My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 64

However, it is said that the Hube senior slapped me in the face just now!I always feel that it is better to fight back!

After watching some wanton celebrations, I slowly retreated to the household department in my half-time, and then took another look at Ye Shan, who had a slightly different look in my eyes.

Perhaps, on this court, only Ye Shan can feel my murderous aura, so his eyes are fixed on me. Obviously, his subtext is: I will never give you a chance so easily.

The defensive pressure faced by the position of the back midfielder is not small, but at least it will not be too great when the own half is in possession of the ball, because the opponent’s midfielder cannot risk losing your position to press against you. The work can only be done by the front midfielder, and now Ye Shan seems to be ready to pull down his figure as the core of the frontcourt, and is ready to put more energy in defense to interfere with me.

Playing tricks like the first half can succeed once, but for the strong, once is the limit. If there is the next one-on-one, I believe Ye Shan will not let me pass so easily. , Pass, or shoot.

It's a little troublesome!

However, what if there is no defense in front of you?

Generally speaking, there are only two possibilities in this situation, one is to get rid of the single-handed kick after the defense, and the second is to direct a free kick, but these two things seem to be difficult for me to do.The opportunity for the back midfielder to get a single-handed kick can only be obtained in a counterattack when the opponent's defense is extremely pressured. The main lineup based on the defense should not give me this opportunity. Direct free kicks are a chance. A good opportunity, but with my qualifications in the team, even though other people have begun to build trust in me, they will not be happy to let them give me the opportunity to take the place kick.

However, when it comes to set balls, there is a kind of ball, which is also like a set ball.

Moreover, if you score a goal in this way, it should be the biggest blow to the opponent, right?

Although it is very risky, it is worth trying!

I walked to the middle circle and gestured to Nakamura and Naito who were about to re-took the ball, and convinced Kondo, who was a little strange about the current situation, and asked me to switch with the opponent.

"Hey, Yubihama, what are you going to do?" Senior Nakamura looked at me as I walked to the center line, and said questioningly.

"Later, make me a ball." I replied simply.

"What does it mean to make a ball?" Nakamura was taken aback for a moment, then raised his eyebrows in surprise, "You guy, are you crazy?"

"But what is more convenient than this method to dampen their confidence?"

"You guy, it really feels like you have to fight back as fast as you can every time you are upset!"

"I don't want to do this, but," I nodded solemnly, and the person in the stands didn't know a certain place. The red hair belonging to my sister should be looking at me seriously. "Only this time, even if I turned my back on, I want to insist. I don’t want to lose a lot of things!"

"Well, then, Yubihama, you can show me your skills and show me!"

"Okay, just watch it!"

The kick-off whistle sounded, Nakamura moved the ball forward slightly, I took a step back, giving myself a certain amount of space to sprint, and then kicked the ball forward heavily.

When I was sprinting, I kept looking at my Ye Shan, and I should realize that there was something wrong with the problem. Even during the sprint, I could hear Ye Shan's yelling into my ears with the heavy wind: " Shimoda-san, go back! Go back! Go back to the door!"

However, it was too late. When I kicked the ball, I knew that Shimoda was too late, even if it was only a small distance from the penalty area line to the goal, but when the ball was fast enough, the opponent’s goalkeeper No matter how fast he reacts, he can't resist that natural disadvantage.

Shimoda flew his whole body out, seeming to want to change the trajectory of the ball. However, even his fingertips did not touch the ball. The ball passed through the air as I wished. The beautiful arc, spinning the ground from the upper left corner of the goal into the net.

It was only at this time that the selfless guest commentator on the sidelines reacted. There was a harsh noise in the microphone, which should be caused by the commentary on the microphone.

I really enjoy his incoherent voice: "Uh, this, this goal was scored by Yuihama Kazuya, this is a, uh, how to put it, the kick-off in the middle circle directly scored, Yuhihama should have seen it Shimoda’s position was a bit before the test. The goal was directly kicked off in the middle circle. The ball was impeccable in terms of speed, strength, and even the angle of fall. He can kick such a ball at that distance. This guy is incredible. !"

This time I didn't celebrate, and slowly walked back to where I should be in the midfielder.In the distance, Ye Shan looked at me with complicated eyes. If one minute ago, he was still thinking about how to use his current advantage to defend and use long effective defense to attack the self-confidence of his own players. Now he thinks Yes, it should just be how to survive the next 35 minutes without losing a ball.

However, you have to know that the current situation is different from the situation in the first half. In the second half, there are still 35 minutes!

------------------------------split line------------------

The 35-minute game is neither short nor long.

