My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 65

In class, because of the strict elimination system and high deviation value of this school, everyone is listening carefully, and then occasionally a few people will answer the questions and win the teacher’s praise; after the class is over, the number of people gradually formed after enrollment. A small circle gathered in every corner of the classroom to discuss the content of their own interest.

Of course, Yubihama Kazuya should also be an ordinary member of this normal atmosphere at the beginning. Although there are not so many friends that can form a circle, it is very simple to find a few people to talk after class. No one really talks. At that time, holding a text library to read, or pretending to study the textbook, will not be regarded as a freak by others.

Generally speaking, except for the dazzling red hair, Yubihama doesn’t have any temperament that can be the focus of the class. After adapting to this red hair, this guy has become the most ordinary in the class. A member of-in every sense, just an ordinary member, at least much better than the low-level creatures of the food chain of the class-of course, I am not intentionally referring to a senior in the ministry.

However, the overall atmosphere of Group F for the year of today is very strange. Even the math teacher in class has already realized this situation. The voices of the low podium, Xixisuosuo’s discussion, and those who cast on me from time to time His eyes made him seem to have suddenly discovered this student who didn't seem to have any impression of him before.

"That, Yubihama," seemed to feel the eager attention of everyone, and the math teacher pointed to my name. "This question is for you to answer-uh, if you can't answer it, just say it. , The problem is a bit difficult, this..."

The math teacher is actually very magnanimous. Although it seems to be pressured by the masses to ask me to take the stage to answer questions, he still gave me a room for maneuver, knowing that my math grades were so bad. This question of is really difficult.

"No need!" But, to be honest, instead of letting me bear this kind of inexplicable attention from the audience, I think it's better to relax on the stage.

Afterwards, I walked to the podium during the eye-catching ceremony of the class and solved the problem that was "somewhat difficult" for me in the teacher's opinion.

Of course, when I walked off the stage with the surprised expression of the math teacher, I heard the more obvious voices of other people.

"Sure enough, if it's the usual Yubihama, this kind of problem will definitely not be solved. I said that he was pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger. This makes sense!"

"No, no, no, I still stick to my previous point of view. Yuihama must have been strengthened in the club activities. Do you remember the gossip? Yukiya Kazuya, for the second-year Yukoshita-senpai And to challenge Senior Ye Shan, I don’t believe you that they have nothing to do with each other."

"In this way, it is said that Yukoshita-senpai is an all-round genius in all aspects. It is no wonder that Yubihama can change so much."

"But even a genius, can you train a person so hard in a short period of time? You see that Yubihama's football skills can not be specially trained in a short time. If it is really so strong, Xue Next, seniors can go directly to coach the national football team."

"That's because Yubihama himself has a good level of football. Didn't Mr. Hayama also come to him at the beginning of school? And you see that Yubihama's last kick yesterday was actually very good for Mr. Hayama, deliberately The shot was missed. Otherwise, Senior Ye Shan took his main lineup and was defeated by a substitute lineup led by a first-year student. His prestige in the football department will decline. I think this may be a difference between the two. A tacit understanding, a tie will be played from the beginning, so that both sides will have a better life."

"Well, Yubihama's last kick shot was too far. If it was a goal post or just a little bit off the goal, I can suspect that he was too angled, but that kick was simply kicking. Well, it is too suspicious to say that it is not a fake."

"All in all, Yubihama doesn't look as simple as he had shown before!"

"Yes, I said it a long time ago. When school starts, look at his red hair..."

Then, this discussion continued until the end of get out of class.

I hate it, this is really annoying. I am ready to become the focus of everyone after defeating Ye Shan, but, I swear, I have never thought about becoming the focus of the crowd in this way, what conspiracy theory, what deliberately I gave Ye Shan Hayato a step down, all kinds of sayings that I am a hidden boss, the conscience of heaven and earth, about that ball, I just kicked it wrong, ordinary, ah, no matter what I saw before, it just kicked. It's wrong.

"Hey, Kazuya, are you in a good mood to be the subject of the class? I asked other people to talk to them. Their first reaction was to ask for your news from me, right, you remember Shancheng, right? He looked at my expression today, the expression that wanted to ask me but was embarrassed, it was really funny! "Perhaps the only thing that wasn't guided by the frenetic atmosphere in the class was Isshiki. This one is playing. The person who had been fascinated by me before, should be the one who can communicate with me best at this time.

"So, Isshiki, what are you going to say?"

"Everyone is very curious, did you deliberately miss the last single-handed ball? In order to give Senior Ye Shan face, but I don’t remember any secret deals between you and Senior Ye Shan, or when did you secretly achieve it? Compromise? Munich conspiracy eh, so handsome—"

"——I just missed the shot."


"I said, I just missed a shot. Isn't this a very common thing? The famous Swedish striker Ibrahimovic knows that that guy is also very good at scoring difficult goals, but he can't make it. Single-handedly, I ran the whole field, my legs were soft, and the shot was missed. That's it."

"Uh, this, no one would believe it," Isshiki still seemed to persuade me bitterly, "Of course, if you want to tell me, I will not disclose it. I am also the manager of the football department. If you If there is any deal with Senior Ye Shan, I will also consider it for the benefit of the football club and the reputation of senior—"

"——If you knew that Ye Shan found out what I said after the game, you wouldn't think so."

In fact, after the single-handed shot was missed, the game was over. At that time, Ye Shan ran to my side for the first time, his expression was complicated, but his clothes were relieved, and he gave me a thankful tone. Said: "Anyway, thank you!"

