My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 67


Chapter 1: Sugiura Koharu, what has changed and what has not changed

I don’t know what kind of existence the future Sugiura Koharu would be like without my existence. Maybe it will be like the righteous words and some nosy things like when I met her for the first time. Other people, then change her desire to care about other people too much.

Of course, it’s meaningless to say these things now, because from the moment I saw her eyes, I already knew that the transformation that my past self brought to this girl has become a kind that cannot be easily Erased traces.At least, the current Xiaochun is more energetic than when he first met and is even better as a teacher, and his personality is obviously more calm and restrained.Even the short-term gaffes between each other when meeting me can be covered up by her more naturally.

Although I don't know whether this change in personality is a good thing or a bad thing for her.

Of course, for this kind of dramatic meeting and the like, Hue Yu, the one who has the most gossiping desire among all people, should immediately show a curious expression. However, her current situation is not like this.Although she seemed arrogant when she entered the department before, she did not show a meaningful expression to me after such things that could obviously be digging up a lot. Instead, she simply said: "Uh, then since and If you know Secretary Sugiura, then this matter should be much easier to handle!"

"Well, although Yuhihama may know this Sugiura classmate, this knowledge is only a personal understanding. If Yuhihama is willing to help Sugiura in a personal way, then I certainly have no objection, but if If Yubihama is asked to help Sugura on behalf of the Ministry of Service, I think it is necessary to discuss from all angles? Also, the self-introduction over there is not over yet!" Generally speaking , Xuexiaxuenai likes to do some horrible things at this time, although for her interruption this time, I quite suspect that she is still a little angry about the previous things about Yeshan.

The aura of Yukoshita is still unbearable for people who meet for the first time, especially when the other party is not ready. Obviously, although Xiaochun is prepared for this meeting, he still comes into contact with Xuexue. Such a person underneath was still unexpected, so when she heard Xuexia's words, she involuntarily took a step back, but then, she stood firm and stubbornly on her heels.

From this point of view, she is indeed the Sugiura Koharu I know, right!

I stood up, turned my side, slightly blocked some of Xuexia's sight on Xiaochun, and said, "Well, Xuexia, the opposite is just a middle school student. Don't be too harsh on her. As for the introduction or something, let me help her finish it. Sugiura Koharu, now in the third grade of Qingquan Middle School, my junior, I remember you were the accountant and vice president of the student union, and now you have become the secretary. Otherwise, Mainly—"

"When Yuhihama-senpai was the head of the football department at Junior High, I used to be the manager of the football department for two years. This is the reason I am familiar with Yuihama-senpai." Xiaochun's voice of dissatisfaction came over and interrupted me. Please, what is this guy doing? I'm obviously helping her round the stage!

"Also, Yubihama-senior, please don't introduce yourself to me without authorization. I can do these things. Isn't Yukoshita-senpai? I heard Senior Isshiki say that this club is very powerful in helping people realize their self-worth Is it a bit rude to say this to a person who made a request without authorization?" Xiaochun didn’t stop, and continued to say forcefully, "In the final analysis, you don’t even listen to the request, because the student union’s proposal There is a natural prejudice against this. If you have this kind of personality, I think my evaluation of you has been next to a higher level!"

Hey, hey, this kind of scene of the younger generation preaching to the older generation, how come I have seen it somewhere-this is of course, because when Sugiura Koharu just started school, he was not afraid of such a newborn calf The tiger's momentum was a big condemnation to me who had mastered the football department at that time.

"Yuhihama-senpai, if I am not mistaken, based on my data, since you served as the head of the football department as a freshman last year, the budget you applied for has increased a lot, and this year you After making the budget of the football department by myself, this year’s budget has doubled from last year. If you can’t give me a reasonable explanation, then even if the minister agrees, I won’t agree to it!” For the first meeting Xiaochun's impression is actually not very deep for me. If I must say that I have an impression, it is her neat single ponytail and her aggressive attitude that is completely anti-going.

"I also understand the hard work of the student union in budgeting. But, you are-Sugiura classmate? You know, last year, I led the football department to qualify for the county qualifier for the first time. This must be related to the budget increase. Right? Applying for a higher budget this year is also to create better conditions, isn't it? Besides, for clubs that perform well, there should always be rewards, otherwise how to make everyone more concerned about club work What?" Of course, at the time, I just regarded this first-year student who came to the door as a simple kid with a strong sense of justice. When she understood that some things were impossible, then she It is estimated that I will shrink back, so I can't be guilty of being familiar with that guy, just casually perfunctory.

