My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 68

Or—I took a look at Xiaochun’s high-spirited eyes, and I hid the idea in my heart that she was actively competing with me—it should be impossible, after all, almost half a year has passed!

"As for the current situation of Sou Wu Gao, well, you are—"

"I'm Owa's older sister, Yuihama Yui, and Xiaochun can call me Yui sister!" My sister said with a smile.

"Well, Yubihama—senior," Later, Xiaochun refused the sister’s initiative again—I think that my previous idea should be brought out as a possibility. Before Isshiki said that she knew me, she was right. Isshiki's attitude is still good, but after I knew Isshiki and I met, his attitude changed drastically, including the current attitude towards my sister, so it is better not to guess the girl's mind.

"Wow, Xiaochun refused me and said!"

"Well, Yubihama-senpai, maybe you are not very clear about the current situation of So Wu Gao," Xiaochun continued to say clearly, "but I can tell you the current situation of So Wu Gao's students. In recent years, So Wu Gao In fact, the admission rate is not very good. Except for those talented students in the J group, the deviation value of other ordinary class students is decreasing year by year. This has to make people suspect that Zong Wu Gao is recruiting outstanding students at the same time. , Whether there is a problem in cultivating students. Coupled with the high tuition fees of Zou Wu Gao, the attractiveness of this school is declining for students and parents!"

This is nonsense!Although before entering school, I only applied for this school because my sister was in this school, and did not carefully study the trend of the deviation value of Sou Wu Gao in recent years, but the deviation value is continuously decreasing like Xiaochun said. How can I ignore important things.Besides, the deviation values ​​of schools with bugs like Xuexiaxuena are decreasing. Are the teachers in this school controversial?

However, looking at Isshiki's somewhat embarrassing expression, everyone can realize that Xiaochun's statement is true.

"Well, Secretary Sugiura, although you said that the deviation value has decreased is a fact, it is not so exaggerated. Senior Xuexia there is the most typical example!"

"Well, yes, the chairman and I also know this, so even though we felt unnecessary after the invitation from Chief Wu Gao, we still felt that there was no need to offend seniors, so we agreed to it!"

But now you are offending all the senior Wu Gao-Xiao Harusang, look at the expression of Yui sister over there a bit unnatural. Even if the performance of Wu Gao has declined, it will not be your turn. Evaluation!

"However, my current evaluation is still a bit disappointing! I originally thought that the school chosen by Bihama-senpai should give me a better impression. However, from what I saw yesterday, this school has brought to the seniors. The change should not be great—"

"——Sugura Koharu, pay attention!" I am now completely sure what Xiaochun is talking about now. Although she is a person who likes to preach, although she is a stubborn person in general, she is definitely not a fool. A person who respects the eldest and arrogant.Her current performance is no different from what she said when she was awkward with me before.

Therefore, I also habitually reminded.

However, the eyes of other people cast on me next made me a little confused.Because, I scolded Xiaochun in this tone, which is not a simple tone of a senior commenting on a younger generation, but more like a gentle warning between lovers telling each other not to make an inch.

What the hell is this damn girl doing?Is it to swear sovereignty over me in front of others?Ming Ming, Ming Ming

——Obviously they have broken up!

A quick faint smile flashed from the corner of Xiaochun’s mouth, blinked, and a little bit of contradiction with her lips, tears flashed from the corner of her eyes, but everyone except me was looking at me, so there was no I noticed this change in Xiaochun's expression.

Of course, Xiaochun's next words of relaxation caused everyone to focus on her: "Well, sorry, seniors, I was joking. For the first impression of Sou Wu Gao, I It is also very profound! Especially the football match yesterday afternoon, I also went to watch! Such an "active" sports atmosphere, I think it is also an attraction for the students of our school! If this cooperation project It will be better if you can show the level of education!"

Although Xiaochun finally showed the meaning of easing, but her previous performances that seemed a little cross-border as a junior made everyone completely unable to feel the meaning of the other party's harmonious discussion. What everyone can feel is one The feeling of being bullied by a dog when a tiger falls in Pingyang.

"In other words, this time the commission itself was not from Secretary Sugiura, did you?" It should be Xuexia, when everyone is a little dissatisfied because of Xiaochun's provocation, it is her First grasped the core point of Xiaochun's words.

"It should be said that the commission from the Zongwu High Student Union is more appropriate?" Xiaochun glanced at the side of Yi Shi. The usually active student Yi Huei Yu seemed to have completely become a buffer at this time-this It really makes me feel a little unbelievable. Today's Isshiki, although more or less in front of Sugiura Koharu who is prepared, and Yukoshita Yukino, who is full of aura, is not so easy to cheat, but it is also too silent.

Even now, she simply responded to Xiaochun's words: "The main thing is to entrust the Ministry of Service to put forward some opinions on this joint project between the two parties and the possible regular cooperation between the two schools in the future!"

"However, it seems that the focus of the commission this time is to persuade the students of Qingquan Middle School to accept the cooperation with us, rather than the plan itself? The plan itself has no meaning, and the follow-up cooperation is the focus. Isn't it? And the cooperation or not depends not on us, but on each other?" Xuexia looked at Xiaochun slantingly, trying to sort out his thoughts in time.

"For the time being, let's be like this!" Faced with Xuexia's attitude of blatantly picking out the ideas that both sides knew well, Isshiki, who is the representative of the student union of the General Wu Gao, also seemed a bit embarrassed. This kind of entrustment that one has no initiative from the beginning is really a bit embarrassing.

"Okay, the question is clear, then classmate Isshi, regarding this entrustment from the Student Union, I'm next, and the other Secretary Sugiura, I have accepted your challenge, right?" After asking Xuexia came to the conclusion and replied cleanly.

