My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 66

Of course, obviously, she saw me too.

The girl with a pink hair tie tied into a neat single ponytail looked at me with complicated expression.

"Well, Kazuya said the Ministry of Service can help here, right?" Isshiki didn't notice the abnormality behind her, looking at the snow sitting in front of the window, and asked.

"The Ministry of Service is not a house of everything, not a help association." Yukoshita replied with a frown.

"But, this question is still a bit troublesome? This is the first time for the student union to have social activities with other middle schools, and I have no experience. The patrol sister said that I have just been promoted from a middle school and may have more languages ​​with them. You can communicate or something, but it has nothing to do with joint activities. I don't have any experience in such activities!" Isshiki nagging and talking about something that looks complicated but can be explained quickly.

However, at this time, I didn't care what she said.

"By the way, let me introduce it first. This is the secretary of the student union of Qingquan Middle School, Sugiura-uh, do you know Kazuya?" Finally, Isshishi saw me and the girl who were looking straight at each other.

"Well, yes, it's familiar in every sense," the single ponytail girl nodded and spoke first. "It's been a long time since I saw you, and-well, Yuihama-senpai."

"Well, I should have worked hard for you this time, Sugiura-san." Of course, facing such a greeting, I can only respond in this way.

It's just that when Sugiura Koharu stood in front of me, all the memories that I had wanted to hide, the high wall of memories he deliberately made to bid farewell to the middle school period, collapsed at this moment.


Well, this chapter filled a hole and then dug a hole. I feel that no one can guess the ending, right?


Chapter Final

Final Chapter: Stage One of the High School Summary by Hihama Kazuya

I don't think I am an omniscient and omnipotent person. No one can reach this realm that only the gods can reach. I think I am just an ordinary person who wants to see reality more thoroughly.And what I pursue is not to hurt others, and to keep the order of the world as far as possible under the premise of not being able to change other people's thoughts.

Because I am a mortal, I will definitely make mistakes. Fortunately, my mistakes and these mistakes did not affect other people, because my mistakes are only limited to my own mistakes and have not risen to interference. The degree of others.

However, I still made a mistake, making a mistake that was enough to subvert my previous beliefs.

After calming down, we can find that the previous attack on Ye Shan was actually a major mistake. If it weren’t for Xiaochun’s unexpected appearance in front of me and changing my last moments of action, the expectation afterwards was an unacceptable one. Anticipated collapse expectations.

Facing a first-year freshman to lose in such a frontal challenge means that the prestige of Yashan Hayato in the football department has declined overall, which may lead to the collapse of the football department.

Among those who hope that the football department will go to the whole country, some will have doubts about his leadership ability, and doubt whether the strength of such a person or the leadership ability of such a person can lead everyone to the whole country.

People who do nothing in the football club will be dissatisfied with Ye Shan’s elitist line. When Ye Shan transfers all resources to the improvement of the football club’s competitive level, one of the inevitable results is the hope to be in football. The living space of the players who pass the time in the Ministry has become smaller. In the past, they would not be able to object because of Ye Shan's super prestige, but at this time, they don't mind to mess up this pool under Ye Shan's absolute control. of.

At the same time, Ye Shan’s unexpected loss will shake Ye Shan’s supporters. They don’t know why the minister, whom they have always been proud of, has to answer the unreasonable challenge of this first-year student. They will doubt their minister anymore. Using their own team to reach a deal with each other, they will have doubts about their efforts being betrayed by the leader.

This is the logic of the final infighting in countless revolutions in history. For the leader of the revolution, he is taking all means to expand the fruits of victory for his revolution, but for the leader who depends on the revolutionary leader, he hopes to see the fruits of victory. As far as the revolutionary masses are concerned, only when they truly realize the spiritual encouragement brought about by victory can they continue to move forward; otherwise, they will attribute this failure to the betrayal of the leader.

There is only a firm ideological belief that can unite a group, although the question is whether this so-called ideological unity and control is a person's choice of the group based on his own talents Interference.

Of course, under the premise of not discussing the rationality of the use of ideology, Ye Shan did not construct such a system that unites the team enough. Ye Shan’s prestige is built on the premise of his own personal charm and personal absolute strength. This is a so-called Chrisma attribute, but when this attribute is crushed by the personal charm and strength of other people, the support that the people he believes in will collapse.

Therefore, in theory, Hayato Hayama shouldn't have opponents in the school. He must eliminate all opponents before he can threaten her.Because any opponent's failure to him will be a precursor to the crisis of the collapse of his prestige.Subsequently, it brought the collapse of the entire football department.

However, Ye Shan was overconfident. In other words, under the unconscious kidnapping of a small group, he could not make an escape choice. Of course, he also had an opportunity to try to use victory to obtain higher resources. At that time, he did not take the safest way, but took the helpless way of gambling.This is understandable, but he almost lost the bet.

As for why I made such a judgment, because three years ago, I used exactly the same method to defeat the then head of the football department of Qingquan Middle School, which led to the collapse of the football department of that school.

At this time, the personal authoritarian rule established by a person who appeared in the team as a savior was even more unshakable. The so-called three-year Yubihama era of the football club of Qingquan Middle School was born in this way.

The different situation this time is that my confrontation with Ye Shan was not a harbinger of a deliberate attempt to seize power, but a confrontation caused only by a momentary impulse. If the current result is the same as the result at that time Although Ye Shan can use his personal charm and personal ability to continue to establish a stable management, the football department of Zou Wu Gao is no longer as monolithic as I was when I first entered school. The split of the team.In other words, maybe, because of this momentary impulse, I inadvertently destroyed the football department of this school.

