My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 69

"Well, that's it! For that little guy, I think I can still educate it!" Xuexia showed an interesting expression, that expression felt like a cat is facing it. The excitement of playing with the mouse before the mouse that is about to get it.

Although I like cats a lot, this cat feels very dangerous!

"Um, Yukoshita, no, Minister!" So, after hesitating for a while, I stopped and reopened the library book in my hand, and Yukino looked as if he was already in the chest.

"Are there any questions? From the perspective of this commission, it is not difficult. Of course, if you have any comments, it is okay to ask me."

"Well, Minister Yukoshita," feeling a little awkward, I made a request that made me feel that there were some problems, "When I finally confronted Xiaochun, shouldn't you beat her too hard?"

"Oh? Do you still love your little girlfriend?"

"No, I just think-well, forget it, just take it that way!"

Suddenly I felt that there was no way to face this kind of questioning from Xuexia. I felt that my whole body and everything seemed to be being observed by the other party, and all my secrets had to be exposed. Under this unbearable environment, I got up and left. The classroom of the Ministry of Service.

Of course, in addition to Yukino, who has everything in his chest under the snow, Higiya Hachiman, the person who suddenly stared at me with a falcon-like eye for a potential attack on me, also didn’t know when I left. Muttering something.

"It's too smooth person! I don't know how to fail, so I'm evading." Of course, I still didn't hear Higiya Hachiman clearly in the end.

-----------------------------------split line-------------

A person who likes to comment on other people’s decisions and make an impact needs to change, either because he is overwhelmed by someone who is more preaching and has a stronger personality than she is, or it is really because of his own behavior It did cause harm.If I am the latter, then the former Sugiura Koharu should be the former?

However, on the other hand, it must be realized that if the strength of the character is suppressed only by a powerful means, then, like a spring, the deeper it is pressed, in the end, the result it may rebound to. , It will be higher, that is, when the person who suppresses him is young, then to a certain extent, he will become more stubborn.Not only because of the long-term patience of the character itself, but to prove to the person who gave her this kind of pressure: relying on your own preaching and relying on your own strength can achieve better results than under your strength. .

This is especially true for young middle school students who refuse to admit defeat. If you analyze this emotion carefully, you will find that this seems to be a simple childish rivalry, but it is regrettable that too many people even Realizing that they can't do it, they just feel that they are proving their ability.

So, the question is, at this time, if a person crushes your proud volunteerism with an overwhelming advantage, how would you deal with it? This is very likely. One extreme is a complete inferiority complex and a complete dependence on other people.

This kind of complete inferiority and complete dependence on other people is different from my current state. One is the collapse of self-consciousness caused by the blow to self-confidence from the outside world, while the latter is a kind of Restraint based on self-reflection.

Therefore, Yukoshita Yukino can defeat Sugiura Koharu who is full of confidence in this challenge, but she can't use any manner of contempt for the other party to crush her opponent, like Yoshiki Zakiza. After all, there are only a few people, and most people, most people who have absolute self-confidence, cannot do this.

However, I have no way to explain this whole set of logic with Yukino under Yukoshita, but one thing I am sure of is that the girl should not fall to another one because of what Yukoshita did. Extremely, although Xuexia's actions may have been a huge harm to her own propositions, I cannot bear the consequences of Xuexia's defeat in exchange for Xiaochun's fiasco.

That is to say, in my heart, Sugiura Koharu, although it is not the so-called "little girlfriend" relationship, but at least, when evaluating her status, it is still higher than Yukino Yukoshita.

"Um, Xiaohe, what happened to you just now?" Some panting sisters ran after me, showing a worried expression.

"It's okay! That is to let the minister help take care of my'little girlfriend'!" I shrugged helplessly, trying to act as though I didn't care.

"Now, sure enough, Xiaohe still cares about Xiaochun sauce! So, if possible, I think I can pass this opportunity--"

"——I care about it. I never thought about taking this opportunity to do something or something. In other words, I care about Xiaochun, just because her opponent is Minister Yukoshita. If it is a person like that, Even if she wins, she knows to control her own proportions."

"It's true! Sometimes, Xiaoxue's methods are too clean and neat, but it will seem a little unkind!" My sister nodded and said, "But it's okay, it's not that I have my sister beside Xiaoxue. , There are also small businesses, if Xiaoxue’s problem becomes too serious, we can suggest stopping her!"

"However, you haven't stopped everything that Xuexia Xuena has done so far? If I don't give her a vaccination in advance, the consequences will be very serious!"

"Hey, Xiaohe can't say that. It's just because Xiaoxue didn't go too far in what she did before. She did her best when I commissioned it. It was also when Xiao Cai, it was Xiao Cai's promise. Oh—"

"Don't think that you can get through by deliberately not mentioning the wood seat!"

"But, for the Timberza," my sister said with a hesitant and unbearable expression, "Well, isn't the final situation of Timberza also pretty good?"

"That's just because the character of the wood seat is a rare trembling, OK?"

"All in all, you don’t have to worry about Xiaochunjiang’s problem. If Xiaoxue speaks too seriously this time, I will definitely help. Humph, after all, this is a rare few times since Xiaohe was in high school. The opportunity to expose your feelings! You must seize this opportunity!” My sister said enthusiastically, as if it was because a rescue team who had been waiting for the victims to ask for help was relieved after hearing the victims’ gestures. The situation is the same.

However, this gave me a somewhat strange feeling, a strange feeling that was inconsistent with my previous thinking, and a sense of disharmony.

"Sister Yui, what do you mean by'a rare opportunity to expose your feelings'? What does this sentence mean?"

"Eh, didn't Xiaohe feel it? I realized it clearly." My sister tilted her neck and looked at me worriedly. "Although Xiaohe still cares about me at home, but always I feel that Xiaohe in school is a different person, and he is not as active as he was in middle school."