The degree of affirmation and conviction even makes people feel a little scary. The feeling of accepting without hesitation is like the attitude of not caring about this situation.

"Hmm, is it?" Obviously, although I came to the ministry and met Xuexia and me, it should not be what Xiaochun expected, but if it really makes her feel a little uneasy, That's only the confident attitude of Xuexia. Obviously, at this time, she finally showed a trace of hesitation and instability that was more consistent with her age.

However, this state was quickly covered up by her. She bowed gently to Xuexia, then glanced at me from the corner of her eye and said, "Then, I also look forward to Xuezhi What kind of answer did the next generation give me!"

Then, amidst Isshi's "I'm sorry to disturb you" voice, the girl with a neat single ponytail head left the classroom.

"It's not easy!" After the two entrusted people left, the first person who spoke out was Higiya Hachiman, "We know too little about the other party, and the other party is clearly prepared, and the level of information understanding is completely different. what!"

"Well, I seem to have heard the Hayabusa before. The student union seems to have sent invitation letters to many schools, but this kind of thing and the previous kind of observation are just routine, and in the end there are not many high school. In response, the student union of Qingquan Middle School agreed this time, which may have been unexpected by the student union, so it is understandable that the preparation is not enough!"

"Even if it is insufficiently prepared, there must be a limit! There should be a plan for all possible things. If the student will not be able to do this, what use is the student association?"

"Actually, this matter is not difficult to solve." Compared with the a few people on our side, Yukoshita's vision is much clearer. "Although I don't know why the other party came to negotiate, but Yubihama Classmates, you also said that under normal circumstances, the student union does not expect the other party to reply. This shows that the other party also has some requirements. Since the other party also asks us, the breakthrough in the problem can always be found."

"The key is, where is this breakthrough? I can go to Komachi and ask if there are any students from Kiyizumi High School I know. Although Komachi has to prepare for the entrance exam very hard, I really don't want to tell her the facts of Sou Takega."

"No, no, if your sister wants to apply for Chief Wu Gao, she will definitely find out about this school."

"Nonsense, I didn't understand it at the time!"

"That's because only Chief Wu Gao can be so amazing that he can accept a messy student like you!"

"Then why don't you say that General Wu Gao can accept fools who know nothing? At least I have a liberal arts degree!"

"Well, you are too much for a small business, my grades, this I can do as long as I work hard!"

"Give up, my sister, this, I can understand your situation, so I said—"

"——So, the problem now is not discussing how to find a breakthrough point," Xuexia shook his head, and said to the people who were arguing and seemingly off topic, "I'm more curious, that The personal attitude of Secretary Sugiura."

"Uh, what do you mean?" I suddenly felt a bit of chill spread over my body.

"I think that this should be explained by Hibin, who has had a bad relationship with the junior secretary, right?" Xuexia's well-worn voice came over at this time.


Chapter 3: Mistakes at the very beginning

What if a person's dark history is forced to dig out?What should one do if something that a person has been deliberately forgetting is suddenly discovered and forced to clarify?

The answer to this kind of question is to pretend to be dumb.Of course, this is also a normal thing!Only a fool would say all of these things, and then be whips and whip the corpse again and again, right?From my personal point of view, I can't find any reason to be responsible for this matter.

Therefore, even in the face of Yukoshita's high-pressure persecution, my response was still a firm-"no".

"Xiaohe," my sister looked at me with some worry, now, as expected, everyone except my family is untrustworthy. Only the older sister will stand by my side at this time, "I think it can actually be said. Right? If there is any problem between Xiaohe and Xiaochunjiang, maybe I can help solve this incident? My sister has always been very supportive of Xiaohe's romance and other matters!"

——Well, I take back the evaluation of my sister just now. Although it seems to solve the problem for me, how do I feel that this is paving the way for Xuexia Xuena to ask me questions!

"Well, Yubihama, although I personally think it’s not a good thing to just ask about other people’s privacy, don’t you think it’s a kind of work now when your work may be affected by your personal factors? Is it very improper?"

"This is not a problem that I deliberately brought. I can't help what Xiaochun wants to do! Could it be that Xiaochun came to this school because of my existence?"

"Well, it feels possible. After all, for this kind of activity, generally speaking, the vice president is responsible for contacting people, and even people like the assistant to the president, people like Cai Yujiang can be responsible, right? There is no need for the secretary to speak out."

"Then as far as we know, there is probably only a former current gentleman in this school who can let the secretary girl appear in person, right? You can temporarily peel off your outer skin. It's better!" I don't know why, Biqigu suddenly formed such a rare talent for poisonous tongue today, could it be because of a sudden desire to preach when facing younger generations younger than him.

Of course, taking a look at Biqigu’s slightly opened flat and rotten eyes, I feel that Biqigu’s attack is more derived from my dissatisfaction with my “pre-existing” experience-presenting it. Explosion, being charged is sin-I guess he thinks so-well, sure enough, I can't like this guy. In a sense, he is as arrogant as Yukino under Xuexia.

However, at this time, it is one thing whether I should conceal the truth or not, and the solution of the problem is another. Because my reasons have brought this kind of problem, let me solve it, in general It also makes sense.

"Don't worry!" I sighed and provided other people with a message that would make them more satisfied. "Although Xiaochun is tough at this time, you can definitely know that she is fighting for her own benefit. An attitude, she is not the kind of person who can't separate feelings from work."

"Since Yubihama student has said so, we can temporarily move it to the next level for the bad influence on the Sugiura secretary that was caused by Yubihama student himself, but the problem now lies in-- "

"——Rest assured, I still have this self-consciousness. I will not leak our information to Xiaochun. After all, the relationship between the two of us is not so close now."