So, that ball, I really didn't mean to miss the shot!I don't know that that guy will show up behind the goal. Yesterday was probably not an open campus day or something, and there was no time for middle school students to visit their high school, right?Can anyone tell me why that guy appeared behind the soccer field of Soo Wu Gao.

-----------------------------split line-------------------

Of course, Ye Shan would not believe this because he saw someone and missed the football. Isshiki might believe it, but she must never tell her, otherwise she feels that this period of black history will be dug out by her and whip the body.

Therefore, if I want to seek solace, I can only find solace among those who are willing to believe in me.

Although, my sister the previous night said to me with a very embarrassed expression: "Um, Xiaohe, is it all my fault? If it wasn't for making the relationship between me and Hayato too stiff, that ball Surely you will not miss the shot? Thank you very much, but there is really no need for it!"

Sisters who fall into preconceived notions are very stubborn, especially when she tries to look like an older sister and comforts me kindly. All my explanations are considered by her. I didn't want to make her feel sad.

I think this is completely because I took too much care of her in the past. If I was the kind of naughty younger brother who was unwilling to take care of my sister, then my sister would believe my explanation instead-it was like a kind of cause and effect Retribution is the same, but it is obviously a very kind thing to take care of my sister. Why did it cause this result?

The situation after the end of yesterday’s game was very chaotic. Some were fortunate that Ye Shan did not lose, and some came over to see how sacred this first-year student who almost beat Ye Shan was, and those of mine who did not lose. Teammates, they are the people with the simplest ideas. After I scored two goals, they seemed to easily accept that my last goal was not handled well.

After all, if every ball is handled flawlessly, it makes others feel terrible, isn't it?

The result of this chaotic situation was that I could only quickly escape from school after finishing my equipment. I didn't talk to everyone in the Ministry of Service, nor did I talk to senior Xiao Mu Shu who might come to me.

Therefore, when I re-entered the classroom of the Ministry of Service after school, I had a thought that, perhaps, Minister Yukoshita, she might believe me.

However, Yukino Yukino's welcome speech seemed to break this illusion: "Ah, how did the heroic classmates of the Welcome Ministry feel after they "nearly defeated Hazan Hayato"?"

Yukoshita added an accent to the word "almost", which made me wonder what to do.I think this should be a slight dissatisfaction from Yukoshita, because yesterday's Yukoshita has at least very rarely stood by the Ministry of Service to support me, but in the end I felt like I put Ye Shan Yima deliberately as waterproof, which would certainly feel uncomfortable for Minister Xuexia.

After all, she has fully supported the opponent, but the opponent did not want to win from the beginning. This has a feeling of betrayal for her. Moreover, if she does not try her best in the game, this is also a strong desire to The work is completed to the best snow under snow is unbearable.

Therefore, I understand Xuexia's attitude.

"Um, Minister, I really didn't miss the last ball intentionally. You don't need to believe the weird rumors in the school." However, I decided to tell the truth before Yuukishita speaks. I think the effect is minimal.

"Yuhihama Kazuya brother, I think you made a mistake," Yukoshita shook his head, motioned me to sit down on the chair near the door, and said, "I am not a person who will be influenced by public opinion. What I believe is just a judgment based on what I have seen."

"First, for that single-handed ball, the goalkeeper's attack is one step too late. You have a lot of room to shoot. Take a step back. With your skills on the court, you can completely pass the goalkeeper and shoot again. You just have to play this ball. Normally, there is absolutely no possibility of deviating from the goal so far; second, most of the second half of the time, you stay in the backcourt, in the case of your defensive pressure is not great, I test your physical fitness As a result, adding your accelerated action, you can see that your physical fitness is no problem; thirdly, the score at the time was 3:3, which is an acceptable score for both parties. If you use this score At the end, you can reserve the opportunity for Yuihama to continue to exist in Hayama's group; fourthly, I can see your importance to Yuihama. It is normal for you to make this choice.

"What if there are special circumstances?"

"If there are special circumstances, it is my poor consideration. However, you played very well in the whole game. Could it be that you suddenly encountered some threat at that time? Who gave you a strange message on the court? What about the information? Or, how does this potential person who is sending you information do this?"

"What if that person can send you a message just by standing there?"

"Oh, maybe my information is not enough, but based on the current situation I have—"

"Well, Xiaoxue and Xiaohe shouldn't quarrel with you!" At this time, my sister's voice came in. It seems that peacemaking is always her best job. "Xiaohe, you also told me your explanation last night. Now, if this is really the case, I can understand it, but I still think it’s impossible, so I said—"

"But that's the truth!" I yelled out in a vented manner. I felt normal for other people's distrust of me, even if my sister thought I was joking.However, Xuexiaxuena shouldn’t be like this. Although she just said a very long call to prove her point of view, to be honest, this kind of statement based purely on reasoning is untenable. , Can be regarded as a kind of speculation, but with Xuexia Xueno's character, this kind of thing should not be directly regarded as fact.

It was as if Xuexia had established a fact and forcibly created a reasonable explanation. This was not a normal situation for Xuexia Xuena.

But why is this?The frosty expression under the snow could not tell me the answer.

"Hey, that's why it seemed that someone was knocking on the door just now!" At this time, Bi Qigu, who had been silent, pointed to the door and said to everyone.

Indeed, there was an incoherent knock on the door.

"Please come in!" Yukoshita, the minister, responded.

What came in was a color feather. When she walked in, she was full of curiosity, looking around and looking at the classroom very much.

However, Isshiki is not the person I care about. I pay more attention to the girl who follows Iseki.

The girl I saw clearly yesterday, in various senses, caused me a lot of trouble.