"However, the budget has been doubled, I think it is too difficult to understand—"

"——Nothing incomprehensible. If we continue to march into the country this time, participate in national competitions, and play to the end, this doubled budget will not be enough!"

"Then wait for the predecessors to lead the football department to do this! When it comes to the national competition, I believe the student union will definitely approve the extra budget for you."

"But without these basic budgets, we can't invite other schools to play friendly matches. Other schools also have to play fees. What we need now is to compete with more powerful opponents to be able to summarize our own problems—"

"Senior's explanation is still a bit taken for granted? Can you still invite strong football schools in other places to play friendly matches with us?"

"Can I talk to my teammates in the national team?"

"Then the students will give you instructions when you make a special application!"

"Sugura-san, I only explained to you patiently when you were a junior. You need to communicate well with your president!"

"So, is Yubihama-senpai really that kind of bureaucracy? I don't believe that someone like you can lead Kiyizumi's football club further."

Of course, for me at the time, I didn’t care much about this girl. I just worked for the Student Union in the first grade. There were always people who thought they could save the world. After being cruel, she will slowly compromise.

However, Koharu Sugiura is not such a person. After that, before almost every day of her club activities, she had to argue with me about the budget. If once or twice is just a temporary impulse, So after two weeks of persistence, even after the student council president has said that there is no problem with the budget, she will come to argue with me. I don't know what kind of character this is.

Of course, on the day when the final budget was finalized, Koharu Sugiura walked in front of me again.

"Hey, friends, this should be the first class for you since entering middle school. Don't take yourself too seriously." Of course, as the winner, I have been harassing me for two weeks. In front of the girl, a somewhat arrogant expression inevitably appeared.

"Actually, I still know it. Ever since the president expressed that the budget can be passed, I have known that I can't say anything." The girl with a ponytail nodded fiercely, looking unwilling. Afterwards, he curled his lips in the softest voice and said, "Bureaucrat!"

"Although I heard what you said, the budget was approved today, so Yubihama-senpai is in a better mood, so he won't be as knowledgeable as you. If you want to scold me or something, you can just scold me, remember? , Only for today. For a guy like you, the first thing that was done was a big blow, so I won’t continue to beat you.”

"No, if you want to say curse, that sentence just now is enough." The ponytail on the back of the girl's head moved up and down with her undulating chest. Then, Sugiura Koharu said that sentence that made me realize this girl. Stubborn words.

"Then Yubihama-senpai, please let me be the manager of the football department!"


"Yes, senior, please let me be the manager of the football department! As far as I know, there is no manager in the football department. If you want to contact the game or something, it would be inconvenient for you to contact the senior who is the minister? At this time, the presence of a manager will definitely help you. What's more, in the clubs of the sports club, the presence of a girl will always arouse the fighting spirit of boys. "I can’t even now. The girl who had forgotten that she was still a little green in her speech and negotiations, she was a little hesitant, but she still moved forward bravely.

Of course, I can also see the meaning behind her request.

"But, as the manager of the football department, you can manage the club's budget to a large extent, right?"

"Yeah, or to say, the budget Yubihama-senpai explained clearly to him is not certain for others to see? Sure enough, there is still something wrong with the budget, right? As the minister, Yuihama-senpai—"

"--You have to speak responsibly! Sugiura school girl, since you want to investigate my minister so much, I will let you take a look at my football department. Welcome to become the manager of the football department!"

"Thank you, I will try my best to'help' the football department."

I think back to the time when Xiaochun negotiated with me to become the manager of the football department. The aggressive method she used at that time was so similar to the aggressive method used to Yukoshita at this time, and in terms of my experience at the time, Yukino Yukino, this person who was as confident as I was a bit arrogant at the time, would do just one thing, right?

Of course, before Xuexia’s reaction, when my sister heard Xiaochun say the word "manager of the football club", her face obviously changed color. Although she never knew the specific situation of the girl, but, She is quite clear about the fact that "my younger brother seems to have a very close relationship with the manager of the club".

After frowning and looking at me for a while, and getting my affirmation, my sister's complexion returned to normal, and then her eyes kept staring at Xiaochun, which seemed to be evaluating my brother-in-law.

Uh, this, Yui sister, if your memory is good enough, you should still remember the time when your brother locked himself in the room for a long time at the beginning of this year. After that, his phone calls and emails were few. A lot, don’t you know?