Although the offensive of the substitute players is in full swing, it is clear that Ye Shan's morale recovery during the half-time break has a certain effect, although he was obviously in a state of panic at the beginning of the concealment, and was quickly lost. Nakamura found an opportunity to score a goal in the penalty area, but when faced with a substitute player who performed more aggressively in the next offense, they showed an extremely tenacious fighting spirit.

Did not continue to lose the ball, but to maintain the 3:3 score to the last moment of the game.

35 minutes after the goal, in a sense, I became a spectator on the offensive end. The previous Kondo's mistakes impressed me too much. When everyone actively pressed on, I retreated slightly. After I intercepted the pass of Ye Shan who was about to take the ball to counterattack several times, Ye Shan came over, patted me on the shoulder reluctantly, and said, "The one-to-one comparison between you and me. If you do, I really lost."

It should be said that I should be satisfied with this affirmation from Ye Shan.However, when it comes to the specific situation on the court, this is not different. The popularity of Ye Shan Hayato determines that his approach will always be favored by the masses.If Ye Shan can lead the team to win, then there is no doubt that Ye Shan is a winner. If the score on the court is a tie like now, then everyone’s praise will still be given to Ye Shan because he instigated the goal. , Stabilizes the defense, although Yubihama’s performance is as good as Hayama Hayato, or even better, but in this situation where the evaluation conditions of the two sides are equal, it is Hayama’s side that has the advantage.

Just like the tennis match the day before, even if Higiya Hachiman finally won in the confrontation with Hayama, in the end, everyone's applause was still given to Hayama Hayato.

Therefore, only in the face-to-face confrontation, really defeating him, so that he can not even get the chance of "even though defeat is glorious", that really means my victory, or the victory of the Ministry of Service that I represent.

The game has reached the final moments. I don't know how many times I encountered Ye Shan's close defense when taking the ball.Ye Shan has realized that my weakness compared to him is physical confrontation. Therefore, every time I take the ball, he uses various methods to squeeze me and hit me, although I can barely protect the ball. But after that, the ball space is still very small.

For Yashan Hayato, who has always been an elegant style of play, being able to do this also means that he values ​​the victory of this game, or at least the result of not losing.

"Senior Ye Shan, do you know that you are so annoying to pester people like this!"

"Sorry, the opponents who allowed me to do this are all opponents that I find difficult! This kind of confrontation with you reminds me of the game where we lost in the county finals, the opponent's midfielder, It’s your type. In the end, I lost in the contest with him. We couldn’t enter the country. So, this time, even in the teaching competition, I will not repeat the same mistakes.” Ye Shan said with a smile, but only The clenched teeth showed his uneasiness.

"Don't you worry that I will sway you in other ways?"

"You can't do it," Ye Shan smiled confidently and said, "If you can do it, you will do it before, but if you haven't done it, it means you can't do it."

"Moreover," Ye Shan continued to hit me within a reasonable range with his body, "Although you scored two goals, it can be seen that your goals are basically a manifestation of your personal ability. Team-coordinated goals, although others already trust you, but you and their running are still not in the same rhythm, which makes your passing and running very awkward, which is why you choose to go to the backcourt later Part of the reason for defense, right?"

"It's really great! Senior Ye Shan, you are all right!"

Being able to analyze this situation in such a tense situation on the court, Yeshan Hayato is indeed a difficult opponent, but he is still confident.

"Senior, your judgment is wrong, only one point." I kicked the ball to the front right, and then the man rushed out in the direction of the front left.

"Has the ball been scored? Even if you have confidence in your explosive power, you shouldn't have made such a big move to score the ball-wrong!"

Nakamura-senpai stood in front of me on the right, leaning on his defender, and swiping the ball to my side.

"It's not that I have no one to cooperate with!" I led the ball lightly, and there was a large open area in front of me. "You didn't realize this kind of simple two-over-two. It was a big mistake in your judgment!"


"So, senior, you also know that your speed is not better than mine."

I looked at the anxious central defender who rushed forward to make up for the position. I slid the ball forward gently and wiped the opponent's figure before the opponent didn't react.

"The ball is divided, it is used at this time!"

At this time, the goalkeeper was the only one in front of me.

In this case, I have 1,000 ways to score goals!

The figure chasing me behind should have stopped, as if resigned.

And I nodded confidently: "This time, it's my turn to say, Senior Ye Shan, general! Although I said in advance, this is a reversal of the Kingslayer!"


Chapter 43: The Unknowable End and the Unknowable Follow-up

Zong Wu Gao’s first-year F group is generally an ordinary class. Although there is a color feather in this class, there is a girl who looks very scheming in the first grade, but the overall class atmosphere, It's still normal.