"But being active is not necessarily a good thing!"

"That's true too," my sister held her chin, blinked, and said while thinking, "But ah, there is a strange feeling, that is, Xiaohe has been cold and will not treat others People show their partiality and always seem to be in a state where they try to be outside as much as possible! Although I think this is a bit like a small business, it must be very common, but I can’t think of it. , Um, I feel like a fool."

The state my sister said is my self-restraint state since high school, so I can also understand that this kind of introspection rarely realizes its benefits, but I am proud of it to a certain extent, although in the short term There are some problems, but you can make fewer mistakes after you get used to it, and human history, as long as you don’t make mistakes, is enough to keep you going.

"So," my sister looked at me and continued, "When Xiaohe proposed to fight for the ministry, I was very happy! Although Xiaohe said it was for me, I can see that at that time , Owa is a member of the Ministry of Service and wants to challenge Hayato? Although we won't talk about the final result, at that time, Oto was at least very emotional, he fell to our Ministry of Service, haha! "

"So, what you mean is that my current focus on Xiaochun is similar to the previous challenge to Yeshan because of the Ministry of Service."

"Yes, that's it, it's good! So my sister will definitely cheer and help you!"

——No, this is not right, this is right, but this is not right.

I am concerned about Xiaochun because I have adopted Xiaochun's perspective, and my dissatisfaction with Yeshan is because I have adopted the perspective of the Ministry of Service. This is similar. My sister's judgment is correct.

However, this approach itself is wrong. If I substitute the perspective of the Ministry of Service to solve the problem and exert influence, the obvious result is the disintegration of Yeshan and the Football Ministry.If I substitute Sugiura Koharu's attitude without authorization, although I can't see any influence other than helping Xiaoharu for the time being, the unintentional influence is even more terrifying and irreparable.

Therefore, the feelings of Xiaochun dominate my approach, but this kind of emotional prejudice should not be a reason for me to show special concern for her.

So at this time, what I need to do is absolutely neutral.


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Chapter 4: The fundamental difference between the roles of sisters and peers

Of course, if you run back stupidly and tell the minister, "I don’t want to care about that girl, so Yuukishita can handle her as you like, so you can handle her the way you want." Things like that will only keep those in the classroom. The other two people rolled their eyes, and by the way, the two people’s impression of me, "Although they have broken up with my ex-girlfriend, but still can’t let go", they changed their impression of a scumbag into "breaking up with my ex-girlfriend, so they sought revenge in various senses "I think it’s better not to be outdone, considering the evaluation of these two kinds of impressions."

"By the way, in short, although Xiaohe doesn't want to talk about it, I still want to know the situation between you and Xiaochunchan, in various senses. After all, I only know that Xiaohe was very close to a girl at that time. But I really don’t know what my brother’s relationship is. It’s a shameful thing!” Fortunately, if there is someone who can retain unconditional support and a full range of favorability in my personal affairs. , Then there is only my sister—of course, my impression of my sister is the same, except for her usual stupid points, I still hope Lord God will bless my stupid sister not to go wrong.

However, even if it’s your sister, it’s better not to mention this issue!

"Well, that, if Xiaohe doesn’t want to say it, I don’t care. It’s just that, if Xiaochunjiang comes to Zou Wugao in the end, Xiaohe will always meet her. Now it’s a bit embarrassing. If you encounter this situation again, it’s still very uncomfortable, so it’s better to untie the knot?” My sister looked at me a little nervously, her eyes flickering, as if I was teaching her math problems at home. When I was not sure about the answer, I was tentatively trying to get the answer out of my mouth.

"Alright!" Then, I also habitually patted my sister on the shoulder, rubbed my sister's hair a little, and said in the usual confident tone, "It doesn't matter, it's just because we met suddenly. Some emotions cannot be adjusted. After Xiaochun enters high school, all her relationships will be renewed, and she will not care about your bad brother who abandoned her before!"

"Xiaohe is not a badass!" My sister looked like a Scottish Shepherd with blasted hair. She slapped my hand rubbing her hair very hard, and said angrily, "And I I don’t think Xiaochunjiang thinks you are a badass. Finally, don’t rub my hair all the time. You have to be conscious of being a younger brother, and know if you don’t understand!"

"Okay, I understand!" Of course, my sister's reaction to her hair because I rubbed her hair was in my expectation, but there is no way. Seeing my sister who is one year older than me is now showing nothing. It's really fun to look like an idiot without the temperament of an elderly person. This is also a way to make me happy!

"Anyway," my sister continued to teach me fiercely, "If Xiaohe really doesn't want to say it, forget it, but it's better to deal with the relationship with Xiaochunjiang! For those who are procrastinating in relationship problems, I But I don't like it very much."

Although my sister’s expression was always serious when she taught me, generally speaking, I laughed at this expression, and my sister seemed to know this about me. Before I was ready to answer, she pressed one hand hard. Grabbing my hand, I pressed down my shoulder, which was higher than her and close to a head, and then put the shoulder-pressing hand on my somewhat tangled hair, and solemnly said, "Sister You must listen to this sentence! My sister has never liked a person, but I at least know that when it comes to feelings, you can’t do impulsive things. Even if you choose impulsively, you must solve the last problem. ,Understand?"

Solving the last problem, reckless action, these words, it seems that someone has said to me before-the awkward situation between me and Senior Xiao Muzhen seems to have started after Senior said these words to me.

Of course, for me and Yui sister, this problem will certainly not rise to the point where we two are awkward. At best, it is just a heart-to-heart talk between sister and brother, but these words of Yui sister also made me aware. Here, this is something she has rarely seen, and is really educating me as a sister.