The look of Isshiki's eyes on the other end finally returned to her normal situation as it should have existed. She did not care about gossip because things were a bit tricky, but now, Xiaochun and Xuexia have faced off inexplicably. Under the circumstances, the speed of her eyeballs gave me a bad foreboding. It seemed that she was carefully assessing the character similarity between Yuhihama Kazuya and Sugiura Koharu, giving people a kind of The look to be seen through.

As for the remaining one in the classroom, the guy who seems to be often forgotten by me, although he has been verbally shouting the person who is in charge of the explosion, he seems to be the one who cares the least about a certain black history in the classroom. Of course, I think he might also see this deep down in his heart and exclaimed: This is the victory of the FFF group!

In short, I don't know what Higiya Hachiman is thinking. Of course, I don't think it is necessary to know.Moreover, the focus now is on the confrontation between Xiaochun and Xuexia.

Just when I felt that I should help Xiaochun who was on the weaker side at this time, Xuexia opened his mouth, still in that cold tone, but with a general interest in accepting challenges, he said: "Then, for the time being, let me listen to Senior Sugiura, what kind of commission is behind your self-confidence? In other words, what you are so confident in front of me that you can't do. I'm really curious!"

Um, this, Xuexia, do you know?If you are subdued, Xiaochun is still a very good talker, but if you want to fight her to the end, no matter how weak she is, her desire to preach and instruct others will never consider her age. !

Of course, until now, I don't agree with her idea.


Chapter 2: The correct way to deal with the relationship between the younger generation and the older generation

"Well, hey, this, in a nutshell, let me explain the current situation!" Although it seemed that he changed his attention in the later stage, Isshiki still came with the task after all, so he sat upright under the snow Body, after expressing the meaning of accepting Xiaochun's challenge, she also assumed the task of explaining.

To be fair, Yi Hueiyu is not a person who only wins people’s hearts. At least she has a clear logic when explaining things. If she doesn’t have basic talents, the student president is called "Sister Xun". "People would not leave Yishi in the student union-I'm sorry that the popularity of the student chairperson of General Wu Gao is a bit low, so it is excusable for me, a person who does not care about gossip, to know the other party's name.

"This event is a joint event between Zongwu High School and Qingquan Middle School. The main focus is on promoting Zongwu High School and attracting more students from Qingquan Middle School to choose Zongwu High School when entering school. So we should pay attention to it. Should it be placed on how to reflect the characteristics of the school?"

"There always seems to be a feeling that we are asking for each other. Is Zong Wu Gao now reduced to this level? It is said that a good school with a high deviation value always has no shortage of students?"

But with that said, I can know the reason why Xiaochun’s anti-visitorship is the main reason. From the perspective of school promotion, the choice is in the hands of Qingquan Middle School. In other words, Xiaochun, as the person in charge of Qingquan Middle School, represents to a certain extent Based on the other party’s initial impression of Zou Wu Gao, if the reception here is not going well enough, Xiaochun will discredit the student union of Qingquan Middle School, and the possibility of cancellation of this joint plan is not small.The cancellation is not a loss for Qingquan Middle School itself, but for Zong Wu Gao, it is just one less opportunity for publicity.

In other words, on the whole, this cooperation is a completely unequal cooperation between the two sides. Although I don’t know how the Zongwu High School Student Association invited the Qingquan Middle School Student Association to do publicity, at least from the information I have so far. Look, Xiaochun does have the capital to be tough in front of Xuexia. If Xuexia continues to refuse, presumably Yishi who has a task in his body will try his best to convince Xuexia, right?

Of course, I am definitely not the only person who discovered the seriousness of this problem. Yukoshita frowned instinctively when he heard the nature of the activity, and the feet of Higiya Hachiman beside me seemed to be very hidden. He moved his hand as if he wanted to raise it for a while, but after I quickly questioned it, he let it go, making a fist not very hard.

"Hey, what Xiaohe said makes sense. So Wu Gao's current deviation value should still be very high! I almost couldn't pass the entrance exam and said--" Of course, this question that shouldn't be clarified is still caused by My sister raised her hand innocently and asked.

"Ahem, this situation, you know, Yui-senpai, although there are a lot of applicants, but it is not an exaggeration to hope to attract more outstanding students, so let's say--" Obviously this big sister's The straight ball gave Isshi a headache. She wanted to explain vaguely, but she was interrupted by Xiaochun's triumphant voice next to her.

This guy, he has done a bit too far-even if he has the initiative in the negotiation, he will not do such things that offend his predecessors!