this one-half chance ball situation, how do you want to excel?"

I don’t know if Ye Shan heard what I said, but his body shape obviously stopped when he wanted to pounce forward, but it was too late. I stomped the ball with my left foot and moved forward. Turning around 180 degrees, pulling the ball back with his other foot, gently bypassing Ye Shan's defense.

"Marseille round!" The voice of the commentator rang along with the noise of the noisy microphone. At the same time, the audience on the sidelines also made noisy noises.

"It's not over yet? Just like you were not completely shaken by me just now, my center of gravity has not been lost this time!" Ye Shan's voice reached my ears.

However, I didn't care about his chasing, and just continued: "Also, senior, if you think there is a problem with the judgment of the high ball, then it will be more convenient to pass the low ball?"

At the moment before Ye Shan was about to stretch his foot to block my pass, my ball had already passed. I controlled enough strength and angle of the pass at close range. At any time, I could not guarantee the pass. Good game, especially today when I haven't played for a long time, but now I, at the moment of passing, have sufficient confidence.

In the frontcourt where I passed the ball, Nakamura rushed to the ball and shot without adjustment.

"Oh, oh, a world-class save. This is really a world-class save. Yuhihama's pass and pass are perfect enough. Nakamura's shot is also very beautiful. However, the main goalkeeper of Hayama team Shimoda seems to be possessed by Zoff. Made a world-class save."

Shimoda realized the danger of the ball the moment I passed the ball, so he also attacked early, stretched his body to the fullest the moment Nakamura shot, and then blocked Nakamura's shot with his right foot.

has it ended?

not end yet!

As a midfielder, you need to dispatch, defend, and command the team, but you also need the courage to dare to move forward at critical moments.

Hayama Hayato is not a defensive player after all. When defending me one-on-one, he still has defensive skills, but when I pass in after passing the ball, his weak defensive consciousness is exposed.

Yeshan didn't follow me, so when the ball bounced under my feet, all I needed to do was to send the ball into the empty goal.

Of course, I chose the most violent way, a heavy shot against the ball.

"Did the ball not scored, oh no--Yuhihama's supplementary shot, GOALLLLLLL!" The ball slammed into the net fiercely, and the commentator shouted.

I turned around, opened my hands, and looked at the teammates who were coming to me like a tide. I felt the supportive voices coming from the stands that might belong to the people in the ministry, belong to the predecessors of Xiao Muzhen, and belong to Isshiki. .

Finally, I looked at the Hayato Hayama who had been following me since I was thrown a step away at the beginning. He frowned and clenched his fist. He was a little loose because of the continuous sprint, and he knelt on the court involuntarily.

Senior Hayama, if you are His Majesty the King, then, sorry, today's Yubihama Kazuya is called the Kingslayer!


I feel that this chapter is one of the most outstanding chapters since I wrote the novel for half a year, so I don’t want to destroy the atmosphere with that kind of pretending title. Let my emotions be released completely!The big trick to save a roll


Chapter 42: This is a reversal of the Kingslayer

Although the score on the field is 1:2, if someone who does not know the two teams is watching the game, the current situation will make him feel that the score is really abnormal, because Ye Shan led The main players in the game were exhausted during the game, and the substitute players who were with me were launching an offensive like a tide.

However, the football game is divided into two halves, especially considering the physical problems of high school students, the half of this game is set to 40 minutes, so when our offensive just started, the field always seemed a little bit The silent referee, who was guest-starred by the instructor of the football department, blew the whistle at the end of the game.

However, the atmosphere of the team on the field has been completely different. They should have been the main players of the leading side, but now they all walk to the rest area of ​​their side under the field with frowning brows, while the one beside me is wearing a number shirt. All of his teammates went on happily, without the dejection of the one behind.

Several players, including Senior Nakamura, even approached me actively when they were off the court, patted my shoulder and said, "Boy, you still have a set!"

Obviously, through this half of the game, even people who were not convinced of me before have more or less established a sense of trust in me, and this understanding is even more obvious for experienced players like Nakamura. , Because, the pass I gave him at the time, as a result of my almost super-level performance at the time, he was clearly aware of the difficulty of the pass.

Therefore, among all people, Nakamura is also the one with the biggest change in attitude.Of course, this may be due to his being abandoned by Ye Shan in the competition with Ye Shan's friend Hubu, and the idea of ​​having a little bit of resentment towards Ye Shan is inseparable.

During the intermission, Senior Nakamura took the initiative to approach me and said seriously: "Yuhihama, although everyone now recognizes your ability, our situation is also very good, but after the intermission, adjustments were made. There is still a lot of space, and the other party’s mentality can also be adjusted. I understand Ye Shan. During these 15 minutes, Ye Shan can do a lot of things. Although I am a bit dissatisfied with Ye Shan, I must admit that his Leadership, his ability to boost morale, is definitely the kind of inherent strength."

"I know," I nodded and looked at Senior Nakamura, "But, Senior, do you think, in our current team, who has enough prestige, so that everyone can calm down and face the opponent's counterattack. ."

"No, to say that this team has always existed as the main object of practice matches, and they want to enter the main lineup, who would treat this team as a group?" Nakamura smiled bitterly and said.

"That's it. Rather than pouring cold water on everyone at this time, it's better to take advantage of this energy to get them. You know, even if Ye Shan can inspire momentum, if we equalize the score at the beginning of the second half, the morale of the opponent will also be Completely collapsed, right?"

"I hope so?" Senior Nakamura sighed and said with a hint of uncertainty.

------------------------------split line------------------

However, at the beginning of the second half of the game, it was the main lineup led by the Hayato Yap who was the first to break the deadlock on the court.

Losing the ball was a complete coincidence. My teammates inherited the momentum of the first half and launched a tide of offensive towards the main lineup. Everyone seemed to be confident and dared to take various actions, even the guards. The player also gave up the safe way of handling the ball, wanted to take the ball forward, showing off his various footwork.

However, tragedy is also caused by this.As a right-back, Kondo made a mistake when he wanted the ball to pass his opponent in the backcourt. He lost the ball in the backcourt and was hit on the spot. In the case of a 3-on-2 backcourt, forward Hube scored twice. .

The uncertainty on the football field comes from this. It is almost the same as the loss at the beginning of the first half. The goal at the time when the morale of the team was strongest, poured cold water on everyone.This is also the biggest problem of the bench lineup for the main lineup. In the case of high morale, their performance will not be so stable. Everyone, at all times, may be a time bomb, and this inadvertent loophole is It cannot be compensated by manpower.

After the goal, the Hube slowly walked in front of me. Before Ye Shan stopped him, he made a somewhat provocative posture, just like a courtier was making a counterattack for the dusted King. same.

In sporadic listening to my sister’s narration, Hube seemed to be not such an arrogant person, but rather a very cheerful person, although then Ye Shan ran over to call him away, and then said to me. I apologize, but this kind of performance by the Ministry of Household has made me realize that, obviously, even Ye Shan’s best friend, he can understand the pressure Yeshan Yeshan is under, and the kind of depression in his heart.

Let alone the provocation to me caused by Hube’s stagnation, after he scored this goal, the morale situation on the court immediately reversed, although the substitute players did not show a clear panic expression. However, it is obvious that this is a great blow to their confidence, and this blow will soon become a straw for low morale as long as the attack is unavailable. You must know that one goal behind means that you can always Equalizing, two goals behind, is a problem in another sense.

Senior Nakamura frowned and looked at me, expressing a somewhat helpless expression. Before the game, he and I had expected that the main lineup would definitely not be so easy to lose another goal, but now we are the first to lose the ball. The situation is still somewhat unexpected.