Fortunately, there is no winner in this game. As long as there is no defeat, people who trust the leader can create countless explanations for the leader, even the so-called "Private transaction between Hayama and Yubihama". It also sounds like a general rumor that the leader does not want to overwhelm the confidence of first-year students and adopts a gentle approach.

Just as everyone who holds a conspiracy theoretic view likes to treat all games in professional football as the result of the manipulation of the ** company, even if the player enters a world wave that cannot be met, even if the player is clear after the lore, even if Players are sweating after the mistake, and they believe that all situations on the court are an established script.

So, a simple high school teaching game that will be forgotten in a week is too easy to instill such a point of view.

Of course, this is the so-called lucky.Lucky by chance.

So, looking back on the two months of high school life, what is my summary?On the whole, I still need to implement a path that does not use talents. However, I can do some wanton things in the name of the so-called adolescent turmoil, but this is only a process that must be experienced in the transition phase. If I always use this kind of reason to explain what I have done, then the harm caused by all kinds of "accidents" will be as fearful as I am now.

Such mistakes will not be forgiven in the future.

(End of Volume One)


Ahem, for this chapter, just skip over if you feel uncomfortable. In addition, it is impossible for the protagonist to imagine and experience the kind of consequences, but when we write novels, we want to exaggerate, we want to be artistic, so we should be extreme. Up.

In the evening, if you have time, try to pull out Chapter 0 of the second volume, and you can also skip the chapter that you don't read.As for Xiaochun's pit, fill in the next volume.


Chapter 0: High Interruption Chapter-Part Two

So, let's go back to the question of talent!After discussing the so-called evil of talents, the conclusion we need to draw is: avoid using talents.

The problem is how to avoid the use of talents, the logic I have adopted before is basically: avoid deliberately.This is based on a major premise: this major premise is that no isolated individual can restrain the talent itself, because the arrogance that talent brings may cause people to lose their way. Only when they do not use their talents can they truly do it. To be spared from these things.

This is an extreme logic, but it is extremely correct, but in fact it is extremely meaningless.

I have the talent for football, so I can avoid playing football by giving up playing football. This is because football is not necessary for human survival.However, if a person has the talent for cooking, does he have to conceal his talent?If he gives up, does that mean he is giving up his basic physical needs?If he does not give up this talent, just as a person who is good at playing football cannot pretend to be incapable of playing football, how can a person who is good at cooking pretend to be incapable of cooking? Then, under the logic of extremism before, He will use his talents, and then go to destruction through ways that we don't know for the time being.

Therefore, extreme prohibition of the use of talents is a false proposition in itself.

Therefore, this approach needs to be corrected. Of course, as I argued at the beginning, there is no problem with talent itself. The key to the problem lies in what kind of mentality do you have with regard to the use of talent.If it is the kind of mentality that wants to rely on to overcome others and hurt others, then this is a precursor to the desire to control and dominate.However, if you use your talents only from your own basic needs, and have nothing to do with other people's effects, it is not harmful-of course, the key is not to unintentionally control others.

This level is difficult to measure, but blindly moving to the point of avoiding the use of talents will only lead to logical confusion. Therefore, at this time, we need the power of reason.

Why is unrestricted use of talents terrible, because in the unrestricted use of talents, it will ultimately bring about the enthusiasm of the personal atmosphere, the absolute self-confidence of the individual in oneself, the absolute confidence of the individual in others, and the final result will be the collective Arrogant and irrational.At this time, we need to use reason to check and balance.

Fanaticism hinders rationality. I have experienced this in the incident that I have just experienced. For whatever reason, I challenged Ye Shan with a fanatic attitude without considering any consequences of myself through rationality. The reason is that I did not look at the problem from an absolutely neutral standpoint.

I still remember my thoughts at the time. What I didn’t admit was the failure of the Ministry of Service to the Hayato Hashan—that is, I considered this issue from the standpoint of the Ministry of Service. Substituted into a collective perspective, I couldn’t Keep calm on matters related to one's vital interests-this is the necessity of absolute neutrality.Only by absolute neutrality can we clearly realize when people are playing their talents for their basic needs, and when people are doing their own or their own collective superficial interests by hurting and destroying others. Use your talents.

This means that no matter what angle you stand in, people must retain their original and unique rational space to maintain freedom.

This freedom is not only the grasp of one's own freedom, but also the grasp of the freedom of others.

Everyone’s freedom and the final result of what each person can achieve should be judged by him. For the people I contact, if I use my ability to change their perceptions, then their rationality Judgment will deviate and will affect their own freedom; of course, maybe they will be interfered by other people besides me, but at least, less interference can make their inner rational space further. In the end, it is one step closer to the best result of everyone in the heart of my own mind.

More people are able to use their talents prudently with an absolutely neutral point of view. Compared to blindly avoiding and fleeing, perhaps this is the best way to suppress the potential harm that talents may bring.


The first volume of the routine volume of Volume 2 is forced. Of course, the meaning of this logically confusing passage can be referred to the volume title. In short, the behavior of the protagonist will change to a certain extent.Of course I also admire that I can pull out these silly things.This chapter can still be skipped, and the next chapter enters the plot.


Volume 2: Absolutely Neutral